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Originally posted by seeyouinspacecowboy

“Where’s Faye?” You asked Jet while he was cooking up something for dinner. Not realizing that you hadn’t seen her around almost all day. It worried you a little because you would’ve notice if something was up, Especially since you both have been good friends but then again you didn’t have time to talk.

“She’s in her room I think.” Spike answers as he leans againts the door way peeking in to see what everyone was up to. As soon as you knew that’s where you were headed.

“Tell her dinner will be ready in a few!” You hear Jets voice echo as you walk down the hallway.

You knock a couple times till you hear a small “come in” from the other side of the door. When the door slides open, Fayes hugging her knees as she watches the images on the tv, The glow of it keeps the dark room lit and shines on her gloomy face. You walk over and sit down shifting next to her and rest your head on her shoulder.

“Hey, How are you feeling?” You ask already knowing somethings up you just want her to say it to you herself. Faye carried herself well. She showed to be very flirtatious and outgoing when she needed too but deep down you knew the real her.

“I’m, okay.” She manages to mumble out.

“Faye. how are you feeling?” You ask again and she sighs. She already knows she can’t shrug you off but it was worth the try.

“I’m, confused is all. ” She dips her head down then looks to the ceiling hoping it wouldn’t be to hard to say it if she weren’t looking at you directly. “I’m frustrated because… well because I- I like you but I don’t want to you to leave me if you don’t have that same connection. But then again I’ve never needed anyone, I’ve been on my own. I don’t need- I don’t need anyone.” She shakes her head at the mix of emotions but you grab her hand hoping it would calm her down.

“I think deep down we both knew we are more than just friends, Faye.” You smile softly as you admit it and move in subconsciously at the same time. The sudden pink on her face makes your heart flutter as you suddenly realize your inches apart. “You don’t have to be lonely anymore.” When your nose bumped againts hers it’s clear that she wanted you to kiss her too. It was the sweetest kiss you’ve ever gotten. Also the first kiss you’ve gotten but it felt natural. Her warm lips were gentle and her chapstick gloss tasted like strawberry. The small sigh you got from her pulls one from you. As your lips disconnect her soft breaths paints your lips, it was in that small moment that she knew your words were true.


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Saturday, December 26th:

Letterkenny (hulu, season 9 available, all 7 eps),
“DNA” (netflix, French drama movie, 90mins),
“Asphalt Burning” (netflix, Norwegian action movie “Børning 3”),
Fast & Furious: Spy Racers (netflix, season 3A available, all 8 eps),
Detention (netflix, all 8 eps available, season 1 finale),
The Uncanny Counter (netflix)

(original made-for-TV movies):
“The Baby Stealer” (LMN, 2hrs),
“The Christmas House” (HMM, reair, 2hrs)

(latenight “Toonami” [adultswim]):
Cowboy Bebop (marathon, 7 eps)

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Session 26: The Real Folk Blues

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