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The difference between Tamlin and Rhysand

  • this is gonna be long I sorry :((

I’ve realised that while tamlin and rhysand were both forced into the high lord position when they were so young, the two of them changed to accomodate to these roles in different ways. Rhys took the mantle of protector of the night court, presenting a cold facade to the rest of the world, but showing his true self to his court - he’d lay down his very life and soul for them. Tamlin however, never wanted this position. He is a predator and warrior, not built for the fine politics and social navigation of court life - you can see this in his temper, his literal beast shifting. Rhys, Rhys is a dreamer through and through. Amren said she’d never met a high lord like him, the most powerful high lord in history yes, but also not one who dreams as he does. Who dreams, and hopes, and works towards a better world. Who envisions a future for the night court and for the world free of the pains of today. Who has this warmth in his heart, this dream that guides him - pushes him on. And I realised, Tamlin never had that. Perhaps that’s the reason why he failed so miserably at leading the spring court. Rhys’ vision and dream allowed him to create and grow the night court, to make changes, to create an inner circle of Illyrian bastards, women and an otherworldly creature housed in a fae body; to build a relationship with the people of Velaris, to love and respect the people who deserved it.

Tamlin never did that.

He had no vision for what could be, no dreams of potential, only what he knows from past high lords. Those who ruled with an iron fist, who ordered their subjects around, who didn’t trust friends close to them. Tamlin’s temper and his need to live by tradition guides his every movement. Tamlin may be the most powerful fae in the spring court but he is also the weakest in my opinion. He does not know the value of genuine friendship and support, he does not know how to adapt and grow and evolve for a better future, he only knows tradition.

Just take how Tamlin reacted to Feyre and the tithe with the water wraiths. Again and again, he’d say this is how things are done here, and Feyre could not understand why? Why make all your people suffer and barely survive as a show of dominance? Tamlin could not see the potential in her act - Feyre tried to show him how he could rule, he could be gentler, more forgiving, but Tamlin couldn’t. He couldn’t see this potential, the dream of a different spring court and I think that is what set him apart from Rhys. He never realised or pushed for the ability to enact change.

Even comparing this to how Tamlin reacted under the mountain. When Rhys made the opportunity, again taking the initiative and calculating, to get Feyre out, Tamlin didn’t take it. All Tamlin could think of is that he wanted Feyre now. It filled Rhys with such anger that given the opportunity, he still didn’t take it. He did nothing for Feyre under the mountain - she died for him, she gave up her very soul, and he didn’t do this one thing for her. While he was physically weaker, Tamlin still did not recognise his own power and ability to enact change. Under the mountain, Tamlin chose the short term pleasure of being with Feyre, over the real difference of helping her escape, a larger change. In his own court, I believe he consistently chooses those small term conveniences and pleasures over enacting true change. He’d follow the calanmai, then the tithe, there’d be no high lady, and year after year he’d repeat the same mistakes of his predecessors. Instead of changing his court into a better land, his people continued to suffer and grow to resent him as they are subjected to archaic demands. Rhys, as soon as he became high lord, shifted the entire structure of his court. First and foremost sacking his fathers advisors and Illyrian leaders, and allowing the court of nightmares to govern themselves. He built himself a stronger inner circle and group of leaders within his court that he could rely upon to make the difference he wanted to see. I believe that is the fundamental difference between the two of them.

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I love how everyone thinks Rhys and everyone else in the Night Court are complete monsters.

Now although everyone in the Court of Nightmares seems to be an ass, all that Rhys wants is to protect the happy citizens of Velaris, look at the stars and have snowball fights.

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“When you spend so long trapped in darkness, you find that the darkness begins to stare back.”- Feyre, ACOMAF

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