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A/n: Yoooo!! A few reminders before you read this fic!! This is a Filipino AU (’cause why the hell not, ya kno?). So I’mma give you a little background so things are easier to understand. (Also sorry it took long my mental health went brrr. Luv ya anon <3)

1. Code-switching is normal and absolutely common. In fact, Tagalog and English are the two major languages in the country and its hybrid– Taglish is very widely used!! Translations will be put in “[ ]” directly after the sentences.

2. The College grading system works differently. 1.00 is the highest, 3.00 is the passing mark, and 5.00 means you’re absolutely fucked.

3. Courses inclined towards the arts are unfortunately looked down upon by a lot of Filipino parents because “it doesn’t bring in a lot of money.” People in situations like the one Roman finds himself in below is very common.

4. Since it will be mentioned later– lugaw is a sort of rice porridge. Very common staple dish here. Jejemon is like our version of fuckbois or something with their own language and fashion sense and shiz. If you search it up on the internet I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Kahulugan ng Isang Bilang (Definition of A Number)

Warning/s: Mature language (swearing), A bit of Remus-nature jokes (dicks, butts, death, getting off, all in passing), self-deprecating thoughts. Please please tell me if I left anything out.

Pairing/s: Brotherly/fraternal Filipino!Creativitwins (Roman & Remus). DO NOT TAG AS R*MR*M

Word Count: 5805 words (including translations)


The first time he fails an exam, Roman doesn’t even pay it much mind. 

His score is only a few points under the passing grade and it’s only the first exam. It isn’t a hard score to catch up to, especially with a multitude of exams more along the way. With plenty of chances ahead, Roman tells himself he’ll “do better next time” and goes back to his pile of schoolwork to accomplish.

He simply has to try harder for the next one and ace the following exam. Easy enough.

He thinks he did better for the second exam. He swears he felt like he answered most of the items correctly. He was expecting no less than an 80% at least with how much he studied and how little he slept.

He precisely hits the passing mark; to the dot. Any normal college student will have celebrated that fact, grateful for the cliffhanger-almost-failing-but-not-really, passing grade. But not Roman. He does the math in his head. A failing exam and a borderline passing one still adds up to a failed grade. It is hard to ignore the sighs of relief from some of the students around him, and even harder to dismiss the small yelps of success from the remaining few. 

The hardest one to discount is his own twin brother just across the room, eyes crinkling at the corners as he receives his own paper back. Half of Roman feels the reflexive sort of happiness for his brother, like any decent sibling should. The other half however feels nothing but saltiness at Remus’ wide smile and the way he only glances at his paper for a few seconds. Clearly no overthinking, no worries involved.

To be honest, he doesn’t even understand how they still happen to share a class despite Remus taking up Film and Roman taking up Engineering. With such drastically different majors one would think they’d rarely even meet on campus. Not to get Roman wrong, he doesn’t necessarily mind the very, very few classes they happen to have together as Remus’s presence is tolerable at most. Yet sometimes it’s precisely that happy-go-lucky demeanor, that carefree act that nags at Roman for a reason he can’t quite put his finger on.

When Remus shoots him an energetic wave and a disgustingly bright smile, it pains Roman to smile back. But he does so convincingly, like the actor he knows he is. Or should be. 

If he had taken Theater instead of this hellish course maybe he would be.

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Stronger Than You but make it Creativitwins.

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Two Halves Make a Whole

Ship(s): Romantic Logince, Background Platonic Moxiety, Platonic Dukeceit, Creativitwins (they’re all friends okay I make the rules)

Warnings: Swearing, blood mention and mutilation of meat, alcohol mention, NSFW mention (not that much just like… saying someone had sex in a sentence), food mention, possible second hand embarrassment

Summary: The thing about idioms is that Logan has a hard time understanding them metaphorically, and tends to stick with the more logical reasons. Which can be confusing to the others when he starts calling Roman his “other half”. (Thank you to @hteragram-x for letting me use their post as inspiration <3)

Word Count: ~2.7k


   They had just finished up recording a video. Something about accepting trauma and accepting that you’re allowed to move on from it. Thomas went up to his room for a nap while Patton walked over to sit by Virgil on the stairs. Roman wrapped his arm around Logan’s shoulders with a big smile. “You did so well, Pocket Protector! Not as well as me but I’m sure you’ll catch up soon!”

