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#creek is the best ship on the show
lost-generation-lights · 10 months ago
It used to pain me so much that Joey bounces on Pacey at the end of The Longest Day and ostensibly chooses her relationship with Dawson over what they feel for each other, and don’t get me wrong, it still breaks me to see him crying on that dock when she walks off at the end of the episode...but when you know what’s coming?? When you know where the story is headed? IT IS ACTUALLY PERFECT. Isn’t it that much more compelling for Joey to believe *so strongly* that she couldn’t live without Dawson’s approval just to turn around and realize (again and again) that in fact it is Pacey she can’t lose???? This girl who has lived through too much trauma and has always viewed Dawson (along with his parents, his house, etc.) as the constant that got her through the tragedies of her life...that girl forces herself to go for safety & comfort only to find it isn’t enough. It isn’t what she needs anymore, because she’s outgrown her security blanket and every moment that she denies the actual desire of her heart is another moment of sheer misery for all involved. Joey, who often clings to the so-called moral high ground, who can be so unbelievably stubborn and self-righteous, has to admit that she made a mistake and consequently launches herself from the foundations of her life by turning her back on everything she’s ever known. Joey who turned down Paris. Joey who struggles to define herself without the context of Dawson’s lens. Joey who is riddled with doubts over whether or not she’ll ever make it out of Capeside. This Joey falls in love with the last person she ever expected to feel for in this way, and because of that love she *finally* decides to sail off into the sunset, embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, throwing all consequences overboard for an entire summer on the open sea. This is what she’s always dreamed of—freedom, happiness, a story of her own. Would she have trusted herself to do something so bold without attempting to fall in line with Dawson’s ultimatum first? I think not. I think she would have always wondered if Dawson had been right, always questioned if it was worth the emotional turmoil, always looked back wistfully thinking *she* was the one who ruined things by continuing to pursue a relationship with Pacey. She has to take that detour, momentarily allowing Dawson to set the narrative for her before realizing it’s impossible. This isn’t what love looks like. She can’t suppress her feelings. Maybe she had theoretically convinced herself that her attraction to Pacey would fade, that the whole thing would prove to be fleeting and insignificant, but when she puts that concept to the test, it is an indisputable failure. Joey can’t deny it anymore, but she had to be wrong before she can know in her bones, without dispute, what’s right...which is why she returns to the exact same location of her initial misstep to rewrite the ending: that dock, that boat, Pacey. It’s where she leaves him at the end of The Longest Day, breaking both of their hearts in the process, and it’s where she finds him again three episodes later at the end of True Love. No ultimatums or stipulations. No turning back. It’s True Love—the episode, the boat, the relationship. She just took the long way in getting there.
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actuallylukedanes replied to your post “i think part of why i’m so obsessed with the idea of stevie/alexis as...”
I don't go here but I agree with your last tag so hard. Why does Alexis personal journey mean she can't also have love??? Being a badass and career focused doesn't mean you'd be less if you also had a successful relationship. Like what is it with that?
I understand what Dan is saying or what he wanted... but it seems like a really weird male perspective of women a bad way.
thank you for agreeing with me!! when i was watching him talk about it, i was nodding along like ‘yes of course after all her growth she couldn’t just follow his dreams and give up on her own i agree’ but once i had more time to think through the larger picture of how the series ends for the family it’s like:
the parents remain happily married and the dad has business success again and the mom gets to go back to the work she was happiest in, but with more prestige and power...the son gets a business and a husband and a best friend he loves, all in a town he never wanted to live in in the first place...and then the daughter is going alone to new york to further her career and the adopted daughter will be travelling for work, seeing more of the world and happy in a business she owns.
but it’s only the two young women who don’t get to ‘have it all’ compared to david and their parents? and i feel like that is a sort of attempt at being subversive, like here’s this wonderful queer man who deserves to find love and happiness, we still so rarely see that, and so the show gave him that ending. and here are these women who would be reduced to just falling in love and settling down in other stories, so let’s watch them chase their professional dreams and do more than stay put. and that’s great! i love that part! 
it’s the idea that also giving them love would somehow cancel out the rest, that makes me sad, like you said. it’d be different if they didn’t want relationships, then i’d be fine not wanting that for them--but stevie’s personal growth partly involves getting over a guy she thought she had something meaningful with, it really hurts her when she learns he thought they were just another hookup. and ted was completely supportive of alexis’s career ambitions and loved exactly who she was...i really think she could have been with him and grown her pr firm at the same time. it wouldn’t have negated all of her growth to show her juggling a healthy relationship and her own business, like, say, her brother does. 
