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#crazy for loving you
euesworld · a year ago
"She opened up her mouth to speak, but only love came out in her voice, and like the breeze it carried me away.. I fell in love with life that day."
She is so beautiful that words could never describe the depth of her pure nature, but I assure you.. she is far more beautiful than any definition in the dictionary or on poets lips throughout time - eUë
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justalittlelitnerd · a year ago
But what kind of a victory is it when I don’t want it anymore?
Crazy for Loving You by Pippa Grant
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miceenscene · a year ago
5 Questions
I was tagged by a few people, most recent was deffo @fasterpuddytat. And since we’re nearing the end of 2019, I’ll answer this for my most popular works this year, Son of Palaven, Daughter of Earth & Crazy for Loving You.
1. What was the idea that started the WIP?
SoPDoE actually started as a spite-fic, oddly enough. I saw someone else had years ago done an attempt on Shakarian arranged marriage, both things very near and dear to my heart. And there was a noncon element to it that made me VERY uncomfortable. So I never read it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I just started writing and here we are now.
Crazy started as this:
Tumblr media
What followed that message was basically an entire outline of Crazy for Loving You, complete with dialogue and dramatic ending, known as the Fake Dating Fever Dream till it got its final title. I have a very patient discord server. <3
2. Did you make an outline? Did you stick to it?
Yes to the first question for both, I don’t write longfics without an outline.
SoPDoE - I stuck fairly close to the outline for sopdoe. Honestly, I don’t really remember plotting it as much, as if it just jumped out fully outlined from the get go. Now, obviously, a few things got added or rearranged as I delved in. But it’s very nearly what I’d always planned.
Crazy - looking at the fever dream now, I can see some definite changes between my initial rantings and what’s ended up published. Namely Garrus actually getting Shepard’s buy in to pose as a fake couple from the start. But the ending ended up nearly word for word the same as I’m writing the whole damn fic for the end scenes. :D
3. What’s your favorite part of your WIP?
SoPDoE - Chapter fifty-five. Hands down. I think that’s the section I’m most proud of having written, ever.
Crazy - “So not only would I be your fake girlfriend, I’d be your second choice fake girlfriend??” Oh Garrus. You idiot.
4. Who is your favorite character and why?
I could no sooner pick a favorite child. Though I do think it’s Shepard in both, she has some good character growth moments in both stories.
5. Did anything happen that surprised you as you were working?
Crazy, I don’t think so or rather not yet anyway. Fake dating is a well known trope that I’m happy to give my take on.
SoPDoE, I am blown away by the reception it’s gotten--from all the kudos and comment, to the playlist, the fanart. Honestly, I’m very surprised that so many people have liked the story as much as they do. Surprised and blessed.
Speaking of both these works, I need to write some more stuff for them. Anyway, if you’d like to do this please do. But especially @chemicallywrit​ @kelenloth​ & @itsnatunusual​. Tell me about your stuff. i wanna know!
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ash-and-starlight · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fuck all romance except whatever Lee with the good tea and that one gnc af Kyoshi warrior got going on
Image id under the cut!
[ID: two colored digital drawings of Sokka and Zuko from ATLA. In both images they are drawn as adults. Sokka is in full Kyoshi warrior armor and face paint, while Zuko is dressed in green and is wearing a light moss-green tea shop apron. His long hair are pulled in a braid that falls over his shoulder and tied with a dark green ribbon.
In the first image Sokka and Zuko are drawn by profile from the waist up, facing each other. They are on the opposite sides of a wooden table and are leaning on it with both elbows, their faces are very close, as if they were about to kiss. Sokka has his eyes closed, his right hand is holding Zuko’s hands, while in his left hand he’s holding a closed golden fan, that he’s using to tilt Zuko’s chin towards him. Zuko is blushing lightly and leaning towards Sokka, and saying “I-I should get back to work”, while Sokka is saying “don’t be such a grump, Lee.” There are a lot of little red hearts surrounding their heads.
