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#court of dreams
fromourashes6 hours ago
Imagine how funny it would be if these mcyt鈥檚 started actually fighting back against rumors and hate with the full power of the law. @l0v3lymarie on Twitter accuses Dream of being homophobic back in 1964 and he takes her to court for defamation. Tommy sues @tommyh8er for emotional distress. I just think it would be neat.
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nishiannoyaa day ago
So I finally have a dream about Oikawa and it's so stupid like he's the phantom of the opera,,but for volleyball,,,like he was this spirit hanging around me and coaching me on how to play volleyball
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frankensteined2 days ago
xoti: hey watcher i had a dream about you last night!
alva: was it a normal dream?
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oh okay then, xoti
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Tumblr media
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鈥淭o the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys." Rhys clinked his glass against mine. 鈥淭o the stars who listen鈥 and the dreams that are answered.鈥
Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury聽
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harperbrynne5 days ago
Modern AU pt1 鈥淭he Dreams of Artists鈥
Feyre shops on Etsy. A lot. She also has her own Etsy shop.
Feyre loves supporting fellow artists who enjoy creating and selling items for their unique shops in the same manner she does. Feyre will buy anything that catches her eye and brings a smile to her face. Some of these items include beguiling pieces of artwork, clothes with inspirational quotes on them, and handmade, fragrant candles that smell of jasmine and the sea.
This candle has become her favorite scent, because it bestows upon her the same feelings of comfort and joy one feels at home surrounded by friends and family. Feyre delights in painting while surrounding herself with the candle鈥檚 sweet-smelling aroma.
Feyre knows just how much care the artists put into each and every handcrafted, detailed item. It鈥檚 the same attentiveness she puts into every twirling, twisting brush stroke that paves its way across paper and canvas like a shooting star across the night sky.
Gazing at each completed painting fills her with an abundance of elated, glowing joy. Feyre always hopes the people who buy her paintings are filled with the exact same joy. The joy of a dream being answered.
Feyre鈥檚 favorite Etsy shop is a mother-daughter owned dressmaking shop. She dreams of meeting the talented duo in person one day. Every time she wears one of their breathtakingly beautiful dresses, she feels like a queen ready to hold court. Like she could do anything and be anyone.
The first time Feyre bought a dress from the shop, she was delightfully shocked to find that it fit her perfectly. And every dress has since as if they were made just for her. Feyre knows that鈥檚 just the magic of creators on Etsy. The magic all artists possess.
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andreweasternman-blog6 days ago
The 馃嚭馃嚥US Prison System Is Guilty Of Encouraging Crimes Against Humanity
What is the whole point of sending convicts into a special holding facility as part of a so-called fair and just penal system, if our prisons are run by people who encourage crimes against humanity? There is more than enough proof to which points in the direction of our prisons being run by thugs and gangster guards who both encourage鈥揳nd participate in the physical abuse of鈥
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catlovesfandoms9 days ago
The f'ing transmission blew in our car so we have to fix it so my sibling can make it to work. Lucky they're on a trip to meet their bfs parents until next Thursday. We can't afford to replace it. We're sobfuckdd and im done with everything. It all seems to go wrong and im on the edge. If you can help at all that'd be awesome. AT THIS POINT IM WILLING TO DO ANYTHING TO NOT END UP HOMELESS AGAIN
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sassyhighfae9 days ago
oiiiiiii sou muito nova aqui e agora esse 茅 meu blog :)))
n茫o sei ainda o que eu quero muito bem com isso mas eu sempre quis um blog e eu quero muito escrever um livro ent茫o vamos ver por quanto tempo eu consigo manter isso...
minha fam铆lia sempre fala que eu desisto de tudo mas isso 茅 uma historia para outro dia, hoje eu vim me apresentar s贸 kkkkkkkkk
interajam comigo para sermos amigs
eu AMOOOOO acotar, tcp, s&b, tmi, qualquer ya fantasia a莽茫o e enemies to lovers, n茫o sou muito chegada em romance bobinho e paradinho mas eu tento ler de tudo, tenho um book journal (vai estar em algum dos proximos posts....) eu sou completamente obcecada por livros (e por cafeina tambem), quero muito que isso de certo, n茫o sei muito mexer aqui -estou aprendendo agora- mas espero conhecer pessoas novas, ou so escrever sozinha nesse meu novo blog. ESTOU MUITO ANIMADA.
ass.: the queen of mortal lands<3
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violetstarfleckedeyes10 days ago
Darkness can be terrifying, but it's only when we see one's darkness and embrace it , that we can truly love them.
