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I post a drawing everyday so make sure you follow so you don’t miss out on tomorrow’s doodle!
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On today’s episode of Weird Things I Heard on YouTube:

“But that’s not to say women and people of colour can’t do 3D printing”

How the hell did I end up here and why am I laughing so hard

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CRAFT Vol.90/2021

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Collect - international art fair for contemporary craft & design: online vom 26.02. bis 02. 03. | 24.03.2021

Collect – international art fair for contemporary craft & design: online vom 26.02. bis 02. 03. | 24.03.2021

Die Collect ist eine der weltweit führenden Kunstmessen für zeitgenössisches Kunsthandwerk und Design und wurde 2004 vom Crafts Council ins Leben gerufen. Die Collect versammelt internationale Galeristen,  Experten auf ihrem Gebiet, um Arbeiten von lebenden zeitgenössischen Kunsthandwerkern zu präsentieren und zu verkaufen. Viele der Arbeiten werden speziell für die Messe angefertigt und finden…


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057_2021 Menschlich Tausendfüssler … aus dem Zyklus ‚Broiler porn‘ #ishootfilm #believeinfilm #expiredfilm #expiredphotopaper #lithprint #lithprocess #puppet #broilerporn #satire #collaboration #zweifelnhochzwei #project

Menschlich Tausendfüssler (aus dem Zyklus ‚Broiler porn‘ in Zusammenarbeit mit ZweifelnHochZwei)
Nr. 3791
Unikat: 18 x 24 cm ORWO Baryt-Fotopapier
© 2021 Ni Bombo & Ronald Puhle
Warum folgst du mir?


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The skillful worker in every craft, after long experience, inevitably learns the best, surest, most efficient and quickest means for obtaining the ends of his art, and eliminates as well all time-wasting, unnecessary movements and methods

Edward Catich. The origin of the serif. pp 81.

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We got a new piece!
This fume wrap and rake spoon bowl was crafted by artist Kevin Engelmann from Massachusetts’ own @witchdrx
Love the use of cane and mix of color. Absolutely beautiful.
#cannabiscommunity #glass #notforsale #piece #glasspiece #glassart #witchdoctor #witchdoctorglass #beautiful #talent #cane #craft #spoonbowl #bowl #glassbowl #checkit #support #local #massglass #loveit

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Ideas about Ley lines… #earrings
#jennerayburn (at Melrose, Massachusetts)

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We can all agree that when referencing Minecraft tools, we should still use diamond.

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Rabbits for Easter

Ready for the Easter hunt

Using the enlarged outlines of an old Easter card, I have made soft toys.

The big advantages of this are no left over eggs for the kids and fur babies to find months later. The children doing the hunting can only grab so many at a time.leaving some for the smaller/slower hunters. I can control which eggs each child actually gets to eat reducing the allergy stress that…


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Wards and Protection

Before we start I would just like to say that most of this information comes from a YouTube video by Chaotic Witch Aunt. I am currently relearning the basics in witch craft and her videos gave me some information I had forgotten, and some information I’d never even considered before.


A ward is a spatial protection; it allows you to protect your personal space from energy vampires, negative spirits, and demons etc.
A ward lasts quite a bit longer than a standard protection spell because the tools last longer. Chaotic Witch Aunt suggested that we should be changing our wards once a week and our protection spells every two weeks.

There are many different ways we can create wards and here are a few I really enjoyed learning about that are cheap and really easy to do.

1. Sigils on Entrances.
You can draw a protection sigil on the inside of the doors and/or windows and as long as you can tether energy to the sigil it will keep protecting your space.

2. Ward Bags.
Small bags to have around the house that usually includes protective herbs (a post to come), protective crystals (post to come) and a protective sigil (a post to come).

3. Elemental Ward
This is a ward that focuses on energy magic, visual magic, and elemental magic. In my personal opinion, (there will be more ways to do this) you should collect objects to represent each element, then use them to call on the four major elements (water, fire, earth, and air). Once you feel you’ve meditated long enough to be grounded, ask the elements to help you ward the space you wish to protect.


Protection is very similar to a ward but it is for individuals rather than spaces. A ward and a protection spell can be tethered which we will explore later in this post. There are a few ways you can cast protection spells and there are a couple that I would like to share.

1. Tethering
Tethering your ward to yourself so it acts as a personal protection is a great start up to visual practice. Imagining a rope or cord connecting the ward to yourself then you should be protected as long as your ward stays strong.

2. Charms
Using herbs and crystals to create a charm spell on an inanimate object is a great way to make a protection spell. Making a charm spell bag, and placing something you can wear or carry on you all the time in it whilst you sleep, will keep recharging the item and you can stay safe whilst you’re out in the world.

3. Imagery
When I first learned about the craft, I was told to imagine something around me that would make me feel safe. My first choice was a suit of armour which worked quite nicely. The only problem with this protection is it takes constant concentration, or at the very least has to always be at the back of your mind.

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