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msmarygoodnight · 10 months ago
Americans: It's not reasonable to expect people to miss spending holidays with their families, even for a greater social good! Family comes first, always!
Retail workers, who have a time-off request blackout for all of November and December:
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attainablerecovery · a year ago
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[ID: tweet by @/ehmawi reading “hi I just want to say, if you are falling back into a place u thought u grew out of bc of this quarantine please don’t look at it as a step backwards, pls don’t think ur progress is thrown away. progress isn’t linear and we are literally in a pandemic pls don’t be hard on urself.” ]
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aussie-twat · a year ago
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Oh no definitely don’t do this 😈😈
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scotianostra · a year ago
Ye cannae argue wae the logic of Limmy.
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belladonnix · a year ago
I don't know who needs to hear this right now but...
Having a 5 minute shower when you haven't had one in 4 days is better than not having one at all.
Brushing your teeth for 36 seconds is better than not brushing them at all.
It's okay to not feel okay, especially if your life has been turned upside down in these past few weeks. Staying inside can really damage someone's mental health. Try and get out into the garden or just sit outside your building with a nice beverage and appreciate the outside.
Stay safe doesn't just mean stay indoors.
Peace and love,
Your local bog cryptid. Xoxo
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mjalberts · 11 months ago
My dad is a Trump supporter and refused yo wear a mask unless he was told by the establishment to. Now him, my mom amd myself all habe COVID. Im out of my job for at least two weeks. Im living paycheck to pay check as is. If anyone could just spot me some money it would be greatly appreciated. My cash app is
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rachelmpatterson · a year ago
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"Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way." - Jane Austen, Emma
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thestudyingteacup · a year ago
Quick reminder,
This quarantine isn't a productivity competition.
You do not have to:
- lose weight
- work out every day and get a 16 pack of abs
- cure acne
- master a new skill
- read 17 books
- change yourself in anyway
By saying you're going to use this time to "glow up" is implying that you're not already shining but bb you sure are.
It is ok to not lose 15 pounds and don't beat yourself up if you gain a lil bit either. It's natural, you're at home and walks to the kitchen are pretty common.
It's ok not to work out every day and get absolutely shredded. Sure get your exercise but don't beat yourself up over not doing an intensive 30 day butt and ab workout. Who the flip cares!
It's fine not to master a new skill. Sure find something to keep you occupied but you don't need to master a whole new skill just because. Arts and stuff takes years to master don't feel bad because you can't get there in a week.
You do not need to change yourself in anyway. This is quarantine, our main goal is to survive. Don't beat yourself up if you're not solving world hunger or turning yourself into a model and certainty don't beat anyone else up if they're not.
This is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, you can't achieve Self Actualisation if have not achieved your psychological needs and you can't get psychological without basic needs.
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Pretty much, make sure your wellbeing is in top knick before you try to accomplish every goal you've ever set or ever will set.
Keep safe and much love,
Charlie xx
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meeting with friends after quarantine
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