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#crawling out to attack
drinkyourfuckingmilka month ago
Hey Sophie.. Since you're a nurse.. i just have to ask.. is men being horny for nurses a thing?? Or is it just a cursed fantasy from old people comics from facebook? I can't stop thinking about this..
I'm not a nurse yet (1.5 years to go!). I dont know how much of a thing that is nowadays, but I know there's some sexy nurse market out there somewhere lmao (sexy nurse halloween costumes and the old "spongebath" jokes).
I can only theorise the whole "nurses are sexy" thing is a combination of being a workforce that historically employed predominantly young women back in the day, another facet of the whole "uniforms are sexy" kink, and maybe also because nurses are in a position of power in their dynamic with patients so I'm sure people might role play that in their private lives if that's their kink (obviously not in real life because of, you know, being a crime and incredibly immoral etc).
mostly I feel like its the uniform thing back when nurses used to wear those cute lil dresses instead of scrubs. and it鈥檚 a weird thing to persist since the reality is that nursing is like the least sexy, glamorous shit ever. it鈥檚 taking care of people during the worst times of their lives while being exposed to a rich fucking tapestry of body fluids and smells.聽
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adampvrrisha year ago
the scene in the restaurant when all the mutant things start crawling out of the fortune cookies and attacking the losers and richie is freaking out but something flies at eddie and he immediately forgets about himself and yells eddie's name... eddie is richie's number one priority always
Tumblr media
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coccinelle-et-chaton3 months ago
aight. time for some theories with Gloob's latest trailers
spoilers below
I will discuss Gang of Secrets and Guiltrip. Let's start with Gang of Secrets.
1) It looks like Alya was not the only one trying to fight the Akuma:
Tumblr media
2) This and this happen at the same time:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And I couldn't find the screenshot but remember this scene where Ladybug is giving the Fox Miraculous to someone we don't know? Well... My guess is Marinette's friends are trying to fight the Akuma in Gang of Secrets, but Alya, being the closest to Marinette is the one to break out of Hawkmoth's grasp. Impressed with Alya's power to break out of the akumatization, something allegedly not even Marinette herself has, she gives her the Fox Miraculous to help Chat and her defeat the rest of her akumatized friends.
Round 2: Guiltrip
1) I think this is going to be the Juleka-Rose centered episode, the one where we also get to meet Rose's superhero self because we've only gotten content from episodes with published names, and according to this tweet, by that logic, the Juleka-Rose ep should be Guiltrip. Also, not to mention the fact that the name itself is a bit of a pun in this case because the vortex is taking them literally on a trip.
I mean:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2) I also think that Juleka's power this time will be a combination of her being able to make other people feel/look the way she does (because that's been her power every time she has been akumatized), meaning that first panel is the Miracuclass after being sucked into the vortex. But also this time, I get the feeling that her power will also be asocciated with guilt and/or depression (Big Yikes, Zag 馃槂) Think about it. You get sucked into a vortex where there's seemingly no escape and while you're trying your best to crawl out of it, you are continuously attacked by these bubbles that make you feel awful and no matter what, they keep clinging to you :)))) like i said, big yikes. Also, look at Ladybug's expression on the second pic there.
Now look at the way she looks after getting more of those sticky balls:
Tumblr media
3) Now look at Chat getting all the sticky balls :)))
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now stick with me (no pun intended lol) because this is where I go on a limb: My theory here is that Chat will be more vulnerable to Juleka's power because he carries more internalized guilt and insecurity than Ladybug. Ladybug voices her self-doubt to him, to her friends, to people she trusts, and in return she is often reassured which allows her to move past that insecurity. Chat most pointedly DOES NOT do that :)) I also feel like the sticky balls will not only stick but amplify the feelings that attract them in the first place, thus making it even worse for Chat, and explaining why he is yet again, about to die in that last panel.
4) And now for the final thought: Juleka will get an anti-akuma charm. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but,,, isn't that Reflekta's color scheme?
Tumblr media
The end.
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redwineisredfine2 months ago
Honestly fallen angels based off of ancient Egyptian mythology and embalming have such great gore horror potential. The predatory animals, the bugs, the mummification process, heck you could even draw inspiration from the Ten Plagues from the Bible. I would also like to see the idea of a world boss fallen angel based on the medieval Iron Maiden, something about that particular torture/execution device just feels like it has a lot of potential for something all bloodied and rotten.
