creativerogues · 5 months ago
1d20 Feywild Gifts...
You leave a trail of mushrooms in your footsteps.
You have thorns growing out of your skin where the bone is close to the surface.
You have long hooked fingernails.
You are always followed by birds and forest creatures, they deeply disapprove of most of your life choices.
You cause all creatures within five feet to hear faint whispers of bizarre and alien things.
You have the horns of a ram growing from your head.
You are always followed and surrounded by a low glittering mist.
Your eyes - pupils and irises - become entirely white.
You constantly surrounded by swarming butterflies.
You have flower petals for hair.
You can crudely mimic others, like a raven or a jackdaw.
You have mushrooms which grow out of any scars or wounds. They are psychedelic, of course.
You can sing like a bird almost perfectly.
You have golden or amber eyes.
You are covered in a sleek coat of fur, like a hunting hound or a deer.
You have seven-inch-long fingers.
You have pair of elegant and delicate butterfly wings. They are functionally useless and will require clothing to be specially tailored.
Your skin changes colour with mood, like an octopus or a chameleon.
You leave a trail of flowers, growing in your footsteps.
You have the tail of a fox and will require clothing to be specially tailored.
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thecreativecoalition · 3 years ago
Crowned by Dread and Cloaked by Woe
These items where once worn by an ancient queen who, from the humble beginnings of an orphan, ascended to be the ruler of the winter court and the queen of her homeland.
Dread, The Iron Crown:
This jagged crown of blackened iron was the sign of rule of the ancient queen.
Upon ascending the throne of winter the nature of that ancient queen changed irreversible and whover takes up her crown undergoes the same metamorphosis.
Fae nature: Vulnerability to Damage from Iron Weapons. When making a Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) Check to escape Magical or Non-Magical Bindings, you have Disadvantage on the Roll. You can cast Disguise Self at will, without expending a spell slot. No need to drink, eat or sleep.
With her ascent to power came this crown and soon it was feared by all who would stand against the queen.
Aura of Dread: When you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack as part of the Attack action, you can force the target to make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the target becomes frightened of you for 1 minute. The frightened creature can repeat this saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.
The ancient queen was known for always getting her due, even if it required the dead to march for her.
Rise and Serve: The wearer may cast True Resurrection upon a single target. This effect costs a number of charges depending on the size of the creature. (Fine costs 1 charge, Diminutive costs 2 charges, ... etc.) The Iron Crown gains 1d6 charges per long rest.
Woe, The Mantle of Dispair:
This mantle, once an deep black, is covered in the flags of beaten foes to the point that, the original color is almost indistinguishable while it's inside form the entrance to a void bereft of all light or warmth, an night sky without starts or moon.
Once the original enchantment on this mantle when it was granted, it grew in power with every flag added to it.
Magical resistance: Resistance to damage from magical sources. Advantage on Saving Throws against Spells of 3rd Level or lower.
Impress your will upon the world and craft an domain where even the gods have to bow to it's true ruler, and let out the endless void that can smother even the stars that resides in your soul.
Fall: Any enemy within a radius of 25ft centered around you must make a DC 14 constitution save or take 4d6 cold damage and be petrified. Success means the creature takes half damage and is not petrified. This ability can be activated once per new moon.
hope you have fun with this. Rogue and i made it as an celebration of his return. A cookie to whoever finds out from where i got this idea.
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2soulscollide · 4 months ago
- NameChef - Name Generator - Reedsy Generator - Fake Name Generator - Fantasy Name Generator - Baby Names - Baby Center
- Long Names List by @leafvy - Giant Name List by @serifsystem - Dark Academia Inspired Names by @victoriahazelnut - Dark Academia Inspired Names part II by @victoriahazelnut - Modern Names Similar to Constellations by @victoriahazelnut
- Personality Generator - Random Character Traits Generator by @lucalicatteart - Random Zodiac Sign Generator - Zodiac Generator
- 638 Personality Traits - Character Traits List with Examples - 800 Character Traits: The Ultimate List (+ How to Develop a Good Character Step-by-Step) - The Signs in a Relationship by @neo-wonderland - Character Flaws by @madswritess - A List of Character Quirks by @psychidion - Victorian Detective by @iamacuteapplepie - Little Quirks for Future Reference by @elvenwinters - Things your Character Might be Afraid of by @rpmemesbyarat - Masterlist of Characters’ Deepest Fears by @bailey-writes
- Kassoon Backstory Generator - Character Biography Generator - How to Write Compelling Character Backstories: Step-by-Step Guide - Childhood Memory Generator
-  33 Life Events For Your Character’s Backstory by @creativerogues - Important Life Events - Past Traumas by @blackacre13
>Goals & Motives
- Character Goal Generator - Character Motivation Generator - Motive Generator
- Secret Generator
- 300 Secrets for your Character by @crissverahelps - What Secret does your Character Keep? - 150 secrets/plots by @sunshineandtearph
- Appearence Generator - Portrait and Figure Drawing References
- Appearence Adjectives - Adjectives to Describe People 
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dailyadventureprompts · a year ago
I was wondering if you could do some random city job notices for the small adventurers guild of a somewhat medium sized city? My players are the adventurers guild and Ii feel kinda bad only having one or two job options for them each session. The town is a port town with a mine nearby that secretly leads to part of the underdark where a cult of the god of death and greed lives.