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keilemlucent · 9 months ago
prey and promises
hawks | takami keigo x reader 
word count: ~2.1k
keigo is a people pleaser at heart, and you’re his person. you want to try some new things in the bedroom. you do the math.
warnings: light restraints, light predator/prey (ish), praise kink, service dom keigo
Tumblr media
a/n: people pleasing keigo is my kink, service dom keigo is my kink, here’s some pwp. this was originally my drabble for the exchange, but it got a wee bit long so it’s its own bastard now. enjoy some h word and happy valentine’s day loves!!!! 💗💗💗
Tumblr media
“That too tight, dove?”
No, and honestly? Not tight enough.
The rope binding on your wrists was a bit too loose, a bit unpracticed, but a good effort despite all of that. Keigo really tried his best for you, and you could tell.
The bedroom was dim, for the sake of romance, suspense, or both. Only the flicker of a few perfectly placed jar and pillar candles lit the room, allowing Keigo’s wings to cast large, beautiful shadows across the room.
You watched, mesmerized by just his shadow.
That wasn’t mentioning the man who was straddling your hips, chest level with your face as he futzed with your bound wrists.
He worried to himself, nervously speaking just above breathing.
Who would’ve fucking thought, that number two, pro hero ‘Hawks’ was a goddamn sweetheart in bed?
He was a notorious playboy (wrong, but tabloids work harder than sinners on their knees), and unabashed flirt (true, but before you, he’d always been shit at the follow-through). Yet, he’d been worrying about the state of your bound arms for what had to be at least ten minutes.
As much as you appreciated the care, you were practically dripping onto the bed from all of the teasings he’d led up with (kissing, sucking, torturing your poor nipples until they were hard, flushed, and bitten.) It had been too long since you’d had the proper time to spoil each other, and Keigo was exploiting the opportunity for all it was worth.
Some time ago, he must’ve had the rope shipped to your shared apartment without you knowing. It wasn’t too thick, not too rough, just perfectly oiled and deep scarlet. It was worn by the time he’d brought it out to you that night, a surprise for you, but not him. He’d obviously been practicing knots in the little spare time he had.
It showed how much he cared, truly.
You’d mentioned, offhand, a month or two ago over a shared bottle of wine that you’d like to ‘spice things up’ in the bedroom when you had the chance to. Keigo had been intrigued, dug in a little more, and got you blushing and revealing a good handful of kinks.
And he delivered, the best he could anyway, with the experience and research he’d been able to put together.
“Not too tight at all,” You tug on the restraints, wiggling a bit below him, antsy and needy already. “Now get down here, or I’m gonna leave hickeys in some very visible places.”
Keigo ‘ooo’ed and flopped to rest his chest against yours, the chill of the barbels through his nipples making you shiver. He gives you a pleased smile, eyes sharp and half-lidded all at the same time, “Is that a threat or a promise?”
“Both, if you keep talking and not touching,” You really tried to keep your tone from getting whiney. Keigo was content, always content, to be a tease, and without your hands, it was even easier to fall to mush beneath him.
“Needy,” Keigo clicked his tongue, snapping the elastic of the garter over your thighs. With his weight over your hips, and your arms high and held to the headboard, there wasn’t much you could do other than writhe a bit and plead with your eyes.
“If you were in my position, you’d be the same way,” you hissed.
“Maybe,” He mussed, lips trailing over the skin of your throat.
Keigo stole any retort and the breath from your lungs as he chomped down on your neck (really, he bit down) and suck at the skin. The bruise he was leaving began to ache almost immediately, teeth kneading away even as you arched and gasped beneath him.
