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#crazy ex girlfriend

snippet of my sunset shimmer fancam !!! ♡♡

i had to cut the beginning cause tumblr wants to be a butt and not take long videos but hey i really hope u guys like it!!! ♡♡♡

Stupid Bitch is by Rachel Bloom (AKA Autumn Blaze in MLP) also sang this is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend !!! awesome show would totally recommend !!! ♡♡♡

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What’s it like to have normal parents? Because mine are not.

I was showing my mom the video for “I hate everything but you” and she lost it like halfway through because they accidentally costumed Skylar in such a way that he was signalling as someone that wants to be fisted.

My dad just tried to convince me that not only was the first musical inspired by the beeping of a microwave but that stage plays aren’t “real theater”

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it’s been one year since the crazy ex girlfriend finale aired, so i figured i’d put this song out into the world. it’s my take on what i think the song rebecca sang at the open mic would sound like. thank you to all the wonderful friends i’ve made because of this show, and thank you to everyone who pushed me to finish this song :)

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