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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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Awhile ago my friend Frank put together a gift exchange that we exchanged today! My gift partner suggested “a lion with ten eyes and a mane of thorns” and I do love animals with many eyes

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Today an interesting fellow showed up as a crazy marked click #beetle …. a new thi g for me as I picked it up the arms and legs went into a protracted position and it was in defense. 10 minutes later it popped up and flew away just to show me how unique this little #critter #creature was ….. lift the #vail and make yourself known to the seemingly lesser world and your #eyes will open with Wonderment …. #selftaught #colorblind #glass #wood #metal #artist #Steven #michael with #synesthesia #sensory #asheville #insta #instagram #instaartist #instapic

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031 -  The Librarian

The motto of the Wharf Town is ‘Everyone is welcome to work for our progress’. It is a motto the whole community keeps close to their hearts, living and mechanical. The success of this city lies at its core with its openness to everyone, as long as you put your work back into it. No race is deemed unworthy. No specie too odd. No faith too dark nor craft too gruesome. If you abide by the laws and contribute to the growth of the city, you are welcome. Some would consider this to be an empty ideal… And sure, crime exists within the city borders, but otherwise the staunch Mayor Whale makes sure everyone feels at home in his city and be able to contribute. And so, the Librarian found his calling – he was one of the Others – magical creatures made entirely for a single purpose in the age of magic, brewed and crafted by a lunatic wizard as a monster to serve. With powerful mind and memory, armed with telepathy and telekinesis, he was made to slaughter enemies of its master. And now, free and forsaken after centuries, it found a new calling, new purpose. It was a breath of fresh air for the creature to not be hunted or shunned in this astonishing place, this city of lights and smells and brilliant minds shining left and right. And it was given a task, task, which it enjoyed – for with its abilities it could match a perfect book to the reader, running the library with effectiveness and neatness that made him the beloved Librarian of the community.

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