Most fallen angel tribes are too cute or pretty, you could list those green pigs from Angry Birds as a fallen angel and it wouldn鈥檛 look out of place. Aizen is only 6鈥7鈥 and looks like some guy you could beat up in a bar fight, Conchi is literally a little girl, and Spectra has all of these dumb and needlessly edgy skulls all over its outfit, we鈥檙e supposed to be scared of these guys? The closest we ever really get to something actually intimidating is the Uke Mochi Enhanced, and even that spends more time looking like a pretty blonde girl in a meat bikini. Same thing goes for Tsuchigumo, but at least Orochi looks kind of disturbing with its corpse-like skin and dull colors.
Food Fantasy鈥檚 general appeal is targeted towards older teens and young adults, and they clearly don鈥檛 feel shy about getting bloody, so why hold back on the creatures you advertise as being this big scary threat that caused a partial apocalypse? There are plenty of food souls for fanservice if that鈥檚 the answer, and even if you wanted more there are still ways to put sexy and grotesque together in a horrifically horny way(ex. Double from Skullgirls).
Prajna, a puppet that could easily be made demonic, looks like he hangs out with Pinocchio on the weekends and Sea Bunny looks like she'd sit at the edge of a crib.
I find Uke Mochi Enhanced creepy, but more gross than anything else. I would feel more concerned about getting drool on me than getting hurt by it. Orochi has a look on it of a face being sliced open despite it being a mask, so I find it decent.
With the iron maiden, Bloody Mary carries one around. Something could easily be done with just that. Blend them together. Have someone crawling out of it. Make it a person with spikes and spines coming out. Even have a human split in half or two stabbed together that attack by impaling you.
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youmightbeanidiotif10 months ago
Oh, how the (knife) turns...
Minions, destihellers, and Cas stans have continued to crawl out from under their rocks to attack and abuse Clif鈥檚 brother, who has zero fucks left to give and is laying down some hard truths...
Tumblr media
About actors dealing with fans:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
About harassing actors with shipping:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
About the fandom bullies (aka minions and destihellers):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And about destiel meta being all bullshit:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Everything we鈥檝e been telling them for years. XD
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takashi03 years ago
So what exactly is "Darling In The Franxx" about? Amd why are so many people yelling at each other about it?
Darling in the Franxx is a mecha show set in a half post-apocalyptic, half Totalitarian dystopia world in which humankind fucked up the world by harvesting聽鈥淢agma energy鈥, which not only caused most of the planet to become desert landscapes and forced humanity into living in mobile dome cities called Plantations, but it caused creatures called Klaxosaurs to crawl from beneath the underground to attack out of being attracted to the magma energy.
In response to the Klaxosaurs, Humanity developed giant robots called Franxx to fight against them and defend the plantations. These Franxx are piloted by two-person boy/girl teams of child soldiers referred to as聽鈥淧arasites.鈥
The series focuses primarily on the relationship between the Male and Female lead characters, Hiro and 02 respectively, but the other kids in squad 13 get their fair share of focus as well, and it becomes readily apparent that the show is all about various kinds of relationships.
As the series develops, it becomes more and more apparent that the society in which humanity lives in is incredibly fucked up. The Adults live in the plantations willfully deprived of any sort of joys or entertainment and don鈥檛 even live together in love anymore, more out of tradition than anything. All of this because the ruling council known as APE has taken control Big Brother style, and is repeatedly shown that they鈥檙e not afraid of suppressing dissent, violently or subtly.聽
The reason that people are yelling at each other about it is apparently twitter woketivist neanderthals have looked at the subplot involving Kokoro and missed the point entirely.
Part of the dystopia in this setting is how humans are forbidden from procreating unless specifically allowed to so that more parasite pilots can be created. One of the Parasites in our protagonist group Kokoro finds a book in an abandoned city in a previous episode all about childbirth and raising children and decides she wants a child of her own and wants to have it the old fashioned way.