In the second image Zuko is drawn by 3/4 from the shoulders up, he’s blushing furiously and looking startled. His hair are in disarray, and his face is full of red lipstick kisses, on his forehead, his mouth, his cheeks, and down the side of his neck, disappearing under the collar of his clothes. He’s saying “Oh! Uh… Welcome to the Jasmine Dragon! Order quickly I’m very busy. With uh… stuff. Tea.” Behind him Sokka is laughing and hiding his face behind an open fan. END ID]
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morepeachyogurt · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i will love you in death, at the end of the world
w.s merwin // source // @psychicdonuts // carmen maria machado // ‘the living end’ (1992) dir. gregg araki // cigarettes after sex // hozier // unknown // the lovers of valdaro // j.p. grasser // franny choi // joy harjo // ilya kaminsky // memorial to a marriage
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peepo · 3 months ago
le donations have stopped and i'm still in monetary distress has arrived. have no fear, i have comissions open but for me my one (1) fear is that nobody is commissioning me (because its true) so if you wanna give something that will be used on A. moving out of a house I feel unsafe in B. securing a method of transportation C. yes I still have medical debt because the healthcare system wants me to suffer specifically and not get the Medicaid i literally need to live/function
I have a gofundme, I also have commissions open I'm exhausted of ebegging and i just wish i was able to get employed and help others out for once & im getting there. (20/06/21)
venmo | paypal | cashapp
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andythelemon · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
My piece for the Matchablossom travel zine earlier this year! Sk8 was a wild ride and I enjoyed every second of it; check out the account for leftover sales info if you’re interested!
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featherfur · a month ago
Not to say that Jiang Cheng has definitely semi-raised half the disciples of Yunmeng Jiang via Jiujiu energy but Jiang Cheng has semi-raised every disciple more than two years younger than him via Jiujiu energy
He knows every single disciples name, their history, their likes and hates. He can rattle off every punishment they’ve received in the last four years, what he got for their birthday, how many times they’ve fallen in the lake, and how much time they’ve spent going through classes because physical punishment does nothing for these dumbasses.
At any given moment he is thinking about the disciples who were injured, tracking the ones who went out on missions, assigning lookouts for the ones who have taken too long to return home, and planning what he’s going to yell at them for making him worry.
He has been called “shushu” or “jiujiu” by them more times than even he can count, he rages every time but it’s a mark that the cultivator is Officially Jiang and he sighs and turns a blind eye (and occasionally slips funds in for) when they throw a party to ‘welcome’ the poor embarrassed cultivator.
He has kept every item ever given to him by his people, yes even the horrible scribbles passed over by four year olds who don’t even know who he is they just think he’s pretty. His bedroom is just covered in knickknacks and occasionally if he gets one he really likes he will put it purposefully at the end of his table over dinner and it’s an internal fight every time to get something he’ll like enough to show off.
(YES it’s ridiculous, YES it’s childish, but this is still Yunmeng Jiang and these cultivators, these members of the family Jiang Cheng dragged from the ashes of his home and made anew have given him everything they have and more so yes when they’re home they can have their little jokes and their little trinkets and he will let it all happen because it means they’re happy and they’re safe and they know they will always always have their sect leader at their back. When they’re outside they’re standing behind their sect leader, they will never falter. But when they get home? Their sect leader stands behind them and watches over them in all the million tiny ways only a sect leader can so they have their freedom in safety)
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justalittlelitnerd · a year ago
I’m no scientist, but I have a theory that when you treat people right and care, they’ll bend over backward to do just about anything you ask. Deep down, most people just want to be loved and appreciated and seen.
Crazy for Loving You by Pippa Grant
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mackenzielovee · 14 days ago
crazy love masterlist!
This series has quickly become my favorite thing to write, so I decided to give it it's very own masterlist! Hope you all enjoy xoxo (had to throw this gif in bc it gets me EVERY. TIME.)
Tumblr media
*this series has been completed! i still write blurbs for this, however, so if there is anything you want to see, i am happy to write it. send me an ask to request!
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
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jiilys · 5 months ago
“I’ve been approached to write a tell-all about you” Ginny said, kissing him against the pub bins.
