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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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<p>: <b></b> (after SVS part one)<p/><b>Remus:</b> What do I do?<p/><b>Janus:</b> Finish him.Your way!<p/><b>Remus:</b> Oh good! My way! Thank you J-star! What way is my way?<p/><b>Janus:</b> Pick up your morning star, get behind the TV, in a few minutes Roman will rise up for the video! The second that his head is in line hit it with the morning star!<p/><b>Remus:</b> I love my way.<p/></p>
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there’s this episode of Frasier called ‘the ski lodge’ where everyone goes for a vacation and get snowed in with everyone renting their own rooms. With a lot of alcohol, lust and mixed messages, shenanigans ensue with everyone trying to sneak into each other’s rooms for the evening until it comes bubbling to a web of multi-shipping madness.

now hear me out

the mighty nein have a multi-tiered wizard tower with their own rooms at their disposal and with the multi-shipping revelations we know about (in an out of game) and just the right amount of influence, picture similar shenanigans. yasha goes to beaus room as beau goes to yasha’s but ends up in cad’s who’s expecting fjord who’s got turned around in caleb’s room after running into veth who was looking for caleb who was looking for jester but found fjord as jester went to fjord’s….

and after a moment of confusion, imma need Veth to pull the iconic line “wait, let me see if i can get this straight… in all the lust coursing through this lodge tower tonight, all the hormones virtually ricocheting off the walls… and no one, was chasing mmeEEE???”

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IKEA’s fucking great holy shit. They have furniture. Mirrors. (Fake) plants. And food. FOOD. What furniture store sells fucking food for you to eat on your way home? AND ITS CHEAP AS HELL. Where else can you get doughnuts for 50p? A whole ass meal of hotdogs, chips and coke for £1.50? IKEA’s fucking great. If you ever think nobody cares, just remember that IKEA cares.

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//Pfft ok so @fear-before-valor reblogged a cooking starters and I lost it picturing Jim trying to teach the reverse order to cook xD

R!Skrael somehow set the stove on fire and is sobbing over it, repeatedly apologizing–

R!Bells sitting cross legged on the counter, stacking all of Jim’s spices that they stole from the cabinets–

R!Nari repeatedly stabbing the raw meat, and threatens to stab Jim when he tells her that’s not how you cut it—

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Hi there!

Don’t you know that GRRM iS SubVerTinG eXpeCtaTioNs aNd tRopES.

He would never do something as simple as “return to home”.


Thanks for the ask!

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