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#crazy parties
crashmagazine · 9 months ago
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The Unwitting Beauty Photography of the Paparazzi.
Ana Takahashi has been pushing the limits of beauty through adventurous makeup looks that concentrate on pure creativity and fun instead of boring norms of perfection. In this story, she goes back to a time when celebrities were being snapped in their cars after crazy parties, giving place to images that are still iconic to this day. We all remember the famous paparazzi pictures of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan in crazy sparkly outfits, showing off a hedonistic lifestyle in the midst of the 2000s. Here is an up-to date version of a time when sky blue eyeshadow was all the rage. The unwitting beauty photography of the paparazzi…
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featherfur · 3 months ago
Wei Wuxian begging Lan Wangji to take him back to Lotus Pier suddenly so they go and the first thing Wei Wuxian does is grab some money, shove Jiang Cheng out of the way and stuff the money a jar in the middle of the dining hall and grab a handful of talismans and shout “Fucking Finally!”
One talisman starts to burn as Wei Wuxian hops back over to his husband.
“Sorry about that, I ran out of fucks to give and had to get some more.” Another talisman burns quickly.
“You… what?”
“We have to get our fucks in advance, we had a swear jar but I never had change on me so when Jiang Cheng remade the sect he changed it so you only get as many fucks as you can buy.” Wei Wuxian explains, burning two more talismans and groping his husband for more money to stock up. “Why do you think Jingyi asked for his allowance early?”
Lan Wangji gently takes a talisman from his husband, looking it over, then with all the love in his heart turns to his husband and says “What the fuck?”
We Wuxian has never looked more delighted as something catches fire
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butchmadokakaname · 22 days ago
cannot stop thinking about how susie's whole arc in chapter one revolves around her hatred of being told what to do (by her friends no less! if her reaction to someone as unassuming and friendly as ralsei expecting things of her is to defect immediately imagine how she'd typically react to adults trying to order her around) and yet the second the king - a person she absolutely hates - demands she kneel she does so without a moment's hesitation in the name of protecting lancer because he is more important to her than her own independence, which she prioritizes so much the rest of the time. she really is so deeply compassionate and loving and loyal despite clearly viewing herself as a bad person and i love her so MUCH
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redrobin-detective · 4 months ago
Do not tell me I don’t have to wear a mask in public anymore. Do not tell it’s “safe” now or that the CDC says this or that. Do not look at me, with my mask on of my own volition and tell me it’s okay because it wasn’t and still isn’t okay. 
It wasn’t okay when my hospital was bursting to the brim and I was working 4/5 shifts a week just so we could stay afloat. It wasn’t okay when I watched people die, suffocating, crying, in pain and then simply had to move onto the next patient and hope I could save this one. It wasn’t okay when I’m using google translate in between times in the unit to look up the phrases “I’m here” “this is your medicine, it will help you” “just stay calm it’s okay” to my non-english speaking patients even though I knew it was all a lie. It wasn’t okay when I’d sometimes want to rip off all my PPE because the gloves and gown and PAPR hood was the last thing my dying patient would see and feel and it was bad enough they were dying but to die alone in a sterile bubble with latex and plastic between you and human skin.
Things are better now, we have a vaccine, we have down trending numbers (in some areas) but do NOT smile and patronize me and tell me I’m being silly for wearing a mask when I saw first fucking hand how absolutely devastating this disease was. 
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participlepotato · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Kinda wished I had typed the text instead of drawn it but too late now
Drawn for the same danger days art show a while back
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jakeperalta · 8 months ago
i have a lot of respect for the fact that when taylor got a load of hate for just like publicly having friends she actually took it as a chance to be self-reflective about how her (lack of) childhood friendships might contribute to her desire to surround herself with friends and be very proud of having them as an adult, and then pulled back on how much she drew attention to them. like personally i would have probably just gone “shut up everyone” and carried on lmao
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