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#cowboy boots

quick guys let’s unite and write a fanfiction

let’s say it has to include these things:

-one direction

-cowboy boots

-buddy the elf

-a horse girl named emily

-santa having an affair with the cat

-charli d’ amelio

-homophobic grandparents

-a gorilla statue

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Day 1909

Who knows when we’ll be able to do his memorial, but my mom did bring us his boots. Today I asked my cousin, “How do we decide who gets which boot?” and she told me something along the lines of “I’m right-handed and you’re left-handed, so I think that settles it.” That totally works for me because if I got to pick I wanted the left since he was left-handed, although actually ambidextrous because in school they tried to get him to not use his left hand. However, I’m actually right-handed, but in 8th grade my PE teacher since 1st grade even thought I was left-handed when it came handing out glove for softball and my cousin probably only thought so because I recently mentioned that now that my left wrist is fucked up I’ve come to realize I tend to use it for almost everything except writing. In the end, the choice of who gets which boot still makes the most sense as I get the left because really it means my bro and I get the left boot and my bro is a total lefty. Grandpa and him really bonded over that they shared that and grandpa encouraged him by getting him left-handed stuff (not that my bro could have ever been right-handed as my bro sure had his share of not being allowed to use his left hand for the very different reason of helping him be able to do two-handed things).

March 23, 2020

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