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#coyote brush
euthamia · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Hey it might be getting colder and there may be no rain still, but there’s still lots of nice stuff to see!
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fungusqueen · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are some of my favorite mushroom stickers from small online shops in honor of National Sticker Day!
1) Mushroom Illustrations by RosieFerne
2) Mushroom Illustrations from CoyoteBrushStudios
3) Mushroom Sticker Pack from PurpleDragonArtShop
4) Hand painted Watercolor Mushrooms by MadeByMoths
5) Holographic Stickers by JCVernaArt
6) Mycophile Sticker Pack from Corvidopolis
7) Vinyl Mushroom Sticker Pack by JTJacobsArt
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Coyotes enjoying full-body scratches.
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mqblade · a year ago
Tumblr media
Animating some of my comic characters for fun! :)
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Tumblr media
Celtic Coyote + Crow - Knotwork Design for carolryann of
Not for reuse or alteration except by client. Please contact me if you would like something similar created for your use.
Micron pen outline Copic marker fill
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yarrowseed · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
from my sketchbook - critters small and big and sometimes imaginary :3
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acmeoop · 4 months ago
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Take Cover “Fastest With The Mostest” (1960)
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youressentialsblog · 4 months ago
Brush Fire Burns In North San Jose, Milpitas Along Coyote Creek Area – CBS San Francisco
Brush Fire Burns In North San Jose, Milpitas Along Coyote Creek Area – CBS San Francisco
SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Crews in the South Bay are battling a brush fire burning near homes and businesses in North San Jose and Milpitas that started Tuesday afternoon. The fire, which was dubbed the McCarthy Fire, was originally reported shortly after 4 p.m. near the 500 block of Mill River Lane just southeast of the Cisco complex in San Jose. READ MORE: Recall Election: Republican Candidate…
Tumblr media
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banditcoyote · 2 months ago
Wrangled and Tangled
Sasuga stood by the sink washing the last of the dishes from tonights meal. She smiled softly to herself as her tail flicked behind her, happy about the sets of cups and plates she had picked out, feeling domesticated and settled looking over the two sets of dishes her and her lover had shared, something about them in the drying rack felt almost romantic to her. But maybe it was just the way the sunset was showing so pink and purple over the water that was making her feel that way, the cool summer breeze blowing in from the open Lanai. She hummed to herself a little as she dried her hand and reached for the first plate, ready to dry them herself, when the dish cloth was plucked out of her hands swiftly.
“Let me take care of that.” Simon said perching himself onto the counter and starting to dry one of their plates.
“All the left overs put away?” she asked leaning against the counters and bringing her wine to her lips.
“Most of them.” he said with a nod. “Except for the second helping I couldn’t resist, which is now residing in my stomach.”  
She laughed lightly, brushing her hair back behind her ear “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She said with a nod, moving to cozy up to him just a little bit, her eyes full of warmth, and maybe a bit of mischief. “Maybe we can enjoy some other things when you’re done putting those dishes away.” She said with a curl to her lips.
Simon returned the smile and took a moment to lean down to kiss her easily, drawing back with a little hum. “I can think of some things for sure.” He added. “But before we get too distracted.” He placed the clean plate down on the counter and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small ring box and placing it on the counter next to her hand. “Happy Anniversary.”
Sasuga froze at the sight of the small velvet box and her large eyes went wide, slowly looking up into Simon’s face, searching for the meaning.
Simon at once realizing what she might have thought smiled and blushed. “I know we’ve talked about it, but this is just a promise ring.”  Sasuga let go of the breath she was holding with some relief. He picked the box up and opened it. “See?” inside was a thing gold band with a small rose quartz crystal cut into the shape of a heart that side horizontal to the finger. He reached for her left hand and slid it on to her ring finger kissing it into place. “I love you Sasuga, I know that this might not be perfect, but I wanted you to know how much you mean to me.” Sasuga looked to the ring on her finger, feeling tears pull at the corner of her eyes. He hopped down from the counter “Oh no….is it too much? I know we said we weren’t going to do anything, that dinner was enough but-“
She shook her head “Don’t be stupid.” She said choking back her emotions. “I love it. I love you….Thank you.” She looked at the ring again before reaching up to tug on one of his horns pulling him down into a kiss. “Forget the dishes….come on.” She said, her tail already snaking up around his waist to guide him toward their bedroom.
