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#creative wrting
liilblondie · 6 days ago
I didn’t know I would keep her so dear to my heart for so long
Sure, it took some tome before I realized that it was her all her, but wow six years. That is a long time to keep a secret. 
Now, I sit here weak and rotten. It was what I wanted. To them to see me for who I am. To see how big my heart truly is and now you can see it beat slowly under my ribs while I die.
This is my protection from their eternal hatred. 
If I work hard enough maybe, just maybe, someone will see me and then maybe all the voices and the noice will stop. I don’t have the strength to survive on my own but her protection comes with a price that I don’t have the strength to pay anymore.
I’m not afraid to die.
The creation that is my life is not beautiful. I am the monster in my own horror film. It’s my innermost illusions that created me and everything that lies inside.
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jazzy-writes · 17 days ago
Who’s your favorite character in one of your wips right now?
Clancy❤️ (Deleted Scenes) he’s absolutely adorable and honestly deserves so much better. He’s the stable one (when he’s not being petty) and when Iverson’s not parading around as the narcissistic leader of the group he steps in and actually makes sure everyone’s having fun. Also him being a plant dad makes me so happy ✨
Honorable mention: Claire, I just want to give her a hug.
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icebunnysworld · 19 days ago
How To Write the Bachelor Thesis! Bachelor-Thesis: Long Road ahead or closer than You think?
Tumblr media
It was a bit scary to be at first to be honest. I would have to submit the structure for my thesis within a short period of time, and I didn’t have a topic yet. I struggled to figure out what would interest me, simply put, what would float my boat. There was a huge choice of topics, and I started to write ideas down to paper. This is about two months ago, and looking back to these ideas, they seem ridiculous to me now. But they were all necessary for me to find out the topic that I would be writing about. 
It is a long journey that takes daily actions. Just a couple of days ago, I went through my introduction which I had rewritten over and over again. Also, I had the title written down, and it didn’t seem quite right to me. Whenever I thought  about sending my writing to my teacher, I felt uncomfortable, because it simply didn’t look like anything that I could be putting out there. I felt as if I needed to erase the whole thing and start all over again, with a different idea. I thought that all the days sitting at my desk, reading books on “how to”, researching, and writing, structuring and pondering around were all wasted. But when I figured that I only needed to move some wording around, the whole situation started to change. I felt as if I was closer to the result than I had thought at first.
I have half my introduction written now and am quite happy with my title and the structure of the introduction so far. However, the thing that bugs me is, that when I write freely, I don’t cite, which would be the next step of my journey. I then searched the literature, that I used in order to write my research question and my introduction. It comes in handy, to have saved everything prior, all the articles read (skimmed through) and pages opened (with the date last opened). I feel as if it is a bit of multitasking to read and focus on the text, when at the same time, to write down which thought came from where. But that is also all practice I guess.
“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” ― Lao Zi
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sophiaqiu73 · 21 days ago
Free Character
Name- Nyssa, eye color- Electric blue, Age- 15-17, hair color- ashy black, gender- female. Motivation- Failure and vengeance. Personality- bitter, vicious, calculating, and considerate. Flaws- Impulsive, secretive, and reckless. rudeness scale(1-10)- 6.4. Habits- looking up and shifting her weight. 
Other- She hates people touching her and touching people (other then the people she trust) Not easy to trust but when she does she will be your best friend.
feel free to us her if you want, I will be making more
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gaylerant · 22 days ago
I've done enough picking petals off flowers to know if you love me or not. If you loved me, you'd make sure I wouldn't have to question my worth.
excerpt from my book I’ll never write
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geckodoodlesinc · 25 days ago
Fic Commisions
I enjoy writing very much, but hardly ever have the incentive for it. I want to open commissions for the fandoms that I enjoy, but I’m afraid that this is some world of copyright infringement waiting to happen. To those of you who have experience in this department, I’d love to know your thoughts! EDIT: I could also possibly look into writing personal OCs :D
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curlynnxo · 25 days ago
A small circular band Made of precious yellow metal, Contains more than one gemstone, And is worth 12 karats.
It twinkles in the sunlight, More like danced, when exposed. It's quite luminescent, I suppose.
It's given with a promise, But connected with truth, A single lie discovered, Sent everything crumbling down.
You filled me with hop, And made me believe. You broke a promise, That shattered me.
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an-inkling27 · 29 days ago
Make me as the heavy raindrops, transform me into the cool and gentle breeze.
Fold my body and make me one with the ocean, for she is the greatest of these.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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strangersinpages · a month ago
you know what? I've never understood how can people hate someone that a person you love really cares about. I just can't make any sense of it because if you really do love that special person you would see that they are also special to them in a way and then you would probably not even be able to hate them, maybe get jealous of them but hatred and jealousy are completely different things. Because once you get to know them you see the reasons why they care about them so much and then start wishing that you could actually hate them.
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cynwritess · a month ago
Creating Villains
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if the story was told through the eyes of the villain, their actions and motives should be just as understandable as the hero’s. The only difference such be perspective and how far they are willing to go to achieve their goals. This is just my personal opinion, but I’ve stood by it since I started writing.
Figure out where your villain will draw the line. 
