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“Why is it?

I can’t speak

can’t look you in the eye

A half distinguished smile

To pass the momentsby

Crooked Smiles to pass the moments

Empty words to fill the silence

I can’t help but feel

This life I’m living in isn’t real”

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Empty your mind, heal your brain.
I just want to feel normal again.

All feelings are valid.
Some stronger than others.

How do I make them go away?
I try to feel them with each passing day.

Does it…

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What I’ll do:

  • Fuck/Marry/Kill
  • Make Me Choose
  • M.A.S.H
  • Ships

My rules:

My only rules really pertain to the ships

For collage ships

  1. Send in for only groups I know, and only 1 group at a time
  2. Don’t forget your selfie
  3. Bullet point style drabble included
  4. I also do non-ship collage’s upon request

For horoscope ships

  1. ONLY 3 BIASES - singular people not the whole group
  2. Don’t forget to put your biases
  3. I’ll do any member of any group. If the member isn’t from a group listed below add the group’s name so I know if I’m doing the right person
  4. Don’t forget your sign


  1. Send in your top 4 biases
  2. They can be from any group (listed or unlisted)
  3. Don’t forget to put a lucky number 1-10

Groups I create for:


Exo / Got7 / iKON / BigBang / BTS / Monsta X / Block B / Winner / Fanxy Child / Stray Kids / SHINee (out of respect I will not create for Jonghyun)


Red Velvet / Twice / Black Pink / F(x) / CLC / Exid / Momoland / LOONA / Solo (Hyuna, CL, Minzy, Heize, Lee Hi) / (G)I-dle / ITZY

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Why is it

that humans, alone,

are conscious and aware,

unlike any tiger, sparrow, or reef,

if not to seek out that place.


if not to seek out that thing.


if not to seek out that transformation,

crossing the abyss.

we are in fact

manifestations of the noeumenal

and the phenomenal universe.

given the gift of consciousness

so that we may know ourselves

beyond the illusion

of the individual.

and understand

that we are the same

as the filth beneath our feet

and the stars in our eyes.

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bc I love myself I will push myself to engage in my hobbies bc I absolutely cannot ever lose these two things again. Can’t let other ruin these things. my art, my creativity… they belong to ME first and foremost!!!

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I had been planning on drawing more of my characters, but inspiration took me a slightly different way…

So here’s the fanart that I stayed up til one in the morning drawing


I watched this show for the first time two weeks ago and cant get it out of my head 🤷 now that I’ve done the creativity twins I might have to do the rest (Tho I really just need to do school).

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It is not my fault for trusting you. It’s your fault for breaking that trust. It’s not my fault for defending you. It’s your fault for giving yourself the need to be defended. I stayed at home, worried about you, while you were with other people forgetting about me. And it’s not my fault. I shouldn’t have trusted you, but that’s hindsight. You shouldn’t have broken my trust, and that’s your wrongdoing. You, on your own, destroyed everything we had. I will not be blamed. It’s not my fault.

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