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I was never an Alladin girl - much more a Beauty & The Beast and Ariel type - BUT now that I watched that movie again I can say: The great thing about Alladin is that it teaches to be yourself. Alladin thought he wasn’t good enough for his beloved and pretended to be someone he was not - not realizing, that his beloved didn’t want a prince. Simple story, simple teaching but powerful nonetheless. People everywhere thinking they aren’t good enough and/or thinking they need to put a mask on. I was guilty of that too but I stopped with that years ago. We think our true self is weak, but thinking you aren’t worthy enough is the actual weakness we need to work on.

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It’s easy to slip into doubt and fear. Doubt and fear are normal, human emotions. Everyone, from plebeians to queen, has experienced it. A Queen, however, knows just how much weight Fear can toss and for how long, before she kicks that b*tch right back to where she belongs…in the minds of the mediocre.

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Fear will sit on your throne and rule your life if you let her, as she warps and rots your dream from the inside out, like an insipid virus. 

Her spies creep in through the catacombs of doubt, where the buried voices of those long gone echo.

Her armies surround your gates, waiting, daring you to expand, to reach higher, to climb rather, to grow bigger, to go beyond where you are now. 

For at that moment you do, she is right there to push back. 

Time is her weakness. 

For it is through time that she gains her strength. 

Every passing day you delay, is like oxygen to Fear’s fire. 

Every moment you allow another ghost of the past haunt the present dreams you chase, she grows stronger. 

And when she is on your throne, you will be fed her propaganda in the dungeons of your kingdom - supposed evidence as to how RIGHT and just she is for protecting you from your own greatness. The prison bars grow stronger every time you let your soul listen to her lies. 

She is a weak ruler though - overtly arrogant, as she tosses your key into your cell with you, laughing at the cruel joke that keeps most usurped rulers trapped in their own prison. She mocks your myth of hardship and struggle, with giving you the key to escape.

“I cannot be THAT easy,” think the common, “A trap.” 

For no ruler truly wicked would lock you in a cell and simultaneously give you the key to escape.

But a Queen knows. A Queen remembers what she’s always known.

She has the power to choose. 

She can choose to reinforce the bars of her own prison of Fear until it becomes a tomb. 

Or, choose to turn the key. 

All it takes is the Key of Courage to defy the dictator of your dreams. 

Turn the key and the bars that barre you from your power crumble to ash. 

You’ve had the power to revolt against Fear all along. She threw it in the cell with you, as you allowed her to rule.

No longer!

Free yourself with bravery.

A Queen knows to welcome Fear through the front gate, to meet her eye to eye, to allow her her resistance to be a signal of expansion and excitement.

Fear, then, no longer puts up as wicked a fight. She chuckles with respect, knowing she has met her match. 

For a queen who has claimed her power, pushes back Fear’s fledgling army with purpose. 

It is with courage that you match her.

It is with love that you beat her.

It is with joy that you outshine her.

Turn the key of bravery.

Remember, your reign is now.

P.S. Share this to a fellow courageous Queen who is conquering her fear and choosing to use this crisis to expand.

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God is literally ruling my life. I remember sometimes my prayers are lifeless cause I’m so discouraged, so weak, the words don’t even want to come out and THEN BAM I don’t know but I’m so fired up, like “Ok let’s do this!!” He’s reviving my courage (Haggai 1:14). So I was like “God just do whatever you want to me”.

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This video states good information. I learned things how to speak up. It opens my mind and reflect on things that has happened to me not long time because I lacked wisdom. I like how the video states the same sex attraction. You seem to be full of the Holy Spirit. I love this video.This video emphasizes good questions to even make friends and get to know others. I hope people can share this video.

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I, Too, Sing Somalia

I, Too, Sing Somalia

I am the “uncultured” sister.

They send me to hide in the backroom

When the “cultured” arrives,

And my heart cries and fears,

But I sit still,

And keep strong.


I’ll be fearless in the living room

When the “cultured” arrives.

Nobody’ll scare

And say to me,

“Go to the backroom,”


Besides, They’ll see my East African features and notice how beautiful I am

How I am them

And be embarrassed

I, too, am Somalia

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When the pain comes: a checklist.

When the pain comes,
feel it expand,
and quickly overtake.
do not resist.

breathe into it.
breathe throughout.
feel the tears fall,
drip off your face,
run down your cheek.
keep breathing,
in and out,
just like that.

observe your emotions,
what are you feeling?
that pain, sorrow, heartache, hollowness,
bubbling over, 
foam and froth spilling out of a mug.

witness the experience.
you are crying,
your heart hurts,
the sadness is within you even as it escapes.

honour what you are going through right now:
this is so hard, 
and yet here you are, 
alive, not numbing,
human and connected to yourself.

keep breathing,
and as you do,
witness the space you are making for yourself to feel and to move through the difficult emotions.


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On Happiness

All that is needed

For a happy life

Can be found in

The human soul;

Beauty, and thought,

Love, and courage -

- courage to live,

When all seems bleak;

Courage to love,

When all the world does

Is hate;

Courage to think,

Crossing the boundaries

Of your expected thought;


In the face of

Suppression, and


(The highest courage of all),

Courage to inspire

And be inspired.

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WARNING! Some content posted from this point forward may cause wet seats, pitched tents, quivering lips, flushed ears, necks and chests.

I am a very private person. At times I wish I weren’t. But I’m a hermit to my core and it’s just who I am.


I am past the cranky I need to get laid stage. Well beyond in fact.

I’m now at a place of hopes and dreams. (Please try not to crush them)

I’ve come to realize daydreaming privately is only adding to my torture. I’ve become a POW within my own mind. So!

I shall now share or deposit these dreams here as it’s the only place I have currently where I feel safe to be and share who I am without regret or hesitation. Even though who I am seems to rotate through at least 3-4 versions of me sometimes more often than I’d care to address at this moment.

Now I know there are those who appreciate my borderline clean/dirty blog and won’t so much enjoy my racier content. And to y’all, please bear with me. I’m sure it’s only a phase. I appreciate your understanding, patience and not sending me messages about how I’ve disappointed you. As I’m truly in an emotionally vulnerable state these days and can’t bare to know I’ve disappointed yet another soul.

So. With that said. Please keep your hands on your laps and remove any articles you don’t wish to risk getting dirty, damaged or out right destroyed. Things may get a tad …. 🌶.

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