Tumblr media
Settlement: Drenmawr on the Water, The shining city of Hope
First impressions:  There is no sight quite like Drenmawr at dawn. From up atop the green hills that shelter the city, you can see the whole valley laid out before you, shrouded in the morning’s mist with only the crying birds, the tallest towers, and the smoke of chimneys breaking the haze.  Then as the sun rises in the horizon, the great citadel catches its light and begins to shine, and from there the whole city begins to resolve, like something out of a dream. Everyone deserves to see this at least once in their life, be they traveler, or Drenmawr local, as it is one of the great beauties of our age. 
-A wanderer’s guidebook to the cities of the basilisk coast, 6th edition
Background:  Drenmawr is a city built on hope, populated by a resilient people who saw their original home ( Drenmawr on the hill) destroyed in a climatic battle nearly two centuries ago. Rather than scattering to the winds and giving into despair, the survivors of that calamity banded together, and made a coordinated effort to move and rebuild their home, this time several dozen miles downriver in a place that could be better defended in times to come.    Drenmawr on the water has indeed weathered several more battles,  transforming from simple defensive fort to a prosperous trade settlement made rich by oceanic commerce and the mines in the surrounding hills. 
Today the city is known especially for its coppersmiths: producing everything from roofing tiles ( giving the city its distinctive shine), to jewelry, to some of the best cannons and churchbells along the coast. 
Adventure Hooks: 
Due to a climatic series of misadventures, the new bell that was supposed to grace the city’s largest temple to Pelor has ended up at the bottom of the channel separating the mainland portion of the city from its island counterpart.  The Foundry in question is VERY eager to retrieve their very expensive masterwork as otherwise they’ll be on the hook for its replacement, and are willing to hire a group of adventurers to go delving in the deep to do so. To complicate matters further, an avaricious merfolk has claimed the bell for his own with the intent of extorting those who come to retrieve it, and TECHNICLY by rites of salvage, it does belong to him. Will the party manage to pay the the waterfey’s odd and costly price, or will they steal the bell back, possibly incurring some kind of curse along the way? 
There’s always something going wrong in the ruins of old Drenmawr, monsters, bandits, a good old fashioned haunting. Since the new city was officially established, there has been a movement to divert some of its resources to the reestablishment of Drenmawr-on-the-Hill. Largely supported by those family's who still own land in the region, these resettlement attempts have repeatedly failed due to mismanagement, or the harsh resistance of whatever forces happen to be squatting in the ruins of the old city. THIS expedition is going to be different, swears the representative of the historical society: a delve into Old Drenmawr’s administrative buildings to recover documents of historical and architectural import. Surely the party can expect less resistance because of the lack of treasure inherent to the site, right? .... right? 
A booming mining trade means a prosperous sub industry of surveyers, panners, and prospectors combing through the region to find new veins, or exploring old, disused claims for signs of wealth yet to be uncovered. These subteranian explorers frequently need escort, as the wilds and manmade caverns they frequent are frequently the lair of some sort of vicious creature. 
Further Adventures: 
After a few expeditions into monster filled caves and abandoned mines, the party has made fast friends with a pair of gnomish brothers by the name of Umni and Jergim Brightseem. These fortune hunting geologists will talk your ear off about claim-rites and oxidization rates of the local strata for hours, but they pay well and have a knack for finding work that’s worth the risk.   One day however, Jergim comes to the party hat in hand. Umni has disappeared, taken by something while they were scouting out their next delve into a half collapsed mine known only as “ TheToll Pit” .. and he needs the party to mount a rescue,  this time without the promise of commission. 
Unbeknownst to the brothers, “The Toll Pit” was owned by Phinneas “Toll-Man” Tollard, a secret priest of Torag, the wormgod, who “mismanaged” the enterprise to extract the most profit while providing sacrifices to his patron. While working his employees like slaves,  he engineered frequent collapses, numerous attacks from underdark beasts, and a winding complex of tunnels that took months of effort and many lives for no reward. Though the mine is closed and Phinneas is long dead, his wealthy descendants still keep the faith, and will be displeased to learn that anyone is poking around their family’s secret sacrifice cave. 
A generation ago, When work dried up in several other local mines, Phinneas recruited every out of work wretch he could find, packed in as many as he could, then called upon his god to collapse the whole thing on top of them.  Dozens were crushed, with hundreds buried alive, and this sacrifice was strong enough to open a permanent portal into the undermark, calling an aspect of the wormgod himself to appear and feast on the trapped and hopeless workers.  Though the rite is long over, the crawling king’s passage still marks the Toll Pit, both in the multitude of scattered bones left over from his victims, and the numerous writhing beasts he left behind in his wake. Rescuing Umni is only the first step in delving this massive dungeon, one that waits to swallow the party should they go too far into the dark. 