You bucked your hips, begging silently for just a bit more—
And Keigo growled against your pulse. His hands gripping the fat above your waist and pressing you into the mattress with his body weight.
His wings puffed up and outstretched before your eyes as your breaths became more labored with each moment.
He’s really fucking turned on.
Keigo pulled back to sit over your hips, pupils wide and having eaten the amber of his eyes long again.
You tried to grind up into him, desperate for just something—
And Keigo pressed you to the bed again, wings widening to cover the two of you as a low rumble broke from his throat. You swallowed dry and your lips fell open as you watched Keigo, somewhat in awe and very horny.
“Here’s how tonight’s gonna work,” Keigo sounded way too pleased that you’d finally stilled. “You’re gonna be the good girl I know you are and let me decide how and when you get to feel good. You can do that, can’t you?”
You didn’t have a lot of fight left in you, not with the way he was looking at you, not with the way his hands were stretching and squeezing over your curves.
The small part of your brain that was still functioning recalled your tipsy conversation from months before—
“I dunno,” You giggled, leaning on Keigo’s side. “I just think I’d be nice to feel a little bit smaller, and weaker. In like a hot way.”
“... Small and weak is hot to you?” Keigo’s word only slurred slightly.
“Nah, not like that!” You pushed against his shoulder, hiding your bashful grin in his bicep. “Like... Use me a bit, you know? However you want to fuck me up, fuck me up.”
Apparently, Keigo had taken your request to heart. Did some serious ruminating. And was planning on delivering.  
“I said,” His wings half-flapped (oh, you were fucked)— “‘You can do that, can’t you?’”
He ran the tips of his nails (talons) over your ribs, the fucking bastard.
The nail in the coffin was the way how he dragged them up and up. Over the curves of your sides, your tits, heaving chest, and collar bones to plant either hand on the side of your head.
And Keigo leaned over you, naked and leaking, wings extended high with a fucking delicious and terrifying gleam filling his eye.
The sharp talon on his thumb ran over your cheek, and your stomach dropped. You felt your cunt clench around nothing as you pulled at the restraints.
“Yes, y-yes, yes!” You sputtered, lost in the pitch of Keigo’s pupils. “I can do that, it, whatever you want, please.”
Keigo visibly shuddered when you begged, but you hardly noticed. You were far more focused on how he shifted a knee between your parted legs, nudging his own flush with your bare cunt.
“Then fuck yourself on my thigh.”
Your hips moved without thought, the muscles and flesh on your tummy flexing to get just a morsel of him.
“Oh, I think I like this,” His breath felt so fucking hot against your ear, you swore you were scalded. “You’re just so fucking gorgeous when you doing just what I want you to.”
A strained, little sound dribbles from your lips as you nod, ‘yes, yes, I’m sure I look nice but I need more’, turning your head to drag your lips over his cheekbone.
His feathers ruffled, wings fluttering and flexing, the primaries scraping the ceiling but neither of you had a mind to care. Keigo had never really had this energy before, and you were a fucking glutton for it. You needed more, more of him and whatever he was willing to give.
You were begging for it without even thinking about it.
Keigo sat back on his heels, chest and cheeks flushed enough to match his wings.
He was so fucking pretty.
You took him all in, lips parting and just a bit of drool spilling from the corner of your mouth. Just a little bit.
All the while, you kept grinding on his thigh, soaking Keigo in slick that he oh so fucking sinfully gathered up on two fingers that he then sucked clean.
Bastard, bastard—
And impatient bastard.
“Such a good little dove,” Keigo purred, palming his cock with his saliva-soaked hand. “My good little dove. I’m sure you want something to fill you up, don’t you? Tell me. Use that mouth of yours.”
And you spewed.
You slurred about how hot Keigo was like this, how much you needed his cock, because, I don’t know, for fuck’s sake, without it you might as well die. You licked your chapped lips as he grinned above you, more smug than you’d ever seen him.
And thank fucking god, he threw your legs over his shoulders and fucked into you clean with one, single motion.
You shrieked, stretched and stuffed without a moment to adjust but you didn’t fucking care. The burn was grounding, the heat spreading from your cunt to the tips of your toes and fingers as you tugged at the restraints, begging for more until your voice went hoarse.
