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Joder con la niña. Si hace hasta un Laudrup
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Around the World with Sensei Kreese
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is a dojo
This is a boat tow
This is a ball pit
This is a sarlacc pit
This is the stars above
This is my one true love
This is the setting sun
This is Lamentis-1
This is a screen that’s green
This is me being mean
This is an ocean trench
This is Dame Judi Dench
This is the Liberty Bell
This is my prison cell
So many places to learn about!
Just fuck around – that’s how you find out.
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Tumblr media
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Academic Goals [Obey Me! Barbatos/MC]
Tumblr media
Obey Me! Masterlist
“Seeing as you’re here for another academic year,” Lucifer spoke as he pulled out some paperwork. “We might as well set some goals. What goals do you have for this year, MC?”
The brothers glanced over at the human. They chewed on their lip as they were deep in thought. Then, their eyes widened and they clapped their hands together. A wide grin on their face. “I’m going to make Barbatos flustered!”
“Excuse me?” Lucifer narrowed his eyes. “I meant academic—”
“That way he knows how I feel whenever he makes me flustered and…And…” MC sat there. Their face quickly darkened in a deep flush. They tensed up and buried their face in their arms on the table.
“What the Hell just happened?” Mammon asked, watching clouds of steam rise from the human.
“They got flustered thinking about Barbatos,” Asmo explained while he leaned against the human and examined his nails. “Happens multiple times a day.”
Lucifer sighed. “Increase grade in Seductive Speechcraft, then.”
“Ah, is this MC’s academic goals?” Diavolo questioned as he glanced over the paper. “I thought their grades were fine in Seductive Speechcrat?” He raised an eyebrow at Lucifer.
Lucifer sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “When I asked what their goals were for the year, they said that they wanted to make Barbatos flustered so that he would know what it feels like.”
A crash of broken glass sounded. The prince and Avatar of Pride glanced over and saw the butler standing there with wide eyes. A tray of broken teacups lay at his feet. A bright blush covered his cheeks.
“They said that?” he questioned quietly before realizing what happened. He tensed up and knelt to his knees to start picking up the shards of broken teacups. Quick apologies left his lips for him lacking professionalism.
Diavolo burst out laughing. “It seems like MC’s already met their goal!”
Lucifer sighed. “Those two…”
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Jaune and Natsu arguing on why their redhead girlfriend is better while playing video games
Pyrrha and Erza talk about the things they love about their boyfriends while they have a picnic
"What was that?!" Natsu pressed his forehead up against Jaune's, pushing against it hard. His controller, and character in the game long forgotten. "Erza is a way better girlfriend!"
Jaune was not going to back down from this. He was going to die on this righteous hill. He dropped his own controller and pushed his forehead back against Natsu's even harder. "No way! Pyrrha is so sweet she makes sugar jealous!"
"Well Erza is so badass she can summon new armor and weapons out of thin air! Can your Pyrrha do that?!"
"Pyrrha's plenty badass! She can beat a whole team of people without breaking a sweat! And at least we can actually dance together!"
Erza sighed and put down her teacup on her saucer. "Will they ever cease this ridiculous disagreement?"
Pyrrha giggled with uncertainty, her own teacup lowering as well. "I-I don't suppose so. Though... It is rather flattering that both of them are so stubborn about this topic."
Erza closed her eyes and nodded sagely, a content smile on her lips. "Oh I suppose it is, isn't it? Though I still wish they'd quiet down a small amount."
Erza sighed heavily and reached into the picnic basket between the two girls. "Another sandwich Pyrrha?"
"Yes please, thank you Erza."
The two redheads continued to sit by and watch their boyfriends continue to argue about them, being amused, embarrassed, and annoyed by it all simultaneously.
Though they had to admit, they were very happy their boyfriends were so passionate about them.
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a/n: anybody tired of this song yet? me neither 😌
ft: various male characters
warnings: none, maybe a lil crack-y
Tumblr media
one piece men + we don’t talk about bruno
Tumblr media
is straight up your FÉLIX. he enthusiastically sings every male part to a T (maybe not exactly in tune, but he has the spirit) accentuated with the different voices, dances, and hand motions. his favorite things about it all are dancing around with you like félix and pepa and the “I’m sorry mi vida go on~” part <3
↳ Coby, Denjiro, Franky, Kaku, Marco, Sabo, Sanji, Shanks
goes HARD on camilo’s part because it’s just too fun. now will randomly yell, “Isabela, your boyfriend’s here!” when he’s trying to get your attention. you’ve low key created a monster by exposing him to this song tbh. you’ve also caught him trying to sing isabela’s solo all prettily when he thought he was alone. it was truly a sight, not much of a blessing for the ears tho 🤡
↳ Ace, Bartolomeo, Buggy, Kid, Luffy, Rosinante, Shanks (again), Usopp, Yamato
he’s just there to support, watching with the goofiest smile on his face as you sing and dance, trying to cover every single part. he just thinks you’re adorable. maybe indulges in some dancing with you, but you won’t catch him singing unfortunately. :-( but it’s ok bc he’s the epitome of the vibing bruno while you do your thing!
