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I designed a fic cover for Gentle Exile by rynleaf!

It’s my first time designing a fic cover, but I really like the cut paper style I used for this one. If you’ve got feedback, I’d love to hear it! I’m looking to improve my photoshop skills since I’m sorely out of practice, so I’m hoping to make a bunch more covers. Shoot me a message if you’d like me to make one for you :)

You should also absolutely take the time to read this fic, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it @rynezion <3

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Logically they’d know; JFM was WWX’s parents’ best friend and he knew WWX existed, so presumably they sent word when he was born. It seems a pretty safe bet that JFM would’ve been told WWX’s birthday at some point in the five years between his birth and WCZ and CSSR’s deaths.

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That’s a good point. The immediate response is “Well, WWX will be able to help with this”. Consider also that technically WWX isn’t even her brother; legally there’s no bond beyond martial siblings. People decided to go to JYL’s martial brother over her blood brother and sect leader to handle a dispute between her and a sect heir. That does seem to suggest that they don’t respect JC’s conflict resolution abilities, doesn’t it? (They weren’t to know that WWX was slowly losing control of his demonic cultivation and so was very quick to flip out over these sorts of things.)

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Oh, absolutely. If WWX had been the one to be captured by Wens and lose his golden core he would’ve accepted that as a fair price for his brother. Even if JC had offered up his own core (which as you say he wouldn’t) WWX would’ve refused it! And he’d get right on finding a new way to be useful and help his family, he wouldn’t have just waited to die because he’d rather his brother watch him die than get up and accept the decision he made! JC making an unwitting sacrifice and then forcing WWX to deal with the fallout is not the same as WWX making an active decision to sacrifice his core for JC and handling that on his own.

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Oh, absolutely. JZX picks a side too quickly; JYL picks a side too slowly. They both mean well, but their refusal to get information before acting or act on the information they have (respectively) gets people hurt or killed. And of course that includes them; if JZX had gotten the full story before stepping in odds are WN wouldn’t have ended up attacking him, and if JYL had defended WWX from the start events may well have unfolded in a way that didn’t end with her death.

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Hi! This is a call for a mdzs beta, please click read more if you’re interested!

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LWJ calling all the bunnies his babies.

LXC: What’s this? Rabbits? *picks one up* I don’t remember them being here…

LWJ: *sits down and picks up a whole bunch (like 10 or something) at once* They’re my babies.

LXC:  🥺

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MDZS/CQL is like come for the exquisite gay romance, stay for the flawed siblings trying to love and support each other and making mistakes and maybe (hopefully) (someday) repairing the damage that their equally flawed parents created 💕

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I’m only just noticing wwx is touching Shizui’s headband in this scene and now im emotional like.. that’s his boy!! his son boy!!

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The reason I love LXC is because he has Oldest Sister Syndrome I think.

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LWJ: falling in love? I could never-

[WWX sneaks into the cloud Recesses and starts provoking chaos]

LWJ: some catch me, SOMEONE CATCH ME, IN FALLING, I DoNt KNOw wHaT tO Do

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it starts, like those things between them often do, as a competition. a push and pull, one of the hottest yunmeng summers. they’re both freshly freckled and still sun-warm even as it sets, tipsy and giggly with the wine wei wuxian stole for them from the kitchens. 

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look, it’s understandable. it’s the OVERWHELMING GOTHIQUE OF THE LANS. 

like you see them initially and you’re like….they’re so dysfunctional & codependent in such subtle ways that have me 👀👀👀 …like it’s elegant, it COULD pass for functional. and then you find out their mom is literally the madwoman in the attic and you lose your fucking mind. or i did anyways. 

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still so mad zixuan died before he was a sect leader and before his son could walk and talk and before he could have a family with yanli and before he could fix his issues with wwx and jc and before he could make jgy feel appreciated AND-

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