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sky-scribbles · 2 days ago
It's becoming steadily clear that Orym was (and is) very close to Will's family.
'Hi, dad,' he says to the sun - but I don’t think he’s talking about his biological father. Orym, in his own words, ‘didn’t really have a dad... he just kind of rolled on’. Derrig, though - Derrig has a sun tattoo. Derrig, captain of the Tempest Blades, probably taught Orym the Zeph'aeratam. Derrig was probably performing the Zeph'aeratam himself at that very moment, far away in Zephrah.
‘Like I’ve seen Nel and Maeve do so many times,’ he says, casting Druidcraft to bind a wound. Nel and Maeve probably patched up Orym and Will’s own wounds, once, their scrapes from training and their wounds from fighting beasts - and, finally, Orym’s wounds as he sat hollow-eyed, half his heart gone.
Orym grew up without a dad, but found a mentor and role model in Derrig. He married Will and was welcomed with open arms into the family, to the point where he called Derrig dad. When Will died, Orym got himself a tattoo that mirrored Derrig’s. He carries his husband with him - and his husband’s family. Because they became Orym’s family too.
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captainofthetidesbreath · 2 days ago
I can't believe it sounds like Travis is playing a Humphrey Bogart character. What a treat, if true.
[two videos stitched together] Marisha: And glam! This is my Travis PC inspired make-up look. His character is very classic, very debonair in his own gruff way, and reminds me a lot of Old Hollywood, old pulp classics. You're gonna love him.
From Marisha's ExU: Calamity Instagram takeover — check out this highlight reel at critical_role for updates throughout the day
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blazingstar24 · 2 days ago
Ashton and probably a bunch of the Nobodies came from Bassuras. The town where someone was getting robbed by a gang and no one batted an eye or stepped in to help. A place where Ashton is only identifiable by saying the name of the orphanage he grew up in. (How many others r going by Greymoore as well?) A place where it’s every person for themselves and when shit gets real, it’s fine to leave your “friend” behind to die. (Not to say Bassuras is like a shitty town, there’s always a good and bad to any town. I mean it’s seems like an alright place if u blend in well enough. But it’s clear where most people’s alignments skew towards.)
And boy did Ashton’s return to Bassuras start off shitty. It’s been less than 24 hours and they’ve already been put through the wringer. But there’s such a beautiful difference in Ashton’s return to their “home”.
Because the Bell’s Hells stepped in to fight off that gang. And it was Ashton who made the first moves to do so, fully backed up by their friends.
Because the Bell’s Hells know Ashton not as Greymoore but as their rough and tough, crass but well meaning, newly appointed leader. Ashton is their friend.
Because the Bell’s Hells will absolutely refuse to even think about leaving Ashton behind when the going gets rough. Hell, everyone went fucking ballistic after seeing one of the thieves hurt them. It wasn’t even an “oh we got to dispel that magic or heal them”. Everyone went “who the fuck just did that and where are they, because that’s where I want to aim my next attack.”
And in the aftermath, Fearne who notoriously stated that she only heals whoever she wants to and whenever she feels like it, goes out of her way to heal Ashton even before FCG could get to them. The whole gang checks in on them.
Bassuras may have been where Ashton came from, but it’s clear that they don’t operate the same way anymore. Unlike the Nobodies, who seem to be reflected in these random thugs, Ashton with the Bell’s Hells is so different. They would never leave people behind, they’re actually very insightful on people and does truly get to know them (buying Laudna a doll, their whole thing with FCG), and they stand up for the people who get picked on, the underdogs. The Nobodies took all the bad things about Bassuras and made it their identity. Ashton saw all the bad things that happens in Bassuras and said fuck that.
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ozbian · 2 days ago
Poor Orym, I think he's now had at least two flashbacks to Will's death prompted by Ashton:-
When Ashton suddenly went from unconscious to half dead during the Ratanish fight
When they dropped off that gargantuan creature and everyone was relieved and laughing and he turned around to see Ashton pinned against the wall with a harpoon through their gut
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percy-derolo · 2 days ago
critical role C3E24 no context spoilers
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fresh-cut-stan · a day ago
I just gotta say, I LOVE how everyone reacted to my Flash Tongue FCG drawings with horror and disgust
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Tumblr media
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faith-orise · 2 days ago
From Sam’s Instagram takeover, we know his Calamity character has something in common with Fjord. This is a list of things I can think of, feel free to add on:
1. Multiclass (we know this for sure because Sam confirmed it)
2. Wields the Star Razor
3. Warlock OR Paladin
4. Connection to Uk’otoa (uk’otoa)
5. Half orc
6. From the Menagerie Coast
7. Sailor
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sparring-spirals · 2 days ago
follow up to this because i misclicked and posted early and have now committed to just splitting it. tl;dr: ashton imogen rage/crisis mode that also operates as a form of catharsis.