Coyote woke up with a start, staring up into the dark ceiling above him. He contemplated for a moment what that dream could have meant, and his jaw tightened in his face. Did Sasuga sleep with Simon while he was away, it was the only rule he had given. Or maybe that had made the whole thing more enticing for the two of them. Still, why would Sasuga end up with Simon, he had the feeling he was absent, that house not looking familiar to him in the slightest. He closed his eyes again, almost willing it to come back to him, but some of the finer details were already fading from his memory, and all he remembered was the way the pair looked longingly at each other before they kissed. He gave a little growl and pushed himself up quickly to throw on some jeans and a shirt.
“Coyote?” Shishi asked lifting his head from where he was curled up on one of the pillows. “Where are you going?” he asked rubbing one of his eyes sleepily.
“I’m heading back to the Makai” he told Shishi as he pulled his shirt down over his torso.
The imp eyed the view appreciatively before his senses snapped back to him. “Should I be worried?” he asked knowing of Coyote’s sometimes prophetic dreams, and he wondered if he had some type of vision of Sasuga’s fights. “Do you want me to come with you?”
Coyote shook his head. “No. No. It’s nothing like that it’s….” only he wasn’t entirely sure he could begin to really understand it himself. He shook his head “Sasuga’s fine. I just need to see her. I only had that one other show at the end of the week anyway, stay here, I’ll go tell Russell to pack everything up and head on home. You’ll be fine finding a flight right? I mean, stay the night, don’t leave on my account.”
Shishi laughed “Oh it was that kind of dream was it?” he grinned. “Okay, Well, tell her I said hello and get back safely.” He said as he yawned and laid back down to sleep. “I’m sure Kurama and Gatlin will be happy to have me home, if they haven’t torn each other apart yet…”
Coyote slapped on his cowboy hat and grabbed a jacket though he felt his skin burning. “And you remember what we said about this right?” he asked as he headed toward the door.
“My lips are sealed.” Shishi murmured. “Not a word to anyone”
“Especially to Sasuga.” He confirmed hand on the door.
“Especially Sasuga.” Shishi promised “She’d probably be more upset with me than you anyway” and waved him off.
Coyote found himself easily at his ring manager’s trailer, pounding on the door. He felt bad to be waking Russell up like this but he knew he couldn’t just disappear in the middle of the night and leave Shishi to explain for  him, things looked weird enough having him around. Russell answered the door, looking as if he was still blinking back sleep. “Coyote, everything alright?” he asked looking around.
“No…Um no, there was a fire back at the ranch.” He said lying on his feet. Thinking easily of the fire at Thom’s he could use as a cover even if the time line wouldn’t match up. He figured it would never get back to Russell anyways. The manager looked concerned. “It’s nothing big, a small one thank god, no one hurt, but I really should get out there, I know we only have the exhibit at the end of the week so I was just going to head home now. Would that be too much of a pain for ya’ll to handle?”
Russell cleared the sleep from his eyes with his hand “Yeah, yeah I can handle it no problem. Take care, hope it’s as small as you say.” He said and headed back to his bed.
