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#court of dreams
unhealthyfanobsession · 8 months ago
Sometimes I’m just going through my daily life and then I get hit with the AUDACITY of Feyre and Cassian to scoff at Lucien, Vassa, and Jurian calling themselves the band of exiles while these two idiots are part of a group that un ironically refers to itself as “The Court of Dreams”
Glass houses, people.
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lau-in-ketterdam · a month ago
I couldn't find a fanart that shows Cassian the way I pictured him soooo...
Here's my take on this Illyrian baby 🥺✨💕😍
~That Solstice night when he follows Nesta out of the house to (try to) give her the present~
Tumblr media
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withering-spring · a month ago
We need Rhys’s POV…
— first time seeing feyre
— first time in feyre’s mind
— feyre’s trials / visiting her cell
— having feyre dance for him / the kiss
— feyre’s death
— the wedding / first week at night court
— feyre finding out they’re mates
— snowball fight
— when Hybern breaks the bond
— wings and ruin reunion
— the pregnancy / Nesta saving their lives
We need Cassian’s POV…
— his first time meeting Nesta
— meeting the mortal queens at Archeron Estate
— his first promise to protect her as she cried
— when Nesta and Elain are Made by Hybern
— during Nesta’s first months at the night court
— the battle in the summer court / Nesta’s concern
— the backlash with Mor
— their moment holding hands before Dawn Court
— Nesta defending him to Beron
— Nesta’s speech at the high lords’ meeting
— when she saves him during the battle with Hybern
— the declaration of love / their kiss / KoH death
We need Azriel’s POV…
— when he saved Gwyn from the temple attack
— the first time he saw her again at the House
— verbal sparring with Nesta
— the lingering glances with Gwyn during training🥰
— the back and forth bc they are everything
— teaching Gwyn dagger handling
— setting up the ribbon
— “you’re the new ribbon, Az”
— giving Nesta her solstice present / ✨the hug✨
— when Gwyn is taken to compete in the blood rite
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throneofsins · 3 months ago
I don’t know about y’all but the parallels in these fanarts have me SCREAMING.
Tumblr media
Art credits belong to @/bloodydamnit and @/ar.tevive on instagram
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prettygirlonthenet · 3 months ago
i think nesta stans forget that she also hid the truth from feyre in the beginning. she wasn't sworn to secrecy like the ic but she did told rhys on her own that she wouldn't tell. which is way worse bc not only did she betrayed the ic's trust but the only reason she told feyre was bc it benefited her. she didn't give a fuck that feyre would die in ignorance, she just wanted to use that to throw in her face.
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shadowsingerswife · 7 months ago
“Cassian couldn’t breathe right, couldn’t think right-“
The GENERAL of the Night Court’s armies PANICKED when he couldn’t find Nesta.
Tumblr media
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melanietillustration · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
This is a redraw based on the Huevember Mor I finished back in 2018. I was never happy with how she turned out and that she didn’t tie in visually with the others.
The Morrigan from a Court of Thorns and Roses. August 2021
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eternalqueenofnight · a year ago
Tumblr media
“You’re mine, I whispered, dragging hands through his hair, down his back, across his wings” - S J Maas
Who doesn’t love this chapter🎨
Intimate and stunning art by Gabriella Bujdoso
Follow her on Instagram: @gabriella.bujdoso
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velarians · a year ago
Tumblr media
Azriel making jokes warms my heart. Plus Amren’s face when pissed is precious <3
Scene from A Court of Frost and Starlight.
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nestaenthusiast · a year ago
I find it funny how Rhysand was willing to let in Keir and his monstrous court into Velaris, ruining it for Mor. But Nesta gets banished for drinking and gambling.
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throneofsins · 3 months ago
The Batboys and the Blood Rite
Okay now this might seem a little farfetched but I’ve been thinking about the Blood Rite in ACOTAR right??? And you know how there’s the mountain Ramiel and the three stars and stages of the Rite; Arktosian, Orystian and Carynthian? Well if u look at the initials of each of those you get; R, A, O and C.
Now we all know the batboys are Carynthian but what if each of them represents a different part of the Rite?
Like the star Arktos is Azriel
The star Carynth is Cassian
And the mountain that holds the stars together and is watched over by them, Ramiel, is Rhysand.
Now I know I’m missing a star but notice how the color and gemstone onyx is black and starts with an O? And Nyx is also the name of the Greek Goddess of the night? You might have noticed that onyx is as black as the night itself. And the night sky is usually filled with stars right?
So maybe…just maybe…
Baby Nyx represents Oristes. The last star.
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nessparkers · 12 days ago
Return of their HighLord.
We already know that when Rhys returned from UTM, he fell straight on the ground in front of Mor and his first words were "She's my mate". But have we ever thought about what the IC went through as they found out he was coming home?
No doubt Rhys would've communicated with them the first chance he got which was immediately after bringing Feyre back to life. Can you imagine the relief, the absolute heart-wrenching relief the IC felt in that moment?
I imagine Mor would have been sitting at the table at the townhouse, drinking wine straight from the bottle when she heard Rhysand's voice in her head. I imagine it took her a couple of seconds to realize she wasn't imagining it and that her Cousin was really in her head, alive and speaking to her. I imagine her falling to the ground, tears already falling as she spoke to him, as she inquired about his well-being, as she fought with him and demanded he come home at that very second. I imagine her thanking the Mother and Cauldron and silently rocking herself to calm down and process the fact that her Cousin was, infact, scathed and hurt but alive.
