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ninasdrafts · 7 days ago
The days are slipping by, lazy and warm, and looking back, I can’t find you in them anymore. You used to be in all of them, you know. A shadow. A breeze. A dream. I swayed to the breaths you took and danced to the laughter that spilled past your lips like a gurgling stream of water, incandescent in the sunlight. I can’t hear it anymore. I can’t feel it. Summer is like this, I guess. The heat plays tricks on my senses like bottles of wine I used to empty in the shade of the trees, but you don't even have a part in my hazy memories. In hindsight I can't find you, even if I'm still hurt. The pain should serve as reminder, but it only adds to the distance between us. The days are slipping by, lazy and warm, and you fade a little more with every single one that passes.
summer daze / n.j.
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thewriterswitch · 2 years ago
Sometimes writing is looking at a blank page and crying because you don’t know what to do
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ithink-wearesikk · 4 years ago
Sometimes I get lonely.
I don’t mean lonely in the sense of wanting..
I get lonely mentally.
I have so many thoughts.
Lost, longing...
I won’t say I need answers, but I need..
I need to share my thoughts..
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technoraveslut · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
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crxwleyscorner · 3 months ago
I need one of yall to write a dano!riddler fic with a roommate reader who he is desperately into,I'm talking voyerurism and somnopholia type beat 👁👁
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arsenicandvanilla · a year ago
Writting prompt that I really want someone to do cause I really like this one: A world where arranged marriage is the norm but at the ceremony drink a "love" potion. Follow a newlywedded couple going from drug induced infatuation to genuine connection.
Or If you enjoy pain....
A couple that's been married for ages when the potion finally wears off.
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hallowedblock07 · 2 years ago
Asylum of the Insane
The shimmering cosmos
Are betrayed
The ink black sky
Like infinity
Within a colour
The halls are empty
They echo
And scream back with stories
Stories of those caged
Within it's walls
Spiralling then into a madness
That wasn't initially there
Stories of anger
Of those unrughtfully forced
Into this elevator
To Hell
And the backyard graves
Air a feeling
That time passed it's occupants by
That opportunities never reached
The poor souls
Confined within the asylum
Of the insane
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sidehowriting · 3 years ago
I only have one more writing challenge to complete. It's weird. I feel like I need to enter like 5 more but I don't have that many ideas.
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hydrangeasplotgarden · a year ago
FYI talking to my future self in this:
You fucker good luck because your running on
2 hrs of sleep with a cold brew in hand and all I can think of is my comic. So here I will lay rambling about it on this post I plan to bury. (Berlin? Berry? Barry? Mm Martha may whovier)
I named it "What do you mean I'm a prince!!??" It started out as a joke idea that I got stupid invested in during a time I was sniffing at those "I died and woke up as this stories/games, main protag" webcomics.
Anyway, it was suppose to be a joke where I was like "yeah that but gay." And then it wasn't. My dumb thirsty ass riding the wave that is breath of the wild was like "this but like lgbtq+, maybe not the main protag?, you can and might romance the monsters, there's a lot of twists, a pinch of real life trauma, a dash of murder mystery, is it a mystery tho?, angst, a bit less rushed feeling, actually make it a super slow burn and and-"
As suck the hyperfixation began.
Now I'm almost 20 written chapters deep just now getting to part 2, looking for a homie to read over it and see if this is actually interesting or am I buggin' (gonna make it regardless). Trying to figure out solid designs and questioning if I should add more suitors and suitresses (ik thats not a word, idc)
........so thats what I've been doing the last few months.
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venoms-ink · 4 years ago
Quote # 49
People say they're a gift from God or Satin... However, in my case God and Satin were playing hot potato. Due to fear until I plummeted to earth!!! Where I stand... What you gonna do!!!
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totopopopo · a year ago
The profs in my department are very very pro me doing a crearive thesis rather than a just straight up. academic research paper and one of them was like you should write and illustrate a research based graphic novel and look that sounds amazing and like something I desperately would WANT to do but like. hey fam? I am not a good enough artist to do an entire graphic novel like. I’m not a professional artist. I draw for fun. But I’m not in art school!! I’m not even a studio art major or anything like I am not an artist!!!!! I don’t have any sort of training !!!! And you want me to do a graphic novel ??? Like I don’t have the skill set for that !!!! I am not a professional artist !!!! I see the work my friend does (she’s an animator she’s in school for it and she’s amazing) and like she’s worked so hard to get where she is and I can’t just like waltz in and make a graphic novel ?? I’m not an artist. I do art but there’s a difference. Why has this filled me with panic
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valen-dreth · 7 months ago
wish i could draw or write or literally anything crearive <3
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mary-is-writing · 10 months ago
~ Friday Update
Hey remember those 2 or 3 months where I would do this regularly without fail? Ah, good times.
