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#covid mention

That’s the thing, we know about SOME recurring and not others. And with covid it makes me think we might not even see any of the people not mentioned because they may not want to risk it. It’s annoying

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We are number one just playing sadly in the background.

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Fucking hell son of a bitch

I’m so fucking mad rn. I have-

A test

2 quizzes

A project

Ect. due tmrw and I’m not allowed to go to school. Bc my brother was possibly exposed to someone with it from school. And I cant go until I test negative.

It’s not his fault but honestly I dont f*ing care. I’m not blaming him I just…..

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i’ve been coordinating w/ my brother for about 3 ½ months, working around his schedule, my money issues, his fiance potentially having covid, and the general insanity that is the us and the uk right now, to get my stuff shipped over from the states

and today was supposed to be the pick-up day

god bless my brother, he hung around the storage unit for the entire 4-hour pick-up window

and they never showed up

we are

frustrated :)

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Just got done with a covid test and I screamed the whole time 😭😭😭 My mom took pictures maybe I’ll show if I can. Anyways my nose feels weird still

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Cousin #4 got tested for The Sickness and came back positive

That is four people from my extended family who contracted The Sickness 

And none of them are me; the person with slightly scarred lungs from severe asthma as a child and a shitty and quite frankly missing immune system 

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Not living at home means finding out your mother had to get tested for covid because she’s so sick through the family group chat

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Have to do online school until the 22nd because the gym teacher got Corona and came to school with it 😔

At least I don’t have Corona, I was just exposed

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it seems that Germany wants to launch an order to wear ffp2 masks in public transport and in stores, which is so … idk? There are not enough masks, most of them are pretty shit quality, all of them are really expensive? With such a high demand they’ll get even m o r e expensive?

and in the end people will clean them and wear them for much too long, because those masks don’t magically appear out of thin air?

basically you screwed even harder, if you don’t have a car and can’t work in home office and if, thanks to the pandemic, you’re not making much money right now. 

we’re almost a year into this and our goverment still has no idea how to tackle this situation

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is anyone else like. Worried abt the amount of traveling skeppys doing rn???? like sir its a pandemic pls……

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I start radiation on my brain tomorrow…. and they’re saying I’m gonna be bald probably faster than I anticipated. The thing is, I knew that was going to happen- like radiation, chemo, stress in general…. It happens. I just didn’t know I’d feel so shitty about it. My hair has always been like… something I enjoyed playing with. And now because they’re having to nuke my brain to save my stupid life- it’s gonna be gone. 

I mean I get why we’re doing it. As of this moment the cancer is in my breast, my lymph nodes, my lungs, my liver, and my brain. They’re saying- magically- that I can live if we move fast. Which honestly would be moving faster if my dumbass didn’t manage to catch COVID and screw the Chemo plans up. 

Idk. I’m sorry to bog y’all do with this- I’ve been posting updates and deleting them for fear of being too much of downer and running y’all off. It’s just been so weird for me. I mean at this very moment that I’m typing this- I’m technically dying. The treatments are gonna save my sorry ass but at this moment my brain, lungs, liver, breast, and lymph nodes are in some manner or another failing. I didn’t see much for my life growing up, but if you asked me if I would think it possible to have cancer in so many organs at the ripe ol’ age of 29- I’d have probably laughed. 

As far as producing things… IDK what to tell y’all. I want to write- I want to draw. I want to discuss and feel normal… but it’s not normal anymore. And the treatments aren’t 100% sure fire. There’s a chance that something can still go wrong and I just… won’t be here anymore. 

Guess this post is just like…. heads up. RN, I’m as strong as I can be expected to be. When your lungs start shitting out on you it hurts realllllllllllll bad. Just like when your brain and liver do. I do have some fics coming up but they’re tiny little one offs. I do not know at this moment if I’ll finish any current WIPS. I’m not gonna force myself to write for stories I’m not feeling when I feel like writing, though. So please grant me some leeway. I’m figuring a lot of shit out right now- and it’s hard shit to figure out. This whole thing came on so fast and it’s moving so fast- I just…. can’t keep up with a lot. 

Thanks for all of y’all’s understanding. I know I can be a hot head and bipolar tends to lead to drama- but I have never needed an escape from my life so much as in this moment. Keeping my head up right now is hard. And it hurts. And trying to keep moving while everything keeps crashing in on my head is so hard. It’s hard to make next steps when I don’t know where they’re leading me or if I even want to follow. Escaping if only for minute- even if it’s just to this hellsite dumpsterfire, is so helpful. There are so many awesome posts to distract and enjoy- so again, Thank y’all for just doing your tumblr thing. 

At the end of it, I have faith that I can fight it off- but faith doesn’t really give me much in the ways of energy to write or draw. So… guess this is just a little update for y’all then. Right now, I’m here and I’m breathing. (no thanks to COVID) and I’m gonna try to stay here and keep breathing for as long as I possibly can. At the moment it’s all I can do so I’mma try to do it real well. 

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  • Resuminho





Mesmo após as duas doses da vacina, nosso organismo não gera uma resposta imune imediata.

A proteção se dá um tempo após a aplicação da segunda dose, e esse tempo varia de acordo com cada vacina. Na maioria delas, a imunidade acontece a partir de dez ou vinte dias após a segunda dose.