This decision is opposed by basically everyone in power, but in particular she is verbally abused by Nine Alpha, a member of the elite Parasite unit known as the Nines, who calls her聽鈥渄isgusting鈥 and demonstrates how brainwashed by APE鈥檚 propaganda he is by shaming her for wanting to follow her own desires instead of fighting until she dies like all other parasite pilots and for stating how聽鈥済ender is useless鈥 because the society in which they live in has outlawed all forms of relationships except for the bare minimum parasite male/female pairs which is required to operate a Franxx.
And in response he gets bitch-slapped by Ikuno, another member of squad 13, who calls him out on it for the sake of Ichigo, the girl she loves (she鈥檚 a lesbian by the way).
People with actual functioning brain stems would be cheering at Ikuno for doing this, as they understand that Ikuno (and eventually the rest of squad 13) are standing up to a horrendously inhumane regime and arguing against a dyed-in-the-wool fascist tool.
But fucking SOMEHOW, the Woke crowd has come to numerous horrendously offbase bad takes about how this is apparently聽鈥淎lt right/rightwing/straight propaganda鈥 by
1. intentionally ignoring the fact that Ikuno IS VERY EXPLICITLY A LESBIAN IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER GIRL
2. Horribly misinterpreting Alpha鈥檚 words about how聽鈥淕ender is useless鈥 to mean that he and the other members of the Nines are聽鈥済enderqueers鈥 and that they鈥檙e being聽鈥渙ppressed鈥 by Squad 13. Nevermind that the Nines are the elite special ops units of the regime whose ideals THEY follow and thus are the ones who are the ones with the ability to oppress Squad 13 (WHICH THEY DEMONSTRATE IN THE VERY NEXT EPISODE BY SHUTTING DOWN MITSURU AND KOKORO鈥橲 WEDDING WITH A SHITTON OF ARMED SOLDIERS)
and 3. Screeching about Kokoro wanting to impregnate herself and get married is Misogynist because RadFems are all about women making their own decisions unless it鈥檚 a decision they don鈥檛 like.聽
And then there鈥檚 THESE fucking Galaxy brain takes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Words can鈥檛 do how much I hate these willfully ignorant troglodytes justice. They ignore everything about the show and how their rantings don鈥檛 apply to the setting at all just to push a narrative to suckers who don鈥檛 actually pay attention to or watch what they bitch about for the sake of attention and the sooner this bullshit dies the death it deserves the better.
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traitor-boyfriend2 years ago
spent a good portion of my day off playing doll hospital w stan, kyle and kenny; my dog loves these plush toys i got like.. nine years ago now and she took them outside w her where they've been for the past week or so getting rained on everyday
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i really thought stan might've been a goner
Tumblr media
so they needed an emergency rinse to get rid of all the dirt and debris and bugs (the first spider i saw crawled out of kenny's hood and nearly gave me a heart attack)...
Tumblr media
and then a good scrub down and spa bath..
Tumblr media
and voil脿! the cleanest they've been in quite a while
Tumblr media
i'm waiting until he's completely dry before i stitch the tears in kyle's face but effort well spent
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sailormoonsub2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what liberal arts undergrad poetry seminar did YOU crawl out of
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lucky0stars2 years ago
A soulmate AU Xemnas, Sa茂x, Demyx and Vanitas (separated)?
Color Soulmate AU: Your whole life you only see black and white, but upon seeing your soulmate, everything turns to color
-You had heard of Xemnas before ever seeing him. Working alongside King Mickey, you had been travelling to various worlds to stop his Organization. Nothing could have prepared you for the moment you were face to face with him.
-It was at Hollow Bastion, during the battle of Heartless and Nobodies鈥 You were with Sora and the King, when Xemnas appeared high on a cliff out of a Corridor of Darkness. The moment his eyes met with yours, everything exploded with color. Tears welled up in your eyes at the beauty, but also at the fact that the yellow eyes staring back at you belonged to your soulmate.
-There had to be some sort of mistake, the universe鈥檚 way of playing a trick, but the way his eyes were locked with yours鈥 he knew鈥
-He disappeared before you could wrap your mind around what was happening. Your legs collapsed underneath you, your heart twisting with disgust and sorrow. This wasn鈥檛 right. He wasn鈥檛 the one鈥 he couldn鈥檛 be.