I imagine Cassian was training. Doing the only thing to keep his sanity at bay so he wouldn't go tearing through the shields and wards Rhys had put around Velaris to save all of them from Amarantha. Cassian felt that quiet bubble inside him burst first. The part of him that had gone silent ever since Rhys had been taken away, had been trapped. He heard his friend, his brother's voice in his head, drawling as he asked him how he was doing. Like Mor, Cassian thought he was imagining it, losing his grip on his mind when Rhys would say something like - "Aren't you going to deign your HighLord with an answer? Prick" which would cause him to drop whichever weapon he was holding and fall to his knees with relief as he let Rhys take over and feel every single of his emotion as he put his hands over his head and cried.
Amren, who possibly could have been keeping Cassian company on Azriel's request must have seen his breakdown and lurched out of her chair in surprise before she realized the reason. The relief that washed over on hearing Rhysand inquire about her was short-lived as she demanded he tell her everything at this very moment. Her HighLord most probably laughed and even if she could tell it was strained, she didn't question it. After quietly expressing how delighted she was to have him safe and sound, Amren goes over to put an arm around Cassian.
Azriel is probably the first to feel him before Rhysand even extends the greeting to him. His shadows whisper to him about the spell breaking and he reaches out to hear his friend's voice, the same time Rhysand's voice reaches him. For several moments, he is unable to form a response but he knows Rhys understands. The same way he understands that at any moment, Azriel would be on his way to break the news to the others incase they haven't already found out and to go greet their HighLord in person after 49 years of separation. When Rhys asks him how he is doing, Azriel has to sit down in a chair to gather himself as he feels overwhelmed with emotions, tears pricking the back of his eyes as he sends a long list of colorful words back at his friend for trapping him in Velaris, away from him all this while. Rhysand only laughs, tells him he missed him too. 
Cassian, Azriel and Amren reach the townhouse just before Mor is about to winnow to the Palace above the Court of Nightmares to bring him back. Cassian demands that she take all of them with her but Azriel holds him back, silently shaking his head. Cassian turns to Amren for help who also shakes her head.
"Patience, General" She says "We do not have to gang up on him from the very first second"
After making Mor promise to bring him back immediately, they let her leave.
For several hours, she paces the foyer, waiting and waiting and waiting as she wonders if it had all been real or if this was some elaborate plan to dupe all Courts.
No, she firmly tells herself. It's real and he'll be here at any moment.
She had expected him to saunter in, hands adjusting his jacket in all his lethal grace, lazily questioning "Missed me so much, you're waiting for me at the entrance?"
She hadn't expected him to fall to his knees in front of her, face paler than she had ever seen, shaking as his gaze faltered to the ground "Mate. She's my mate"
Mor thinks nothing of that for the moment as she crushes him into a hug, her barely mended heart breaking all over again as she notices the condition he's in. How terribly broken, how tired and weak and thin he'd gotten. The lines on his face, the disheveled hair and the sunken eyes. For minutes that could have been hours, the two cousins just sit there on the floor, holding each other as they cry.  And then she hears his voice, one she had missed very much, ask "Morrigan, my sweet Cousin, how have you fared all this while?"
She understands his need to feel some normalcy so she punches his shoulder but helps him up when she sees him wince, bringing him over to the veranda and seating him in one of the chairs overlooking the snow-capped mountains. Rhysand doesn't touch the food laid out in front of them, only turns to look at the scenery before him, his eyes turning misty.
"What is it?" She questions, gently.
"The Night sky. I was afraid I had forgotten what it looked like"
That brought tears to her own eyes as she reached over and squeezed his shoulder. Mor then notices the twins lingering in the doorway and immediately goes over to hug both of them.
"My Lady" They murmur, hugging her back with equal fervor.
"Thank you" She silently cries "Thank you so much for looking after and taking care of him"
A quarter of an hour later, when Rhys stands up and walks over to her, she knows and so she smiles, holding out her hand to him "Shall we? Your home awaits"
Rhys says nothing, grateful and eager to be home as he takes her hand and she winnows them back to Velaris.
Cassian, who had been restlessly sitting on the couch, his knee bouncing up and down in anticipation is the first to stand and make his way into the foyer. Azriel is on his heels in seconds, Amren following closely.
For a moment, everyone is silent, watchful. Waiting and wondering if saying anything will break the spell and then as if everyone jolts to reality at the same time, Cassian is already reaching for a laughing Rhys, hugging him tightly and calling him a series of different names, each one more vulgar than the previous one. Rhys only laughs because the entire name-calling is useless in the face of Cassian crying as he held his brother close. Azriel is still standing in the doorway of the living room, still unable to quite believe his brother is back until Rhys holds an arm out to him and then Azriel's also hugging him, silently crying into his shoulder.
When Amren complains about them making too much noise, Cassian forgets for a moment how dangerous she is and pulls her in for the hug too. Mor, already crying also joins in and for a long time, the circle just stands there, content and happy and relieved to just be alive and happy and together once again.
PS. Now I'm just drowning in the puddle of my own tears.
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the-hellbound-hag · 3 months ago
I may not have read ACOSF, but hearing everything about some lady from a body Of water (???) saying rhys is the high king and what not just reminds me of that one part from Monty python and the holy grail
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eternalqueenofnight · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
She whispered, "And I am yours." Those golden threads between their very souls shone with the words, as they formed a harp strummed by a heavenly hand.☁️ - Sarah J Maas ACOSF
Nesta & cassian’s romance/ smut 😏 was top tier in ACOSF🔥
Captivating and desirable art by : Sam Rosariio
Follow on Instagram @Sam.rosariio
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