For the Asker in question:  Honestly friend, don’t worry about coming up with too many “random” city adventure hooks. You’re a writer, not a computer algorithm, so focus on improving the quality of your adventures rather than the quantity of them.  Being part of the adventurers’ guild isn’t THE STORY for your group, it’s only the FRAMING DEVICE for the stories you’re CURRENTLY telling. The trick to making good random encounters isn’t just making MORE of them, it’s mastering the storytelling device of “ while your group was off doing random thing X, they got entangled in ongoing concern Y”.   If you’re looking for some randomness, I’d suggest maybe checking out @creativerogues‘s numerous tables, or the dndspeak blog, then using those as the framing device for whatever larger story you’d like to tell. 
Hope that helps!
Art Source: 
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drcreatureflix · 9 months ago
A List of random books to read in DnD
Some random books to fill store shelves while the wizard is calculating the prices of his spell scrolls and the bard is busy deciding on smut. Oh look, theres 20 of them so you can roll for them as well.
1. Malvandi’s Codex Gigantius (A book talking about the history of a god of monsters and the largest known creatures in the world. Partially based on something I am working on) 2. Court of Dragons (A history of the dragons within the nine hells) 3. Pennyfool’s guide of travelling meals (A halfing size cookbook about foraging and hunting food and about keeping costs of meals cheap while out adventuring) 4. Familiar Fruition and Folly (Guidelines for looking after familiars of all kinds)  5. Vorai’s Visual Artesty of the Arcane (A self help book for casters to help make spells feel unique with visual flair and improving their technique while improving themselves) 6. Uracks Buuk of Hitting Stuff, sixth edition (A best selling book about the art of war by a fairly new ork author) 7. Within Fortune’s Favour (A rachy tale of a preist of Avandra being seduced by a domineering baron) 8. A Helpful guide of Necromancy, third edition (A more simplistic guide for beginning casters wishing to learn nercomancy, weirdly banned in many cities) 9. Understanding Abberations with Sindril (A history of the emergence of abberations in the mortal plane and breakdown of their cultures and language, requires three eyes minimum or psionic understanding to read) 10. The Fungus Amongus (Another halfing cookbook about culviatating roots and fungi for brews and stews,) 11. In the Mirrors of the Raven (A supposedly non-fiction telling of an adventurer’s time within the Raven Queen’s Palace) 12. The Wicked thorns of Misteltoe (A fictional story of a god falling in love with a mortal that is fated to be their death, quite popular with the younger generations) 13. Beside Drakes, second edition (A guide of raising dragons and realising them into the wild, all editions and copies weirdly always seemed charred alittle) 14. Curses and Me (A self-help book about living with curses and eventually breaking them, popular with those that travel the planes alot) 15. Arcane under Hammer and Anvil: An Advanced Dissection of spell crafting (A large tome for more advanced casters that wish to craft their own spells) 16. Far away and back again (A tale of one Dragonborn’s travels into the Far Realms) 17. In defence of the Sinful (A documentation discussing the gods usually deemed ‘evil’ and the unfortunate nescessity of them, very unpopular despite being a compelling read) 18. A Village Fools Tome of the Tarrasque (A simple understanding of the anatomy of a Tarrasque and best defensive measures against one, though its unknow if these measures have ever been used.) 19. Stengthening Strings of Music (A music book explaining the use of rhythum of music to cast spells) 20. Material and Magic (A documentation of the process of creating magical items)
This list was inspired by a random question on @creativerogues discord channel. If you want to partake in such random lists or want to play a game online head over to https://discord.gg/uhWfP8A and jpin the fun.
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bartroomclown · a year ago
Tumblr media
I got to design some npcs for the wonderful @creativerogues , it was really fun getting to design these new characters!!
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badassdanddpics · 3 years ago
Follow a Friend
This blog has posted many, many posts, yet some of the most welcomed have been the work of my co-author @creativerogues . As he's nearing 5000 followers, I would like to give credit to his many wonderful posts that helped this blog and our group blog @thecreativecoalition grow into what they are today. Thanks for the wonderful content my friend, may many more milestones be passed soon enough.
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creativerogues · 5 months ago
50 Magical Origins...
You touched a strange rune-covered stone and was engulfed by its glowing energies.
You were bitten by a strange creature that then disappeared into the wilderness.
You hugged a tree that was attuned to a place of great power.
You ate a immortal insect that still sits in your stomach.
You accidentally transported yourself to the Astral Plane after consuming a strange magical substance.
You spoke to a phantasmal being while you slept.
You accidentally entered the ceremonial chambers of a lost temple.
Your ancestor claimed to be a powerful medicine man, but in fact worked with otherworldly magics to heal others.
Your skin became fused with a strange alloy metal dust, which was actually the ground up scales of a metallic dragon!
You found an ancient idol of unknown origins buried in an old field.
You took part in an arcane military experiment to develop a humanoid war machine.
You were exposed the strange energies of a glowing meteorite.
You breathed the magical spores of a prehistoric mould recovered from an amber chunk.
You fell ill from a mysterious illness that rode to earth on the surface of an alien space capsule.
You discovered a cave filled with giant crystals that released pulsating, glowing energies.
You were stung by several transmuted wasps that had been warped with a new form of magic.
Your father or mother was secretly an inter-dimensional traveller.