-Your world was full of color since that fateful moment and every time you found yourself admiring it, your thoughts would remind you of how it came to happen. There were times you struggled not to throw up at the memory.
-Days passed before you saw him again. You were alone, the King on his own mission. You heard the Corridor behind you and you could feel in your gut that it was him鈥 your soulmate. His deep voice slithered through you when he spoke, causing an eruption of varying emotions. It was as if your body didn鈥檛 realize how despicable and hateful he was鈥 He wasn鈥檛 even truly alive鈥 You refused to look at him, telling him to leave, and he did. With the promise that he鈥檇 return for your heart. Somehow it didn鈥檛 sound romantic coming from him.
-The first time you saw Saix, you were exploring Twilight Town. You had never heard anything about Keyblades, or Kingdom Hearts. You were just enjoying the day off work, until a you heard people screaming. People were running from a pool of pure Darkness that you could barely see in the distance. Instead of fleeing like the others, you ran straight for it. Strange creatures with glowing eyes were crawling out of it, attacking anyone nearby. You helped someone that had fallen to the ground, before startling when a man in a black coat appeared in front of the hoard. The world around you blossomed into color the moment he came into view.
-You were breathless, your heart yearning and in complete awe as this stranger with an even stranger weapon took out the creatures with ease. There wasn鈥檛 a hint of fear in his eyes, his aim precise and deadly. Just watching, you felt yourself falling for him.
-You didn鈥檛 even notice as a dark creature leaped towards you until it was too late. You stumbled back with a yelp, barely missing its claws as you fell to the cobblestone. Grabbing a rock, you prepared to throw it, but the man phased in front of you, slicing the creature in two.
-The Darkness fizzled away, the man straightening out and making his weapon disappear in a flash of light. Your heart was lodged in your throat, still struggling to take in a full breath. You thanked him, but he didn鈥檛 reply. He turned towards you, your eyes locked with his amber ones. His expression was hard, emotionless, while you were struggling to keep in your tears. There was so much you wanted to say to him, so much to ask鈥
-He hummed low and soft before turning around, walking away without a word. You scrambled to your feet to follow him, begging him to wait, but he instead disappeared into a Corridor before your hand could reach him. You were left standing in the empty courtyard, wondering if you鈥檇 ever see him again.
-You were out with a few friends, heading to a concert. There wasn鈥檛 anyone official playing, more of a talent show than anything else, with random groups of people showing up to perform their own songs. A couple of your friends wanted to try it out for themselves, you were just there for the drinks and company.
-The groups that went up ranged in quality, but it was amusing to watch. Then a young stranger in a black coat, their appearance masked by a hood concealing their face, went on stage all on their own with seemingly nothing to play. Everyone stared in silence. Awkward coughs and murmurs riddled through the crowd, until the stranger put their hand in the air. A bright light flashed and a sitar unlike any you had ever seen before appeared in his grasp.
-鈥淒ance water, dance!鈥 He cried out with the dorkiest, but somehow incredibly adorable voice as he shredded on his instrument. Applause and laughs erupted through the audience. You couldn鈥檛 stop the smile tipping your lips as you watched, ignoring your friends making snarky comments about him.
-He was talented, if a bit weird to watch. He got really into his rocking tune, slinging his head back, his hood falling. Your eyes widened, color leaking into everything around you. His eyes met with yours, his fingers scratching on his sitar, but he found his rhythm again without even breaking contact with you.
-His shocked expression lit up into the widest grin you had ever seen and you couldn鈥檛 help from grinning in return. He jumped off the stage, still playing his sitar and you started shaking your head, knowing that everyone鈥檚 eyes were about to be on you, but he kept coming.
-You sighed heavily, but decided to meet him halfway. Your chest fluttered with every step, but the excitement and joy on his face kept you coming.
-He sent you a wink once you were face to face, playing some ridiculous tune on his sitar and finishing up the song. The moment it was done, the sitar disappeared in a flash of light and his hands were cupping your cheeks. Before you could get a word out, his lips were against yours. You melted with a sigh, everything falling into place as your hands clung to the collar of his coat. He didn鈥檛 even pull back when everyone around you began hooting and hollering.
