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Jadi hari ini gatau kenapa pengen nulis, simply buat mencurahkan isi kepala aja dan keresahan yang kesel banget sama orang-orang dimasa pandemi ini. Mungkin yang jadi trigger dari postingan ini adalah pas ga sengaja scrolling twitter trus nemu tweet yang share berita dari NY Times tentang kondisi covid-19 di Indonesia.
Berikut link dan beritanya.

Perhaps it is right.

“it’s too late.”

Jadi dari situ bikin aku mikir kalo kirain diem di rumah dan stop mikirin whatever that’s been happening (re: covid-19), it would slowly fades atau seengganya ku kira curvanya udah landai. Terus beberapa hari ini, mulai lagi ngikutin berita dan ternyata kasus covid-19 masih di angka 400-500/ hari; sadly, isn’t it

Dan hari ini per tanggal 29 Mei 2020, kasus nya masih menginjak angka 600-an. Indonesia juga udah berniat mau menerapkan konsep “the new normal” dengan beberapa tahap dari 1-5, meanwhile hari ini juga muncul berita bahwa Korea Selatan gagal dalam penerapan “the new normal” bahwa terjadi lonjakan kasus sampe sekitar 70an kasus di Seoul. So have you ever thought that  ini Korea Selatan yang negaranya tanggap dan rakyatnya aware, penerapan konsep new normal gagal which forced them go back and do the social distancing all over again dan berencana menutup public space lagi. Apa kabar Indonesia yang rakyatnya aja bebal, kalo tetep dilaksanakan new normal dengan awareness dan kesiapan yang kurang what we might call it? Genocide party?

Lalu muncul pertnayaan seperti:

“yaudah kan covid urusan pemerintah”

Iya, mereka dah lagi ngurusin nih, although perhaps ga semaksimal negara lain but we had one job, one damn job to stay at home eh malah masih keluar rumah dengan alasan “bosan”. Pemerintah udah baik-baik menghimbau, melarang, menginfokan tapi tetep aja ga didengerin, eh nanti giliran dikerasin dikit baru deh teriak otoriter. Rakyat kaya gini delete aja; you are the real virus.

“ya tapi gue gabisa diem mulu dirumah. Gue stres butuh udara segar, butuh nongki”

So you think that you’re the only one? Well, news flash fella, we are all suffering. Yang stress, yang lonely, overthinking mikirin duit/kerjaan/sekolah ngga cuma kamu saja, sob. And there you are bragging about being in a very hardship because you feel like “rindu ini berat”, what a waste of flesh called brain. Delete.

People be like “ini kapan covid selese sih, ya ampun cape gue yada yada”

Also people:
• ngumpul
• hangout/nongki
• ngantri beli baju lebaran di mall
• salaman pas lebaran
• party, party, party sampe rindu ini mati

Ironic, isn’t it? You know what? RIP LOGIC.

At first, awalnya mikir kalo pandemi ini seengganya bakal udahan di Juni, that would be 3 months since the 1st case appear back in early March, dan setelah liat kelakuan rakyat +62 yang masih bebal, berkerumun dan ga peduli, it made me realize that I guess it would be the whole 2020.. imagine being home for the rest of the year, not being able to do whatever you used to do with your family and friends. I knew that covid-19 ini ga akan fully disappear in few months dan pastinya kalo curva nya udah datar, social distancing bakal terus dilakukan for at least two years ahead sampe seengganya ada vaksin/obat atau ada cara penanganan yang lebih tepat; again I obviously knew that but the realization that this whole year we are going to do the stay at home terus dan cuma ngandelin antibodi, well… for exactly how long?

May 29

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A member of my family who is a non-essential worker was forced by their company to return to work about two weeks ago. They have a job that can be done entirely remotely. They are immuno-compromised and have medical conditions which impair their breathing.

This morning, their company told them that their colleague in the cubicle next to them has COVID.

This company has actively discouraged taking any safety measures at the workplace. They call their workers into meetings in cramped rooms. They do not provide or enforce the wearing of masks. They are not giving workers offices or accommodations to allow them to social distance.

My family member, whom they know to be immuno-compromised, was told in confidence about their colleague. They are being allowed to work from home as they enter quarantine. They have been told not to notify their coworkers that anyone in the office has COVID. Their company is keeping it a secret.

We don’t know what to do. My family member cannot afford to be fired on account of our complaints. But as we think on how we can get the word out, and as we hope for the safety of our family member, I wanted to warn anybody here who is being called into work that their companies may be concealing this sort of information. 

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Lets not forget.

As we enter June and the following months, Normally filled with Pride marches and LGBT+ celebrations, we do not get that this year. To me, Pride is a safe place were I can be with people who understand the struggles of being Trans or Gay, heck anywhere on the LGBT+  scales.

This year in the UK we get to see bigots fly our flag to celebrate the NHS. Please dont get me wrong, I am not attacking the NHS they didn’t asked to be treated as martyrs, to be clapped to every week and given the flag, they didn’t ask buses to Rebrand Pride buses for them, but its damaging to all those in the queer family. A pride flag normally means a safe place, a symbol its okay to be yourself in these places where others may not, However because of how the world is turning Anti-LGBT+ people are flying the flag, these unsafe places looking like a false safe haven. Pictures of Rainbows are safer, maybe make a flag with that, no see places like Ebay, Amazon and etsy sell ‘NHS flags’ or ‘NHS/Pride flags’ because its clear to so many, we are there just to make money within 3 months of the year.

To all those in the umbrella rainbow family, please stay safe, follow medical guiltiness in regard to Covid-19. stay safe and if you cant be out right now, your not alone, you are loved, you are seen and you have a voice.

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The raw violence spilled over early this year. The racial tension - that usually simmers peacefully for all those that don’t live under the cover of the unrelenting constant pressure cooker or oppression - has boiled over into a hot mess. Usually we have to wait until the height of summer for the news cycle to shine a brief flashlight on police brutality - a surface artifact of the full scope of brutality that runs constantly and normally flawlessly beneath the surface.  Every summer these days the false anomaly of the unarmed black body murdered by law enforcement reaches the main stream by the usual method of recorded cell phone video. I don’t know that the Matrix of systemic racism could exist without allowing a little evil to release and test if society still has a taste to let everything else underneath continue to exist. 

But summer has come early this year. There’s more fuel for the pressure cooker than usual - an epidemic fueled by systemic racism brings disproportionate death to communities of color, a president not afraid to support white supremacy and incite violence not seen in decades. He says “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”  full throatily invoking the voice of oppressors from the 60s.  Protests have started across the country, my social media echo chamber is filled with comforting friends from my network across the years united in frustration, anguish, pain, anger, and a desire to fight the systemic inequalities laid bare by current events.  I’m not too optimistic that lasting change will come but I am not afraid of the heat of a hot summer. I’m looking for my spot to take action to make this boil over be a catalyst for real change. Until then, there’s just one thing I can guarantee to all - it’s going to be a hot summer.

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