“Oh yeah?” Harry mumbled, only-half listening, hand in her hair.
“About your great victory and almost death and whatever. About how I’m the woman behind the man.”
Harry smiled in the near dark, “Behind me, huh?”
“Well, I prefer in front–“
“– Better view for me–“
Ginny grinned, “But the publishers are insisting.”
“You’ve met with publishers?” Harry said into her neck.
Ginny couldn’t think for a second, eyes shut, breathless: “Yeah, it’s all really far along.”
“Well, fair enough, I did think of you.”
She pulled him by the collar to kiss him again, hand over the side of his neck, one thumb under his jaw. “You think of me, huh?” she said into his mouth  
“Yeah, not even just when dying.”
Ginny pulled back, hand still on his neck, the other fisted in his shirt, “Wait, I thought you meant–“ she grasped, she’d had no idea what she thought he meant, “you thought of me– thought of me then?”
Harry looked dazed, lips pink, “What?”
‘You thought of me–“ she grasped for the word, wanting not say when you died so close to him, where it might touch him again, “–in the forest?”
She felt his fingers through her hair tighten, just once, a moment. “Oh, yeah.”
“I didn’t– I didn’t know that.” Her heartbeat felt so slow, every thud a minute, time stretching out and around. Harry, dying, thinking of her.
“Yeah, well,” he took a hand off her, pushed his glasses up, “It was going wrong and I just– I don’t know, I thought of you. I thought I’d said.”
She couldn’t think of a single thing to say. It was all too awful to even think. Harry dying, thinking of her. Harry dying at all.
“You looked pretty,” He joked, “When I thought of you, I’ll testify to that in the tell-all.”
She laughed, shaky, just a little wrong, “Thanks”
He reached his hand up over her jaw, thumb on her cheekbone. “Don’t worry about it, alright?” he said, softly, “It didn’t– it’s done now.”
She wrapped her fingers around his wrist, the jut of the bone, thud of his pulse. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God. 
“You won’t have to die for ages now.” she said, sure.
He smiled. “Yeah, ages.”
“So long. And after me.”
“After you?”
She kissed the veins running through his wrist, quick, stupidly grateful, “Yes, absolutely.”
There was a banging sound and they jumped apart, Harry’s arm reaching out and slammed against the rubbish, putting her behind him. But in the doorway it was only Ron, looking put out.
“What are you two doing?”
“Checking on the bin.” Ginny said, ridiculously. Harry grinned, dropped his arm.
“Really, because it looks like you’ve been snogging,” Ron said flatly.
“I can’t believe you’d even accuse us of that. Harry, can you believe that?”
“No, not really.” Harry rubbed the back of his neck, “Would be totally out of character.”
Ron rolled his eyes, “Come back in, it’s Potter’s turn to buy the next round.”
“Oh it’s ‘Potter’ now is it?”
“When you’re caught snogging my sister by the bins it is.”
“If we were caught snogging in another location would that change anything?”
“You’re both gits. Hermione wants a pint.”
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marriedzukka · a month ago
thinking about a post-war Sokka who travels the world just because, sharing his culture and learning everything he possibly can about the others: art, food, music, literature, you name it. He invents cool shit that's mostly just for fun but also have practical uses for people too. He studies chronic pain remedies and shares what he learns to help others who were affected after the war. He practices art and gets really really good at it. He writes poetry. He learns how to exist without the weight of the world and the anxiety about keeping his loved ones safe constantly on his shoulders. He gets to explore and pursue his interests freely and he makes friends wherever he goes
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mcmoth · 4 months ago
While it's true that the vibe of clingy duo has changed after exile, that their relationship has irreversibly been. Damaged, I guess, yeah; I can't also help but think it's... still really poignant, just in a different way?
Like, yeah, I miss the dynamic they had during season 1. When nothing bad had happened between the two of them as a team, when they hadn't been turned against each other, when it was just them against the world, and it felt like they couldn't be separated. That closeness. That sureness. And i would say even... innocence. Unknowing of the worst pain to come.
There's something beautiful about their current relationship, too.