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Remus: I have attained pets!

Roman: What kind of demons did you adopt?

Remus: *shows him four tiny black kittens that meow loudly in Roman’s face*

Remus: Their names are Morticia, Omen, Shadow, and Phantom.

Roman: Oh…Oh my god, they’re so cute.

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Guys guys guys I’m fucking crying with this realisation

Roman’s colour is red right?

And Remus’ colour is green right??

Mario’s colour is red

Luigi’s colour is green

Roman and Remus are Mario and Luigi

Luigi is often the “forgot” or “less loved” brother


Roman and Remus ARE Mario and Luigi and you can’t convince me otherwise now

What do you mean what time is it? I’m fINE ITS ONLY 00:08

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im going to post a logince fic soon! interact if you want to be tagged in it. I’ll also put other ships that’ll be included in the oneshot as well

Edit: I have made the fic. Here’s a link.

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True. Still interesting pirate AU ideas tho

I’ve been thinking about one too and idk if I should ramble about it here but I will anyway just cause I can.

Here’s a ramble about a roceit+analogical Pirate AU:

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Note: This is just a little fic before we get back into Tiny Galaxies :D The fic also has the entire lyrics of Achilles Come Down in it.

Genre: ANGST. Specifically Roman Angst

Ship: None

TW: Cursing, death, sympathetic Remus, falling, self-doubt/deprecation..??, crying

Let us know if we missed anything!

Word Count: 467

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Yeah, I got that thought too! I haven’t been able to stop listening to that song since my partner brought it up and, now that I’ve finally lit Apollo’s candle after a week or so and he keeps flickering whenever I sing lines from it (good flickering).

Imagine: Roman as Achilles, Remus as the voice telling Achilles to come down, and Virgil/Patton telling him to jump.

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I imagined the twins would use their wings as weapons

Remus’s wings’ tips have some sort of elemental magic (idk maybe ice or crystal?) that his wings can launch at targets (in reference of his throwing stars)

As for Roman, the usual claw at the middle (in reference of his sword)

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Janus. My old arch enemy.
I thought I was your arch enemy
I have a life outside of you, Remus
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4  - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13 - Chapter 14  - Chapter 15 - Chapter 16 - Chapter 17  - Chapter 18 - Chapter 19  - Chapter 20 - Chapter 21 - Chapter 22 - Chapter 23 - Chapter 24

Yo these chapters are really piling up huh. realised it’s once again been a while and ive had a burst of inspiration! this chapter’s even edited! lmao

  • Relationships: Platonic Creativitwins. Eventual Intrulogical. Do NOT tag as r*mr*m if u value ur molars.
  • Characters: Remus Sanders; Roman Sanders; kid!Deceit (called William) Sanders; kid!Virgil Sanders; OCs; Logan Sanders; kid!Patton Sanders; teen!Sleep/Remy (nb!Remy), Emile Picani.
  • Genre: Human AU, Single Dad AU, Slowburn, hurt/comfort, both angst & fluff
  • Chapter’s Wordcount: 3017 words [under the cut]
  • Chapter Warnings: This chapter’s pretty light as well ngl. Minor allusions to past abuse, Anxiety, lemme know if there’s anything else.
  • Chapter 25/?

Chapter 25 oh my god it’s finally intrulogical

Now it seemed the tables had finally turned on Remus. Every single time of him helping Roman pick outfits, makeup palettes, shoes, vibes; it all came to this.
Because it was Sunday morning. And Roman was helping him pick out an outfit for a first date.

“Oh, I forgot,” Roman groaned loudly as he threw Remus’ wardrobe doors open. “You own too much plaid.”

“No such thing!” Remus shot back with a snort. “I, personally, cannot wait to expand my collection.”

“It’s all green!” Roman cried. 

“Yeah!” Remus came over to rest a hand on Roman’s back, grinning wickedly. “It brings out my pallor.”

