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#creative writing prompt
mydearestwriter · an hour ago
I am painful, and I am beautiful. Touching me makes you bleed and looking at me makes you weep with love.
You don't have to tell me you love me, I already know. And I also already know that you'll never mean it fully.
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ank-writes · an hour ago
"Not too sure what I would do with it. Barely have room in the flat to walk around anyway."
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esperosisdoeswriting · 3 hours ago
Hero and villain undercover at a nightclub.
Prompt #174
The music was pounding, and [Hero] could feel the beat in their bones as lights flashed neon colors all around them. [Hero] hated these kinds of places, dark and full of rapidly moving bodies, anything could happen and nobody would be the wiser until it was too late.
"Did you spot them yet?" [Villain] yelled as quietly as they could into [Hero]'s ear. Did they mention they hated that fact you couldn't even hear yourself think in these clubs?
"No." [Hero] yelled back, scanning the balcony for [Super Villain], "Are you sure we'll even be able to find them? I know they own the club and all, but-"
"We'll find them." [Villain] assured [Hero] as the song finally ended, almost instantly switching to another bass-booming barely recognizable version of a famous pop song. [Hero] sipped their drink as [Villain] eyed them.
"You're drinking."
"I have to look natural. Besides, it's just the one, so my breath smells."
"Whatever you say." [Villain] shrugged, and [Hero] gave them a dirty look. Well, at least there was one thing they could enjoy about this place, the fact they didn't have to bear it completely sober.
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“In God We Trust” Day & Chemists Celebrate the Earth Day & International Mother Earth Day & Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Person A is a chemist who has found the proof of a god-like entity, but it seems to be malevolent at best and intent on destroying humanity through it’s efforts. Person B is their kid who Person A wants to create a better future for (hence why they went into a science field), and Person A decides to try to reach out to the entity to try to get it to keep their child safe, even if it kills everyone else.
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Prompt #688
"You're always acting like I'm so in love with you."
"Aren't you?"
"That doesn't matter."
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josephinegerardywriter · 6 hours ago
“It has always been here. You just never looked.”
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josephinegerardywriter · 6 hours ago
"You don’t need to believe me, just trust me."
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Deep Water Prompt #2222
If you have to enter the forest, you must sing the entire time. It’s the only thing that works to keep them away.
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writingpromptsandjunk · 7 hours ago
“Nero is a woman wholeheartedly lives her life in pursuit of love, beauty and happiness. That smile radiates so much purity and if you do anything to make it so much as curl into a frown I'll hunt you down to the ends of the Earth.”
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evewritingprompts · 9 hours ago
She went into the station, bomb in hand. The bomb that tried to kill her a few minutes ago.
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tatersgonnatate · 10 hours ago
Someone give me a writing prompt. It can be pretty damn near anything/any pairing. I just need a push to get me typing again.
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nuttynutcycle · 11 hours ago
Prompt 175
“The mall will be closing in thirty minutes-” there was a loud crackle from the loudspeakers, causing customers to stop and cover their ears tightly.
“Did that get your attention?” Villain’s voice echoed through the suddenly silent building. “The mall might be closing in thirty minutes, but my bomb is going off in three.” A hint of amusement crept into their tone. “Don’t forget to trample the elderly on your way out.”
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Writing Prompt #1557
I shot out of bed with a gasp, sweat trickling down the sides of my face.
No, no, no, no, no.
The dreams weren’t supposed to come back, we had fixed everything, everything was fine, everything was—
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leaps-of-imagination · 14 hours ago
Writing Prompt #2091
The train screeched to a halt and the conductor hollered out the window, "What in the hell do you think you're doing?"
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Person A is struggling financially and decides to get a job as a sewage worker, but gets wiped away accidentally, and meets Person B+, a group of aquatic humans who live in the sewers, who help Person A get back to the surface, but who become curious about Person A and keep visiting them at their job in the sewers.
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amethystpath-writes · a day ago
"To Clinging to Which We Cannot Have”
“I cling to which I cannot have. I seek for the stars, too far out of my reach. For the full moon, too bright for my dark eyes.” Villain sighed and raked a hand through his hair, tossing his pen onto the desk. It flipped several times, making a clanking sound which he despised- made his head ache more than it already had before as he stared at his useless scribbles.
“Sounds good to me.” Villain nearly fell out of his seat. The pen, which had been innocently tossed on the desk, was now in the air, and falling towards the floor. Hero caught it with mere ease. “Didn’t realize you were that invested in your writing.”
For once, Villain wasn’t prepared at all. This was the only time he didn’t have the upper-hand when in opposition with Hero. Of course, this was Villain’s home, which should have meant everything- should have been an easy declaration of the victor. Hero didn’t know this home inside and out, but she did have every amount of preparation and predictability. Who knew how long Hero had to figure out the whole floorplan? So far, however, Hero hadn’t made any serious advancements.
