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Hey guys, does anyone have any convenient screenshots or gifs of the front of Wei Wuxian’s cave in the Burial Mounds from CQL?  Specifically the door.

This is a strangely difficult thing to google.

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If Wuxian and Jiang Cheng ended things that way after their staged fight, and following that things escalated with all the extras spewing nonsense about Wuxian, leading up to the climax of Jiang Cheng killing Wuxian at Nevernight, it would have hurt less.

But the fact that they had that scene where the yunmeng siblings reunite before Shijie’s wedding, makes things so much worse! You see them be back to normal again and actually having a nice heart-to-heart talk! Jiang Cheng was behaving with Wuxian the same way they were at Lotus Pier and Clouds Recesses. Jiang Cheng told Shijie to ask Wuxian for a courtesy name for their nephew. So for their relationship to go from THAT to having to raise his sword AT Wuxian, and then to whatever it became at the end. It just hurts so much.

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Now I’m not sure if Lan Wangji’s opinions of Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi are very canonly stated, but humor me for a second. I think it is fair to assume that he doesn’t really approve of them much (between the fighting, name calling, relation to Jiang Cheng, spoiled behavior, and overall loudness), but he esp doesn’t like Jin Ling, but he respects Sizhui’s choices.

Yes aww cute, ok but like here me out…..

Lan Wangji’s inner dialogue when he goes on nighthunts with the pack of juniors. Y’all we already know he’s petty it ain’t a stretch to assume, that internally, he’s like “Sizhui out off the friends you could have made why these two???” as Jin Ling and Jingyi endlessly bricker in the background.

(I wish I had wittier dialogue for this but I am very tired and my point has been made…. anyway might fuck around and make this a fanfic)

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The speed with which Lan Zhan goes from THIS 💖💖💖




Is nothing but ASTOUNDING.

Like one moment he be smiling at cute bunny pictures and next moment glaring at you like “if anybody finds out about this fluffy side of me your body won’t be found” and i STAN 👏A 👏BAD👏 ASS 👏FLUFFY👏 BITCH👏 and i won’t have it any other way neither would WWX

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Oh yeah, if WWX died and JYL lived she would have been filled with sheer uncontrollable fury. There would be no forgiveness towards anyone who played a part in her little brother’s death from her.

(Also: her and LWJ bonding over their shared grief? Followed by their shared overwhelming joy when WWX came back? Very good.)

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This feels like a trap, but fuck it, I’ll bite.

No, WWX killing Wen cultivators before and during the Sunshot Campaign and later the sect cultivators trying to kill him is not genocide. Genocide by nature involves the intention to systematically destroy an entire way of life; killing everyone down to the youngest child or stopping that group from reproducing (and/or spreading their teachings, depending on what sort of group it is) so they die out with the current generation. WWX is killing his enemy and only his enemy; he kills the Wen combatants he runs into before and after joining up with the Sunshot Campaign, but not people like the Wen remnants, whose lives he saves. He kills the sect cultivators at Nightless City who were planning to attack and kill him and the civilians under his protection, but he doesn’t lead undead armies into their territories to slaughter their civilians. Whether his actions are morally justified is very much up for debate, but it very much is not genocide or even attempted genocide. He had no intention of wiping the groups he attacked out entirely; he was just fighting wars for his own survival and the survival of the people he loved (and a little bit of vengeance).

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For fytheuntamed’s Untamed Fall Fest Day 19: Windy

Rated T, 1,612 Words. Lan Xichen, Song Lan, pre-Lanlan (can be read romantic or platonic), grief, guilt, post-canon, early stages of healing. 

Also available on AO3

Most of the cultivation world didn’t know the details of why Zewu-jun had suddenly vanished from their midst – the Gusu Lan sect was notoriously skilled at maintaining privacy – but his absence was still notable. Rumours swirled.

Some had expected that one day, he would simply return to his duties as sect leader. Quieter, sadder, perhaps, but only noticeably so behind closed doors. Zewu-jun was too noble, too selfless to avoid his responsibilities for long.

Others shook their heads, saying they didn’t believe that. They thought Zewu-jun would stay in seclusion, never leave at all. That he might let grief, guilt, eat away at him.

Then there were those who preferred darker tales – who mused that maybe it hadn’t been a willing withdrawal. These were the conspiring whisperers who reminded their companions that this was not the first time a prominent figure from the sect had suddenly disappeared. Hanguang-jun had since re-emerged, but many others had not.

Of course, none would dare say any of these things if they knew that anyone from the Lan Sect was present. Gossip had its way of always making it to the ears of those most central to it, but the Lan sect were above such idle chatter – in public at least – and so the discussions went on unchecked, grew wilder and wilder. Soon, it was hard to find someone who did not claim to know some secret about the distinguished Zewu-jun’s fall. Each storyteller had a deeper insight than the last about the nature of his disappearance.

And Lan Xichen found himself chuckling into his tea on more than one occasion, as he listened to these stories. Stories of alternate versions of himself. He felt that maybe he shouldn’t, that maybe there was a reason the Lan rules preferred truth to lies, but there was a part of him that enjoyed these new, strange versions of himself. In the stories, everything made sense. There was always catharsis to tragedy, justice in a downfall.

It was much easier to listen to than the truth.

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Yeah! WWX wants LWJ’s attention all the time, it’s very sweet and a clear sign of consistent interest even if it isn’t immediately romantic/he doesn’t realize it’s romantic. And you’re right, when WWX pushes LWJ away post-Burial Mounds it’s a combination of trauma causing him to push everyone away and the fear that LWJ might lock him up for using demonic cultivation, not a sign of genuine hatred on his part; note that scenes like the Phoenix Mountain hunt show that they do still get along as long as LWJ doesn’t start bugging WWX about his cultivation! It’s not that WWX suddenly dislikes LWJ, it’s just that LWJ is the character who consistently says “Hey, maybe stop fucking yourself up” and that is not something WWX wants to hear!

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LWJ is among the best love interests I’ve seen in… anything. He’s definitely my favourite MXTX love interest. He’s protective of WWX without being controlling, he gets jealous but acknowledges that that’s his problem to deal with and not something to be taken out on WWX or the people he’s jealous of, he’s so good with the kids and clearly loves his husband so much… How can people look at him and say he’s a bad character or bad love interest?

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The bit where JYL learns that WWX killed her husband and immediately goes looking for him so she can forgive him and tell him she knows it was an accident because she knows he’d never deliberately do that to her hurts me in the best possible way, these two have so much faith in each other and love each other so much. It’s very good, and of course hugely tragic when she dies and despite her best efforts WWX follows her soon after.

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