Stars and wind and shadows; peace and dreams and the honed edge of nightmares.
The way Feyre sees Rhysand darkness and doesn't budge , it's a bond deeper than being mates.
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violetstarfleckedeyes11 days ago
Having a fic-boy crisis
How am I supposed to get along with normal guys after knowing Rhysand, Cassian , Azriel, Tarquin and Lucien exists.
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andrew-minyards-bitch13 days ago
things the PSU university has definitely said to/called their exy team
-fruity pebbles
-traumatized bitches with lack of impulse control
-twins from haikyuu but blond and gayer
-鈥渢he exy team took an L and decided to add GBTQ after it鈥
-鈥渘ame someone who鈥檚 gay but also homophobic鈥 鈥渟eth鈥 鈥渁aron鈥 鈥渉ell all of them tbh鈥
-yummy 100% american muscled beefcake women
-proof that humanity has lots it鈥檚 critical thinking skills
- gaslight (nicky) gatekeep (andrew/dan/renee) girlboss (allison/renee) manipulate (neil) mansplain (aaron/kevin) male wife (matt)
- snow blizzard monkeys
- insert lots of derogatory terms for the whytes
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fractallogic13 days ago
Hello moving and $$$ bullshit is, as usual, making me incredibly anxious (it鈥檚 still going to be fine even if we get ZERO! honeymoon tithings from rich relatives, but oh man is it going to be Rough Going before I get paid, HOPEFULLY with my first installment coming at the beginning of September instead of the end of September (but also probably at the end))
As I calculate it, I will have to drop close to $6K on security deposit and first two months of rent ALONE before I get paid regardless of which property I choose (and gets back to me)
Also moving (at least $4K, $3k of which is reimbursable, at least... but not until Sept 1) (note to self: keep receipts to deduct from taxes)
Also honeymoon (hello rich relatives pls pay for it thanks) (will they also pay for moving costs. Is that something I can put on my registry)
Also whatever other bullshit is happening moneywise, like fucking July鈥檚 rent and having to board Artemis for a month (and lol they ONLY TAKE CASH)
MEANWHILE I鈥檓 just fucking trying to exist and reassure the member of the household who has actually gotten a paycheck this month that everything is going to be fine AND ALSO reassure myself of that AND ALSO trying to remember other details that I鈥檓 forgetting, probably (like contacting the towncar rental place I requested a quote from, and getting the address of our Denver Airbnb from scone, and contacting the other houses that I applied for, among other things)
#I understand but not super appreciative that now is the time dad is encouraging me to pay my own way for things#dad this is like the one time that I CANT#my last paycheck was at the end of may and it was $800.#I am DYING#everything鈥檚 gonna be fine. it鈥檚 gonna be fine! it鈥檚 gonna be fine.#I just need to take a propranolol and go to bed#because I鈥檓 also sleep deprived and have a headache so everything feels a million times worse#I鈥檓 very sorry scone I am trying to think sexy thoughts but my entire being is on shutdown hibernate mode#and I know that you say it鈥檚 fine but I have Trauma about this and it鈥檚 ALSO making me anxious#aaaaaaanywaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy#just want to be smooth brain no thoughts#even during my 鈥榥ap鈥 today I couldn鈥檛 sleep because I kept jerking myself awake#I kept dreaming that I was throwing tennis rackets over the fence at the courts in the park#need to get the boy in my bed. but. to cuddle and tell me everything is fine.#I鈥檓 trying not to do the Anxiety Shutdown but it is very hard#also wait a minute stepdad said that he and mom would help with honeymoon since they didn鈥檛 for the wedding#okay that might be better. I鈥檒l feel better if that can show up in my bank account/registry.#also there may be fewer than 50 people at my wedding which tbh. not bad.#but ugh it鈥檚 partly because the mom of a family friend is in hospice and so obviously they no longer know if they can make it#I just want to BE AT the stressful party. make it stop causing me stress please and thank you.
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