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You know what I’ve learned from last year? That all those fucking apocalypse movies and episodes were wrong.

Humans don’t lose all hope, become depressed and shells. Rebellions aren’t just filled with dark and broody peeps that have a do or die attitude. Sure there are some people like that but…

In real life, humans celebrate until the end. We sing sea shanties, we create more shit than we ever have, we spread a little but more kindness that we used to just cus others might need it now. We hold fast to the idea, the small and far away idea that it might get better and we laugh and sing until that day is here. We riot and battle our way for that better day but we don’t stop celebrating what we have. We break, and cry and die and lose our footing. We know we might be in a losing game, but that’s exactly why we celebrate what we’ve got.

So yea. All those rebellions in movies have all got it wrong. Rebellions aren’t built in hope. Rebellions build hope and let it grow.

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I might start a YouTube channel, what are your thoughts?

What would you be interested in seeing on there?

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Koto opens a portal and walks in, entering Gaia’s castle and leaving Straus outside to wonder what was going on with her. She emerges in a long, grand hallway that leads to Gaia’s chambers. Illumi tries to calm her down but this proves to be unsuccessful.

“(Mistress-?! What has come over you-?!)”

“(She hurt him…!)”

“(Mistress, I’m trying to warn you! What you are about to do will surely get you killed!)”


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Guest Post: An Indie Anthology For Indie Comic Creators: Introducing Tiny Power Comics

You are a writer, maybe you’re an artist as well. You’ve poured yourself into the idea you have for a new comic book, finally you have enough pages …Guest Post: An Indie Anthology For Indie Comic Creators: Introducing Tiny Power Comics


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Oh hi! Are you talking about this post? I’m not the OP—I just reblogged it. But you are so right!! That makes so much sense. I have found that sometimes I hit a wall and I feel creatively blocked in either art or writing (or sometimes both, which sucks extra hard, lol), and when that happens I feel like my level of effort doesn’t really matter—my brain has just decided that it simple cannot do this thing right now. So at one point I just decided to listen to my brain and take a break. And it really does make a huge difference! When you try to work through a block, everything is frustrating and discouraging and you’re kind of setting yourself up for failure. I used to feel bad when I went for a while without posting, and I still kind of do, but I’ve come to think of creative breaks as turning a device off and back on again when it’s acting up, or going to sleep when you’re tired and waking up refreshed. I don’t think our brains are made to go, go, go all the time, and while content creation is fun and fulfilling, it can also be draining! So yes, breaks are good! I love the concept you mentioned about how your brain plays around with your ideas unconsciously while you’re resting it. I guess that’s why I end up accidentally planning fics in the shower slakjdfasjlf

Thanks for the insight! And @ content creators—be kind to yourself! Rest when you need to. Fandom can be so fast paced and it can be stressful and overwhelming to keep up, especially when it seems like other creators are churning out tons of content really fast, but it’s 100% okay to work slowly and take breaks. For me, at least, taking time to consume content and admire other creators’ work and engage in the creative community is just as important to my development as actually creating content! I am hugely inspired by other creators and enjoying their work helps me produce better work of my own 💜

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sometimes i reblog my friend’s gifs so agressively, more than once or twice or even more times because i want them to feel loved, to know that their art matters and i get so angry sometimes that i see something beautiful unappreciated, other times i just do it without a thought and it feels to me like spilling a dandelion to the wind, hoping they know it means love and that they matter and that their arts is awesome; 

sometimes i reblog so fast knowing i alredy did it, that i almost tag it self reblog until i remember that no, this isn’t mine and this isn’t about self-love and looking for appreciation but at the same time realizing that i am part of this small universe we creators all are, this small srb tag that we’re all familiar with and i feel like a speck in a very special universe, in a very nice small bubble and i smile, and think that it matters, even if nobody cares to say so; 

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‘You’ creators making author’s book into another series

‘You’ creators making author’s book into another series

کے تخلیق کار تم حال ہی میں ایک نئی سیریز کا اعلان کیا ہے جو بہت جلد ہماری اسکرینوں کو نشانہ بنانے والا ہے۔ ایسہاؤرونر سیرا گیمبل مصنف کیرولین کیپنیس کی ایک اور کتاب پر مبنی نئی سیریز کو قلمبند کرنے کے لئے مصنف نیل رینالڈس کے ساتھ دوبارہ اتحاد کرنے کے لئے تیار ہیں۔ تم 2014 میں
نئی سیریز کا عنوان ہوگا فراہمی، کتاب جیسا ہی۔ میور اسٹریمنگ سروس کے ذریعہ آنے والا سیریل تیار کیا جارہا ہے تفریح…

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Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s pgLang premieres eight short films with Calvin Klein

Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s pgLang premieres eight short films with Calvin Klein

Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s pgLang company, which is designed for creators, have launched eight short films in collaboration with Calvin Klein.

The series of visuals feature rappers Baby Keem and Travis Bennett (aka Taco), actors Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers, positivity influencer Amber Wagner, comedy blogger Exvaier, artist Mecca Allah, and singer Brent Faiyaz.

The films were all…


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#Naturez#Repost (em Planeta Terra)

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Creating fandom content is fun and rewarding but its also hard, it is human to want to be appreciated and our work valued, but know from this one little insignificant blog your words and art are appreciated and loved. Write with your heart follow those passions and all that other motivational twaddle and I will cheer happily while drinking too much coffee..just an appreciation posts for those out there who needed it.

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Thought I’d share a bit of the creative process. I am working on a daschund Sweatshirt (my keyboard insists that Sweatshirt must be capitalized). Here are some that didn’t quite work.


Top left dauschund has five legs and horns, top right horns and resembles a moose. Bottom left is a Fluffy (another must be capitalized) dragon? And the bottom right is a floofy snek.

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Danke für die ersten 100 Abonnenten 😱😍🥺

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9 LINE Webtoon Comic Creators Celebrate Women’s History Month

9 LINE Webtoon Comic Creators Celebrate Women’s History Month


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