Because they have been damaged. And that can't be undone. They had both turned their backs on each other, had their loud arguments and fights, had experienced the world as it is without each other, but the amazing thing is, they still stayed. They still got back to each other, after all of that. And they're messed up, and they're still repairing and building, and things are different now, but different doesn't necessarily have to mean bad.
Not if they decide it's not. Not if they decide their different together.
So they will roll with the kicks and the punches, and they will continue to stumble and make mistakes, but slowly, they're healing. And biggest thing is, they're progressing! Progressing from a duo of scared, inexperienced kids, to a whole family, with more things to hold onto, despite everything they have lost. Still sticking together. More individual, more shattered, hurting, but still trying.
And... I don't know. This is messy. But I just think, there is something so soft about two people chosing to not abandon their relationship, despite all the damages and changes and simply learning to... mend it all again. Become friends again. Because, in the end, they still care about each other too much not to. They have seen what the world is like without each other, and they decided they like the alternative better.
"Old partner in crime, I'm going to try to fall in love with you again", indeed.
/p /rp
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searidings · 3 months ago
I just found out the name Lena means "ray of light"--the amount of unintentional, poetic Supercorp soulmate material this show has produced is unbearable
god and not to tip you any further over the edge but may i present this:
Tumblr media
like im not saying lena is the light of kara's life and kara is the most beloved thing in the world to lena and that both of them are thinking those exact thoughts every single time they say each other's names but also that's exactly what im saying
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softhaku · 2 months ago
Poly! Kokonoi x Reader x Inupi Drabbles
(Tokyo Revengers)
Cw: contains some explicit smut and language. Minors DNI
Note: mmm very self indulgent. Pushing my poly agenda because there are too many hot boys in TR and why have one when you can have two?!
Tumblr media
It’s late out, and the rain is starting to pick up just as you reach the lobby of your building. Work wasn’t supposed to drag out this long tonight, and you sigh in frustration at the incompetence of your co-workers who are to blame for your delay. As you’re riding in the elevator up to the penthouse, you’re thinking about your boyfriends who are likely still awake, worrying about your late arrival.
You walk through the foyer and kick off your heels into a pile by the elevator. Koko will definitely scold you about that later but you push that to the back of your mind as you think about the much needed warm shower and cuddles from your boyfriends that you’ll soon get. They don’t greet you at the door and you can see they’re not in the living room either. You’re wondering where in the penthouse they could be when all of a sudden you hear a loud curse and strings of apologies that follow.
“Hajime? Seishu? Are you in here?” Just as you turn the corner of your bedroom into your master bathroom a gasp falls from your lips. Koko is seated on the edge of the bathtub with Inui hovering over him. Koko is bleeding profusely from his head. His lip is busted up and there’s a deep gash on his forehead.
“Sei be more fucking gentle with that thing. Are you purposely trying to make it hurt more?” Koko is glaring at Inui as Inui is pressing a cotton ball to the edge of Koko’s lips.
“Of course not you bastard. Blood is pouring out of you if you haven’t noticed, I need to press hard.”
“Feels like you’re doin it on purpose.” Koko mumbles.
“Yknow what? You’re right Koko, this is punishment for making me worry.” As you get closer to your boyfriends, you see that Inui’s eyelashes are glistening with unshed tears. You sit down next to Koko on the tub and turn his head to face yours.
“Don’t chastise him Hajime.” You murmur. “We hate when you come home like this. Don’t blame Seishu for being worked up, baby.” You place a kiss on Koko’s forehead and gently grab the swab and alcohol out of Inui’s hands. “Why don’t you get the bandages Sei?” Inui leaves the bathroom, his hands coming up to rub at the tears that have fallen onto his cheeks. Koko leans over and plops his forehead onto your shoulder, a shudder tears through his chest.
“It was a close one tonight, princess. I couldnt- couldnt tell Sei.” Koko raises his head and looks straight into your eyes. “I wouldn’t have made it out if Ran didn’t show up at the last second. I wouldn’t-” His voice breaks and you gently shush him, hand coming up to trail through his hair.