Coyote made one more stop, saying farewell to Poncho in his trailer, before he headed towards the nearest portal in the woods, which was still pretty far, and Coyote had to be careful no one saw him as he slipped into the woods and transformed, having to sprint as fast as he could to reach the portal before daylight. He was glad he had the foresight to try and keep his motorcycle as close to him as possible, as the only other way he could have gotten there was to fly back home and then race to her, and he wasn’t sure he could stand being on a plane the way he was feeling.  All cooped up without being able to run or move, or do anything. It would have been torture, not like the past few weeks hadn’t been. The time away from Sasuga had been harder than he’d like to admit, and he already knew he would never plan on being away from her like this again. All the time away from her he had felt like pulling his skin off. He had helped Thom around her house before he left, and at the rodeo he did more of the manual work than anyone really wanted him to. He ran Poncho as often as he felt he could without causing the poor animal too much strain, and then would run laps as fast as he could as long as he could well into the night. But it was never enough, the women that tried to greet him as soon as he stepped out of the rodeo corral still enticed him to the point he had to nearly run back to his RV. All that hair, perfume, and how the hell where they making such good bras now adays? Though he was sure that some of breasts out there weren’t only held up by a bra but maybe some type of surgery, that didn’t sway him away any. Then the fact that in some of the more populous areas there were actual demon women in the crowds, and those he really had to avoid. He was sure they’d sense something about him, and he was doing his best to be incognito. Luckily his prior years of fooling around with plenty of the women at these things rarely had any of his crew spotting him being social, so now that he was hiding out on his own it went unnoticed. Coyote tried to run himself ragged, exercise, the rodeo, his variety of plants and a few sex toys paired unironically with the body pillow he had snuck on board, none of it had done the exact trick. Which had then led him to call Shishi. It had been a long shot, but it didn’t take much convincing getting him to come out to see him in secret, even if he was a bit miffed at having to mostly stay hidden at the events. Coyote let him have the pass into where the wives or girlfriend’s normally sat, and he posed in his refinery during the events when it fancied him. It had helped tire him out, but he still hadn’t been getting enoug
He thought he could remain out here for the full month, and they had gotten so close, it was almost silly to run now. But after the dream with her and Simon he just couldn’t deny the ache he felt for his mate any longer and he had to find his way back to her. Dawn was just about to break as he reached the portal and he wasted no time heading through it and heading towards where he had hidden his bike. He felt like a dog that had gotten a scent, and he wasn’t going to rest until he got to her. **** Four days later still hours from dawn, Coyote stashed the bike behind the hotel, barely taking care to hide it, and stumbled into the lobby. He had all the faith in the world that Sasuga was still in the tournament, and held the most hope that meant she was still in the hotel room that he had the key stashed for. He limped into the lobby where the clerk paled at the site of him. “Sir….” He said rushing around the desk and towards him. “Do you need a medic?” he asked looking him over.
Coyote didn’t waste the energy to speak to him and only shook his head as he stumbled forward before catching his balance again. He knew what he looked like, but wasn’t stopped as it was clear the clerk in his pristine uniform was afraid to touch him at all.
“Is there someone I can call?” he said walking along side him as Coyote shuffled to the elevator, bracing himself against the lobby wall and causing a smear of blood to press into the wall paper.
Coyote considered it for a moment, but shook his head again. If Sasuga was still in the tournament this late in the game there was a chance she was injured as well, and he wanted her to save her strength for fighting. He’d be okay. He just needed a shower, some stitches, and her.
The clerk did not follow him into the elevator, being the main hotel for the tournament he was surely not the only injured guest they received, and he retreated back to their desk, probably to call for maintenance to clean up whatever other mess Coyote had left behind him. He leaned against the wall as it started it’s ascension toward the upper floors, again leaving a smear of dirt and blood where his shoulder braced himself. A few droplets of blood dripping from somewhere onto the floor. It seemed to take forever for the elevator to reach it’s destination, the doors pausing once as a couple was about to get on, but after seeing him let him go on without a question. Coyote almost passed out, unsure if it was from blood loss or exhaustion, but the dinging and wooshing of the doors riled him, and he staggered out into the hallway. Knowing he was so close to Sasuga spurred him on, and he was relieved to find that the card key still worked. He let himself into the hotel room, finding it dark and quiet and he did his best to move with stealth into the bathroom. He passed the bed and spotted Sasuga sleeping peacefully by herself, he was grateful for this because with the rage that was still somewhat in his veins if he had found Simon with her he might have taken a regrettable action. In that moment iat took everything in him to not simply cover her with himself, though with how dirty he was he knew it would only concern her more. There was blood in his mouth and under his fingernails, matting his hair down and sticking to his hat. Better to clean himself up first, and he shut the bathroom door behind him before turning on the light.
