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Hey, this one’s kind of short, but… I’ve noticed that COVID-19 cases in both Washington and Nevada have been rising, and… Just be safe, please. Try to stay quarantined if you can. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to die after Thanksgiving.

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Well, go to work to grab all her stuff and then come back and work from home for the next few days because I need all the comfort I can get right now.

(switches song from “Life Goes On” to “Dynamite”)

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Just lost an aunt, who had been living with dementia in a care home for the past year, to Covid.

She wasn’t the only one in that particular care home, we now know. And my uncle, her ex, was allowed to see her yesterday to say goodbye. While he was gowned up and masked, they let him in her room and he sat with her. 

He has been living with my parents and my niece and nephew and went home to them. 

I got a call this morning from my niece, crying her heart out because she hasn’t see her friends in so long and wants to go school. My mom says she’s really struggling with doing the online course work. 

My mom is scared. She’s angry at her brother for going but feels terrible for him for the loss, as we all do. He has heart trouble. She has diabetes. 

No one should be in such a fucked up situation.

I’m sharing this because I want to share my anger with the whole world. And I know everyone is already angry enough. I hate adding to it. But its that or I do something really stupid. 

I’ve lost two friends already this year. I know others who are sick and those who have “recovered” but are still struggling, still scared, some wondering how much worse its going to get. My family is now on the front line and have to wait till Wednesday to get tested. 

If you or someone you know has or has had plans to visit others for the holidays, I urge you to invest in a baseball bat.

A heavy one.

Slam it into their knees or have someone else slam them into yours. 

You or they won’t die, but there will be pain and a little suffering. Let them know, let yourself know, that this is the best they are ever going to feel ever again and not to blow it because if they or you decide to travel, there is no forgiveness left in the world, even if you don’t have it, even if you never get it or never pass it on to anyone else. 

Stay the fuck home. 

And if Biden doesn’t hold that son-of-a-bitch accountable, it’s going to be the longest, hardest winter ever. 

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I know not my own archive. Help pls?

I remember, around last March or April, answering somebody’s question about struggling academically during the pandemic, and I included a basic outline of what to include in an email to profs whose classes you’re struggling in.

I’ve checked my archive and relevant tags for the time period and absolutely cannot find it. Can anyone help?

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My mom tried to get tested and they won’t do it unless u have symptoms. What. Exactly. Do people think asymptomatic mean

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Is it just me or have you experienced random people using COVID-19 as a starting point of discussion or even as a pickup line? Dudes tryin to slide into my DMs, casually asking me how the pandemic is “treating” me are the worst! Obviously that’s a deep/personal/heavy question and there’s truly no light answer. This pandemic has exhausted every department of my life, thank you very much. The amount of irreversible tragedies experienced in our communities are unprecedented, with still no end in sight. Folks are scarred and triggered.

My advice is if you’re looking to keep someone’s attention, be more mindful and allow these conversations to come up more organically. Thank you, goodbye.

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The twisted tale of hydroxychloroquine is actually about how to know stuff, the question that has defined every existential decision since the early 20th century—climate change, vaccines, economic policy. We’ve learned from failure and bitter experience that only when we take the time to find the truth do we at least have a chance to make good decisions. We also know that it’ll be a struggle—that grifters, power-seekers, and fantasists will push their own versions of truth while scientists and policymakers grapple with the lumbering process and nuanced outcomes of the scientific method. Because there will be other pandemics, other disasters. And just as with Covid-19, only science and its tools will soften their impact. But also as with Covid-19, humans will do that science and wield those tools, and that makes things messy.
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I suppose I can understand confusing whether someone is *enjoying* their life or not – whether they have the skills to find happiness and meaning in a relatively restricted life – with whether their life has *worth*, but actually they are entirely different things.

It is possible to have a month or a year or a lifetime that is full of misery and suffering, and for that month or year or lifetime to still have value and worth. All life has intrinsic value and worth. Whether you are enjoying yourself or not. Enjoyment and worth are just entirely different things.

Whether someone perceives their life or a part of their life as having worth, does not actually determine whether their life or that part of their life has worth. (And thank goodness, or else a lot of depressed people would be right.) All life has worth.

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