You were born of a failed cloning experiment and escaped the grounds before being destroyed.
Your grand-father was a performer who made some dark deals to gain fame and fortune.
You survived a magical explosion!
You were exposed to wild cosmic powers while picking through the remains of fallen space junk.
You accidentally breathed in the dust of a King’s tomb while exploring a ruined structure.
Your body was transformed after breathing in a toxic alchemical smog.
You consumed some unknown fruit found deep in a savage jungle.
You came into contact with a strange sludge flowing out of a flooded ditch near an old alchemist’s shop.
You participated in a strange experiment involving man-made magical fields.
You performed a magical ritual found in a strange, dusty old book.
You drank the waters of a mystical fountain.
You had a strange, almost allergic reaction to an experimental magical potion.
You consumed a strange tasting herbal tea while visiting an cackling old fortune teller.
You great grand-mother was the high priestess of a savage tribe.
You were taught ancient secrets of mind over matter by an elderly mage.
You survived a fall into a vat containing a strange new alchemical substance.
You were struck by lightning while visiting a historical site during a brewing storm.
You were bitten by a lizard while visiting a series of old magically ruined towns located far away from any modern civilization.
You were exposed to a previously unknown mineral ore during a mining accident.
You were kidnapped by strange creatures and forced to participate in bizarre experiments.
Your latent magical powers activated when you were accidentally electrocuted.
You snorted a bizarre looking ash while getting high on street drugs at a dive bar.
You consumed a bizarre tasting elixir purchased from an old alchemist’s shop.
You fell into a bizarre, dream-filled trance when visiting an old medieval tower.
You rode in a boat that was in engulfed with strange energies from a magical sea storm.
You survived the accidental release of a magical modified disease.
You purchased a mysterious ancient war mask from a back alley antique store.
You survived being struck by a falling crystalline meteor, with a shard still buried in your back.
You were once an Imp, but a strange surge of magic during your "Promotion" trapped your Soul in a Mortal Humanoid body.
You were once part of an illegal gambling ring, winning a Wizard's Spellbook in a Game of Chance. Sometimes you find yourself writing in that old Wizard's hand-writing.
You were grievously wounded by a powerful Dragon, but not before landing a blow on the creature. Your bloods mingled and some of its powers were shunted into you!
Your Soul wandered the depths of the Shadowfell, before arriving at the Fortress of Memories, where pity was taken upon you and you were reincarnated as a second chance at life.
You worked at an old clock tower. One day time seemed to stop for just a moment while you stood before the gears, but then it ticked along once more...
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thecreativecoalition · 4 years ago
WorldBreakers - A Test Series...
Hi Everyone!
To start off our Pilot of our new series, WorldBreakers, we’re looking for writers, artists and others in the community to help create these legendary weapons.
WorldBreakers is a test series from CreativeRogues where we’ll create weapons and magic items, specifically to break worlds and to help players truly achieve their LVL 20 GODHOOD Status!
If you have an idea to submit, then you can do it through this link below!
You Can Submit Your Ideas Here!
And, with help from the community, we’ll create some truly world-breaking magic items...
And if people like it...
Then we will turn this into a mini-series!
So, in short, you can submit your world-breaking magic items. 
And they MUST be world-breaking...
(This is the chance for the players to submit the magic items that the DM never let them use because it was too OP.)
(Or the chance for a DM to submit their world ending weapon that will destroy the entire party...)
And remember, these weapons are made to kill....
And most of all… HAVE FUN!!!
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valgee · 4 years ago
I saw what you did with the circle of the hierophant from creativerogues and it was so cool! How would you make a ranged monk that could still use fists? like something similar to bigby's hand. so for a certain amount of Ki points, you make a ranged spell attack. This spells appears as a clenched fist of shimmering, translucent force which flies towards the target. (This is a literal equivilent to punching someone from a mile away.) What are your thoughts?
The idea of a long range monk is an great one, though if you’re talking about making a monk literally able to punch from a full actual mile away, such a feat is best left to DM fiat. However, if you’re more concerned with somehow using a ranged attack to emulate your martial arts, consider reflavoring The Way of the Sun Soul tradition from searing radiance to projected fists. Its key ability is:
Radiant Sun Bolt
Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you can hurl searing bolts of magical radiance.
You gain a new attack option that you can use with the Attack action. This special attack is a ranged spell attack with a range of 30 feet. You are proficient with it, and you add your Dexterity modifier to its attack and damage rolls. Its damage is radiant, and its damage die is a d4. This die changes as you gain monk levels, as shown in the Martial Arts column of the Monk table.
When you take the Attack action on your turn and use this special attack as part of it, you can spend 1 ki point to make the special attack twice as a bonus action.
When you gain the Extra Attack feature, this special attack can be used for any of the attacks you make as part of the Attack action. 
Within this, we can take the archetype that already fulfills our goal and apply different flavor text to create the subclass we want. You could ask your DM to fiat the radiance damage to be magical bludgeoning, force damage, or include in your backstory why projected fists would deal radiant energy. Using the Way of the Sun Soul as template to achieve this might look like this:
Projected Fists
Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you project the force of your strikes to hit foes from afar.
