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for reasons i am too embarrassed to disclose I watched the first four episodes of cql twice in a row and therefore I cannot relate to that post about how the pacing relies on us not remembering the first few eps. i do remember it i remember the reunion and the anger and the heartbreak and the children and the deaths of yanli and her husband (and that a jin WAS her husband!) would I have remembered it if I hadn’t rewatched those eps? maybe. i did forget the wen grave site but the death of the beloved sister is something that seemed pretty important to me first time around and knowing what happens later on making for an absolutely devastating and compelling watching experience. the hope! the loss! the romance! the tragedy! the powerlessness! the despair! and when it picks up again you cant WAIT to see how they are with each other and after having 30 episodes of knowing what would eventually happen, you’re suddenly thrust into a world of open and unpredictable chance. blank slate! let’s see where this goes! thrilling

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this checks, anon.

they could have had cool matching soulmate bfs eye patches.

a black and white one, respectively.

xiao xingchen you tragic gay, you.

also i feel like he was way too caught up in the melodrama.

anyway, i live safe in the knowledge that in MY post canon headcanon,

song lan found a way to restore xiao xingchen’s soul to his body

and then they went back to ultimate lesbian icon baoshan sanren who, gave them an eye each, but also threatened to blind them both permanently if they ever came back to her mountain and disturbed her again with their gay drama.

and they lived happily ever after, travelling the world, helping those in need, and growing their own sect along the way 😊

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Yeah, that’s always the thing. If you like the changes CQL made more power to you, but I feel it should be at least acknowledged that those changes weren’t a good faith attempt to improve what the production team perceived to be weak points in the story, or even just changes made to better suit the screen; the changes made were forced on them because they couldn’t show things like necromancy or gay marriage. WWX wasn’t made more morally pure because that makes him a better character, it was because they literally weren’t allowed to show him as anything but. I won’t pretend I know anything about censorship laws in China or how the process works, but can people please stop insisting these changes were great or that they were made for the good of the characters or story? Because they 100% were not! And of course the biggest one for me is always people acting like the romance is better in CQL because my answer will always be: what romance? They didn’t have a romance, subtext that was most likely put in to get money out of the novel’s fans isn’t a romance! Please! stop! insisting! that! longing! gazes! are! more! romantic! than! two! people! actually! being! in! a! loving! relationship! Listen to the post-canon audio drama extras if you want to hear really good romance!

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Scents of Love Series


He’d never thought that he would be here again. 

Wei Ying knew that he was not welcomed. And even if he did come, he would just be a stranger to all the changes. Even though it was a place that had been rebuilt from the ground up, made to mimic the old as much as embrace the new, everything felt completely foreign to him. 

But when he closed his eyes and just sat and listened to the whistling of the breeze across the dock, his heart was pacified. Even just for a moment. 

With his eyes closed, it was easier to see shujie’s smiling face. The face that Wei Ying had always imagined angels would have if they existed. He had never had much belief in the Gods as a kid, between losing his parents abruptly and orphaned for more than a small portion of his childhood. He believed that God had failed him or at the very least had more favoritism to other people. 

But when God sent him Jiang Yanli, Wei Ying felt like he had something to believe in again. She had the soft and caring hand like a mother, something he knew that she would be great at when they were all grown up. She cared for him like how a lotus would care for its baby pods, large petals protecting the seeds before they could embrace the natural call of growth.

Jiang Yanli was a lotus flower and Wei Ying had always admired that about her. 

Between the sweetness of her scent, Wei Ying also could never forget the brothy fragrance of her pork and lotus root soup. Wei Ying doesn’t think he could ever explain how important that one meal was to him. He will always remember her smiling face as he heartily slurped up the trademark recipe of hers. 

In his dreams, he always has tears in his eyes. Never for that moment, the last moment between them.

But fall the moments that she could not have because of him. 

Somehow—maybe he pitied himself more than he knew—deep down in his heart, Jiang Yanli would still comfort him in the gentle way that she would. In his dreams her eyes had no anger, no blame. With a soft, tender hand on his cheek, she is holding him as the tears fall.

Ah, my Xian-Xian has just turned one-years-old.

When Wei Ying opens his eyes, they blur for a moment as a tear escapes.  

In the lingering incense he offered, he could still smell the hint of sweet lotuses.


the scent of Jiang Yanli, as digested by Wei Wuxian

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oh she is so alive! (that post about this-is-how-wen-qing-can-still-be-alive lives in my head rent free, as they say) 

but yeah about the actual question, gooosh, i took my time thinking about it and i’m not so sure. i have some ideas i guess, but ughhhh, bottom line is that jiang cheng needs friends, preferably more than one, but like

i would love to see what their relationship with wen qing would be like, if they actually got to be close and together. romantically or platonically doesn’t even matter. we can definitely see in canon that wen qing is not afraid of jiang cheng and could even kick his ass on some occasions (not necessary in an actual fight) and sometimes that is what jc needs - an ass kicking lmao 