How far are they willing to go? Will they kill thousands? Will they harm children? Will they sacrifice their friends and allies? What won’t your villain do to achieve their goal? Heroes usually have morals and codes they follow to ensure they won’t fall down a dark path. Of course there are exceptions to the rules, but for the most part they’ll try to stuck to them. Villains on the other hand don’t usually care much for the rules. They create them and break them as they see fit. 
Look at the Darkling from Shadow and Bone for example. There’s seemingly no lines he wouldn’t cross. He blinded his own mother, he murdered children and the people who took care of Alina, turned Nikolai into one of his monsters, the list goes on and on and on. But then lets look at Victor Vale from Vicious. He wanted nothing more than to destroy Eli Ever no matter the cost, but when the life of a kid he took under his wing was in danger, he wasted no time jeopardizing his plan to save her. He refused to put her in harms way even if it meant his plans were now in shambles. Which actually brings me to my next point.  
Give them someone to care about. 
Unless your villain is running solo for whatever reason, in my personal opinion you need to give them someone to care for. It humanizes them and can even help you reader connect more because they see the villain isn’t heartless and doesn’t care for anyone or anything but themselves and their plans. The darkling still cared for his mother. He may have done horrible things to her, yet at the end of the day he cared for her. Victor Vale cared for Mitch and Sydney. Pekka Rollins cared for his son. At the end of the day, regardless of how their love is presented, most villains have love for someone in their life. It could even be a pet!
There has to be one person they absolutely would not sacrifice for their plans. There’s exceptions of course. Eli Ever is one villain I can think of that was willing to do absolutely anything and didn’t give a damn about anyone, but we see in the sequel to Vicious that companionship has never worked out in his favor. If you want to do this my advice is to tread carefully. You’ll need a carefully crafted backstory to support why your villain is the way they are, otherwise your readers may feel as if the buildup is bland. 
Also, the love your villain will have does not have to be necessarily good. Your villain may love the best way they know how, while still being toxic and dangerous at the end of the day. 
Give them a reason beyond tragedy.
Don’t get me wrong, yeah you can have a tragic backstory but at this point in time its usually with extremely overused tropes. I’m not saying don’t give them trauma, but there are other ways to craft a villain. They could be misguided or misinformed. Maybe its the only way they know how to survive. Maybe someone they love is in danger and this is the only way they know how to save them. Look into other ways to craft your villain. 
Are they okay with being the villain?
This is where I feel as if there’s a major difference between certain villains. Some will think they are doing something heroic whereas others know what they are doing is wrong. The Darkling didn’t think he was a villain, but he was perfectly fine with Alina seeing him that way. Victor Vale was the same way. But if we look at Luke Castellan, he thought he was a hero for attempting to bring back the Titans and resort to the old ways because of how the demi-gods were being treated. 
Is your villain fine with being recognized as a monster? Do they no longer care about the opinions of others, because they are certain what they are doing is justified?
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ismaelmansoor · a month ago
Gifts the world
You are unique,  Aye, thou art special, Then all good words will say, The metaphor encourage thee, To faith moving any mountain, Then all the sky will say, See? It is ye that gifts the world.
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gayleegonzales · a month ago
Tumblr media
Do you remember the very first time you fall in love?
Do you remember how happy you are whenever you see that person?
Do you remember how you easily gets nervous whenever you’re with that person?
Do you remember how it feels like when they told you that they like you too?
It feels great, right? Wishing that happiness would not end. First love give us that happiness that are indescribable. But, at certain point in our lives, we started growing up. Little by little, things started to change, and some people whom you thought will always be there to love you started to leave.
You then asked yourself “what’s going on”, “why are they leaving” and “am I not enough”. So many questions in mind but hardly enough to get an answer. The pain in your heart started surrounding you even more, you distance yourself from everyone and kept everything bottled up inside.
Until one day, you open up your heart and mind to everything around you and started to see a beautiful view that is unseen before. Loving people does not mean you will always be happy, there will be different circumstances along the way that may make you sad, hurt and mad. As what love gives is the strength to face everything, understand one another and forgive those who have hurt you.
The process is not easy, and there will still be time that it’s hard to step forward but always trust the process. One day, everything will fall into the right place and time. When everything is already right, you will feel it, for God will give you the right person who will love you unconditionally.
When that time comes along, you would then know that, “YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE TRULY”.
Why once? When you’ve had a lot of relationships?
Because it’s when you finally found the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. Come what may life brings, true love will always finds its’ way.
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thenchantresslove · a month ago
We are creating memory.
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an-inkling27 · a month ago
If you choose to strike me down I will not get up.
Tumblr media
Instead, I will become the salt of the Earth, ruining your Sunday bests and crippling your daydreams with thoughts of deep regret.
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mechloe-blog-da · a month ago
I used to write like a 4 year old.
Now I write like a 4 year old who knows basic punctuation
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krispytreenight · 2 months ago
I'm really inspired for Elisa Lam is amazing 
 i feel identify with her writing 
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jan3do3 · 2 months ago
New Short Horror Story
New short horror story I’ve worked on while I was at the mental hospital, got one more chapter to upload, give it a read! You’ll love it!
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an-inkling27 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What strange times we have lived to see, when we must feel shame and apologize for being merely human.
It is as if this flesh and this blood were tied to some great indiscretion, one that we were destined at birth to commit.
-H.L Laughlin
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