↳ Aokiji, Benn, Doflamingo, Drake, Izo, Katakuri, Killer, King, Mihawk
face palms because oh my god, this song again? but he’s secretly smiling and peeking behind his fingers because he thoroughly enjoys the sight of you having so much fun. but inevitably, he will get the song stuck in his head and will walk around absentmindedly humming/singing the song then get mad at you for it 🙄
↳ Crocodile, Hawkins, Law, Lucci, Page One, Sasaki, Smoker, Zoro
Tumblr media
If you enjoyed this, let me know by leaving a like, comment, and/or reblog! Any form of support is always appreciated. 🌸
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Of Demonic Hands & Beloved Soulmates
Crossover: Danny Phantom, Batman
It would be easier to convince his parents that his hand wasn’t, in fact, possessed — thank you very much — if he could bring himself to believe it first.
One thing was for sure, Danny was extremely attached to his left hand and he would like to keep it that way.
Danny Fenton is the only person in Amity Park with a Soul Mark.
The only person with one in the entire planet.
Chapter 01:
It appeared when Danny was four years old.
Jack and Maddie, in a true feat of displaying their a+ parenting skills, didn't notice until he was six .
And even then they had not thought overly much about it. Kids were kids, after all. And their kids were more creative than others. With parents like them how couldn’t they be?
Then they noticed the markings were appearing by themselves, and-
Something had to be done.
“But mom !” Danny started to squirm in his mothers arms, trying to keep his arm – if little else–  from being manhandled around too roughly. Maddie and Jack, convinced that this had to be some sort of ecto-entity plaggin their little boy, had chased Danny all over the house so they could do a proper examination of the limb and evaluate how they would deal with what was clearly a problem on their books. Now, if only they could get Danno to cooperate- “It’s not a ghost-!”
“Honey-” Maddie started, trying to find the words to convince a pouty, stubborn, and already heavily attached to whatever-it-was on his arm, little Danny.
“Nu uh! Not a ghost!” It wasn’t working.
Mostly because the kid wouldn’t let them get a word in.
“It's a demon!” The color seemed to leave the parents' faces, and Jazz, who until that moment had been waving wildly to get Danny's attention, facepalmed behind them.
As his parent’s grip grew slack around him, both still trying to process the words just uttered by their six year old, Danny took the opportunity to wiggle himself out and start his retreat to safer pastures, Jazz following a pair of steps behind while keeping a careful eye on their parents in case they decided deploying one of their ecto guns on her little brother seemed like a sensible option.
After what they had done to her hair the last time they thought she was ‘possessed’ Jazz wasn’t above being wary.
Jazz has known about the words on Danny’s arm for a year or so, but acted on it for the first time just that morning because her brother had seemed completely fine on his own until now. He was still fine actually, but Danny himself had decided to run to her wanting to show her his new discovery.
The littlest Fenton had actually honest to god tried to ask his hand – by writing it down, after not getting a response when he tried out loud after so long trying –  if it was a ghost.
Unknown to him, the littlest Al' ghul / Wayne – somewhere in his own universe, and wasn't that amazing? – still not having known english at that point, but ecstatic of finally getting a response and having under his belt a bunch of other languages to pick from, responded in as many as he could in hopes of finding a match.
Danny, seeing the enormous amount of unending squiggles rapidly etching themselves to his skin – which didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon –, let his brain go the only logical way the movies on the tv in the middle of the night had taught him to:
‘Oh, it’s a demon then. Cool.’
Which ‘No, Danny’ an exasperated nine year-old jazz decided to help him identify the language, or variant maybe? to know what was going on.
That was when his parents had found them and the situation came to their attention.
Now their parents are too busy being outraged about the ghost clearly trying to scare their baby boy to notice the kids going back to their research, much less the fact that Danny is actually utterly delighted with the situation.
