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Hey y’all, in case you forgot, ya girl can make art and stuff.

I decided to make paper snowflakes out of the green construction paper in my room, and then draw Christmas tree decorations on them. Y’know, spice things up a bit.


Thinking of making a bunch of these and sending them to everyone I know. Maybe put them in my neighbors’ mailboxes.

Isn’t it pretty?

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Working on a project that I’ve been pondering for about a year and a half.


I liked the idea of a denim “chenille” rug after seeing a YouTube tutorial, but I wasn’t going to go to goodwill just to buy a stack of jeans when I always have a bin of scraps. I decided to build it in pieces and stitch them together later. I really like the look of having each panel perpendicular to it’s neighbor.


Once I get enough 6.5” panels, I’ll stitch them together so that the seam allowances become part of the chenille. I’ll decide later if it needs a backing to prevent curling or slipping.

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