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I wonder how everything going on right now will affect private school enrollment

The economy is crashing, which has two possibilities with schools: their tuition price will drop with the economy, or, more than ever, only the rich will be able to afford it

But also, with how public schools seem to be unable to cope with it all, will that drive more parents to try and put their kids in “better” schools

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Planes after pandemic😅
#حق_الضحك #مجتمع_واعي #كورونا_فايروس #كوفيد19 #فريق_البحرين #خلك_في_البيت #كلنا_مسؤول #اكسبلور #ريغرام #ريبوست #just4laughs #teambahrain #stayhome #staysafe #coronavirus #covid19 #explore #repost #regram

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Unless you would rather see another 4 years of the Trump administration than Joe Biden, stop complaining about them being the same. He is not the person I WANT running the country and yeah he’s got some (fairly significant) flaws built up throughout his life, but I guarantee you he is and will be a better leader for this country than Trump, regardless. (And yes shit talking Biden can harm our chances of “dethroning” the worst president we’ve ever had.)

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#DUSKTILDAWN - After COVID19 hit Los Angeles a shelter in place took effect shutting down most of the city. The somber aura of the city was unprecedented. Normally packed streets gave way to the framework and architecture that usually serves as a backdrop for larger than life personalities. While desolation hung heavy in the air, there were pockets of light and hope. I set out to find these spaces and uncover a bit of creativity that is often at times staring us in the face but is lost in the noise. (full short dropping tomorrow)

#onemancrew #shortfilm #personalproject #sixfeetapart #la #video #COVID19 #coronavirus #perspective #storytelling #bikerides #iamspecialized #losangeles #exploration #hope #sworks #pedalpower #djimavic #pandemic #losangeles #covid19 #hollywood #lockdown #ghosttown #losangeles_city #jmoustache #stanevans #kolbi

(at Los Angeles, California)

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Remember how they argued  tried to communicate their sentiments  through talking about Before Midnight on air? Hae soo’s about to lose it but she kept cool (since she at that moment she was also Jae yeol’s guest). And here you also have Jae yeol trying to understand Hae soo and being able to ask her real questions in the guise of his being the host.

I would be lying if I say I won’t watch this again. 

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If this virus has taught me anything, it’s to despise “the right” almost as much as I despise “the left”.

I don’t give two hoots about “sides” or even where I fall between them. Its how we’re in a pandemic (you remember what that word means, right) and all we can freaking focus on is yelling the loudest and waving our flags and putting energy into coming up with not even creative insults.

(Really? You found everyone in the comment section you disagreed with and called them Karens? Good job, buddy. Go you. Youre #resisting the tyranny, this is exactly like the Boston tea party.)

(Oh, you just told someone you’ve never met that no one would care if they didn’t exist? Do you feel special now? Are you very proud of that?)

(Ah I see, so you told that random girl you picked a fight with to enjoy her humorless life with her 6 cats? Wow, you totally looked into your crystal ball and predicted her future.*)

If you cant make your point without adding a silly insult to it, you don’t have one.

*I have had all of these thrown at me today by noble and chivalrous people on the “right.”

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When will you all freaking learn? The side that wants you to stay home isn’t just full of “liberals” and the side that doesn’t isn’t just full of republicans!

It’s got to the point that anyone who says “stay home” is mocked by the “right” and on the other hand, anyone else is called a Republican!

you’re all just a bunch of children fighting in a yard without realising the yard is on fire and you shouldn’t even be there

Put down your damn crusade banners! Stop being so callous and mean spirited! Or stop just conveniently ignoring good points from each others’ opinions!

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