Because he was making progress with the mystery of his arm. Not beacuse his parents were going ballistic again — That last one was pretty normal and just resulted on the neighbors complaining —
It had taken a while, but they had found some answers. Before they could finish the list of translated words Jack and Maddie found them again, and thus they started chasing a sneaky asf 6yold Danny all over the house, again, because no one was exorcising Danny's demon-possessed hand if he had anything to say about it, no sir.
Danny was extremely attached to his left hand — figuratively and literally — and he would like to keep it that way, thank you.
Jazz, still on her seat, watched them run all over the place and couldn’t help but wonder about how, if the other words meant the same as the ones already traduced, the word ‘beloved ’ was still being written in as many languages as possible in her brother’s arm.
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Gandalf: Do as I say and don't reply back.
Pippin: Yes, Gandulf.
Gandalf: Pardon me?
Merry: He has an accent.
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Tumblr media
Warnings : Bakugou is in his 20s and living with the reader, some cursing, reader is gender-neutral!
Genre : fluff, crack
Word count : 0.4K words
Synopsis : Katsuki likes taking his sweet ol’ time looking for the perfect shirt to buy—one that shows just how hot he actually is.
Requests : Are closed for the time being.
Tumblr media
Tapping their foot against the floor, they slowly grew impatient, having sat in front of their boyfriend’s fitting room for the past half hour.
“Katsuki, I think all the workers here hate us by now,” they groaned, throwing their head back exasperatedly, “You’ve tried on no less than fifteen shirts, and nothing caters to your tastes?!”
“Shut up, you’re the one who offered to sit and watch,” came his muffled voice from behind the curtain, before it was pulled open and he re-emerged, this time with a somewhat satisfied look on his face.
They blinked up at him once, then twice. With a sigh, they rolled their eyes.
“Of course, you ended up choosing yet another tank top that’s almost identical to the thirty others you’ve got at home… why am I not surprised,” they sighed again, before taking him in properly.
The shirt admittedly snugly fit him in all the right places, accentuating the muscular planes of his chest and his slim waist, the deep orange swirls adorning the side stitches contrasting nicely against his signature black.
With a devilishly attractive smirk, Bakugou cleared his throat, “You’re staring. You talk all big, but it looks like you’ve got no complaints, eh?”
Feeling a flush rising in their cheeks, they got up, shuffling closer to him as they mumbled, “You’re my boyfriend, where the fuck else would I look when you look this good?”
The ash-blonde’s devious grin only grew wider, crossing his arms against his chest, vermillion eyes watching as their own trailed from his chest to his face, lingering on his smirk.
“Has anyone told you that you’ve got nice teeth?” they breathed out, seemingly in a trance as they reached out to gently thumb at his lower lip, “And a hot smirk?”
Slightly bewildered now, Bakugou arched his eyebrow, “What are you going on about?”
“Dunno, when you bare your teeth, it does something to me,” they mumbled, leaning against the wall of the fitting room, “It’s kinda sexy.”
Scowling so as to fight the confused blush on his cheeks, he weakly pushed them off with one hand, the other quick to draw the curtains shut once again, snapping them out of their reverie and separating them with a rather loud, “Fucking weirdo.”
To anyone else, it might’ve sounded like his voice was dripping with venom, but to his lover who knew him all too well and had perfected the art of reading his embarrasssed reactions, they knew that that was only him growing too flustered.
Chuckling at his harmless grumbling from behind the curtain, they called out to him, “I’ll be waiting for you at the cashier, handsome.”
“Fuck off.”
Tumblr media
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jay-and-dean · 18 hours ago
Jay’s 3k celebration MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
You guys, thank you SO MUCH for following me and for participating !
It was such an honor to host all those amazing stories on the theme of 3 : A prompt with 3 and 3 characters.
Tumblr media
The Lucky Charm by @libre1rose8
Author summary :  Christmas with the Winchesters.
Hunters at Night by @acklesterritory
Author summary :  What would you do after a heavy hunt? Maybe tasting some pizza?
Pie Pops by @awkward-and-indecisive 
Author summary :  What happens when something Dean has been looking forward to all day gets crushed? Will Y/n be able to turn his sour mood back to good again?
Third Time lucky by @little-diable
Author summary : The reader is possessed by a demon, but before the Winchesters can save their friend, she spills a few secrets that push Dean to his limits.
The Challenge by @eevvvaa
Author summary :  Dean offers you a new challenge and you can’t say no.
Frequency by @smellingofpoetry
Author summary : An old ham radio connects Dean and Y/N through time.
Stinky by @roonyxx
Author summary :  After you’re covered in all kinds of dirty gunk from the hunt. Dean is happy to help you out in the shower.
