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#coyote attack
My little dog is a fucken warrior ! That fucken coyote fucken tried but my little old man put up a fight. He’s getting his wounds fix at the hospital as we speak. There’s no need for prayers. Prey for that coyote to not return or he be fighting with me personally
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authorissitohbi · 2 years ago
This kid has his priorities straight.
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mypositiveoutlooks · 3 months ago
Tiny Yorkie attacked by coyote while walking with its owner is on the road to full recovery
Tiny Yorkie attacked by coyote while walking with its owner is on the road to full recovery
Lily Kwan, 10, was walking her 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier Macy around her Toronto, Ontario, neighborhood when a coyote began stalking them. Terrified, the girl began screaming for help and pulling Macy by her leash while the coyote chased them. Lily eventually had to drop the leash because the pup wouldn’t follow her. With her owner gone, Macy revealed her inner Goliath—the little dog bravely…
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marisatomay · 13 days ago
haven’t been to maine since i came back to PA in april i’m literally getting twitchy too much socialization and civilization gotta disappear into the woods and mountains again
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bare1ythere · 8 months ago
I like taking walks while listening to rqg and I love exploring the woods, but as a precaution I thought i should probably read on what to do if I encountered any dangerous animals that I know live in the area. Anyway now I’ve lost the desire to go into the woods
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March 17, 2021
Mr. Yao: There are a lot of predatory animals like coyotes and wolves. Even here in the city of Edmonton right now on the radio they’re talking about the coyote issue, of coyotes going into the urban areas to dig through garbage and whatnot. It’s only a matter of time for those coyotes. One of them inadvertently will attack somebody. It’s just a matter of time. Statistically it will happen. We’re going to need someone to support capturing these animals, hopefully humanely, but if push comes to shove, someone might need a weapon to address that.
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oflgtfol · 4 months ago
i think a large part of why all these cave accidents get me so badly is that like. long island has zero caves. i have never stepped foot underground at all unless by "underground" you mean like. the basement of somebody's house. and my lack of experience underground is not even a choice, it's that there's literally no naturally formed underground spaces here, at least none that i know of. nothing at all like these huge caves that are apparently like, family day trips in other areas of the world?? the idea of just going into a fucking cave underground as a fun family activity BOGGLES my mind, nevermind the actual exploring of Never Before Charted cave areas
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¿?: Wow… No hay nadita de luz aquí.
*Encienden las luces*
¿?: ¡Au! Y ahora ya hay mucha.
¿?: Archivo 8, agente Elmer Gruñón, interrogatorio. Di tu nombre.
¿?: Wile E., Wile E. Coyote. Igual que Willy sólo que con “e” en lugar de la “y”, y la “i” no se pronuncia cómo “i”, y una sola “L” en lugar de doble “L”.
Fuente: El ataque de Jack-Jack (2005)
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Oh hey today in Random Fun Facts You May Or May Not Need Or Want To Know, I found out that some farmers have attack donkeys to keep coyotes and predators like that out of their cattle! (Llamas also do the same thing for sheep, and have been known to fight off bears - according to what this one lady who kept llamas once told me)
And I think I just figured out maybe why my neighbor down the road has a donkey in with their cows! And now I really wanna ask them about it but “what’s your donkey’s kill count” might not be the best way to start a conversation with somebody who’s never met me before.
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