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Tyde and Creek hanging out but Craig and Token end up talking about something science related that Tweek and Clyde have no interest in, so they’re kinda awkward alone together because they believe they have nothing in common but are shocked to find out they just have that perfect platonic chemestry and becomes instant bff’s

that’s the post

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I’m not sure if Tweeks gonna make it through this quarantine. He’s sure to have a heart attack the instant he hears someone cough.

At least he’s got Craig, who ventures out daily to grab a coffee through the Tweek Bros (apparently existent) drive through window.

Hope everyone is doing okay! Being stuck in the house is definitely dull. But there’s always SOUTH PARK AND VIDEO GAMES HAHAHAAHAAA THAT IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

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Craig is a registration clerk, and everything and everyone accept for the new PA sucks, the hospital/surgery center AU, pt 2:

- the only thing that sucks more than people normally, are people during a pandemic. For real, Craig didn’t know people could be so stupid.

- the PA for Testaburger was working more now though, so that was a plus at least. And was it just Craig, or did every time the PA come by he looked over at Craig before moving on?

- Craig’s never been this bored out of his mind. He never thought he’d miss homework, but he’d take writing a 20 page report over this any day. At least it would be something to do

-one of the housekeepers is pretty cool though too, Kenny. He came by a lot to joke around while he scrubbed the ever loving shit out of everything to make it spotless

-anyway back to Craig

-first a lady talks shit on her husband while he was right beside her in a wheelchair, then a germaphobe came through

-oh, and the time he caught a group of nurses fucking around while a patient was trying to ask for something

-goddamn he needed out of here. Maybe he’d work up the nerve to talk to Tweek the PA. Was he allowed to have relationships at work? Ah fuck it, he didnt care enough about this job

-besides, the HR trainee Bebe was taking over for the older woman who was retiring. She seemed like she would be cool about it. Maybe because her girlfriend happened to also be a doctor there anyway

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