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✧*:・゚Rainy Summer Days *:・゚✧
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gojosattoru · 10 months ago
🌹 ⭐️ ❤️ APPRECIATION POST! ❤️ ⭐️ 🌹
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Heya guys!! I felt like in creating a appreciation post of the majority of my favs blogs that everyday brings me a huge smile to my face and bless my eyes and soul for creating and sharing so many awesome posts!! I love you all you deserve all the best and I’m always sending you all my love and great vibes! Please continue being my lil sweet stars that shine bright on my life!! I really appreciate everything we share, talk and all the years being with me (some of my oldies like me) haha XD Stay safe and well my darlings!! *hugs you all real tight*❤️❤️❤️❤️~
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tanchirou · 11 months ago
tanchirou’s coloring tutorial
Tumblr media
hello!! i was asked to make a tutorial showing how i color a while ago, so here it is! i’m honestly not the best at explaining at all so i’m very sorry if i lose you somewhere along the way ;; you can always come ask me to clarify anything, my dms are open to everyone :) 
also a quick disclaimer: this tutorial will only be focused on coloring, so i won’t be showing you how to redraw lineart. however if you are interested in what programs i use, i use clip studio paint to redraw and photoshop to color 
besides this tutorial, i also want to link some others that are great for tips & learning!!
katsuke’s coloring tutorial
sugawara’s coloring tutorial 
dicennio’s coloring tutorial
and without further ado, let’s go goooo
since coloring given is therapeutic for me, i’ll be using this manga cap for the tutorial: 
Tumblr media
first step: render, sharpening, psd
take your image, resize and sharpen accordingly to your liking! even though i have a lineart here, it is something that i have gotten into very recently and i have been able to achieve nice results in the past even without it. 
some tips: 
i find it easiest to use the pen tool to erase any background or redraw any lines. the eraser is also helpful for places that are harder to cut out.
play around with the levels adjustment before coloring. this can make your edit look sharper and cleaner if regular sharpening doesn’t do the trick.
if i ever need to clean something on normal mangacaps, i make a new layer above and then color it with a white brush like so: 
Tumblr media
i always like to add my psd before i start coloring, and simply make final adjustments with it later on (but this comes down to personal preferences as well). i have a psd that i’ve made for manga colorings, so the first thing i’ll do is just slap it on top of my panel 
Tumblr media
after adding my psd: 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
second step: base colors
fill in your base colors! when looking for what colors i want to use, i usually look for the character’s anime pictures as a reference. for mafuyu, i chose this picture
Tumblr media
all my layers are set on top of the lineart as multiply. this is how my edit looks after filling in the base colors: 
Tumblr media
if at any point you don’t like how a certain color comes out, use the hue/saturation tool to adjust it!!
use a new layer for everything (eyes, hair, skin, etc.) so that it’s easy to fix if you ever need to go back
Tumblr media
third step: shadows and blush
add your shadings! 
i’m pretty amateur with this, but usually i try to imagine where the light source might be coming from and shade in the part where it seems like the light wouldn’t hit. for this picture, i imagined that the light will be coming from the right side of mafuyu’s face, so everything on the left side will be darker. this process definitely comes more intuitively after a while, so practice lots!
i like to set my shading as multiply on top of my base colors on 50% opacity
use the smudge and/or blur tool for a softer effect on the shading and to blend it nicely with the skin
Tumblr media
i also pay close attention to the areas under the hair, neck and around the ears. using the same color that i did for the first shading, i will create a new layer, set is as multiply on 50% opacity, and shade in those parts as well. i won’t take the extra step of blurring it with the rest of the skin this time
Tumblr media
next, using a pink color, i’ll color in the cheeks and mouth using a softer brush
Tumblr media
fourth step: lighting
 using a pastel color that matches the background, i’ll shade the right side of mafuyu’s hair to make it brighter (again, that’s where i imagine the light will be hitting him). this layer is set to soft light. 
Tumblr media
then to change the color of the lineart and make everything bright and pretty in general, i’ll choose a dark red color and set it to screen on top of everything else. 
some tips:
you can try to see what colors work for you on your own edit by using the hues/saturation tool again. aside from red, i saw that orange and brown are also nice to color with
you can also try and set it to lighten instead of screen to see what kinds of effects you can get. go with whichever one you like more
Tumblr media
fifth step: extra effects
this part is really fun for me and also gives me a chance to explore my creativity a lot! here i’ll add highlight to his hair wherever i want, to his face, eyes, etc. all of these are done with either the pen tool or the brush tool set at size 1. 
the modes that i like to play with the most for this is either soft light or overlay 
if you’ve ever seen me stream my colorings in the DailyAnime discord, you would see that i always use a looot of layers to experiment with things. so honestly just go wild with your colors!! don’t limit yourself!! :’)
Tumblr media
lastly, i’ll be adding any extra things that i want such as speech bubbles and sparkles in his hair. i will also add some noise to the skin and the hair to make it look nicer too. here’s the final product 
Tumblr media
aaannnddd..... that’s basically it! i use the exact same coloring method for posts like these (x), (x), (x). hopefully this tutorial is able to help at least one of you! ^^
(and a quick thank you to narumii @narumii-chan, zebra @reddriot​ and jaime @itsyuurikatsuki​ for helping me look over this tutorial ♡ love you all sm )
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anjizu · 11 months ago
content creator: year in review
Tagged by @shiruba-tsuki & @gojosattoru Thank you so much!