Roman laughed, and started rifling through his clothes. Remus watched him with a touch of anxiety, watching him shuffle past some of his old favourites, before he was nodding quietly to himself, pulling out a selection. 

“Here’s what I’m thinking,” he said, turning to lay the clothes out on the bed. “Nice tidy shirt, with jeans. Your blue ones will be fine. Those nice black shoes you’ve got, and-”

“My leather coat,” Remus added.

“Yeah, that’d look great,” Roman nodded along. “I like this shirt, personally.”
He gestured to the one he’d retrieved from the wardrobe. It was a black button-up, with a thin, green thatched pattern across it. 

And,” Roman added, holding up a finger, “I’ve got something I think will add to this ensemble nicely.”

Remus watched him duck out of the room, and he rubbed his arms as he waited for Roman to come back. There was a shuffling sound, before William, with Virgil in his arms, poked around the door. 

“Hi, Da,” he said, smiling at his father. “You goin’ out?”

“I am,” Remus smiled back, shifting on his feet. “I’m going to go and have lunch with… a friend.”

“Mr Picani?”

Remus spluttered, trying not to turn red and laughing to try and keep his embarrassment down. “You don’t miss much, do you, kid?” he wheezed. “…Yeah.”

“He’s very nice,” William said, matter-of-factly. “I think you’ll have a nice time. I promise I’ll look after Virgil and Uncle Roman really good while you’re out.”

“I’m sure you will, rattlesnake,” Remus smiled, and he bobbed down as William hurried over, and he enveloped both his sons in a hug. 

Roman hurried back in then, and with a huff, Remus picked up both his sons, setting them on one hip each, and they all expectantly looked at Roman, who was biting his lip and trying not to laugh.
“Hi!” he chirped. “So, this was going to be a birthday present, but I think this is the perfect time. Happy Easter, Remus.”

He threw a package at Remus, who had no way of intercepting it as it bounced harmlessly off his chest.  However, William swiped it before it went down, and glanced at Remus for permission. 

“Go on,” Remus winked, nodding towards the present.

William ripped into it eagerly, and from it withdrew a beautiful green scarf. 

Remus carefully set his children down, before taking the scarf out of William’s pliant hands. It was a most beautiful bottle green, and the softest thing he’d ever had the pleasure of touching. It had silver stitching around the hems, and Remus was in shock, because this was… this was clearly expensive.

“It’s cashmere,” Roman said quietly, shuffling on his feet. “Is… do you like it?”

Remus couldn’t find the words. He lifted it to his face and pressed it to his cheek, closing his eyes as just how nice this gift was hit him, before he was tossing the the scarf over his shoulder and rushing over to catch his brother in a hug.

Roman caught him, and they latched onto each other tight.

“Is that a yes?” he teased lightly, but Remus could hear how thick his voice had gotten all of a sudden.

“Yeah,” Remus mumbled back. “S’great.”

This was dumb. It was just a scarf. But as Remus ran his fingers over it again as he pulled away from the hug, he knew without a doubt that this scarf was one of the most expensive things he’d ever been given.

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It’s ’Roman & Remus being good twins (that share one braincell)’ hour!

I imagine they only need like, a good talk & a big hug once Remus gets accepted & they’re back to being as close as they were as kids. At least in my headcannon.. Anyone else?

Should I upload more digital stuff or stick to traditional drawings?

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Fandom: Sanders Sides

Relationships: Creativitwins, background platonic DRLAMP

Characters: Roman and Remus (Logan, Patton, Janus and Virgil are more background)

Summary: The title says it all. Remus fights the Dragon Witch and chaos ensues.

Warnings:  mild violence towards a mythical animal, swords, mild injury, magically induced sleep

Note: This was written before Janus’ name reveal so he’s referred to as Deceit, this is also a repost because I somehow managed to delete my first post

Read on AO3

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Roman serenading you because you deserve love and attention, and remus and logan being sweet because i like sweet things, they’re my life. Thats how i should introduce myself online now, hi im robbie/flower and sweet things are my life. Oop- sidetracked. Anyway, enjoy these beans!


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