You gain a new attack option that you can use with the Attack action. This special attack is a ranged spell attack with a range of 30 feet. You are proficient with it, and you add your Dexterity modifier to its attack and damage rolls. Its damage is force, and its damage die is a d4. This die changes as you gain monk levels, as shown in the Martial Arts column of the Monk table.
When you take the Attack action on your turn and use this special attack as part of it, you can spend 1 ki point to make the special attack twice as a bonus action.
When you gain the Extra Attack feature, this special attack can be used for any of the attacks you make as part of the Attack action
Martial Barrage
At 6th level, you gain the ability to using your ki to project a barrage of your strikes. Immediately after you take the Attack action on your turn, you can spend 2 ki points to cast the burning hands spell as a bonus action. The spell manifests as fists relentlessly pummeling the area of effect and deals force damage instead of fire. You can spend additional ki points to cast burning hands as a higher-level spell. Each additional ki point you spend increases the spell’s level by 1. The maximum number of ki points (2 plus any additional points) that you can spend on the spell equals half your monk level.
Frenzied Projection
At 11th level, you gain the ability to project the force of your punches and kicks in a devastating display. As an action, you choose within 150 feet, where your project your body to unleash a frenzy of deadly strikes. Each creature in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on that point must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or take 2d6 force damage. A creature doesn’t need to make the save if the creature is behind total cover that is opaque. You can increase the sphere’s damage by spending ki points. Each point you spend, to a maximum of 3, increases the damage by 2d6.
Barrier of Mind
At 17th level, you become encased in the projection of your ki. You shed bright light in a 30- foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet. You can extinguish or restore the light as a bonus action. If a creature hits you with a melee attack while this light shines, you can use your reaction to deal force damage to the creature. The force damage equals 5 + your Wisdom modifier.
Perhaps this isn’t exactly what you were looking for, perhaps you wanted a monk that could essentially just cast Bigby’s Hand, as you mentioned, which I think could be uninteresting; to center an entire archetype around a single spell that offers a limited set of options (Druid’s Circle of the Shepherd is an example of a class essentially centered around a single spell that makes up for it with the infinite diversity of the spell.) perhaps you wanted a monk that was specialized to increase the range of their fists exponentially to eventually be able to hit from distances of miles. I think that, while not trying to disparage anyone who would do this, this goes against the idea of the monk to be a close combatant, and the Sun Soul template is decent compromise of this. 
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noblecrumpet-dorkvision · 4 years ago
What is the BIGGEST Dragon? Both in D&D and in Pop Culture? As far as I know it's Balerion from GoT, as around 70 meters in Height. But I just wanted to know what the BIGGEST DRAGON EVER is... And how big this almighty dragon is too!
I agree with Creativerogues' answer as far as D&D, but for culture there are a few big dragons I could find:
Bakunawa: A dragon from Filipino mythology that lives in the ocean and swallows the moon during eclipses. That's pretty big, thought bad is sort of relative. I assume its just hungry.
Nidhogg: A lindworm from Norse mythology that gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, whose roots extend deep into Hel and into the heavens and even between the worlds. Since Nihogg's tail writhes between most of the roots, it can be assumed his relative size is probably larger than some worlds. As far as "bad-ness" part of his name means dishonor and he could have possibly been an eater of the dishonored dead.
Back to D&D, Advanced dragons in the epic level handbook can reach up to Colossal+ size, taking up about 40 x 80 ft space with 20 ft. reach, a whopping 8 by 16 5-ft spaces, pretty much the entirety of my playing mat. Bahamut and Tiamat are approximately this size, according to the Deities and Demigods supplement. As far as I can tell, any dragon can become an "Advanced" dragon, and descriptions don't seem to aid in sizing these things so we basically just have their stats to go on. This, of course, excludes unique or named dragons.
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drcreatureflix · 9 months ago
Showing off my newest character
Tumblr has informed me that I have been making stuff for my page for a year now so I thought I would show off my current character I am playing, Maul Esvelgr (Male Eladrin Wizard).
Tumblr media
He is a training wizard of the school of bladesinging that worships the norse god Odin after recieving a vision of Ragnarok. His favoured spells is Murder of Crows, a fun version of Magic Missile that fires spectral birds from his hands instead of darts (and definitely not based off of the Murder of Crows vigor from Bioshock shhhhh...) and Find Familiar to make a Raven companion out of respect to a raven that saved him from a giant (And fits with the whole Odin worshipping ordeal). If you want you can listen to his misadventures with an albino teifling ranger and a Dragonborn Revenant Beserker over at Creativerogues Discord linked below:
Where me, @creativerogues​ and numerous other DMs host games for fellow members to you can join or just enjoy listening to. Like Rogues high fantasy game of Shattered Souls or another fellow DM’s game (His name is literally Dog online) of shenanigans deep in the astral plane, or my own dark fanatsy, more mature campaign Darkness over Direwater.
