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Friday, May 29th, 2020

I don’t even know how many days it’s been anymore.

It’s been a month since I’ve updated on here and honestly it’s only felt like a week.

I ended up failing two of my classes and now I have to retake them. I haven’t seen anyone in like 2 months. My ex best friend is trying to fuck up my life even more.

Honestly I don’t even have the motivation to type this out. it’s like 4am right now idk i’m just trapped and i need it all to stop and i’m scared that this won’t end and i just need to see people

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Thank you Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta for existing. Your music and energy flows in all of us. Chromatica is such a beautiful album. Your story is heard. We hear your pain. We love you. Your music has helped me overcome and accept so many obstacles/feelings/situations that I’ve experienced. I appreciate you for standing up for everyone. You never fail to enchant us and know that we appreciate everything you do for us music lovers. Thank you again, keep being you.

Love , Resh

Welcome to Chromatica - Lady Gaga

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Working Towards a New Normal Day 26:

I had a very productive day today, I did the dishes, and I took out the trash. That might not sound like a lot but it takes so much self motivation and so many spoons to take out the trash, I had a big wagon full, like 4-5 bags from around the apt. Also my binder came in the mail today, and that was amazing and exciting. Oh, and Bea lead the way on a walk around the apt complex, it was very cute and she was so proud of herself. The less fun thing today was I tried on my dress for the funeral I’m going to next Wednesday, and it high key didn’t fit. So I got some replacement options from Target, not something I budgeted for but its ok. And the one outfit is super cute!

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Can i stop fucking getting a billion emails, posts, and news articles pushed down my throat about COVID??? I’m so fucking sick of it, I don’t wanna hear all that shit.

I know it’s important to stay informed, but it’s all any fucking news source is talking about. I KNOW people are dying, I don’t need fucking updated daily numbers of the death toll. This is so exhausting. People are stressed as it is, knowing there’s a dangerous pandemic, not having any job, being trapped at home and isolated from most people. Like we are suffering as it is and on top of all that you want to fatigue us even more with the constant knowledge that more people died? Now more than ever we need uplifting distracting media- not depressing posts and news that instills fear in us constantly. I’m so tired. I don’t want to hear anything more about COVID19.

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Why I NEEDED the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Quarantine… 8 Ways the Pandemic put Life into Perspective…

“If you don’t come out of this with a new skill…” blah Blah..BLAH! Whatever. Look, Here’s the thing. Some of us have been running ourselves into the deep end since birth. I exaggerate but NO!

..and DON’T COME FOR those of us who used this inconvenience to pause reset and re-align our lives. So before anyone asks what “new skill” you “learned” during the quarantine… Don’t feel bad for saying these 8 things.. because i surely do not feel bad about.

1.Quality Time with my S/O-

My husband and I have been married for nearly 6 years.. and because we were in the middle of our life grind when we tied the knot, naturally, we did not go on a “honeymoon,” and have yet to do so to this day. (Yes we’ve gone on trips but not an actual honeymoon.) We were more focused on my husband getting settled in his career, me finishing school, getting rid of debt and buying a home. Needless to say, the COVID-19 quarantine was an opportunity for us to really spend some quality time together, without the hustle and bustle of airports or family gatherings, etc. and this type of quality time was so much more intimate than a “vacation would be. Plus, might i add, that we are both very hard working people! So sometimes, a vacation for us would be just taking a day or two off and staying home to play a new video game for him, and for me to just to take care of things that you need to take care of.

2. An Opportunity to Relax, Rest, Be Lazy AF and to have my PEACE HUNTY!

I’m not exactly the nicest morning person, but I am an early riser, thus, a morning person. On most days, I’m up by 4AM, at the gym by 4:30AM and headed out the door by 6:40AM to take my butt to work. But ya’ll… not having anywhere to go, or a damn thing to do, for once in my life, brings a sense of refreshment that no ice cold drink, on a desert summer day, could give you. CHIIIILE… let me tell you about how good I slept in! I don’t even really do this on the weekends!! But man quarantine has a way of your body making a schedule for you. I followed my body’s schedule for the entire time, and BABAY.. IT FELT GOOD! We’re always running and pressed for time, or punching someone else’s time clock and the beauty of sleeping until my brain woke me up was glorious!