“It’s okay Koko. You’re safe now. That’s all that matters. You’re here baby.”
“Whatda we do with out you, huh angel?” Koko says. You let out a laugh as Inui walks back into the bathroom. He sits down next to your legs as he hands over the bandages. His head goes to lay on your lap as you start to patch up Koko’s face.
“Lost. You two would be lost without me. But I don’t plan on ever leaving.”
Tumblr media
“Mmm that one was good, give me another Sei!” You’re splayed on the couch over Koko’s lap, while Inui is smooshed as close to Koko’s side as he can get.
“Don’t talk with food in your mouth, princess.” Koko absentmindedly mumbles, his eyes are trained on the TV that’s broadcasting news about a Bonten heist that had occurred earlier that evening. You give Koko a half hearted glare and crane your neck to capture the small piece of cake that Inui is feeding you. Your eyes practically roll back into your head at the decedent taste and Inui lets out a laugh.
“Okay well I guess that settles it. Chocolate is by far the best flavor out of the bunch. You only need to bring home the chocolate flavor from now on, baby.” This comment brings Koko’s mind out of its haze as he quickly looks at you and Inui.
“What? No, I liked the lemon one.” Koko suddenly says. You and Inui start complaining and whining about Koko’s terrible taste in cake flavor, and Koko scowls at you both.
“You’re lucky I bring home anything for you two anyway. I’m at Bonten meetings all day long, have to deal with Mikey’s ridiculous budget and then I come home to your guys’ needy demands.” The tone of Koko’s voice is harsh but you know he holds no malice when Inui goes to tickle Koko’s shirtless torso and then Koko promptly sticks his tongue out in retaliation.
You giggle at their antics and lay back further into Koko’s chest. He looks down at you with a raised eyebrow.
“Ythink you’re so cute, being pampered with little cakes and giggling at our expense huh, angel?” Koko says.
“Yup!” you’re holding back another laugh as Koko’s scowl deepens at your response.
“So spoiled.” Inui cuts in. He gives Koko a side eye, “I think it’s been a while since we taught her a lesson, Hajime.”
“You’re absolutely right Sei.” Koko goes to grab at your body as you try to escape the inevitable torturous pleasure your boyfriends are about to shower you in. He flings your body back onto the couch and this time you’re splayed across Inui as he looks down at you. Inui’s tongue peeks out slightly to wet his bottom lip. His voice filled with unadulterated desire as he whispers,
“We’re not done with you yet.”
Tumblr media
It wasn’t often that the three of you got to spend nights sleeping together. Koko was usually out at night, conducting Bonten business. But this was one of those rare nights when he was home. You were basking in the warmth of the sheets, Koko’s arm slung over your body and Inui cuddled up into your side.
Unfortunately, there were times when sleep didn’t come peacefully. With Koko’s sudden shifting and whimpering, it seemed like tonight was going to be one of those restless nights.
You were a light sleeper and it didn’t take long before you were awake, facing Koko’s distraught figure. He was shivering despite the warmth of your bodies, and you brushed back his hair to see sweat beginning to form against his brow. It was obvious he was having another one of his nightmares. They were few and far between, but when they hit, they hit bad.
“Koko” you whisper, tracing your fingers lightly against his skin, as to not startle him too much. “Koko, wake up.” You’re gently shaking him at this point.
Koko’s shaking gets more intense, and noises of distress fall from his lips. Inui gets up beside you, awakened by the noise. Concern is deep in his eyes, as he reaches over you to help comfort your boyfriend, Koko bolts upright. Choked gasps rip through his chest and tears fall down his face.
“A- Akane.” He rasps.
Your heart sinks as you and Inui share a look. It was one of those dreams, and you know you’ll be up for a while.
“Hajime” Inui whispers, he climbs over you and Koko, so that Koko is squished in between you both. “Hajime, it’s okay. It was a dream, look at me baby, it was just a dream.” Inui pulls Koko’s face towards him and brushes his thumb under Koko’s eyes, catching the stray tears that have fallen. You bring your lips to the back of Koko’s neck and brush kisses up the length of it.