And if you like the artwork below of Maul and are on Creative Rogues Discord, you can commission an art piece from me there as it is the server that gave me the courage to start drawing again. Or you can contact me directly at my email for my commission prices at: drcreatureflix@gmail.com Alternatively you can contact one of my fellow artists on the discord for commission work or follow the links below for their own commissions and content. Such as Joesph and Panni’s Lawn’s Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/Artblockonthefrontlawn) for their numerous craft videos and other comical content. Or the highly talented digital artist RIPesto who you see here on their twitter (https://twitter.com/LiveAnke/media).
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screamingatanemptyroom · 4 years ago
Death of a Myth- Short Story Competition Entry
Thanks to @creativerogues for the prompt, details of contest here. The prompt is below:
Death of a Myth
This prompt is about the death of a fantasy or mythological creature. Whether by the sword of man or by the ravages of time.
Time passes, and death treads softly behind me.
I never thought I would face her cold, dark touch. I, who once shook the earth with my passing, struck fear in the heart of man, raised up kingdoms and smashed them to pieces on a whim. I was once mighty, proud and strong, but time and death spares no one. I gather my strength, all which is left of me, and speak. There is no one to hear, no one that would listen, but my story must be spoken all the same.
 “They called me many names over the years, words whispered at fireside, swords clutched in hand for protection. The elves called me the Burning Death, and avoided my gaze, the dwarves, who coveted my wealth and called me the Hoarder, avoided my realm for fear of my grasp. Humans, however, were different. Small, pitiful creatures, they marched in large armies carrying weapons of deadly iron. They screamed their rage in the face of my flames and called me Dragon.
 My Father was Earth. His breath brought forth plants and trees and grass, animals and all beasts of the field. My mother was Air, from her came wind and clouds and birds. Together they flew through her realm each day, their great wings soaking in the morning sun. Each night they rested on the earth to enjoy the life that thrived there. My sister was their first-born, and they named her Water. Her magical breath brought forth the seas and all the creatures within.  All was beautiful in the world they had made between them.
Centuries passed but still my father was restless. There was more life to be built, something was missing. At last I was born, and they named me Fire. My breath brought flame and light, and with my help the flame was sparked inside my father’s creations. They stood up and spoke. They smiled, laughed and sang. Houses were built, families made. My father was at last content, the world was finished. He closed his eyes and rested, becoming a great mountain on the land, and never woke again. My mother mourned, water poured from the sky in her grief.  She flew up into the night sky, curling tightly in on herself. She became a globe of light, and succumbed to her eternal sleep. “
 As I sit here alone on top of my father’s form, the mountain where I made my home, speaking my story for the last time, I close my eyes and I can still see them in my memories: happy, content, loving. I remember there was a time when I was not alone and dying. I feel Death’s steps near behind me; the air around me grows colder as she approaches.
 “The elves, tall and golden, worshiped my mother. They called her the moon, and danced in her soft light. The dwarves revered my father. They lived in the great mountain he had become, digging into the depths for shiny gems and gold. Their songs echoed through his empty form. The humans made their life beside my sister’s oceans. They praised her creations and prayed for her favor when they fished and swam within the depths. She was amused by their attention, granting their wishes when she could. She grew strong and content, filled with their admiration.
 I felt alone, and I was angry.
It had been my breath, my power that brought them life, and yet they shunned me. No one came to ask my favor, no one thanked me for the gift of warmth I allowed them in their campfires. I would not, could not stand for this.
I stole away elves, dwarves and humans. In the depths of the earth I breathed upon them, fusing their forms, making them stronger. They were, twisted, darker versions of my father’s dream, and I lovingly claimed them for my own. I called them orcs and raised an army. “
 Now it seems so futile, my pitiful attempt to retake the world by force. I was young and proud, and far too strong. I didn’t see the pain I caused, only the chance at victory. I didn’t know the destruction I would bring, upon the world, and on my own head. Death hears my words, feels my regret, and she laughs softly. I ignore her and continue. I am out of time, but my story must be finished, this one, last time.
 “Many died, but I had made enough Orcs to outnumber them three to one. We overwhelmed the other mortal beings, drove them back to the sea, with nowhere left to run. My sister confronted me at last, despite her aversion to violence.
‘Why are you here, brother?’ Her voice was tired and sad.
I demanded my due, the respect and worship of the mortals I had helped make. She laughed at me, and my anger grew.
‘What will you do with a world of the dead?’ She gestured at the corpses who littered the ground. ‘Do you feel their respect and worship now, brother?’ I had no answer, and so I struck her down. As my flames took her life she smiled at me, and that smile will always haunt me most of all.
With her death the ocean rebelled, it rose up and destroyed my army, but spared the mortals who had flocked to her protection. My sister’s last gift to them, her love lasting even beyond her death.
Now I was truly alone.”
I pause to catch my breath. I hurt deep inside, wounds made over the millennia I had survived, now no longer able to heal. Death sits beside me, a young girl in a black dress. The wind at the top of the mountain is freezing, but she gives no signs of discomfort.
“I’m almost done.” I tell her softly. She smiles in response.
“I’m patient, Fire. Finish telling the rest of your story and then we will end it together.”
