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#cr c3
defilerwyrm · 23 hours ago
I'm rewatching c3e6 and something just occurred to me
Orym: "[. . .] the others, Oatmeal and Pussy [. . .]"
Everyone: *cracking up*
Orym: "I really like oatmeal."
interesting distinction.
Oh my god. This halfling gay. Good for him. Good for him.
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mobylace · 2 days ago
Laudna are you wearing ghillies??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wanna see her bust out some Flora Macdonald’s Fancy now lmao
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i-am-shitpost · a day ago
Ok hear me out, Sam created “soul-touched” because he’s going to drop later that FCG actually HAS a soul and is PART OF DANCER’S and that’s how he was “brought to life”
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your-enby-antihero · 2 days ago
✨Genuinely what the fuck was up with that ✨
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crisp-pringle · 19 hours ago
We all know & love Laudna’s creepy antics but as someone with loose joints I just spend the entire time like “someone get this woman some physical therapy! That can’t be fun!!!”
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noelanik-art · 2 days ago
Orym’s “That’s really … good of you,” like he never imagined that people would go out of their way to help him. Even people who are becoming his friends.
And yet Dorian and Fearne followed him across the world, lied for him (albeit terribly), and there’s a definite sense of protection amongst the three of them.
How long has it been since Orym has been able to just rely on people?
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reachablefire · 2 days ago
Annie are you okay? are you okay? are you okay Annie
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petallwishes · 2 days ago
Someone please help this bird's voice reminds me of a Magnus Archives character but I can't place who
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your-enby-antihero · 2 days ago
FCG not having memories of their past ooooohhh side quest unlock the robit’s memory
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towoowomen · a day ago
hey, what if ashton’s golden cracks were inspired by that one japanese pottery technique? the one where broken pottery is patched back together with gold, and then it’s more beautiful for being broken. what if that’s a thing?
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