So, update!! I finished a short story for a contest and sent it yesterday. Im very happy how it turned out!! It has this kinda-goth vibe that I really like and I got to write about all the points I wanted to. But maybe because of that I'm afraid it reads as a bit pretentious 😅 Well, I'm happy and the story is done, so that's what matters.
In other news, a little online course I'm taking about detective/police literature will end next week. It was very informative ngl, and I'm glad because it's definitely gonna help me when I write that mystery novel I'm still planning. It was all mostly theory regarding the genre and examples of writers and stories, but we're talking about doing some essays that will get published. To be honest, I'm still not sure if I'll participate there -essays are not really my thing- but I have one or two ideas about the topic I'd choose.
However, next month there'll be another little course about the same genre, this one with a focus on crearive writing!! I'm definitely gonna take it, I just have to finish the inscription process (fingers crossed that I don't procrastinate this 😅😅)
I'm not writing a lot these days, but I've managed to get nice progress on my comic. The thing I can say about my wips is that I wanna do more for them, I just don't know what. Mock covers? Posts? A PowerPoint presentation? All of that interests me, but they also seem like they'll take a lot of time to do, time I should be focusing on writing...
Well, if I decide to do any of that, you csn be sure I'll post them here owo)
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cubeswhump · a year ago
Dear people who don't have disabled characters because they're difficult to write or draw: That ain't what's holding you back.
Difficult to draw? You need more practice. I have a hard time drawing animals but none of my characters live in a world where there are no dogs. I have a hard time drawing hands and I still do it. But hey, I have a character who was born without arms so I get to skip out on drawing one pair of hands! :D
Do you draw characters sitting in chairs? Then why can't you draw one who uses a wheelchair?
Tumblr media
Prosthetics? So many different designs. Look at our favorite amputee, Edward Elric. Arakawa got crearive.
Tumblr media
Disabilities aren't just one thing. Some people use canes, some use walkers, some walk without aids. Some people have dogs, some use a white cane. Some wear hearing aids.
Tumblr media
Sometimes it's a matter of changing around proportions.
Tumblr media
And here's another thing: disability can sometimes be very visibly subtle, even invisible. Mental illness and neurological conditions can be disabling. Some people have chronic pain. Some people are deaf and don't use hearing aids. A lot of blind people have eyes that look like yours or mine. And I see people portraying albinism as just a cool aesthetic thing but it's more than that. If you're writing a character with albinism, do sone research and know they'll have problems with visions and an increased likelihood of cancer. Some forms of albinism cause respiratory problems among other things.
I'm not bragging by showing my art. I'm not a great artist and I have a lot to learn, but what I'm trying to show is disability doesn't have just one look and you don't habe to be a super skilled artist to do a disabled character justice. Able-bodied people look so different from one another: short, tall, thin, fat, muscular, tall forehead, big nose, small nose, curly hair, bald. And disabled people are just as diverse.
And there's no shortage of references either! Any of the characters you see above were drawn using a fuckton of references. Using references doesn't make you a bad artist; if anything, it makes you a better one!
Difficult to write? Come on, dude. If you research for five hours to write a historically accurate 2K fic about medieval bard, you can Google "how do blind people cook".
My favorite sources for writing characters with a disability I have never experienced are blogs or by looking up "[condition/whatever] Reddit AMA". Here, you learn about what a day in the life of someone with this condition looks like in their words! It's so much more personal than consulting WebMD. A medical professional can tell you symptoms but not how it FEELS.
Also a good rule of thumb is to avoid blogs of parents of children with a certain disability. I'm autistic and autistic mommy blogs are often full of albeist rhetorics and usually leave me horribly sad. Parents know what it's like to live with someone with x disability, but they won't know what it's actually like to live AS soneone with x disability.
