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#covid is going to really spike bc of the holidays
simshanti · 11 months ago
god calling my family back at home and telling them how weird this year was for us was ..... upsetting 
explaining that a.) in laws’ den got sorta flooded last night bc they kept the back door + windows open to promote air circulation throughout the house and a pseudo hurricane rolled through (it was just us the four of us hanging out across the room from each other lmfao) and b.) how this morning we stood in nana’s garage, masks on, to quickly exchange gifts and take christmas day dinner To-Go (this was so hard for his nana to do, she works really hard on that meal!) in order to minimize exposure and keep her elderly self safe.................. 
meanwhile as i’m talking to them, there’s 10 of them in one tiny house, furnace blazing, eating their xmas day dinner (masks out of the question), hearing my grandpa talk about how much harsher the midwest winter feels ever since he “had The Covid” and them still not understanding why we changed our christmas plans so radically to keep my husband’s side of the family as safe as possible while having some vague semblance of normalcy. 
most of my family got covid back in august when the midwest had that spike (that pales in comparison to now lmao) and they carried on holiday festivities like normal. covid still seems like a ‘big city problem’ even though it’s affected them personally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking!!!!! fuck! 
tho locally, i can feel a shift in attitude in masks now that a vaccine exists, like, people are all “why do i need to wear a mask when i’m gonna get vaccinated soon anyway” and WE DON’T KNOW WHEN IT’S GETTING ROLLED OUT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC YET LET ALONE HOW MUCH IT’S GONNA COST US TO GET THE TWO!!!! SHOTS UGHGSLDKKGNNG
otherwise, it was a nice christmas, for what it was. much of the extended family opted for cash in leiu of gifts since the fanfare of gift-opening was not a thing, and we are so grateful lmfao. i can invest in some fresh art supplies and hopefully start 2021 off strong creatively. 
hope all of you had a safe and happy holiday. thanks 4 readin if u did lmaoooo
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