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Looking for Pokemon Go players who’re interested in working up to Best Friend (that’s a lot of exp y’all). I don’t expect gift exchanges everyday but I’m looking for people who aren’t going to suddenly go inactivate halfway through, or worse yet, ten days til the end. Cheers!

Friend Code: 2151 0476 8388

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i wake up from a nightmare and want to call my boyfriend and then realize hes my husband and then i contemplate when i got married and if i should be married at almost 19 then remembering that hes the sweetest fucking being to ever grace this earth then deciding Yes I Should Be Married To Him rly says im just a himbo in love

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Today at 8:30 i come out to my mother as trans, or other. a apart of me really wants to he female but another half doesn’t want to associate myself. All i know is i hate being male. It feels wrong. It feels like im not me. The cringe of male compliments, the depression of being called he may just be over

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Meet the newest OC. Made for a new D&D campaign. She’s a Kenku, which are a cursed race of bird people who have lost their ability to fly and can only speak by repeating sounds they have heard. Her name is the sound of breaking twigs, but if you aren’t a Kenku she tells you “It’s Crackles, sweetheart,” in the voice of an old woman.

She met an old druid who could turn into a bird and decided to follow her in an attempt to learn to fly herself. The druid died before she was able to teach Crackles that much. Now Crackles has gone adventuring to learn more.

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