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#cql incorrect quotes

lwj and wwx about each other : i don’t want to be his “husband”

lxc and jc after months of hearing wangxian’s oblivious pining : well, what do you want then?

lwj and wwx : i don’t know. i just want to be with him, all the time. i want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. i want to hold his hand and smell his hair… but i don’t want to be his stupid husband!

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Lan JingYi, noticing Jin Ling is sad: Do you want a hug?

Jin Ling: No.

Lan JingYi: Did you heard what I said?

Jin Ling: Yes..?

Lan JingYi: What did I said?

Jin Ling: “Do you want a hug?”

Lan JingYi: Well if you insist.

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wwx @ other sect leaders post-resurrection and marrying rich: ha ha ha! yes, it’s me and you guys are angry about it. oh my god I make you feel that. ha ha ha!

wwx : oh well, this will not take long.

wwx : well, I just wanted to pop up and you show you how I’m doing.

wwx : i’m doing great, looking great, feeling great, you know. ha ha ha!

wwx : i’m over here being booked and busy while you bitches are still looking raggedy and not doing shit. ha ha ha! wow!

wwx : but anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i’m not going anywhere so talk your shit you shitholes.

wwx : ha ha ha! you can’t defeat a bad bitch. you just can’t do that.

wwx : i rise above that ew! ha ha ha.

wwx : so i just wanted to say heeeey ha ha ha!

wwx : and that i’m here to staaaay.

wwx : and you’re going to be mad about it every daaaay. ha ha ha!

wwx : success!

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*sometime when wwx was still pretending to be mxy*

jc : they are gonna know

wwx wearing his signature colors : how would they know?

jc : they are gonna know

wwx playing the flute with wn by his side : how would they know?

jc : they are going to

wwx not letting go of lwj : ???

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lwj : i mean, who in this room knows shit about relationships?

lwj pointing at lxc : this one? Is secretly in love with sandu shengshou

lxc : his name’s jiang cheng

lwj referring to jgy : which is an improvement on his previous love interest, the serial killer.

lwj : meanwhile, i’m carrying a torch for a cultivator I pinied for more than 13 years and was technically dead

lwj may be referring to either ljy or jl : and a-yuan is in love with his cousin

lsz : okay, again, we are not biological

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JingYi: Are we friends SiZhui?


SiZhui: No.

SiZhui: A-Yi we’re married.

JingYi: Dianxia, don’t pause like that. You scared me.

SiZhui: This is our wedding reception, A-Yi. Please.

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Jin Ling: JingYi can you get me a drink?

Lan JingYi: Sure, what do you want?

Jin Ling: Something as dark as my unforgiving soul.

Lan JingYi: *carries a glass of milk*

Jin Ling: I feel insulted.

Lan JingYi: You should.

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