He did his best not to look at himself in the mirror, but finding it a necessity to assess some of the damage. If he had made it this far like this it couldn’t have been too bad. Still he was in rough shape. Not only was his face cut, bruised, and swollen, but he had also lost enough weight that he appeared gaunt under the torn and dirty clothes he wore. He slowly undressed, assessing each wound, fresh bruises forming on top of old ones, some cuts that were still bleeding every time he moved, gashes that would no doubt need to be closed up. He hissed as some of the clothing stuck to him where blood had dried, let his effects fall to the floor, his gun empty and tucked back in his holster, and stepped into the shower letting the water strike at his feet until it was warm enough to step into. He braced himself against the wall, letting it flow over his hair and down his back, feeling the sense of relief start to fill him as well. He had made it, he was close to resting, and he was close to his mate, that was all he could ask for right now.
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kiriska · a year ago
Tumblr media
Every day is a good day to draw a yote.
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gamerwoo · 16 days ago
[Tales from the Pack] Joshua: Second Chance (Epilogue)
Tumblr media
Characters: Joshua x female reader
Genre/warnings: werewolf au, fantasy, fluff, some angsty undertones ig??? 
Word count: 912
Summary: After his mate died, Joshua always blamed himself and never wanted to imprint again. However, fate has other ideas when he meets you: a young, energetic werecoyote that’s quite the opposite of him. He insists he doesn’t want a new mate – nobody’s even sure if he’s ready for a new one – but he can’t ignore his instincts.
a/n: how the fuck are we at the end of josh’s series i’m gonna cry. this series is definitely top 3 of my favorites in tftp and i’m gonna miss it 🥺 but i hope y’all enjoyed reading it as much as i did writing it!!!!
Previous | Second Chance Masterlist | TftP Masterlist
The mark.
Your fingers brushed the little red marks on your neck as you looked at it in the mirror. It was cheesy, but you couldn’t get enough of looking at it even though you’d gotten it almost a week ago.
“Am I supposed to mark you, too?” you had asked Joshua during one of many post-sex conversations, downing as much water as he could get into you.
“I don’t know,” he chuckled, “do your instincts tell you to? I don’t know how coyotes work.”
You shrugged, “I don’t know.”
“Well, you can if you really feel like it.”
You, being the curious thing you are, decided toward the end of your head that you wanted to do it just to see what it was like.
“You can just do it now,” he offered.
“You said that it hurts, that’s why you do it during sex.”
He just shrugged, “I wanna know what it feels like. Besides, I can take it.”
All he did was let out a sharp inhale of breath before muttering, “Motherfucker.”
You didn’t feel any different afterwards, but Joshua seemed content — or maybe he was just amused by you and your constant curiosity, even when it may or may not go against your instincts.
“Hey, kid,” Joshua’s voice took you from your thoughts. Your eyes found him looking at you in the mirror, standing behind you. “Ready to go?”
You turned to face him and nodded, “If you are.”
He took a deep breath before holding his hand out toward you, wanting you to come closer and take it, “I am.”
The pack ventured through the forest, making conversation with each other. Some took turns holding Jiwoo and occupying her or letting her nap in their arms. Yeji spent half the trek riding on Jihoon’s back simply because she didn’t feel like walking. Eunjin trailed behind with Seungkwan, spacing out more often than not and mumbling to herself — or maybe people they couldn’t see.
After what felt like forever, the forest broke into a clearing that was familiar to even those who had never been there.
“Whoa…” Danbi breathed as she looked around the clearing that was mostly purple flowers.
“Wait, this place exists?” Jooyeon asked.
Jeonghan furrowed his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”
“I’ve only seen this place in my dreams,” she explained. “I didn’t think it was real!”
“Me too,” Yeji interjected.
“Yeah, me too,” Kyung nodded.