When Koko has nightmares like this, he forgets where he is, and touch is the only way you and Inui have found that grounds Koko and brings him back to reality. Koko turns and slumps his forehead onto your shoulder; you and Inui rub your hands up and down Koko’s back.
“Don’t wanna do it anymore.” He mumbles, “don’t wanna see it all again, don’t wanna see you guys-“ he cuts himself off with another sob and your mind fills in the blanks of his sentences.
Usually, he only has nightmares of Akane and her death. But this time it sounds like you and Inui were included in this brutal illusion, which means Koko’s nightmares are getting worse.
Inui lets out a string of curses. “It’s Mikey and his damn agenda. He’s overworking you, Koko. You need to refuse him-“ you cut Inui’s rant off with a slight shake of your head. Koko’s shivering has gotten more violent at the mention of the gang. You carefully guide Koko down as you lay back on the pillows of your bed. Koko rests on top of your chest and Inui’s arms are slung around the both of you. All three of you are impossibly close, the weight of Inui’s arms are grounding.
“We’ll be here for as long as you’ll have us, Hajime.” Inui whispers into the air. Koko lets out a sigh a nuzzles his face into Inui’s arm. You know that’s all the confirmation you’ll get from Koko, but it’s enough to soothe your heart. He’ll be okay after this. He always is.
Tumblr media
All three of you are getting ready for bed. It was a Sunday night, the night that you guys dedicate to spend time to care for each other. After getting out of the bath, you guys are bumping around in the bathroom doing your own individual routines but still trying to stay close.  Inui walks over to you, one of his T-shirts in hand, and pulls it over your naked body. Your back is to the counter and Inui slightly pushes you until you hop up onto it, Inui slots himself between your spread legs.
Koko has been watching the two of you out of the corner of his eyes, and he walks behind Inupi. He leaves a trail of light kisses on Inupi’s bare back that draws a shudder from the white-haired man. Inui begins to suck kisses at your neck. Your head falls back against the mirror and a shaky sigh leaves your lips. Koko now pushes into you to get in on the action. He’s on the outside of your left thigh, leaning onto the counter to suck at the opposite side of your neck.
“Too much- haaa” you’re whimpering at this point. The sensation of both your boyfriends attacking your neck sends tremors all the way down to your toes.  You go to lift your arms, your left hand threading into Koko’s hair and your right threading into Inui’s. The kisses continue up your neck, they’re sloppy and wet and they’re both making embarrassing sounds but none of you care. Not when the reactions they pull out of you are so good. Your moaning is shaky now. You tug their heads even closer to you. Inui manages to find the sweet on your neck that makes your head go blank and a loud gasp falls from your lips. Koko backs away and smirks at Inui, Inui is looking right back at him eyes gleaming with pride.
“Please.” you whimper. “Don't stop.. Don't-”
“Shhhh” Inui whispers into your skin, “We've got you, darling. Be patient.”
Koko goes to lift you off the counter and your legs immediately wrap around his waist as he carries you into the bedroom. You're looking over Koko’s shoulder through a lidded gaze as Inui trails behind. His eyes are locked onto yours and there’s a darkness to them, a lust that fills him so deep it almost scares you. You’ve only seen him like this a few times, and you know exactly what it means. As Koko plops you onto the bed, tugging at the shirt Inui just dressed you in, you know it’s going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
One night you and Koko decide to ruin Inui. And ruin him you did. You’ve placed a light collar and leash around his neck and Koko’s got it wrapped around his hand. Inui is laying back on the bed, his head in Kokos lap. You’re at the end of the bed and teasing Inui so much, tears are beginning to fall down his cheek.
“Please.. please.. I need.. hgnnnh.” You give one small kitten lick to the head of his cock and after being teased all night, it’s clear that Inui is at the edge of breaking.
“Need what, baby boy? You gotta use your words.” At the brush of your lips against the side of his thigh, his hips buck up a bit and he’s groans. Koko gives a harsh tug on the leash causing Inui to arch his back.
“She asked you a question.”