 “The mortals both hated me and feared me for what I had done. The elves and dwarves found their own places deep within the forests and earth and hid, but the humans came for me. Armies of thousands, brandishing their poisonous iron swords and arrows. They fell before me like wheat before a scythe, they burned like dry grass. I won the first battle, the first hundred battles. But they never forgave me, and they never stopped. Slowly I gathered injuries, the damage healing less and less with time. Yesterday’s battle will be my last. I saw their faces, there is only hatred left here. I have seen the earth rise and fall, gathered all the riches within. I have toppled kings and brought ruin upon armies.
I have destroyed all that I loved, and all who loved me.”
 I stopped, unable to speak further, barely able to breath. My grief and regret were strong, poisoning the air around me.  I was trapped in that dark haze, unable to even see the light of my mother’s form within the night sky. I was alone.
A small hand rested gently on my shoulder. It was Death, still smiling softly at me despite my grief-filled words.
“We all have regrets, dear one, but you are not alone.” She gestured out to the earth below, where in the distance lights could be seen. “Thousands of humans, elves and dwarves live out there, the fire of life strong within them.” Her smile grew wider. “They will love, laugh, sing and dance. The world will be brighter, happier and more wonderful. That is your legacy as well; the fire you started will continue to burn until the end of time. Now I ask you: are you ready?”
 I felt the steady strength of my father beneath, saw the soft glow of my mother above me, and heard the soft crash of my sister’s waves upon the earth. I looked again at the burning fires in the distance, and felt the flame within me flicker in response. Finally I turned to Death, her eyes open and understanding.
 “I am ready.”
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Warlock Invocations
Baleful Utterance
You speak a single syllable of Dark Speech, a language written within the pages of The Book of Vile Darkness, invoking that artifact’s malevolent power. 
Dark Speech can warp the fabric of reality, creating a wave of deadly energy.
As a consequence of knowing this invocation, you try to speak with very careful enunciation, so as to avoid accidentally speaking in the vile language.
Effect: Each creature in a 15-foot cone originating from you must make a Constitution saving throw. 
On a failed save, a creature takes 2d6 thunder damage and is deafened until the end of your next turn. 
On a successful save, a creature takes half as much damage and is not deafened. 
Unattended objects in the cone take maximum damage.
This invocation creates a thunderous boom that is audible to all creatures within 100 feet of you, regardless of any intervening material, terrain, or other objects.
Once you use this invocation, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.
When you reach level 3, the damage increases to 2d8.
Breath of Night
You invoke the secret name of nighttime during a new moon, plunging the area around you into shadows as light sources nearby are snuffed out all at once. 
At the same time, you gain the gift of lightless sight.
As a consequence of knowing this invocation, you sometimes find the light of day uncomfortable, making you irritable when exposed to direct sunlight.
Effect: Every non-magical flame within 50 feet of you is extinguished. 
A flame is unaffected by this magic if it is larger than a fire typically borne by a torch.
You also gain darkvision with a range of 60 feet for 1 minute.
Ethereal Stride
You have studied the layers of reality that drift between the planes. 
By invoking your patron’s magic, you can step into the Ethereal Plane for a moment.
As a consequence of knowing this invocation, you have frequent nightmares of ghosts disturbing your sleep.
Effect: You become ethereal until the end of your next turn.
Once you use this invocation, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.
Fabrication of the Weave
You speak the secret name of an object, the true name recognized by the fabric of reality, and create that object out of nothingness.
As a consequence of knowing this invocation, you often feel compelled to hold and fidget with small objects you possess.
Effect: You create a simple, non-magical object, which appears in your empty hand.
The object can weigh no more than 10 pounds, be no longer than 10 feet in any dimension, and have a value no greater than 25 gp. 
You can create only objects that you have seen and touched. 
The object lasts for 10 minutes.
Shadow Veil
You wrap the shadows around yourself, appearing only as a murky, shimmering form that slips and dances between your foes.
Effect: Until the start of your next turn, you do not provoke opportunity attacks and can move through the space occupied by hostile creatures.
Visage of the Summer Court
Prerequisite: 5th level, Archfey Patron
You invoke the compelling beauty of the archfey of the Summer Court, binding it to your own image to enthrall those near to you.
As a consequence of knowing this invocation, you have a fascination with anything that shows a reflection.
Effect: Each humanoid creature of your choice within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw. 
If a creature fails, it is charmed by you for 1 minute or until you or any of your companions harms it. 
A creature that succeeds on its save cannot be affected again by this invocation for 24 hours.
Once you use this invocation, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.
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15 More Villains For Your Next D&D Campaign...
A brilliant criminal mastermind who is distinguished by a strange tattoo or birthmark.
The leader of an underground organisation, who’s minions are distinguished by a particular sigil, badge or piece of clothing they always wear.
A cult venerating a black dragon. They want to construct a worthy lair.
A peerless and nameless archer, who hires out their crew as a long-range assassins.
A corrupt magistrate of a large city, who helps release caught thieves from the guild in exchange for goods and wealth.
A Dragon of immense power, who uses others as pawns in their great game against another Dragon.
A witch living in the mountains, who seeks a way to maintain eternal youth and beauty.
An Orc Shaman, who entered into a pact with a dark god to bend the weather to their will.