Also AGAIN, disclaimer, just so much speculation and assumptions, chock full of it, etc etc.
Okay so an interesting DIFFERENCE, I was thinking about is that I think Ashton is- more experienced, with both expending his rage in this way, and conversely- dragging himself out of it, or at least needing to keep a handle on it. Even if mostly in the context of "uggHhHHhH okay, Business Contacts Still Needed", I can think of at least two or three times now where Ashton was pissed, angry as hell (not always without reason), but- would still provide some level of restraint in his reactions, even belatedly. Even if only for business, because it might be absolutely necessary for future situations. (Ep 24, after That Whole Debacle, comes to mind first, of course, but even with Evon! Everything with Jiana. Even earlier, after battles. Spitting mad.)
And Imogen- its not the exact same, definitely not. There are differences in the levels of reasoning for her crisis mode, a very predominant "everything else shuts down and we Have To Fix This" mentality. I think its probably less of an intentional indulgence the way Ashton's one feels like it is.
But there's enough overlap there that makes it interesting- the way that Imogen almost doesn't fully grasp her actions till after, something aaaaalmost akin to letting go and coming back to herself after. And the way that the autopilot can-sometimes- serve as a release, the way it is a solution but also creates its own problems to be resolved after. Ashton, induldging in rage but also generally cognizant of the consequences, even if he bears them willingly. Ashton, telling Imogen: you're scarier than me.
And like. Cmon. Cmon. *gestures at both Imogen and Ashton* right???
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threadcountart · a day ago
Tumblr media
“I take Ashton by the hand.”
-Image ID below-
[Image ID: Sketch of Orym reaching up and gently pulling on a tense Ashton's hand, attempting to walk them to the left. Both characters are from Critical Role. Ashton stands still, stiff, expression haunted with shadows around his eyes. His right arm is lifted by Orym holding his hand. Orym's head comes up to about Ashton's waist. He faces away from the viewer, looking up at Ashton with his sword and shield on his back. His hand, smaller than Ashton's, gripping the ends of Ashton's fingers.  Faint light highlights Orym's face, Ashton's hair and the glass hole in their head, and where their hands are connected. Watermark on sketch reads "Do not repost" and "@Threadcountart" End ID]
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otakusapien · 2 days ago
Every adventuring party should include
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marvelousbelladonna · 2 days ago
Third item of Beauty of Exandria
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xanthera · 3 days ago
But like, of course Dusk is instantly enamored with Bell’s Hells, of course they think these weirdos are the coolest people they’ve ever seen. Anyone so in love with the chaos of the feywild would gravitate toward these beautiful weirdos for the exact same reasons
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captainofthetidesbreath · 2 days ago
From Marisha's Calamity Insta takeover (link to specific entry), Laura was actually supposed to play in this game but couldn't because of scheduling issues! She was in the very early stages of character building, and Marisha came into the game iterated on that early concept.
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setsailforthestars · 2 days ago
When Liam O’Brien said “big moon, little moon”
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pixel8 · 3 hours ago
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We’re gonna find out later that Shithead killed all of FCG’s friends or something. Sam will frame tragic backstory elements as a joke but don’t fall for it.
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rockwild-callowmoore · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Listen, every punk needs a sweet fae women to take care of them
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c-is-for-circinate · 2 days ago
Between Travis suggesting his character would chase rabbits for lunch, and Sam suggesting that his dog would chase Travis's character...
Is Travis finally playing a tabaxi?
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oksneasnake · 2 days ago
So, for Calamity speculation: Sam’s insta takeover said powerful but misguided, and then paired with Marisha’s takeover which so far has said they are a very bureaucratic group…
Given what we do know about the Calamity (clash of gods) - is there a world in which we’re looking at a party entirely made of clerics and paladins?
Tumblr media
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sparring-spirals · 5 hours ago
The more I think about it, the more I feel like Orym, referring to his loved ones as celestial bodies is. Wonderful on so many levels.
Something about people you love being immense forces in your life, exerting a gravitational force that permanently alters your course and, if you're lucky, keeps you in their orbit, and them in yours. The inherent poeticism of bodies circling each other, unmistakably influencing each other, larger than life and ever-present.
(And, if you want to go the other direction: the way that losing one of these gravitational bodies would throw everything into disarray, leave everyone left off kilter. Irreversibly changed. Unmoored, maybe.)
(And, if you want to keep stretching this metaphor- the way even after that happens, new things can still draw you into their orbit, or theirs into yours, nudge you out of a trajectory and into something new-
Okay, this is wholly unscientific now. But its a nice thought, right?)
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lady-love-dies · 17 hours ago
Laura in Campaign 1: Can you ask him how he got purple hair? I want purple hair!
Laura in Campaign 3: My character has purple hair!
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