Em maio, a OMS afirmou que não há como prever quando se o coronavírus irá desaparecer um dia, mesmo com uma vacina

Mais um motivo?

O governo precisa estruturar um plano nacional de imunização, prevendo que, serão preciso mais de um tipo de vacina. uma vacina que seja eficaz e segura em adultos pode não ser para crianças ou idosos, e vice-versa.

Há especulação que a vacina também será vendida, pois a grande maioria não são grupo de risco. Mas até então não há previsões de quando clínicas particulares poderao comprar a vacina.

Diz, OMS.

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Thanks, idk if it is tbh but I just wanna make sure

After grandma was confirmed ill, like really sick… I’m really scared I gave it to her.

Thursday I think last week, she locked herself out of her apartment so I had to clock out early from work and come over to pick her lock for her.

I’m just worried… what if that time… when I tried to help her… what if I passed on the deadly virus?

If I get sick it’s whatever. I’m 19, it’ll do fuck all

But my grandmas like 80… I’m worried for her.

I am confirmed positive for covid I’m immediately going to try and get her tested.

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Thank you everyone for the kind words and condolences

I’m still not… Okay.

It hasn’t even been a day, after all.

Since my aunt passed away at 1 am.

And that was when I had been told as well.

I’m just…

Doing what I can to distract myself from


The amount of family drama that’s been unleashed because of this is…

It’s straining…

How my aunt passed away

She passed away because of Covid

But not directly.

She caught Covid, just last week, and she’d overcame it…

But the health complications it left her with in her already fragile state were what ultimately lead to her death.

It was a long time coming. A death we had expected, but this is still not the way we had expected for it to happen. For her to be another victim of this pandemic.

Allow me to fully explain…

My aunt had been suffering from dementia the last few years.

It was gradual, but it eventually got worse to the point she barely ate, couldn’t remember who people were, and needed to be looked after daily.

My uncle insisted on taking care of her entirely himself.

But my uncle…

My uncle would never give her the meds the doctors perscribed her to help with her progressing dementia.

He believed that vitamines and essential oils were all she needed (she wasn’t even aware she was meant to take medication).

And that she shouldn’t eat meat anymore because it was making her brain worse (even with scientific evidence showing the human brain only evolved into what it it is today through the proteins found in meat consumed by our ancestors)

All this combined is how her health got as bad as it did.

But this isn’t where things end…

Because that was another thing he didn’t believe in.

He didn’t believe in this pandemic.

When customers who came to his car repair shop asked him to wear a mask, he would kick them out.

He was even pissed that the rest of our family was actually following quarantine rules by not coming by to visit him and my aunt.

So, as you can see…

My aunt would have never caught Covid had my uncle bothered to follow our states mandatory law for wearng a mask and social distancing.

This is where all the family drama is stemming along with the mourning over her death.

Because many of us had tried to talk sense into my uncle in all the years leading up to this. How tia needed an actual medical care professional looking after her, not him.

And truth be told…

She had already been dead for over a year now.

Couldn’t speak, couldn’t control her own bowel movements, didn’t respond to most stimuli, ect…

She was wasting away.


Because she wasn’t eating.

Because that’s how far set her dementia had gotten.

From, you guessed it, my uncle refusing to give her her the medication the doctors perscribed her to combat the effects…

All of this could have been avoided.

She could have lived longer if my uncle wasn’t such a selfcentered tool.

Though it’s too late now.

And it’s frankly for the best that she passed away.

She isn’t being forced to live as a husk of herself anymore.

But it still hurts

Because I loved my aunt.

I loves her so much

My tia was incredibly dear to me growing up.

She was such a kind woman and

And for this to be how her life ended…

I’m actually bawling rn

As I reach the end of this post.

This post that was never even meant to get this indepth


Rest in Peace Titia…

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So. To recap this week


Contracted a sickness possibly covid

Had to miss a significant amount of work resulting in less money to pay for food and rent

Got 150$+ cash stolen from my car this morning

Had two consecutive autistic meltdowns at Walmart due to the fire alarm and had to be escorted out by an employee for me to calm down

Found out my grandma has contracted something making her seriously ill, very likely covid

could’ve GIVEN her covid when I had to pick her lock earlier last week

Oh, and fucked up my anti psychotics so ive been hallucinating with paranoid delusions

I am. Not having a good week.

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Is it ok for me to be self-dx autistic? due to my financial situation and the covid19 pandemic i have been waiting for 1.5 years to get tested, and now i don’t even think i can at all.

i always see some people say it’s bad and some people say it’s good in certain times but i don’t know

i looked into it so so so so much, i ve done my research, i have many autism symptoms and have had them my whole life. i cant work because of them combined with my anxiety, so i am reallt sure on that part, i think i am autistic, and i can’t get tested, it’s been almost two years now i’ve been trying. is it ok if i say i am self-dx autistic until i can get tested? and if i am not autistic i will take it away and if i am i can just say i’m autistic

also: i’m using #actuallyautistic but i don’t know if i am. (not diagnosed) but i’m using that tag so diagnosed autistics can comment if they want and see this and maybe help. i’m not trying to say i am officially autistic cuz i really don’t know.i just because i think i may be.

also i forgot to say if i am autistic my special interests are theme parks and animatronics!!!! i may have a third one of plushies but i’m not sure about that one.

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