A rebellious Freedom Fighter, who seeks to raise an army to defeat a leader that once humiliated them long ago.
A Giant from a lost and ruined Tribe, seeking to rebuild an army to conquer the lands of the small folk.
A devilish Rakshasa infiltrator that acts in disguise as the royal advisor to corrupt from within.
A jealous student of the arcane arts, who uncovered a book of forbidden spells belonging to Mages long past.
A former high priest to the god of the dead, now turned necromancer at large.
A kobold seer who divined a great victory for their people while using strange chemicals, and now attempts to command them to victory!
A Fallen Angel who seeks those who can enact revenge on their old church.
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1d20 Reasons For Adventuring...
You thirst for knowledge and wisdom.
You're searching for something specific; A place, person, god, thing, etc.
You wish to one day rule a kingdom of your own.
This adventure was a quest given to you by a mentor, church, king, family member, etc.
You simply want to help the helpless.
This adventure is a part of your rite of passage into adulthood.
You're adventure just for the fun of it!
The glory and fame of it all has enticed you to stay in the adventuring business.
The world needs a hero, and you're willing to give it a try!
You're escaping from something, someone, a purpose, a calling, etc.
You're obsessed with danger, mystery and the unknown.
You drift from town to town, with no real home and making money no matter the danger.
You were dragged along on this adventure to keep someone you care about safe.
You were forced into adventuring by the will of circumstance.
You were indentured as a servant to your traveling mentor, learning their ways as you adventure together.
You were sentenced by the law or religious beliefs to adventure and prove your worth.
You really like to kill things and take their stuff.
You adventure to take out your frustration on creatures you're sure deserve it.
You adventure to gain money and support those that supported you in your youth.
You adventure in the hopes of gaining new allies and friends after years of lonely wandering.
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1d8 Character Fears...
True Love. I fear true love, of being in the presence of a purity of emotional honesty that I will never know.
Famine. I have seen those who die by starvation, a death of indignity. I know how easily I too could suffer such a fate. It puts a sick feeling in my gut, one that is not easily remedied.
Deep Water. I fear the dark abyss of the Sea, the uncertainty of what lurks in those endless depths, and the writhing creatures beneath the waves that may seek to steal my soul.
The Wilderness. I fear the dark of the woods, for I have learned and made known of what dark things dwell within such places.
Cowardice. I fear being revealed a coward, that in some act of horror I will do what it is only natural and be forever shamed.
The Afterlife. I fear that upon my demise, however good or righteous it might be, that I will still be cast into the cruel and cold hands of an eternally alone and dark afterlife.
Loss of Control. I fear loss of my self, loss of my being; my face, my ego. I worked so hard to be notably myself, and to have this marred and invalidated, to look upon myself and not see me…that terrifies me deeply.
Undeath. I’ve witnessed the terrors of undeath, of spectres and skeletons, and so I fear my corpse may not stay motionless forever…
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20 “Totally Not Weird” Things To Say To Your Players...
As far as your character can tell, there is nothing unnatural about it.
The trap appears to be disarmed.
Do you touch it, or are you just looking?
Who goes first?
From what you can see...
This room does not appear to contain anything.
There's no visible effect.
You don't seem to spot any traps in the immediate vicinity.
As far as you would know...
You feel fine.
Can I see your character sheet a second?
Can you describe in a little more detail how you do that?
What order are you walking in?
It doesn't seem to do anything.
Are you sure about that?
You can certainly try!
How close do you want to get to it?
By the way, where exactly are you all standing?
Before you fall asleep...
I need to borrow a few more dice for a while.
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1d12 Quests For Low-Level Adventurers!
Locals claim to have found treasure within a newly discovered dungeon. However, it is a complex trap intended to harvest souls, magical power, or life energy.
Something has cursed a local villager to live their entire life in a single day. Every morning they wake up a newborn and age a single year every 20 minutes.
A hag has cursed a small town due to a deal made with one of the residents. As time goes on, the residents discover they are unable to cast any sort of healing magics.
A young couple has gained immense fame from their macabre sculptures. They ask the players to be their new models. However, the eccentric couple turns out to be two Medusas in disguise.
A traveling circus has come to town and proceeds to put on a fantastic show. However, they disappear in the morning without a trace, taking several children with them.
A wizard NPC must be raised from the dead to act as a living key to open his tower, but a demon has kidnaped the only cleric powerful enough to do so.
An water elemental has taken residence in the sewers. The crazed creature has waged a personal war on the citizens above for polluting its domain.
Treasure hunters recently unearthed a powerful artifact that allows teleportation in and out of the Layers of Hell. Demons and devils have begun to raid the town in search of the item.
After returning from another kingdom, the nobleman's wife begins acting strangely. The doppelgänger put in her place was meant to kill the nobleman, but has fallen for him instead.
A massive rift in reality appears in the skies above. Strange entities from alternate planes begin to emerge. It is up to the players to discover the intent of the invading individuals.
A blacksmith has asked the party to retrieve a recently fallen meteor. However, the players find were-beasts and lycanthropes worshipping the fallen star.
A local mage has mysteriously passed away, and all manner of creatures and magic has begun to creep from their tower into the surrounding cities.
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