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Inktober 2020 #27: Music

Disclaimer: (These Pokémon have my made-up Sonic-type because… I think it’s self-explanatory)

Coonics, the Sound Racoon Pokémon (Sonic)

Coonics can eject ultrasonic waves while bouncing around in the air. Depending on its mood, these sounds can either be beautiful music or uncomfortable screeches. It loves humans and is often taken in as a pet. It forms a deep bond with children, teenagers and adults alike. They say a friendship formed with Coonics will last forever. It can see through the dark like a bat.

Subratic, the Subwoofer Pokémon (Sonic / Dark)

Once a trainer trades away their Coonics it gets filled with an immense rage and evolves into Subratic. This Pokémon sends out low-pitched but extremely strong sound waves, able to shatter even bulletproof glass and rocks. It ejects these sounds from its forehead, which is also its most vulnerable part. It’s filled with rage and frustration, so it lets out these feelings with its rebellious music, but it is always able to see through darkness and rage alike thanks to its ultrasonic waves.

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It has been a challenge to get this fair lady dragon onto paper, but I think we’re almost ready for me to hand her off to a design student for animation and modeling. My female dragons are slightly smaller than my males, and they have a lot less mane. Male dragons scrap over mates sometimes, and their thicker and longer manes protect their necks and withers. Manes have less in common with fur or hair than they do with feathers.

My dragons have long ears that are mobile, and the scales on their muzzles and feet are are more leathery and less scaly. This allows for a large range of facial expressions and a lot of flexibility. Their spines have more in common with cats or horses, and they are capable of carrying a rider in the space between the last neck spine and the start of wing muscles. They are capable of running quickly on the ground, and can walk great distances as well as fly. They are mammals, endothermic, and have a four chambered heart.

They do lay eggs, but are also capable of live birth. Each dragon is unique. They are genetically diverse, meaning that inter-family breeding would not damage offspring. In human form they take on human-like biology. In draconic form, they have two stomachs to aid in digesting bone and scale, and are technically omnivores able to eat pretty much anything—but they do require carnatine to grow and maintain body temperature/muscle growth.

A walk-run cycle would have less to do with lizard or bird motion and be similar to a cat or a horse, or some combination thereof. Wingspan and flight motion should allow them to fly forward and backward at will. Obviously, wing design/ span should be commensurate to body weight/proportion, as they are capable of carrying the weight of a kill or a rider. Gliding would be necessary to save energy, so should probably be part of a flight cycle. And there you have it

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October 26, 2019: Several students and amateur archeologists are killed or severely injured at a dig at what is believed to be the Gorman colony in eastern Saskatchewan. One of the survivors says the whole thing started when Rebecca Chaney (22) fell through what they thought was a buried well. “We have no idea how long it was down there… or how it survived.”

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Important Note: All the demons and creatures of the Demonktober are part of a narrative of their own, which maybe one day I will delve into here



Day 22: Valefar

The Toad Lord
Great Duke of Gehenna
The Swamp Butler

Many of the members of the nobility of the Twelve Hells do not belong to any of their native species, with some barons, counts and even Dukes before being servants of the Umbral and, therefore, children of the evil Eblis, enemy of the Lady of the Abyss, who chose to serve the Twelve instead of staying behind the fog of the House of Ghosts, Valefar being one of them.

Raised from his former position as an inferi, Valefar became responsible for the administration of the Fortress of Avernus, in the center of Gehenna, the 4th Cycle of Hell, the only one in which souls are not directly punished for a specific sin, being more like a “administrative capital” of the Twelve, where the Lady of the Abyss welcomes everyone who wants an audience with her, native or not of the Underworld. Several islands scattered by the green lava of the Emerald Swamp are directly governed by the barons of Valefar, containing isolated souls who wish to be part of the demonic ranks, with the great qlipot making them be reborn among one of the several native species of the Twelve, to start their lives again.

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