-His eyes locked with yours when he pulled away, both of you grinning like idiots.
-You certainly hadn鈥檛 been sure what to expect when you met Vanitas. The moment he appeared, you knew that he wasn鈥檛 going to be like any other person you have ever seen. He was a whirlwind of destruction, and you knew it well before your paths ever crossed.
-You met in a strange place, the Keyblade Graveyard鈥 You had been a student of Master Eraqus and had heard tales of the Dark Boy. You were there, searching for Ventus per Master鈥檚 request. It was desolate, abandoned, until you heard a dark chuckle behind you.
-Summoning your blade, your spun around, both of your freezing when color erupted around you. The smirk he had been wearing transformed into a scowl the moment the wonderment in his golden eyes faded. Neither of you had wanted this.
-He growled, instantly throwing out insults as he summoned his blade to fight you. Unversed popped up around you, angrier than any of the ones you had encountered in the past. Despite everything you knew about him, despite the hate, you couldn鈥檛 help but feel a pang of sadness in your heart for him. Has he ever been cared for?
-You cast a shield of light, covering all of you in a barrier and locking him in. You calmly walked towards him, blocking his attacks, until you grabbed his shoulder and met your lips together. He froze for a moment, his body reacting more to his soulmate than his hateful emotions. He shoved you back within a couple seconds, wiping at his mouth, his face completely flushed as he sputtered out more insults, but his Unversed stayed still, no longer attacking you.
-鈥淗ate me all you like,鈥 you told him with a smirk, 鈥淏ut you鈥檙e stuck with me. And unlike everyone else, I鈥檓 not going anywhere.鈥
-He stared back at you, rendered speechless for the first time in his life. You dissipated the shield of light, and he was gone in an instant. Your actions caught up to you once he was gone, and a warmth covered your cheeks. You could only imagine what the others would say if they knew you had just pledged yourself to a being of complete Darkness. But in your heart鈥 you didn鈥檛 regret a bit of it.
-Mod Lucky
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snk-smartpassa year ago
Tumblr media
Good Night, Dear and Sweet Dreams Vol. 07 Annie Leonhart
New soldiers, even ones in the Military Police, have a lot to do. That said, they still have more free time than in the Training Corps, so Annie's peer seemed to occasionally go out to town and enjoy themselves, shopping and so on.
"Take a look, Annie. This skirt was on sale for fifty percent off!"
Annie met every piece of clothing that her roommate Hitch showed her with the same uninterested glance as she rolled about on her bed.
"You should come with me some time for a change. You're not social at all, Annie."
"鈥eave me alone."
Annie's new post was in Stohess District, a town that protruded from the Wall and had a door allowing passage through it. These kinds of towns--such as Trost District and, of course, Shiganshina District in previous days--were full of people due to the Royal Government's actions, making them also centers of distribution.
"C'mon, don't you think this one would be perfect for me, Annie?"
Annie suddenly found herself in the center of its main street. Nearby, Hitch pointed at a show window. An aristocratic dress was on display in the shop.
"I can't buy that dress鈥ot on the kind of salary we get."
"I know that! I was just saying," Hitch said, letting out a trademark cackle. "Anyway, we're soldiers. We don't have any chance to wear clothes like that."
"We're soldiers, sure, but you know we're MPs, right? What if one day we end up acting as guards for nobles, and there a handsome young aristocrat falls in love with one of us while we're on duty鈥 Something like that!"
"You dream too much."
By Annie's standards, she was being talkative.
Had she and Hitch鈥o, had she and any of her fellow recruits in the Training Corps ever joked back and forth like this?
The scene began to faintly blur.
"Oh, Annie!"
Someone began waving her hand and running toward Annie from the other side of the hazy scene.
It was the girl who was kind to everyone, someone who was always considerate, even to someone as unsociable as Annie.
"You're going shopping? What a wonderful store."
Why are you here? She wanted to ask, but her question was drowned out by the procession of figures who came to take to her.
"So you're finally interested in dressing up, Annie?"
"Ooh, there's a cart selling meat over there!"
Those she knew from the Training Corps walked through town, cheerful and excited. The scene was an impossible one, but it also reminded Annie of something.