Of course, there are some exceptions. People with some disabilities won't be able to tell you themselves. The main character character of a book I'm currently writing has a foster sibling who has Phelan-McDermid syndrome, which typically causes severe intellectual disability and a harder time communicating. People with Phelan-McDermid syndrome can't tell me themselves what it's like so reading blog posts by parents and siblings is the next best thing. Of course, you'll still find sone awful and ableist stuff, but it's more personal and a better look into their lives than a list of symptoms.
And also, having a disabled character doesn't mean you have to write about disability. And really, unless you have that disability, it's not really your place. Give disabled peeps the microphone. But disability will still influence the character in some ways.
One of my books is about a teenage theatre nerd experiencing the joys and annoyances of middle school and theatre, and she's paraplegic. The story isn't about paraplegia, but it still affects her life. There are mentions of how she wears compression socks to help avoid blood clots, she's gotta check her legs over for scrapes and bruises after things like PE because it's easy to get an infection if you can't feel your legs, and it takes her longer to get ready in the morning than her sister. But it's not a tale of woes either. As someone who uses her arms for everything and has to be strong enough to lift herself out of her wheelchair, she's got pretty dang good upper body strength and likes to arm wrestle the cocky boys at school.
If you're not disabled and you're writing a disabled character, do your research and listen to disabled voices. Write a disabled character who's more than a disabled character. Give them likes and dislikes, hobbies, dream jobs, favorite food.
Note: I'm making this post not to make you feel bad, but because representation matters. And I'm mostly talking about works off tumblr, though it is possible to avoid harmful shit like evil disabled villain if you wanna add disability to your whump! Unless you're disabled and know what you're doing, please stop with disabled villains. Pleeeeease. But I've seen a lot of people who talk about having works off tumblr. Myself, I'm trying to get children's books published, and kids REALLY need to see themselves in the characters they enjoy. I never saw autistic or gay characters growing up and as an adult, I still get super excited seeing people who are like me.
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vs-redemption · a year ago
Hi can i request a matchup for a male from MHA? I am a female, 4'11 and im a quiet reserved person. I prefer to be alone but i dont mind talking to people. I am an introvert and I talk a lot to the right people once im comfortable. I love to draw and very crearive. Im sensitive but im learning to have tough skinm Im naturally loud and blunt person. My dislikes are people who are people who act like they are better than everyone else and jerks. Thanks!
Oh boy! I have no idea why, but I had the hardest time matching you! I don’t know what my major malfunction was. I actually started writing for two other characters, but it just didn’t feel right. I’m pretty happy with my final choice though, and I hope you are too!
Also, I did get your other request and will start writing it as soon as I can. I’ve never played Among Us before so I’ll need to get familiar with that before I can start.
Find out how to request a match-up HERE
Your match is: Tamaki Amajiki
Tumblr media
Why Amajiki?
If there is anyone who can relate to you about being an introvert, it’s Tamaki Amajiki. In fact, I’d say your reserved nature is what drew you two together in the first place. Your preference of being alone may seem a bit antisocial to some people, but it’s a dream come true for Amajiki. He would much rather spend time with you one on one than be dragged out to a crowed place.
Amajiki understands what it’s like to be sensitive. He’s often a victim of his emotions, and the smallest little comments can shatter his self-confidence. Because of this, he really admires the fact that you’re trying to get better at not letting your emotions get the best of you. He also understands what it’s like to only want to talk with people you’re comfortable with. He only has a very small group of friends that make him feel safe enough to open up. His deepest wish is that he can become someone you can trust to be yourself around.
The last thing Amajiki would ever do is say he’s better than anyone else, so you don’t have to worry about that. His self-esteem issues would prevent him from even thinking something so egotistical, let alone acting on it. However, he can be brave when he needs to, he’s a hero after all, so he’ll make sure to tell off anyone who starts acting like a jerk around you. One thing you should be careful of is being too blunt with Amajiki. Like you, he’s sensitive and will take even the slightest criticisms to heart. Feel free to be as honest as you want about all the things you love about him though! It’s so cute when he gets flustered!
Amajiki never really believed in love at first sight until he saw you and thought you were so cute that he got really nervous and ended up with a stomach ache. He’d never forget that moment. He’d noticed you sitting in the grass at the park where he was patrolling, drawing pictures of the scenery around you. You had seemed so content, existing in your own little world as your hand moved across the sketchbook propped up on your lap.