“Your lips, please please please I need your lips.” Inui ends his begging with a stream of whimpers.
“Good boy” you whisper and bring your whole mouth around the head of his cock. Inupi let’s out a loud sob at the feeling of finally being touched, and it doesn’t take much work from you before he’s cuming hard. Koko laughs, one of his hands trails along Inui’s side, and goes to tweak at his sensitive nipples. This elicits shivers from Inui, his eyes rolling back into his head from the sensation.
“And what do you say Seishu?” Koko is whispering in his ear, “what do you say to her for allowing you to cum hmm?”
Inui’s voice is just shy of a sob as he lets out a “Thank you.” You remove your mouth from his cock, giving his head one last suck and removing your mouth with a loud pop. Cum is dribbling down your chin and Inui is staring at you with pupils blown wide, his hips twitching from the stimulation.
“You’re welcome, pretty boy.” You move up the length of the bed, hovering over Inui, and bring your head close to Koko’s. Koko leans forward and gives you a hard kiss, tasting Inui on your lips. He pulls back from the kiss and gives you a heated look,
“I think you’re next princess.” He says, a smirk stretching his lips.
Tumblr media
You and Inupi are trying on a bunch of new designer heels that Koko had surprised you with. You’re in the large closet of the penthouse and Koko is lounging in the chaise lounge in the middle of the room. He’s overlooking some budget document for Bonten, squinting at the small numbers on the paper under the harsh light of the closet. You and Inupi are giggling up a storm in front of the mirror.
Koko tries for the best of him to concentrate. He really has to get this form rechecked and submitted to Mikey by tomorrow. But the peels of laughter and the sound of heels clacking are definitely distracting him. When he looks up again, he see that Inupi has got one of your hands in his, and he’s leading you into twirl after twirl, until your a dizzy mess and collapse into Inupi’s arms. Koko can’t help but smile at the scene.
You guys don’t often have days of domestic bliss with just the three of you. And seeing the carefree smiles of the two people he loved the most, made Koko’s heart sink in guilt. He knows he’s not the best boyfriend. He knows he’s hardly around. And no matter how many treats, and shoes and wealth he showers you both in, he knows it’ll never amount to his physical presence. Koko sighs in defeat and places the papers next to him on the lounge. Mikey and his stupid ass budget will have to wait.
He gets up and walks to wear you both are admiring each other in the mirror. Koko tugs Inui around and dives forward to give him a hard kiss. When he pulls back, Koko tugs you into his arms and starts peppering your face with tons of kisses. You can’t help but laugh at the ticklish feeling of Koko’s lips all over you. He pulls you both closer to him, and places his head ontop of yours. All three of you are facing the mirror now, and Koko has a serious look on his face.
“I can’t imagine my life without you both.” Koko whispers. Inui squeezes Koko tightly in a hug and you link one of your hands with Koko’s.
“You’re being extra sweet today huh,” you say locking eyes with Koko in the mirror.
“Right, what’s gotten into you? Where’s our irritating boyfriend who lives to tease us?” Inui chimes in.
With both of your taunts, Koko’s demeanor changes instantly. The Bonten Executive aura shining through when he growls “That’s it”. He starts running his fingers up and down your torso, tickling you in revenge. You squeal at the feeling and collapse to the floor, but as Inui reaches down to help you with a laugh, Koko pounces on him. You all end up a pile on the floor , Koko’s fingers attacking any exposed skin he can find on you and Inupi. The both of you are squirming and kicking and cursing Koko, and Koko is laughing loud at the torture he’s inflicting on you.
“Accept my love or accept punishment.” Koko’s smile is manic and you reach up to grasp the back of his neck.
“I’ll accept both” you say, and pull Koko ontop of you and Inupi as you give him a searing kiss. Loving Koko is tough you think. His busyness, his teasing and often sadistic nature, and his violent lifestyle all make it a challenge. But being the ones to bring him to his knees, to see him on the floor of your closet, the only ones who get to see Kokonoi Hajime, Bonten executive like this. ‘Yeah’, you think. The challenge is worth it.
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