soothifying-sounds-asmr a day ago
Sewing Machine Sounds by t_scott89
(their website)
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tru-makes-quilts 2 days ago
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nothingtosaytoyou a day ago
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My latest project. The girls that get it 馃拝馃徎馃挅馃憶
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ithinkwehitametaphor 2 days ago
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Socks, mittens, hat ensemble I made a few years ago. N氓lbinding: Oslo stitch. Wool: natural brown and birch leaf dyes.
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the-average-procrastinator 22 hours ago
Finished the quilt!!
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snowshinobi 5 months ago
god my favorite part of knitting/crocheting/etc is watching string become fabric. crumpling it in my hands. this fabric would've never existed had I not willed it into being. it isn't fabric, it's time made physical. made material. isn't that the high of crafting? you mold time between your hands and put it into other people's hands. my least favorite part is when my cat tries to cram the whole yarn ball into his mouth
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kell-be-belle 26 days ago
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Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to @joeybateyofficial the dearest of all dear hearts! I used my holiday break to embroider a piece inspired by The Amazing Devil's most relatable song. I hope you love it and have a magnificent day 馃挅
If you like my work, check out my other pieces inspired by The Amazing Devil聽
The Rockrose and the Thistle
Welly Boots
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honeythistledesigns 4 months ago
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Hi peeps, I recently took a little detour into tutorial-writing-land to create a PDF tutorial for these mini embroidered chairs that I started making earlier this year. Sooo if you want to try creating one of these for yourself (good as tiny shelf decor or perhaps a seat for your resident hamster?) you can check out my tutorial on my website here, or in my etsy shop.
Also, you don't have to be an experienced crafter to make this! If you can cut out a template cleanly with a pair of scissors, you can do this! What is required is a lot of patience though, because each chair could take days to make...
ALSO, I will be auctioning off one of these chairs (a blue one) on my instagram this coming weekend (Sep 4, 2021) with all proceeds going to a local Toronto non-profit (details will be provided in the insta post ^_^) so if you'd like to have one, but don't want to make it yourself... that's your chance!
Ok that's all, good night/day/dusk wherever you are!
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cottonkhaleesi 8 months ago
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Finally finished!!!
The medina tiles blanket is blocked and ready for its closeups. I absolutely adored making this, the colours are spectacular; even King Cole themselves said 鈥渨ow!鈥 on Instagram.
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soothifying-sounds-asmr 5 months ago
Making a Wooden Bucket by marshallscheetz
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wastelesscrafts 6 months ago
Let's talk stitches!
While a sewing machine is super convenient, having access to one is not required for mending. Most mends can easily be done by hand. If you're really patient, you can even make entire garments by hand, just like they did in ye olden days.
So, let's take a look at a few basic hand sewing stitches to get you started.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: hand stitches for quilters: the running stitch, slipstitch, backstitch, whipstitch, and blanket stitch.]
The running stitch
The running stitch can be used for many purposes. It's popular in embroidery, and can be used to outline shapes or baste (temporarily secure) pieces together. It can also be used to ruffle fabric by hand, and I personally use it a lot to secure patches in place when covering up holes in garments. The running stitch is also the base stitch for sashiko, a popular style of visible mending.
Video tutorial for the running stitch
Text tutorial for the running stitch
The slipstitch
The slipstitch, also known as the ladder stitch, is my go-to stitch for closing tears and fixing torn seams. This stitch is frequently used to sew pieces of knitting together, too. You can also use it to make small size corrections in a garment, for example to add a quick dart or to make a side seam smaller. It's invisible on the outside, which makes it a great stitch to fix up things like plushies, duvet covers, or pillows.
Video tutorial for the slipstitch
Text tutorial for the slipstitch
The backstitch
The backstitch will likely be the stitch you'll be using the most when working on a project. It's a strong, clean stitch that can be used for almost anything: seams, hems, embroidery, attaching two pieces of fabric together, zippers,... This is also the best stitch to imitate machine sewing with. If you're only going to learn one hand sewing stitch, then make it the backstitch!
Video tutorial for the backstitch
Text tutorial for the backstitch
The whipstitch
The whipstitch, also known as the overcast stitch, can be used to stop fabric edges from fraying and is great to finish seams off with. It can also be used to quickly sew two pieces of fabric together, for appliqu茅, or as a decorative technique. I personally prefer the blanket stitch over the whipstitch because it's a little cleaner, but the whipstitch is faster than the blanket stitch.