All of the mates spoke up, mentioning that they’d only seen the clearing in their dreams.
“Yes, me as well,” Eunjin nodded slowly, her voice quiet and somewhat far away like she was focusing on something else. “But…it’s louder here…”
The pack fell silent and stared at Eunjin, but the girl in question was staring intently at one spot in the clearing.
Joshua just knew what — who — Eunjin was talking about, and after a few beats of silence, he said, “This is where we buried Lilly.”
Your head whipped around to look at Josh, who stood beside you. His eyes met yours as other mates questioned the pack about the family outing they were brought on.
“What?” he asked.
“You…wanted to bring me here?” you questioned slowly.
He nodded, “The girls never got to see this place, but yes, I wanted you here, too.”
Your eyebrows furrowed, “But… But isn’t this— I mean—“
“It’s not…weird or anything,” he chuckled. “You’re not intruding on anything or overstepping. I brought you here. Plus…I know she’d really like you.”
You smiled at him softly. Those words meant a lot more than he probably thought they would.
“Yeah, she would’ve thought you were the cutest thing,” Seungcheol agreed with a warm smile.
“Remember that time she brought home a bird that was on the verge of dying?” Jeonghan laughed. “She forced us to nurse it back to health because it was so far gone that even Josh’s power couldn’t help it?”
“And then Josh brings home a dying werecoyote,” Junhui snorted.
“Don’t act like I became some softie,” Josh mumbled, rolling his eyes.
“Became?” Hansol laughed at the same time that you said, “You kind of are.”
“You’ve always been one,” Hansol continued with a bright grin. “Hate to break it to you.”
“I beg to differ,” Soonyoung spoke up.
The pack went on to tell stories of Lilly — like how she hated lily flowers but her favorites were lilac, hence why the field was almost completely covered in them — while the girls listened. You stood there and listened, but instead of keeping track of who was talking, you were watching Eunjin who was still staring at the center of the circle that the pack had created. You assumed you were all standing around where Lilly was buried.
You felt Joshua’s warm arms encircle you as his body pressed against your back. You tore your eyes away to turn you head to him, and he pressed a soft kiss to your temple before going back to his conversation.
“Kwannie,” Eunjin whispered.
You focused back on the couple, but nobody else paid them any mind — except Jia, but you’d never be able to tell.
“The voice,” she told him. “She’s…gone.”
Seungkwan’s eyes flickered to you, meeting your curious gaze. He let out a small laugh before leaning in to whisper to his mate, but you still heard him.
“It’s a good thing, love. She doesn’t have to watch him anymore. She knows he’ll be okay now.”
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ara-mitsue · 16 days ago
ask me why (my heart's inside my throat)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; two singles at a wedding
- pairing; t.kei x gn!reader
- genre; fluff
- w.c; 744
- warnings; none
a/n; for anon ❤️ i'm quite nervous since i've never written for tsukki before... i hope i did him justice! enjoy <3 tsukishima kei + this side of paradise by coyote theory
*this fic is a part of my 500 follower milestone event. check out the other fics here!
Tumblr media
“Hello, resident single’s table member.”
You pat the plush chair beside you. “Come sit.”
The look on Tsukishima's face could turn Medusa to stone as he chooses the chair furthest away from you. You chuckle.
Your laugh is grating to his ears. Quite frankly, everything about you annoys him— the way you speak, the stupid way you smile, the curl that always falls in your eyes that he’s tempted to brush back—
You lift the champagne flute off the white linen-covered table and nod at the bride and groom. “They make a handsome couple, don't they?”
He snorts, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.
“I give them a year,” he says dryly, lifting his own flute to his lips and taking a sip. He grimaces. Cheap champagne was the worst. You laugh, this time full-bellied with your head thrown back.
“That’s quite generous of you,” you jest. “Comparatively to the last wedding.”
His eyes flicker towards you. “The groom was hitting on me, hours after he said his vows,” he says. “How long do you think that marriage will last?”
You shrug, trying to hide a grin behind your glass, and observe as the bride and her father walk onto the dance floor. You sway lightly to the song, whispering along to it as Tsukishima glances at you.