1. First creation and most recent creation of 2020: First: Pina from Beastars Last edit of 2020: knb xmas chibis
2. One of your favorite creations from 2020: I really love how I’ve used different typography and colouring in this particular graphic featuring Aomine & Kagami from knb!
3. A creation you’re really proud of:  I haven’t colured manga panels in a long time and I decided to challenge myself (not that I’m any good) with this graphic for aokaga day 2020.
4. New style you tried this year and a gifset that uses it: I don’t really make gifs (I lack confidence) but I did go all out and try something different on a series of graphics I made featuring Aomine & Kagami from knb: here & here
5. A creation that took you forever: This graphic for Kagami Taiga’s birthday had me pulling my hair out for a while, because I had zero inspiration at the time- I did however finish before the actual date it was due to be published in aokaga month 2020!
6. Your creation from 2020 that received the most notes: This manga clean and re-colour of room 701 canines from Beastars, which has over 6k notes! 👀
7. A creation you think deserved more notes: Hmmm, I don’t really make graphics to get notes, but if I had to pick one creation that didn’t get a lot of interest was this one I did for valentines day of animate cafe 2020 ft. knb chara chibis. The reason being is that I think its adorable and I cleaned the illustrations of text and made my own background!
8. Creation with a favorite scene/quote: I think this question does not apply to me as I’m not a gif maker, but my graphics are usually character related.
9. A new fandom you joined and a creation you made for it:  Latest fandom of 2020 is Jujutsu Kaisen and my first graphic I made was MAPPA showcase 2020 10. A creation you made that breaks your heart: Again a question that doesn’t apply to me really?
11. A ‘simple’ creation that you really love: I really enjoyed playing with backgrounds and colours for this graphic of DaiHaru from Fugou Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED
12. A creation that was inspired by another one (add both your creation and the one that inspired it!): I try to keep to my own style when I make graphics and because my edits are mainly character focused-  This aokaga graphic I took inspiration from this tutorial on how to create lineart.
13. A favorite creation created by someone else:  I can’t pick just one, but some of my fave creations by others: Given by @koujis, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke & Aomine Daiki by @runwiththewind, Jujutsu Kaisen by @gojosattoru, Jujutsu Kaisen by @sstarphase, Gojou Satoru by @sukerokus, Daisuke Kambe x Vogue by @toukatan, Kagami Taiga by @kawaiinohime, Fruits Basket by @shizukku & Beastars by @haruicchi
14. Some of your favorite content creators from the year: off the top of my head: @gojosattoru @shiruba-tsuki @hanae-ichihara @inahochi @shizukku @sukerokus @rubydragon16 @runwiththewind @frailuta @mafuyuh @kurozero @keiko-chan @yuuki-ko @kilruas @beekugou @sstarphase @x0401x @koujis @alice-chan-chan @prince-rivailles @haru-kaas @fyodcrs @25th @space--cowboys @p-irozhki @kurahara @haruicchi @yonae @yyh @ridleey @vyctornikiforov @naotarou @ianime0 @koutawoo @ravenliz @magzineho @narumii-chan @n5fw @lux-rosea @senjutobiirama @serizawazs @kuruisu @kuzuyami @ydotome @kirei-na-jinsei  @tanchirou  @noxdivina   (there is probably a lot more because I reblog so often and so I take note on the creator I reblog from often)
15. And for good measure, another a couple more creations of yours that you love: Jujutsu Kaisen x Pasela Collaboration,  Fugou Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED  ’ Tis the season, knb special moves chibis,  Fugou Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED SPOON 2Di.65,  Lougosi, knb rpg
Gosh! This took forever to do! I really enjoyed it tho.
Tagging: Anyone above who hasn’t already done it and/or is interested in doing this
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invmaki · 7 months ago
Create a fantasy design of yourself!
tagged by @nagisa-cchi thank you narumii!!
Tumblr media
tagging @sukunalogy​ @todorokishou​ @eremikas​ @narukage @sosoukoku​ @itadorii-yuuji​ @akhermans​ @tokoyammi​ and everyone who wants to do this​
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spike-spiegels · 11 months ago
💌send this to the twelve nicest people you know or who seem to have a good heart and if you get five back you must be pretty awesome💌
Aw, thank you Narumii 🥰 Also, I am in LOVE with all your edits! Everything you create is just so adorable and such an inspiration 💕
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anisource · 5 months ago
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✧・゚:*U.A. New Year's Festival*:・゚✧
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