"You're鈥ll here."
While only a few words came out of Annie's mouth, they were filled with kindness.
"The boys are here, too. I think Reiner and Bertolt are on that street over there," Ymir's indistinct voice said, pointed in a different direction.
"Reiner and Bertolt鈥"
Annie's spine froze in shock at the two names.
鈥hat's right. I'm鈥
Soon the cold was everywhere, and Annie held herself in her own arms, shivering.
I don't have any right to smile.
As Annie's senses grew colder, her happy Corpsmates began to disappear like fog.
"I'm sorry鈥 I'm sorry!"
"You sleep every night with such a scary look on your face. How do you do it?"
When Annie opened her eyes, Hitch was there, peeking at her bed with an astonished expression.
"鈥s it morning?"
Hitch nodded, then stepped away from the bed to stretch as she put on her jacket.
"Yep. You'd better hurry up and change, or else we'll be late."
"鈥 know."
The emotions in her voice was restrained, unlike in her dream. Annie felt relieved to hear the voice coming from her mouth.
I鈥an't be the person I was in that dream. Not ever, no matter what happens鈥
Annie gulped down hard as something began to well up inside of her. She crawled out of bed. The sun seemed unusually bright.
SOURCE: Attack on Titan: Short Stories
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bluering83 years ago
Tumblr media
#2: environmental + demonic
According to legend, the woodland town of Erstwhile is protected by a demon. When the town comes under attack by strange mutated creatures crawling out of the deep wood, Rue Fletcher sets out to petition the demon for help. She finds it weakened and near death, and strikes a bargain with it: she鈥檒l act as its host and take on its mantle as the guardian of the woods, and in return it will give her the power she needs to defend her town. Rue and the demon often clash - she鈥檚 hotheaded and brash; it鈥檚 calm and cautious - but they鈥檒l have to learn how to work together if they want to keep the woods safe.
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august-anona year ago
How about 2 with ler Patton and lee Logan?
(Prompts are from THIS prompt list)
Coming right up, thank you!! Didn鈥檛 know if you wanted platonic or romantic so I just made it ambigous!
(also, warnings: slight聽bondage but not really and it only lasts like 2 seconds. Blanket-burrito-esque)
Edit: oops I screwed up the read-more again lol
2. 鈥淒on鈥檛 make me come get you.鈥
Fandom: Sanders Sides
Ship(s): platonic or romanatic Logicality
Characters (lee/ler): Lee!Patton, Ler!Logan
Word Count: 685 words
Summary: Patton is refusing to go to bed, but Logan has a few tricks up his sleeves.
[ao3 link]
鈥淧atton,鈥 Logan called from the landing of the stairs.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 time to come to bed.鈥
Patton whined and pulled the blanket he was wearing as a hood tighter around him.
鈥淏ut it鈥檚 a marathon, Logan! I have to stay up and watch them all.鈥
Logan crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow.聽鈥淚t, in fact, does not mean that. Not to mention that we have access to Gravity Falls聽thanks to various streaming services.鈥
Patton鈥檚 shoulders slumped, and though Logan couldn鈥檛 see his face, he was positive Patton was pouting. He wiggled a little where he sat on the floor in front of the television, but he still made no move to come up the stairs. It was rather hypocritical, in Logan鈥檚 opinion, considering how often Patton forced any of them if they stayed up too late past聽鈥渂edtime.鈥
Actually, there was an idea.
鈥淧atton,鈥 putting a teasingly warning tone into his voice.聽鈥淒on鈥檛 make me come get you.鈥
Patton went eerily still for a moment before his wiggling started up again, two-fold. Logan resisted the urge to huff out a laugh and slowly moved down the rest of the stairs. Patton鈥檚 wiggling got more and more pronounced the closer he got.
鈥淏ig mistake, Patton,鈥 Logan said, crouching next to the blanket pile, which was now shaking with not-quite-suppressed giggles.
Logan decided to let him keep the blanket protection, for the time being. Patton was ticklish enough that it wouldn鈥檛 provide him much relief, anyway, and it would be quite fun to make Patton think聽he had any semblance of protection.