“What’s your excuse this time?” He asks, surprising even himself with the question.
He snorts. “I thought you would have tricked some idiot into coming here as your date.” He sips his glass and makes a face.
You swirl your drink and tilt your head to the side. He thinks you won’t answer him until you say, “I’m sick of bringing randos to events like this.” You fiddle with your dessert fork. “It’s stupid. I shouldn’t feel obligated to bring a date. I hate the stigma around being single at a wedding.”
When you look at him, your lips pull up into a Cheshire Cat, scarily reminding Tsukki of a certain senpai. “What about you lover boy? What happened to that date you brought to the last two weddings?”
He turns away to stare at the groom and bride as they dance to their first song. “Didn’t work out,” he says simply.
You arch an eyebrow, leaning closer to him. “What happened?” You ask, ever the nosy neighbor. The hard glower he gives doesn’t deter you as you stare at him expectedly. The blonde sighs.
“They broke up with me,” he says reluctantly. “Something about being emotionally unavailable.”
You shake your head. "What a shame," you say. "I thought you finally escaped the single's table." He rolls his eyes.
“Apparently not.”
You say nothing in return and turn back to the happy couple. Two more songs pass before you turn to him again. “Tsukki,” you call, “don’t you ever get lonely?”
He stares at you, “what?”
“Don’t you ever get lonely?” You ask with a heavy sigh. “I do.” And he watches as you fold your arms and place your chin on the table, acting as though the posture wasn’t only bad for your back but causing wrinkles in your expensive wedding outfit. “I’m sick of being lonely.”
Tsukishima stares into his nearly empty glass before draining the rest of it. He groans, pushing his glasses up his nose before holding his hand out to you. You blink down at it before peering at his flushed cheeks. He refuses to look your way.
“If you don’t take it in the next five seconds," he warns. "I’m never going to offer this again.”
You beam at him, looking almost as radiant as the bride as you quickly take his hand and haul him to his feet.
He follows after you, can practically feel the excitement vibrating off of you like a warm fire, and his mouth tugs upward. It quickly draws to a flat line when you turn to him.
You wrap your arms around his neck, but Tsukishima stops you and slips his palm into yours. “You’re full of surprises tonight,” you say in a teasing tone but you avoid his gaze, choosing to stare at his chin instead. The blonde smirks as he skims his fingers along your middle to grip your waist.
“I’m just feeling generous,” he says, spinning you around, “and to answer your question,” he pauses, amused as you peer up at him with wide eyes.
“Yes, I do.” He gives your waist a squeeze. “But not tonight.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @rintah0e @justanawolf @amarinthe @akaashis-liquidluck @v4mpirinaa @hikkarins @ronnie-xiaoen @kodzucafe (if you would like to be tagged on future fics, fill out this form!)
reblogs appreciated <3
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Hi, sorry if I missed this in your FAQ, but do you have any advice on how to incorporate humor into a story? Also, how do you know when something is funny?
How to Write Humor
Tumblr media
Humor is very hard to pull off for writers. Many aspects of humor depend on a person’s expression and delivery, on the way they say the joke and how they hold themselves while they speak. It relies on the inflection of the voice and certain hand gestures and expressions.
With writing, all you have are words on a page and the reader’s imagination, and it can be especially hard to write humor if you don’t find yourself funny and aren’t quite a comedian.
Here are some tips on how to write funny jokes and humor into a story and make sure that it stays funny. 
1. Don’t Use Memes or Modern “Slang” as the Punchline
Tumblr media
The thing about memes and slang is that they come and go. There’s a new viral meme every week, and trends are born and die faster than you can blink. 
Once these things go out of date--whether they be turns of phrase or certain words-- society often brushes them off as “cringey” and will often react negatively to seeing it in a story. 
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read an older fic and they’d refer to dogs as “doggos” or say something like “it do be like that sometimes” and even though it might’ve been funny during the height of these trends, now they make me make a face and squirm a little in my seat. 