Video tutorial for the whipstitch
Text tutorial for the whipstitch
The blanket stitch
The blanket stitch is great for finishing off seams and stopping fabric from fraying. It's also frequently used for appliqu茅 and embroidery, and can be used to make button holes by hand. It looks neater than the whipstitch, but is also slower to get done.
Video tutorial for the blanket stitch
Text tutorial for the blanket stitch
Get yourself a spare piece of fabric and try these stitches out before attempting them on a real project. I promise you'll get the hang of them quickly!
If you're only going to learn one of these, then make it the backstitch as it's the most versatile hand stitch.
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shiraglassman 2 months ago
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Are you shopping for gifts and want to support small indie creators, one-woman businesses, etc.? We鈥檇 like to show you what we have to offer!
Shira聽is selling the Knit One Girl Two and other stories collection in paperback for $9.99 ($3 pdf here). At this price it would make a great present for someone craving positivity and light in their wlw fiction reading鈥攅specially as a Chanukah gift because most of the main characters are Jewish.聽This large-print book includes three sapphic comfort reads about women falling in love with each other while reconnecting with their creative hobbies鈥攁rt, music, even dyeing yarn. Speaking of which...
Caitlin聽is selling her hand-dyed sock yarn (you can also use it for hats and mittens and shawls!) that stripes all on its own. The color pictured here is called聽鈥淣orth Pole鈥, and it comes in a few choices of base yarn. One skein is enough to make something really cool. The 3-D printed peacock box is here, and inside are compartments perfect for storing your supplies like darning needle, measuring tape etc. There are other boxes on the site too, and she also sells beautiful stitch markers that would make a great inexpensive present if you have a knitter in your life but need to spend only a little bit.
If you鈥檝e already read Knit One Girl Two聽and would like to help signal-boost, reblogs are appreciated <3 (The other two stories in the collection are Fearless聽and聽鈥淵our Name is Love鈥, a sample of the Mangoverse.)
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zerofuntimes 6 months ago
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Minecraft lantern
Hell yeah
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thestitchetywitch 6 months ago
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June's Patreon patterns just dropped! It's $3 to get one or more patterns dropped straight in your inbox each month. Only $15 to get access to my whole Patreon library, which is getting pretty big at this point. Join us!
This time around there鈥檚 one cross stitch pattern as well as my very first blackwork pattern! These will go up in my Etsy shop in roughly two weeks (or whenever I remember) so favorite my shop to be notified when new things appear.
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changan-moon 2 months ago
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suzhou embroidery by 鍊惧嵖鑻忕唬 | based on art 鍗冮噷姹熷北鍥 ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers by 鐜嬪笇瀛焪ang ximeng(1096鈥旓紵锛
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loveandasandwich 3 months ago
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The art --> The inspiration Made three of these Tiny Face Pumpkin embroidery hoops!聽 I love him so much. Find them here.
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sweetgrass-soul 20 days ago
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adventures in natural dyeing part 372985: spinach from the garden mordanted w juniper ash [which works as alum] + modified w butterfly pea flower锟 馃尡
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kell-be-belle 18 days ago
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"The rockrose and the thistle will whistle as you moan. I could try to calm you down, but I know you won't."
My last embroidery piece inspired by The Amazing Devil was so well received that I made another! I plan on making more so if you have any requests or ideas feel free to share them!
If you like my work, check out my other pieces inspired by The Amazing Devil聽
Drinking Song for the Socically Anxious
Welly Boots
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copperbadge 5 days ago
Fascinated by this youtube channel that鈥檚 just a bouncy, charming woman blind-filling a bunch of mystery casting molds and then revealing what the molds are, one per video.聽
The reveal is almost always super fast, so you鈥檙e not left in suspense, and then if you like you get about ten delightful minutes of her painting and firing the pieces, troubleshooting issues with the molds, and generally enjoying herself.聽
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chucanita 7 days ago
Another plagiarism PSA for the photography community (my original post on this is here): more plagiarized photography from @sweetgrass-soul.
This post:
Tumblr media
features the plagiarized photography of Alissa Allen and Friederike Wilke:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And this post:
Tumblr media
is the plagiarized work of Tessie Roberts Nicholson:
Tumblr media
She confirms the photos are stolen:
Tumblr media
Only the original photographers can report stolen content on Tumblr, but the photography community should be aware of this serial plagiarist.
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