Heavy by @holylulusworld
Author summary : It’s Dean’s birthday and everything goes wrong.
More than Words by @snowlovespie
Author summary : Sometimes, when you don't know how to say it, you let actions be your voice.
Tumblr media
More will come, please pay attention to the warnings and when you read those amazing pieces of work, show love to their authors !
@parinarain​​ @mogaruke​​ @masterof-agony​​ @tftumblin​​ @deans-baby-momma​​ @roonyxx​​ @holylulusworld​​ @vicariouslythruspn​​ @daryldixonandfrogs​​ @sandlee44​​ @donnaintx​​ @akshi8278​​ @magssteenkamp​​ @neii3n @lyss-dw79​​
@i-love-superhero @mrspeacem1nusone​​ @deanwanddamons​​ @jawritter​​​ @peridottea91​​​ @chocolateheart​​​ @vicmc624​​​ @teresa-67​​​
@jessie-michael​​​ @doctor-hp-mcu @hawkerz12​​​ @mariaenchanted​​​ @hobby27​​​ @thoughts-and-funnies​​​ @suramyaa @brilovesdeanwinchester​​​ @waywardsisterandpie @screechingartisancashbailiff​​​ @starryeyeseunbyul​​​ @kaitieskidmore1​​​ @krazykelly​​​ @foxyjwls007​​​ @anaelsbrunette​​​ @jensengirl83​​​
@flamencodiva​​ @couldabeenamermaid​​​ @onethirstyunicorn​​​ @agalliasi​​​ @b-i-t-c-h-i-e​​​ @apple-piie-life​​​ @jc-winchester​​​ @lyarr24​​​ @verytoadpapersoul​​​ @awkward-and-indecisive​​​ @mimaria420​​​  @msmarvelouswinchester​​​ @iceythelostwinchester​​​ @libre1rose8​​​ @waywardbabyinatrenchcoat-blog1​​​ @snowlovespie​​​ @eevvvaa​​​ @jensendreamland​​​ @georgieslostboat92​​​
@ophelialoveshandsomemen​​​ @summonthequeen-13​​​  @hollymac79​​​ @deandreamernp​​​ @hewhohesitates-disintegrates​​​ @alwayskeepfightingsweetheart​​​ @happyt0exist​
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Pero que me estás contando?...
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vxdkagirl · 2 days ago
Coming Home Injured…
Staring: Ran Haitani & Ken “Draken” Ryuguji
Tw: Fem!reader, injuries, blood, mature language
Note: I apologise for the extremely long absence, I’ve been sick forever it seems but I’m back! Enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Ran was never generally scared of anyone. His pride was just to heavenly for it. Though, he’d call himself a liar if he had told anyone that he wasn’t nervous to step inside his own house.
There was more than just one justified reason why Ran was nervous. The justification was you. Yep, Ran’s loveable girlfriend. Though, why was he so nervous about coming home to you?
Normally, he loved to come home to you. Seeing your face after a long day was exactly the R&R that he needed - daily. The reason why he was nervous to come home to you was because there had been a little bit of an unscheduled fight between Tenjiku and another gang.
You knew who you were dating and you knew just exactly the crowd of people he rolled with. You weren’t much different yourself, you knew all his friends and were on good terms with all of them.
What you didn’t like was the fact that Ran would come home injured. You despised seeing him in such a state. To dull the occasions of his fights, you even once told him that as long as he covered up his injuries and you didn’t see them, you wouldn’t give him an ear full.
At this time at night, Ran’s sure that you’re asleep. That would ultimately give him enough time to get rid of the supposed evidence. Yet, he couldn’t shake a feeling that even though all the lights in his house were off, something else inside was alight.
Carefully turning the doorknob and stepping through the door, he closed it with absolute silence. Though, the moment he turned around, he was met with your silhouette in the darkness who turned on the light switch.
“Holy fuck!” Ran exclaimed. “Baby, you scared shit outa me!”
You remained unfazed, eyes baggy from the lack of sleep and expression unreadable, “Keep it down otherwise your gonna wake Rin up and I don’t have the brain capacity to deal with you both.”
Though, once your eyes scanned over Ran’s figure, noticing the dried blood beneath his nose, the cut on the side of his lip and how stained his clothes were.
Your eyes couldn’t help but widen with concern as you paced yourself over to him, “Ran, what the hell happened?!”
You placed your hands on the sides of his neck, turning his head left and right, checking for any other injuries.