The best way to keep hip is to not keep hip, so to speak. Come up with your own original content and your own original jokes and your writing will remain nice and ageless, withstanding the test of time and the test of cringe culture. 
2. Randomness and Spontaneity Jokes are Best Left for Visual and Auditory Media
Tumblr media
This kind of humor revolves around people blurting out random things and is kind of reminiscent of slapstick comedy. 
Think of this TikTok audio that has been going around recently which involves audio from the Cartoon Network TV show Johnny Test: 
“Why did you resist a police officer?” 
“Why are you police officers?” 
“I blew up Malaysia.”
See how it doesn’t  make much sense in words? The only reason why this audio was funny was because of the way the actors spoke it and the way the punchline was delivered, which readers cannot imagine in their minds if they’ve never heard it before. 
 This kind of humor comes off as childish and low brow, and will make more mature audiences uncomfortable rather than entertained. Having characters blurt out things that make no sense in the middle of a dialogue just interrupts the story and brings it to a grinding halt, and I see this mistake primarily made with fic writers struggling to make their stories more humorous. 
It’s like the dialogue equivalent of dropping an anvil on your character; although it’s funny when it happens to Wile E. Coyote, it’s not funny when it comes to written word. 
3. Dry Humor is the Easiest Humor!
Tumblr media
Dry humor, also known as deadpan, is the deliberate display of emotional neutrality that’s meant to be blunt, ironic, laconic or apparently unintentional. 
It’s not a “joke” or a “pun” that’s told specifically to make people laugh (i.e. “Where do cows go on dates?” etc.), it’s just something that people say the just so happens to be funny. 
In my personal opinion, dry humor is the easiest way to bring humor into your story. It doesn’t require any characters to be “jokesters” and it doesn’t require a lighthearted situation. It’s just a remark--perhaps about a certain situation--that readers can interpret as humorous.
Some Examples of dry humor:
“You smell of death and destiny, of heroics and heartbreak!”
“It’s onion.”
--Jaksier and Geralt, The Witcher
(Drilling sword stances...rather poorly)
“What the hell are you doing?”
“What, ways to die?”
--The Hound and Arya, Game of Thrones
“My first girlfriend turned into the moon.”
“That’s rough, buddy.”
--Sokka and Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender
“And what could be better than serving up smiles?”
“Being dead.”
--Spongebob and Squidward, Spongebob
4. Situations Can Be Funny, too, Not Just Dialogue!
Tumblr media
Sometimes characters can get themselves into trouble in ways that may not be funny to them but can definitely be funny to a reader.
Tripping, hitting their head, stubbing their toe--especially during times of high tension--can be an excellent way to incorporate humor into your story. “This can’t get any worse” situations that get worse, a character being put completely out of their element, and other such things are all great examples of this
Just make sure to do it within reason, though, as to make sure you’re not falling into the random/spontaneous joke category!
5. Write What You Think Is Funny, But Make Sure Others Check It!
Tumblr media
I know some people may be insecure in their ability to write jokes, but the easiest way to make sure your story is funny is to write what YOU think is funny. There’s a pretty good chance that you’re just your own worst critic!
I know for me personally, I found that when my friends were reading the earlier drafts of my books, they would find things that they thought were funny without me even intending for them to be a joke! Everyone’s sense of humor is different, and everyone will interpret your writing, in various ways. 
So write your story how you want to write it, and have someone read it over to make sure the jokes are funny! They don’t have to be laughing out loud--it’s possible for jokes to be hilarious without warranting an outward reaction--but as long as it makes them smirk at their book or perhaps let out a puff of air through their nose, it’s all worth it!
6. Read, Watch, and Listen!
Tumblr media
The best way to learn how to write humor is to read, watch, and listen to humor. Look at comedians, at jokes in your favorite novels and TV shows:
What do they all have in common? What is it about them that really makes you laugh? How can you embody that in your story?
A little research never hurt anyone, and hey, maybe you might be able to improve your own sense of humor while you’re at it!
Hope this helped, and good luck!
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