The mood was ruined when another guy walked over suddenly and started to pester you. You politely tried to dismiss him, but the man was persistent. Amajiki’s protective instincts kick in and he goes over to get rid of the creeper. Afterwards, when you stand up to thank him, the poor guy gets so flustered he can hardly think straight. He can’t help but notice the difference in your height, and it gives him the strangest urge to wrap you up in his arms. He manages to mumble something about liking your drawing, and your shy smile makes him feel like he might actually faint.
Things had come a long way since that day. He’d somehow managed to ask you out, and after a while you two even got a small apartment together. He still loved being a hero, of course, but that did not stop him from looking forward to coming home to you every day. He even had some of your artwork hung up in frames on the walls of his agency just to have a reminder of you. It cheered him up whenever he was having a particularly uncomfortable day. His birthday, for example. He knew everyone meant well, but all the attention just made him feel stressed. This year, he’d even chosen to cut out of work a little early to escape.
“Tamaki?” You had been expecting him to come home a jittery mess, but not for a couple hours. Amajiki heads straight for you after walking in the door, pulling you into his arms and bending down to hide his face in your neck. “I guess today was as bad as you thought, huh?” You reach up and rub the back of his head soothingly. He sighs and allows the tension to leave his body.
“So, birthday boy,” You say once he seems to have calmed down enough, “Do you want to open your present now or after dinner? We can order take out from wherever you want.”
Amajiki was so thankful that you didn’t insist on going out to meet anyone. His idea of the perfect birthday was spending a relaxing evening at home. “I’m not too hungry yet,” he says and you nod in understanding. You tell him to go sit on the couch while you fish out the long flat box you’d hidden in one of the cupboards.
“What is it?” Amajiki asks once you’re curled up next to him on the couch.
“You have to open it to find out,” you say with a grin. He laughs nervously while pulling the lid off the box. He pushes the tissue paper to the side and smiles bashfully once he sees what’s inside. You had drawn the park where you’d first met, only with a handful of butterflies drifting peacefully throughout the scene. Amajiki really loved butterflies and was moved that you’d remembered.
“Thank you so much,” his voice was shaking with emotion.
“No need to thank me,” you reach over and grab his hand. “I’m glad you like it. Happy birthday.”
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thoughtdreamer · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
It's been a while since I've posted on this baby, but I'm still alive and the poetry is still flowing like the pouring rain from the Beautiful cloud cover we have today. 😊💖 ... #livebywords #god #rain #crearivity #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunityofinstagram #writer #writers #creativewriting #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #writersunite #poetrysociety #lovewriting #writeordie #writtenword #freethepoet #words #spiltink #writing #write #wordporn #poetryisnotdead #poetryinmotion #igpoets #igpoems #igwriters https://ift.tt/32ltkFl
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thesparkleslugs · 5 months ago
(Whispers) Jon Favreau is a good businessman and i'm not discrediting his success but the thing is...isnt a very good writer...
His writing has a lot of simplicity and the nuance of Bobas character in TBOBF most of the time has derrived directly from Temuera Morrison's performance and additions to the character.
It sucks beacuse Boba in the Mandalorian in a lot of ways feels like Boba in TBOBF, beacuse you can see just how much Tem understands and respects this character, but the writing for his own show wreaks of Jon Favreau's weakest abilities. The best parts of the show are when Boba is left to just develop himself. When Tem is allowed to explore the character without the restraints of the plot.
I don't want to insult Favreau, beacuse hes not a bad guy i just dont think he's a good writer or show runner. I think hes better at being the buisnessman then the crearive force. And TBOBF for all of what I like about it, is beacuse of Tem. Not beacuse of Favreau. As a writer hes simply not taleneted enough to handle subtlety and nuance without falling into predictable and more goody toned outcomes to resolve situations.
I don’t think we can really lay the blame at Fravreau or even Filoni‘s feet. I don’t think the show we have gotten is NOT the show they intended to make.
Just based on comments in interviews (BOBF was called “gritty“ and Boba was described as “all killer no filler”) and Boba’s characterization in Mando, I think they were forced to take the show in a different direction than they intended. I feel like they were told what they planned was too dark, and Boba wouldn’t be “likeable” or he would be too much like Din. It sure would explain a whole lot of things. Like the strange characterization, and the disjointed plot and pacing.
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tkscrolls · 11 months ago
I wonder what Twitter and Tumblr think will happen now that they've gone mask off in regards to monetizing their userbase.