Villain regained himself, picking up the crystal glass on his right and standing from his cushioned desk chair. “Writing is my life.”
“I thought you lived a life of crime, not...literature.”
“They go hand-in-hand,” Villain told her, twirling his glass. He needed more of that amber liquor in his glass, but it would just have to wait, wouldn’t it? “There is no story without conflict, so what is life without crime?” He smiled at Hero before tipping the last drop of alcohol back onto his tongue. “The two co-exist.”
“Quite the author,” Hero remarked. The two circled one another in a lazy circle.
“Weren’t you paying attention, you dunce rat? My writing skills are meek. I’m observative, and I note those observations in a...a mediocre way- that’s all I’m capable of doing.”
Having switched places with Villain, Hero sat in the chair by the desk while Villain meandered around his very own study, anticipating what the hero’s plan could be. At least he was closer to his much-desired alcohol now.
“I’m curious,” Hero said, “why you have so little confidence in this”- she gestured to the scattered papers on the polished desk- “when you are so egotistical about everything else. Have I finally found your weakness?”
Villain chuckled, a stale flavor in his throat. “If you can manage to exploit me through my writing, then go ahead and try. It’s all right there in front of you.”
“What if I didn’t exploit you and said instead that I thought your writing was beautiful?”
The liquor cabinet was only steps away. “I believe you already tried flattering me,” Villain said, hand impatiently reaching towards the cabinet for a great big bottle.
“Maybe I’ll keep trying. It’s not often I meet another writer, at least not one so adept at poetry- even if you are a criminal.”
With a hum, Villain mumbled, “Adept.” His eyes twinkled as he poured several gulps worth of alcohol into his glass. “And how do you find your own writing?”
“I think you should be the judge of it.”
“Do you think that will stop my crime-doing- reading whatever you despise of your own?”
Hero shrugged. “I know I can’t stop you from anything, but if I can encourage you to do something else in its stead, then I will.”
Villain chewed on his lip, eyes squinted as he took in Hero’s posture; lazy, careless, arrogant. Usually arrogance was strict and poised, but Villain knew better than that. He knew Hero. “What are you proposing here?” He sipped his drink, awaiting an answer.
“Nothing. Just a distraction.” Hero placed both feet square on the floor and leaned forward, elbows on her knees, one hand holding her face. “I’m exhausted with the fighting, and if crime is a part of life as you say, why shouldn’t I spend my free-time with a criminal author? I’d like to see the mastermind behind the masterpiece.”
Smiling, Villain held his glass up in cheers. “To crime,” he said, to which Hero held up the pen she caught before.
“To clinging to which we cannot have, Villain.”
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ank-writes · a day ago
“You know it freaks him out to be here again.” “This is not my fault! I very clearly told him to follow me here!”
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Big Word Day & Keep Off the Grass Day & National Tea Day & Thank You for Libraries Day & World Creativity and Innovation Day
Person A likes to keep a dictionary/bookshelf in their kitchen, that they pick a word (or book) from every morning and design a meal or drink or snack or etc. based off. Person B is a friend of a friend who after finding out Person A did this, starts coming over every day to try Person A’s newest concoction. Person A used to find Person B annoying, since Person A prefers to live like a hermit. But Person B started bringing them gifts based on their interests that are pretty thoughtful so Person A has begun accepting their company.
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Please, can you continue the prompt where the villain takes hero out to dinner after hero rescues them?
I sure can! Hope you enjoy!
Continuation of Prompt #164  Original
"How's your food?" [Villain] gazed at [Hero] as they ate another bite of their perfectly cooked steak.
"It's amazing. I have to come here more often." [Hero] smiled as they enjoyed their meal. [Villain] smiled dreamily at their [Hero], glad that their extra steps to bribe the wait staff and replace the restaurant chefs with their own paid off.
"We can go together." [Villain] smiled.
"I... Look [Villain], you're gorgeous and all its just, well... I'm a hero, you're a villain..."
"That's not at all relevant; many hero/villain couples work, for instance [Other Hero] and [Other Villain]! They have three kids." [Villain] waved off their concerns.
"I realize that, but..."
"Why not give it a chance? What's the worst that could happen? A couple bad dates? Some hard feelings? You're breaking my heart here already over, not even considering giving me the time of day!" [Villain] cried as they let their face show their despair before slipping back into an easy smile, "Another date or two couldn't hurt. Why don't we just see how this goes?"
"I suppose." [Hero] frowned, "But you're not going to blow anything up if I call this off... will you?"
"Of course not! I just want to love you." [Villain] replied. They would show [Hero] how much they cared, and [Hero] would return their affections. They had everything all figured out.
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