but i don’t think that would work out that well if, let’s say, events would still go as they go in canon and all the wens die but jc somehow saves wen qing, maybe kinda lwj’s dad style. in previous post i said and i still stand by it, that jiang cheng needs someone who would be there just for him and because of him, not because of some kind of obligation, and if he saved wen qing and she stayed with him, he would never feel like that about her. he would constantly be afraid that the only reason she is not leaving his side is her gratitude (kinda what lwj was afraid of in regards to wwx). now lets say she is alive in the future (she is) (no i do not live in denial), and they somehow manage to make up despite everything that happened - that would be interesting and that could even maybe probably work

another person i think about is nie huaisang. they do have a lot in common, you know. two younger brothers, whose older brothers made enormous sacrifices, for reasons sometimes not fully clear to jc and nhs, kept a shitton of important information away from them and then died, leaving them both alone, miserable, with whole sects to take care of, enormous responsibilities and shitton of demons in their heads. and for those 10-16 years both of them been cultivating (hah!) this poisons inside their souls, growing more bitter, angry and lonely with each day. and oh boi are they both angry. they are angry with they brothers (who they love so much, but why didn’t they tell them, why did they have to go through all this shit alone), angry with people who hurt their families and angry with themselves. also, fatal journey (that i haven’t watched) spoilers, i think they both could feel guilt for not only not doing enough and just standing uselessly, while their brothers were burning themselves to death, but also for directly being responsible for their death. this is more obvious with jiang cheng (no shit, right?), but, from what i know about fatal journey, nhs also has every reason to feel like that, even if he was tricked. what i’m trying to say, they seem to have a lot in common and they can understand each other, i feel like. they both know what it’s like. and they both kinda see themselves as not very good people too. there are much better posts about their potential dynamic made by other people on this website, but there is my take on them i guess (highly influenced by those better posts). they weren’t close during those 10-16 years and it would probably help them both to have a friend, but i understand why they so easily grew distant. aside from someone mentioning that they both just saw each other as wwx’s friend instead of each other’s friend, they both had a lot of work to do, jiang cheng had to keep himself from sinking too deep after losing his entire family, so he focused on being angry and scary sect leader, while nhs was focusing on pretending to be useless sect leader, who secretly was balancing between the frying pan and the fire… that’s too much work to have friends. but, again, there is hope in the future

again, jiang cheng and jin zixuan would probably be good friends. they probably were friends! and there is also some common ground between them, feeling lonely, feeling the weight of responsibility on their shoulders, lack of parental love, mother’s expectations, father’s not really paying much attention to you (real attention. i can barely see shitty dad tm as a proper loving father) 

even tho i said that wwx isn’t that soulmate friend that jiang cheng needs, i still believe that they should make up! and talk! talk a lot! they have a lot of shit to talk about! please i beg you learn how to talk to each other! 

and now we getting in unrealistic personal agendas territory, and this personal agenda is - jiang cheng and lan wangji should have talked more! you know how during those 16 years they both were missing and looking for the same person, raising others’ children as their own, dealing with devastation left in them after what happened in nightless city. would be crazy if they had someone, anyone, who shared their experience? i know right? what are the chances? 

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If The Untamed/CQL is an Original Drama, I wonder if…

- If the Writer would tell us what is the name of the Song that LWJ composed by thinking about WWX. Would we know it was WangXian or would people only know its name as WuJi?

- If people would Headcanon LWJ as Asexual, and/or the WangXian become Asexual Couple or Queerplatonic. (I mean, people still CAN and ALLOWED to write them as such, BUT it’s Canon they’re Not and LWJ is Gay/WeiYingSexual.)

- If people would Headcanon WWX as Someone who did play around with people like do Kiss and such, rather than actually keep his first kiss for his entire life until it stolen. Even LWJ believe when WWX said he had kiss lots of people. (Again, people allowed to HC and write this, I even found One fic in Canon CQL Era verse where it mentioned WWX had experience kissing lots of people before he get kissed by LWJ)

And people won’t know that:

- LWJ has ‘no problem’ eating VERY Spicy food.

- LWJ has Very High Sexual Drive.

- LWJ has no problem Lying for WWX.

- LWJ has no problem Stealing from WWX. (Steal Pouch, Steal Kiss, Steal Flower)

- LWJ’s Childish and Possessiveness when Drunk and not Drunk. (Glaring at waiter who put his arm on WWX’s shoulder. Jealous when when WWX almost took CORPSES’ pants and slapping CORPSE’S Abs. Sulking and kick small rock over and over when WWX chatting with group of women for information. Hit, Push, Kick Wen Ning when drunk and then covering his ears because he won’t listen to any explanation that wasn’t suited his wants. Possessively tied WWX’s wrists and showing it to everyone. Playing Hide and Seek when drunk and let himself get caught when 'threatened’ with more lick. Love to BITE!)

- WangXian Shameless PDA.

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i really wish i knew what i was missing about the seemingly fandom wide love for nie mingjue. maybe it really is just the fundamental ideological disagreement that i just Cannot get over. i would be interested in his and huaisang’s relationship like in the context of him basically having to raise his little brother and what that looked like before he started chi deviating all over the place but that’s not the content everyone else is interested in so i just. really do Not care.

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