3. Patience puts $#!t into perspective.

This is so simple… but it stuck with me and helped me see things from a different point of view. I posted about this on my IG and tumblr. (Check me out on social media! =====>) But I’ll put it into context…. at one point, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE got on my everlasting nerve… OKAY?! I had to ask myself.. "Is this really annoying me, or am I that irritable?” 9 times out of 10 it was the latter of the two. So these 3 things helped me to calm TF down before I popped off!

Be Patient with Myself.

Be Patient With Others.

Be Patient with Time.

…and this kind of became my daily mantra. It helped open my mind, heart and ears to those around me and myself.

4. Re-Connecting- with old friends, family and making new friends .

I’m a very social person and in recent years, ironically, I’ve picked up on some introverted tendencies. Nevertheless, this is something that we were all able to do. I saw and spoke to family member and friends, that some of which, I hadn’t seen or spoken to in nearly 10 years (Judge Yourself!). I’m kind of embarrassed about it BUT you know… LIFE HAPPENS bruh… You turn around and blink and its been a decade. Next think you know, your friends’s kids are getting driver’s licenses and tattoos. LIKE WTF?! Either way, I was happy to link back up and talk about some of the fun and stupid things we did, and even making plans to see each other again soon. It was nice to have something to look forward to and something that would add value to those relationships.

5. I was actually productive….

…with the $#!t I wanted to be productive with…Let’s get that part straight! I’d always dreamed of a job where I could work from home, with my laptop, and video conference calls and whatnot. And when I got that wish… my productivity SKYROCKETED… for about 2 weeks. (I’d exhausted all of my work by then and was waiting for new things to do.) After the 2 weeks, I started working on home projects that I’d left unfinished or never even started. In the evenings, I would work on my personal projects, which I would never have the energy for after a long day of work.

No, it wasn’t a new skill, but I figured out where I wanted to go with everything I was doing. I was able to redevelop, recreate, and repurpose my vision… Thus, “The Bohemian Socialite,” Blog . :)

6. Self-Care became a “thing”… for me at least

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a trip to the nail or hair salon. I’m a sucker for facials and masssages. BUT.. where was I gona go to do that… if everything in the free first world was closed?!

Oh… but there is a place…. YOUTUBE hunnty! I started watching other people’s 67-step morning-care routines. Never in my life would i EVER do a 67 step routine. However, in watching these videos, I realized that my skin and face could use some extra care. And because I’m on this new sustainable beauty journey, I figured, WHY TF NOT?! And I did… And it was good.  I’m sure my body will reward me when I’m older for this.

I applaud everyone who does anything of this nature consistently. Quaratine taught me to incorporate some sort of self care or you will surely lose yourself. Not gona lie, TBH for a few days the struggle was real But i bounced back even better baby. :)

Not only did i revamp y skin care routine, but I also revisited some of my favorite past-times and hobbies, like roller skating, painting, yoga and meditation. It felt good and I needed it. It made me feel beautiful and sexy again, just spending the time to take care of myself internally and externally.

7. Supporting Local Businesses and being an Advocate for other Small Business Owners

I’m not even going to go into extensive detail… but my community needed my support and I was able to do it proudly. Not just local businesses, but my friends’ and families’ businesses as well. And it was in easy, simple and mostly FREE ways.

8. Regained my appreciation for life, nature, silence, the things I have and creativity.

I needed the hard reset. In fact, I think we all needed a hard reset or re-calibration of our lives. The entire world was literally just grounded by mother nature herself. We were doing too much.. and she said we need to sit TF down and shut TF up. Some people embraced it for what it was. Others, did stupid $#!t. like…protest. <insert BIGGEST eye roll>

Either way, we were reflective of what nature and life was telling us.

The whole Quarantine, Covid-19, Coronavirus debauchery, was what I needed to recenter myself and re-evaluate my goals and plans for the future.

Have you looked into how the pandemic has changed your life?

I want to know if your experience was similar to mine, or if you want to add something, leave me a comment. :)

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