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#SeeYouSpaceCowboysAndCowgirls! 😃 #CowboyBebop #Toonami

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TFW you’re trying to stay mad at your girlfriend for being super late but you can’t.

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“Totally present in this moment for you.”

- Truth Devour

Jet: You two are playin’ me! That did not happen. What am I sayin’? Of course it did.

Faye: Yeah, it did. You see, Lunkhead over here, didn’t think about security. He jus’ went guns ahoy, and I had to save his sorry—

Spike: No. It happened the other way around, and you know it.

Faye: What?! You know if we had just walked out the door—

Spike: Whatever. Once a looter, always a looter.

Faye: Jet. I’m telling you—

Jet: You know what? I don’t care what happened. All I know is we’re short of a bounty. And I blame you both!



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Prompt list inspired by Lana del Rey songs.


Blue jeans (Born to Die - The Paradise Edition, 2012)

*Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn

*But you fit me better than my favourite sweater

*I will love you till the end of time

I would wait a million years

*Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine

*Love you more than those bitches before

*I told you that no matter what you did

I’d be by your side

Image from the anime Cowboy bebop (1998)

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Dub vs. Sub

Spike was not fucking around. He wanted to die. For him, Julia was dead and it was time to end everything. But this was already made known to the audience via the tiger-striped cat story.

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Spike Spiegel’s version of cleaning day 😃

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