I love tumblr, I've been here since 2013/14. But I would absolutely delete and leave this website for something else.
I don't even like Twitter so that would be no real loss for me.
I'm a writer. I write fanfic and original content. All I need is social media/hosting to share my work. I can get that for free from anywhere.
I think these websites, Twitter especially, have gotten greedy and desperate.
It only took tiktok 5 years to turn into what it is now.
How long do you think it'll take other social media to pop off after the mass exodus of users leave Twitter because they don't believe they have a right to sell their tweets and images to vultures like buzzfeed?
Tumblr is already thought of as dead by other social media. How long do you think it'll take us to kill it once we leave/Adobe and Disney come for their asses over paywalls on copyrighted material (fanart/fanfiction)?
This won't be like the porn ban and the Purge that followed.
This won't be like YouTube putting ads om everything and creating a premium site to get rid of them.
What got Twitter to what is now is that early Scandal fandom, fandom and artists and crearives in general. Do they think ppl will stick around when its only "thought leaders" and politicians left.
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unknown-authoress · 4 years ago
Tagged by the lovely @littlemulattokitten
1. How many works in progress do you currently have?
Hahahaha so many and so many ideas for new ones and I want to avoid them all at the minute for some reason.
2. Do you/would you write fanfiction?
Yes, though not that well.
3. Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?
I much prefer paper, because I like the weight in my hand and being able to see how close I am to the end, but I have a Kindle and I do love being able to just take it to class with my in case I’m early and need to read for a bit.
4. When did you start writing?
Jeeeeez. I know I wrote a very long story about Florence Nightingale when I was like 9 ish, but I don’t know when o started really. I think I always have been coming up with stories, even if I haven’t written them down.
5. Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
I am very lucky to have a friend I can send anything to, so she gets literally everything I bother to type up, and I would trust people on here, I just feel awkward asking them to read it because they might hate it and then hate me. Brain weasels.
6. Where is your favourite place to write?
It used to be in bed, and still is, but I’ve had to get used to writing anywhere thanks to uni.
7. Favorite childhood book?
Oh gosh, I don’t know. Maybe “Black Beauty’s Son”? Or the Narnia series? There’s been so many that I’ve loved that I don’t know if I can pick a favourite from childhood.
8. Writing for fun or publication?
Entirely for fun. I am not good enough for publication.
9. Pen and paper or computer?
For fiction, or creative essays, I hand write. I have to, for some reason, because the ideas come easier that way. And it makes my brain happier to see a physical number of pages that I’ve covered. Then I type it up and cry because it isn’t as long as it looked. For essays for classes, I have to type them up from the beginning, though I do all my notes and research by hand.
10. Have you ever taken any writing classes?
Yes, I’m currently doing a joint honours English and Creative Writing undergraduate degree that I will have graduated from in June. The number of crearive writing classes is very disproportionate however, which is annoying.
11. What inspires you to write?
Nothing? I think? I see a prompt and want to write it, or I have a dream and write it, but I can’t think of anything consistent that inspires me. Except deadlines for class.
Again, I’m on mobile, so please just consider yourself tagged and go forth and spread the questioning.
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laurenversino · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
This is an old screen print from college. Looking at it now it's very backwards. I made this/wrote this during a time that was very monumental in my life. I was going to therapy for something very traumatic that happened to me, and after a wile, I spent my hours in therapy talking about about how the people around me couldn't hear calling to them for help, and less about the actual thing that hurt me. It was something that shocked me to learn about those around me. It's why I'm as candid as I am online, and in my work about my feelings. I can see, speak and hear. I'm surprised a lot of people aren't capable of this. It's not necessarily their fault, but, that doesn't help people who need to be heard. I was SCREAMING, I was point blank asking for help for people to listen to me. I was literally met with 'oh you need to talk to your therapist about that' 'we shouldn't talk about such dreary things' 'I don't know what you want from me.' - people like to think that we're all knowing owls, and honestly most the time we're not. it's painful. ⠀ .⠀ #screenprint #art #style #mentalhealth #college #owl #selfhelp #redefine #red #poem #fashion #beauty #selfie #portait #artistportaite #weridoart #writing #crearive #chicago #chicagoartist #animal #designer #type #fashion #growingup #potd #girl #punk #chicks https://ift.tt/2KR3Rgb
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