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autumncottageattica day ago
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Apple pie is in the autumn air!馃崅This is our old fashioned apple pie recipe, the only apple pie I like. I tried so many and I don't like them all, even though I like apples and homemade apple jam very much. Some apples are better for snacking and others for baking馃榿 So me and mama always choose the sweet ones. The most important thing is that the crust is not hard, it is soft and the pie is delicious even the next day. This is not that kind of pie that you can use as an ax to chop wood for your fireplace (if you know what I mean)馃槀 Ingredients (for small portion, so you can double it): 50g butter 75g sugar 1 egg and 1 yolk, egg white for greasing the cake a pinch of salt vanilla extract (optional) 0.5 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 120g sour cream (or cream cheese) about 1.5 cups flour (250g cup size) about 4-5 middle size apples baking pan size (mine is 29x20cm or 26cm round baking pan) Begin with creaming butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy before then adding the eggs and flour. Add the rest of the ingredients and make the dough. The dough should be soft, do not add too much flour. Place the dough in a bowl, cover it with a towel and leave it out for about 30 min. Then divide the dough into two balls (one bigger and one smaller). Leave most of the dough for the bottom of the pie. Roll out dough, place the bottom crust in your pan so that it lines the bottom and sides of the baking pan. Fill with peeled apples (cut apples in very thin slices). Roll out second disc of dough, as before. Gently place onto the top of the filling in the pie. Fold the edge of the top piece of dough over and under the edge of the bottom piece of dough, pressing together. *If the apples are really sweet, you don't need to add sugar to it. If you think that apples are not sweet enough, sprinkle them with sugar. Beat an egg white until frothy, then brush over the dough. Bake at 170掳-190掳C (or 350-375掳F) for about 45-50 minutes or until golden brown. Transfer to a wire rack and let cool completely. You can also make caramel sauce and have it with apple pie, it's super delicious:)
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projectadulthood2 months ago
How to Clean as an Adult
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Growing up, Sundays were the days when my whole family cleaned. Everyone had chores they had to get through. Mine were dusting and cleaning the bathrooms. If I was really unlucky, I also had to water the plants and clean the windows.
Although the whole thing took two hours max, it ruined my day. On the bright side, our house was always spotless. However, when I moved away from home for college, I often avoided going home for weekends. Why? Because I did not want to spend my Sunday morning cleaning.
Having shared my living quarters with quite a few slobs since I can finally appreciate my parents' cleanliness. While I'm nowhere near as tidy as they are (and, let's be honest, never will be), I'd like to think that I do have a solid cleaning routine going -- which you'll find below.
I also want to share a few tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning. Turns out, the average American spends almost one full day cleaning a month. Hopefully, the advice below will help you cut down on the amount of housework you actually have to do.
How to clean
You don't need to clean so long that you turn into a skeleton. Instead, here's a handy checklist.
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Make the bed
Wash the dishes
Wipe down kitchen counters, table, sink, and stove
Sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor
Every other day
Change towels
Take out the trash.
Change bed sheets
Dust (tables, windowsills, etc.)
Mop the floor
Water the plants
Do laundry
Clean mirrors
Wipe down the microwave, coffee maker, etc.
Get rid of old food in the fridge.
Vacuum the mattress, by the ceiling (watch out for spiderwebs!), etc.
Clean the shower/tub.
A few times a year
Empty and clean the fridge and freezer
Clean the vacuum cleaner
Scrub tile grout in the bathroom
Clean the oven
Clean all the hard-to-reach places like behind the stove, fridge, etc.
Clean windows
Clean fixtures, like lamps and ceiling fans
Once a year
Get rid of expired meds
Organize the kitchen cabinets
Clean out drawers and closets
Defrost and clean freezer
Clean the baseboards
Wash your duvet, pillows, spreads, etc.
Cleaning hacks
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Power clean 15 minutes each day. This will prevent clutter. Ideally, you want to designate a "home" for everything you own so that you can put everything back in its proper place during the day (and, most importantly, at the end of the day). Speaking of putting things back, clean in such a way that doesn't require you to make an even bigger mess, i.e., piles of clothes. Always think: if I stopped in the middle of cleaning, would the room be cleaner or messier?
Clean up as you cook. Wipe the countertop, do the dishes, sweep up... That way, you won't have to deal with a pile of dirty dishes after dinner. Besides, most of the time, all you have to do when making dinner is stir (depending on the dish, of course), so you can save a lot of time this way. By the way, if you wipe down the stove after every time you use it, you'll never really need to clean it.
Layer two trash bags in the bin. When you take out the trash, the next bag will already be there. Your future self will thank you.
Use a sink strainer. Or get one immediately if your sink doesn't have one.A clogged-up sink is no way to start your morning. Also, invest in a suction cup sponge holder -- you don't want your kitchen sponge sitting in gross food water.
Microwave a lemon in water (in a microwave-safe bowl) for up to 5 mins to clean your microwave. Remove the bowl with oven gloves and clean the inside of the microwave. DO NOT microwave water on its own unless you want your microwave to explode.
Keep an open box of soda in the fridge. It'll absorb any nasty smells from old foods. Remember to change it out once in a while, though.
Boil half a lemon with some vinegar and water in your kettle. This will get rid of at least some of the buildup and freshen the kettle.
Simplify your laundry. For example, if you only have 20 pairs of black socks that are all the same, you won鈥檛 ever have to match them. Dumping them in your sock drawer is as far as you'll have to go when sorting clothes. When folding laundry, fold the largest items first, leaving socks, underwear, and other small items for the very end. That way, it鈥檒l feel like you鈥檙e done with laundry faster.
*** For more tips on how to *adult,* subscribe to, a weekly newsletter on growing up. Think of it as your instruction manual to adulting :)
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