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Friends who are paying for Adobe Creative Cloud! You could potentially save some money! I am now taking classes, so I wanted to switch my subscription to a student plan/price. However, there are no easy avenues to do so. I got so fed up, I went to cancel my plan entirely so I could start fresh buying a student plan. When I went to confirm the cancellation, they introduced some deals! I’m now paying $30 per month instead of $53 per month just because I tried to cancel.

I should still try for the $20 per month student, but for right now, I am fed up with their lack of customer service and am at least getting some sort of discount.

And if someone wanted to try their luck at signing up for a subscription and cancelling it to get the $0 for 60 days, and then cancel it, be my guest. Though this is not founded on anything - they could have certain things set up to protect against this, IDK.

Good luck!

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…collectionner des mots, les accrocher en moi, comme si c’étaient des haillons et que j’étais un clou, les abandonner à mon inconscient, comme on se débarrasserait de quelque chose, et puis se réveiller, un matin terrible, pour trouver à mes côtés un poème déjà fait.

Alejandra Pizarnik, Journaux 1959-1971

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I have decided to try a Lightroom tutorial since they keep coming up when I search for Photoshop tutorials. The first one I tried was the one from the previous blog when I was trying to convert a photo negative to a positive photo. First, I installed the wrong Lightroom, apparently there is a Lightroom and a Lightroom Classic. Since I have never used Lightroom before and there was a new update in Creative Cloud I guess they made two. I installed Lightroom and nothing matched the tutorial and I was having all kinds of trouble finding the tools they were talking about. When I finally realized there were two, I uninstalled Lightroom and installed Lightroom Classic. Everything started to match up and I started finding the right tools. Because I took so long trying to figure out the first one, I was so tired I didn’t finish the tutorial, but I think everything is better with this one so I will finish this tutorial later.

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In this Blender 2.8 Tutorial we will look at the workflow for creating and moving a 3D Character from Adobe Fuse to Mixamo to Blender. There will be 3 examples, one with a generic character sent to Mixamo without a rig, one generic character with a rig, then to Blender, and another created in Adobe Fuse and uploaded to Mixamo.

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