He reached out and started squeezing around an approximation of where Patton鈥檚 sides were, making him squeal out and topple over to one side. Legs kicked out of the blanket, flailing wildly in the air -- Patton always had been a squirmer -- but Logan just maneuvered around them to scoot in closer and continued squeezing Patton鈥檚 sides and hips.
Patton thrashed, movements contained by his blanket, as he squealed and laughed. He seemed to be trying to escape the blanket, having realized it was no protection at all and was only hindering his attempts to escape from Logan鈥檚 hands.
But despite all this, he never cried out for it to stop.
鈥淩eally, Patton,鈥 Logan said, careful to keep his voice calm and conversational, as if he wasn鈥檛 absolutely wrecking Patton with tickling fingers,聽鈥測ou should鈥檝e known I鈥檇 use your own tactics against you. After all, how many times have you done this to Roman? Virgil? To me?鈥
鈥淟ogan!鈥 Patton shrieked as a hand attached itself to his knee.
鈥淵es, dear Patton?鈥
Patton responded simply with a series of cackles as the hand at his knee went to town. With his other hand, Logan grabbed the edges of the blanket that Patton had nearly escaped and pulled them tight, tucking them under Patton鈥檚 body. Then, he straddled Patton鈥檚 stomach to further prevent him from crawling out of the fabric and went for the kill: attacking Patton鈥檚 legs.
He squeezed from the tops of Patton鈥檚 thighs down to the pressure points right above his kneecaps, then back up again. Patton wailed before bursting out into hysterical cackles, twisting and wiggling under Logan鈥檚 body, legs kicking frantically and yet unable to detach Logan鈥檚 fingers. Logan briefly worried that the laughter would wake Roman or Virgil up, if they had fallen asleep already.
鈥淥kay!鈥 Patton cried out through his laughter.
Logan lightened his tickles until he was just scratching with his nails at Patton鈥檚 kneecaps, easily accessible thanks to his pajama shorts.
鈥溾橭kay鈥 what?鈥 Logan asked.
鈥淚鈥檒l go to bed,鈥 Patton giggled.聽鈥淚 promise!鈥
Logan pulled his hands away and climbed off Patton, reaching out to help untangle him from the blanket. Once Patton was freed, Logan grabbed the remote and switched off the TV, and then helped Patton up off the ground and up the stairs.
鈥淗ey, Lo?鈥 Patton asked, once they鈥檇 reached the hallway with their rooms.
鈥淵es, Patton?鈥
Patton fidgeted with his fingers for a moment before looking up at Logan.聽鈥淒o you wanna have a sleepover tonight?鈥
Logan smiled.聽鈥淚 would love nothing more.鈥
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djinndreamsam3 years ago
I just want to write something about the coping mechanisms Sam uses. The healthy and unhealthy ones. The daily things he has to do to avoid triggers, whether it鈥檚 conscious or not. The way Dean adapts to what Sam needs, knows his patterns and rituals and does his very best to accommodate everything Sam needs.聽
And I want to write about Sam being set off by something inconsequential and his mind going into a downward spiral he can鈥檛 crawl out of before he鈥檚 thrown into a panic attack. Or he can鈥檛 get out of bed for a week because his mind is too dark. Or he can鈥檛 look at food without getting nauseous, or hear Dean鈥檚 voice without worrying his whole reality is going to fall apart all over again.聽
I want to know how Sam makes the most of good days, how he goes on runs before the sun is fully up and stops to appreciate flowers and takes his time stretching because he knows he鈥檒l be sore, it鈥檚 been a while since he felt good enough to run this hard without being chased by something.聽
I want Sam cooking, methodically going through the steps of a recipe and feeling proud of making something delicious at the end. I want Dean trying to cook more too, and only ever making vegetarian things for them at the bunker after the time the smell of cooking meat sent Sam into a trembling, sobbing hysteria.
I want to explore every part of Sam living with the things he鈥檚 experienced, and coping in good and not-so-good ways because he鈥檚 experienced so much trauma, and that doesn鈥檛 just go away.聽
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blobfishious23 days ago
Tumblr media
crawl out of my artfight cave long enough to post this attack on @the-worm-man
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morgutio12 days ago
I think catboys should unionize and all crawl out of the computer screens at once and just start attacking
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