“There was an unplanned fight,” he sighed, bring his hands to lightly grip your wrists. “Couldn’t walk away from a fight now, could I?”
Ran’s smug grin was no disappearing as his eyes traveled down to yours which were starting to brim with tears. Tears of anger or sadness was still to be determined.
“Babe, don’t worry - it’s just a few mindless injuries,” he smiled. “You should see the other guys—”
“Why are you people so loud—woah, what the fuck happened to you?”
Hearing the other Haitani’s voice was enough to make both you and Ran turn your heads to see Rindou on the staircase.
“What the fuck happened to your hair?” Ran mused, seeing that Rindou’s hair was all over the place.
Tumblr media
You laughed along with Hinata as you set out the plates for lunch. It was a celebratory lunch on Hinata and Takemichi’s behalf. According to Hinata, they both had something that they wanted to announce. Though, no matter how many times you nagged her, Hinata refused to tell you the announcement on the side and reinforced the fact that you’d hear about it later.
You didn’t fight the fact that when Hinata was tight-lipped, tight-lipped is how she remained which meant it was pointless to try. Yet, that being said, you still tried.
“C’mon, Hina!” You whined, leaning against the table with your arms folded playfully. “Just give me a tiny hint! It doesn’t even have to be big, just like, one word?”
Hinata shook her head from the kitchen, a smile playing upon her own lips, “Sorry (Y/n) but I can’t spoil the surprise until Takemichi gets back.”
Your eyes widened slightly hearing the mentioned name of Takemichi who just so happened to be out at the grocery store with Chifuyu Matsuno, Kazutora Hanemiya, Seishu Inui, Takashi Mitsuya, and your boyfriend, Ken Ryūguji.
“Speaking of Takemichi….” Hinata began, looking at the clock on the wall. “How long ago did the five leave?”
You shrugged, “Who even knows what they’ve gotten up to – wouldn’t be surprised if they got jumped on the way back here.”
Both of you couldn’t help but laugh at your snarky comment as Hinata made her way over to the table, placing a bowel of salad in the middle. “Careful what you say, (Y/n)~!” she chuckled. “The next thing you know, Chifuyu is going to be bursting through the front door, preaching about them all being in the hospital—”
The loud and sudden sound of the door being flung open was enough to make you both jump out of your skins’ as Chifuyu stumbled forward, rambling incoherent words that made your headache.
“Chifuyu, slow down!” You shouted over the panting male. “Tell us what happened in normal words.”
You and Hinata flashed concerned glances at each other before Chifuyu spoke his part and the next thing you both knew; you were on your way to the hospital. Springing through the hospital doors, the three of you ran through the halls until you reached the room where the boys were said to be.
Unable to control the sickening feeling pulsing through your veins, instead of opening the door like a normal person, you proceeded to body slam the door open and fall onto the floor. As Chifuyu and Hinata stood in the doorway with concerned eyes on your body, eight more eyes were also on your figure. Dazed, your eyes travelled up to Draken’s – he was sitting on the hospital bed with a bandage around his arm.
“(Y/n)? What are you doing on the floor?” Draken questioned, cocking a brow.
You, on the other hand, stood to your feet with an irk upon your forehead, “Why wouldn’t I be on the floor, huh? Hospital floors would be the cleanest in the world, right?”
Mitsuya, Hanemiya, and Inui all stepped out the way as you made your way towards Draken with an irritated look on your face, “Why didn’t you call me that you were in hospital?! And why!?”
“We we’re… jumped on that way back to my place…,” Takemichi chuckled nervously, hiding behind Hinata just in case.
You shook your head in dismay, embracing Draken into a hug to reassure that he was still alive and here with you. Last time he was in hospital was with a knife wound to the stomach. Draken, in return, wrapped his arms around your waist, already knowing what was on your mind, “Don’t worry, babe. I’m not going anywhere.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the many faces of a bird
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zimtchai · a year ago
Tumblr media
the mood in here is electric
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princedorianstorm · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hannibard · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was funnier in my head
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art-the-f-up · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This has probably been done before i just wanted to draw Mama Ag-REST You know she and daughter-in-law got their priorities straight. Dont ask me why Gabriel isnt wearing his glasses. Idk.
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kafiguas · a year ago
Tumblr media
Oh you thought it was over?
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clarkgriffon · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this will probably be the only miraculous content i ever produce
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valvalentintin · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 3 | this is probably the final part sorry Part 4 :D Highlights include: “I’m preganté” *slaps tummy like a car salesman* and PlaggChamp
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