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#cr spoilers
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The implication that Lucien grew up in or near Shadycreek Run is fascinating me for a few reasons:

  • The Tombtakers must have been known to the other tribes in the city. The tribes wouldn’t’ve let an organisation like that run around without knowing at least a little about them
  • Ophelia Mardoon - a Tiefling woman, very powerful and dangerous. She offered condolences about Molly, but I wonder if she had seen him, would something have changed? Perhaps they had dealings in the past?
  • The Iron Shepherds - was there a spark of recognition when Lorenzo singled out Molly to be the example? Had they ever crossed paths with the Tombtakers? Maybe Lucien was untouchable before he became Molly
  • The Trebain Family - apparently smugglers of antiquities from Molaesmyr. I’d put money on them having dealings with the Tombtakers, finding them relics out of the Savilirwoods
  • Keg also grew up in Shadycreek, and Molly was the first person of the Nein that she trusted. A familiar face from her youth mayhaps?
  • Gustav Fletching - Molly’s circus master also came from Shadycreek, they must’ve found Molly close by to the city I would think. What would Gustav gain, taking in a person with no name or memory, unless perhaps he knew more about Molly than Molly did

There’s not enough information to connect the dots just yet, but I’m certain that reactions would’ve been very different, had Molly made it to Shadycreek Run

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Beauyasha date is less than 4 days

9 notes

Last episode only confirms to me how very soft Beau is as a person. I will be honest to you all, I love Yasha, love her to death, her aesthetic as a soft barbarian but metal af who can definitely break me in twine if she we’re inclined to, but Beau you guys, behind that asshole facade is an inquisitive and deeply caring person. I go back to the words she said to Fjord about her and Yasha having physical contact with each other through combat and you guys, that breaks my heart. This establishes a trend to me why I often feel Beau and Yasha’s conversations end in such awkward moments, it’s probably because instead of doing those awkward things they wanted to do something requiring physical contact but then they have this sudden realization of all those totally fucked up close up encounters they had and then they retract in their awkward bubble. Beau wants a fresh start because she is still reminded of those terrifying moments but despite that she believes (they both do) that things will be better this time. She wants a fresh start with the Yasha that she sees now, no longer orphanmaker (still pretty cool moniker though) just simply Yasha “Bone Harp Artist, Greatsword Snowboarder, Eater of Bugs and Collector of Beau-tiful Things” Nydoorin.

50 notes

I’m so curious how Lucien’s dispel abilities work in combat. like it’s so frustrating and intimidating out of combat, but he also spaces them out. like he can’t possibly be able to just dispel all magic thrown at him. it’s gotta be like a once per turn reaction thing, maybe more than once, or like the beholder thing where it only effects a certain area or something. anyway this is all to say combat brain has taken over and I am highkey obsessing over how to tactically fight Lucien and I will probably not be satisfied until it happens.

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…I hope Lucien sees the library. It is full of books, something Lucien knows Caleb would spend a lot of time creating it. And it says a lot that Molly’s memorial is there. Maybe that will shake some memories loose.

15 notes

I would like my brain to stop making up scenarios where Yasha sacrifices herself to save Beau, and her lasts words are “I love you”

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