And, as... predatory as Keigo was presenting himself, large and sharp and intimidating, he was ultimately still your dutiful lover who wanted nothing more than to have you ruined for anyone else on his thick, pretty cock.  
“FUCK!” Your voice broke high as you took Keigo’s cock, eyes rolling white as he moved, so fast— “K-Keigo!”
The tempo he set was something worse than brutal. It tore the breath from your lung with each slam of his hips. Each slap of skin on skin had a high moan ripping from your throat in time with the creek of the headboard. The way his cock hit everything so perfectly was overwhelming, but all the same you wanted to drown in it, take it between your ribs and absorb and it and be—
“Whose are you?”
His, Keigo’s, his, his, HIS—
“Y-Yours, yours, YOURS!”
Your vision sparked on the edges as you came, spin curling off the bed, back blown to high hell but you didn’t fucking care. All you could focus on was the pleasure of it all and the way Keigo didn’t slow—
The bastard sped up.
You sputtered something, a weak ‘too much!’, but with no safeword (no need to use it, you felt more alive on his cock than you had in a long time), Keigo kept up his pace, sweat pouring down his temples and feathers twitching blurrily in your vision.
A hand slipped between your bodies, “Y-You’re so perfect, baby, best f-fucking girl in the world for me.”
“Y-you’re best girl?” Your voice broke into a whine as pummeled that knot of nerves, your gut overheating in the best way—
“Yes, fuck, my best girl,” Keigo took only a moment of pause, catching his breath before continuing at a pace and depth you didn’t think you could take but you were— “My b-best, perfect, girl. You’re fucked for me, aren’t you?”
You nodded dumbly, watching Keigo’s bow forward with the curve of his spine.
“Good, good,” Keigo’s voice was just as rough as yours, weak for you and your spent, perfect body and self. “You take me so well, gonna take all of me so, so—”
The finger rolling your clit sped up, and heat shot through you, cunt clenching and sending the two of your tumbling with each other.
Keigo’s hips finally stuttered, slamming into yours once, twice, and third time before he spills into you, stuffing you so full you swear you can feel it in your tummy.
You were cresting at the same time, swimming in the sensation of him, slick soaking your thighs as Keigo gave a few shallow thrusts, stuffing you.
And you came down together.
You were only half lucid as Keigo pulled out, laying thick praise on you with words and little kisses to your undoubtedly sore legs. A feather or two loosened the ties around your wrists, so your arms could drop limply to your sides. The rope left the prettiest indentations that you made a not to ogle at when you were more present. 
Keigo flopped beside you in the sheets, greedy hands pulling you close to mingle in sweat, sound and breath.
“So, how was I?” Keigo asked.
Someone less practiced in knowing him would assume his tone sounded over-confident, the lazy smirk he was wearing only adding to his incredible acting.
But you could tell from the tension still bound up in his wings, and the little crinkles between his brows, and the thick swallow he gives you, that he is indeed asking you, genuinely, ‘how did I do?’.
You replied with a deep breath, fumbling a bit to grab his hips, fingers dancing up his spin to rest the roots of his wings between your spread fingers.
“You did so good, Kei’, please fuck me like that again sometime—” It would probably be smart to let your very blown out back heal, but—
Keigo kissed you, hard and hot with a hand pulling your jaw just right.
“‘Sometime’?” Keigo murmured, nibbling your bottom lip, the fucking whore. “Why not now?”
You had no reason to refuse, so why not?
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deadpoetsbythelakes · a month ago
the dead poets as folklore songs
i think i’ve seen this film before, and i didn’t like the ending. - taylor swift.
songs from taylor swift's album “folklore" that i associate the poets with! expect some of these be turned to edits or fics ~ will do another post but with ships and another for evermore (ships and characters) <3
cardigan: youth, memories, longing, melancholy, departure, the creeks of the wooden floor boards, discarded dreams, lingering like the smell of an old cardigan that still bears the scent of loss years later, the past, and the end.
“i knew everything when i was young."
“you drew stars around my scars, but now i'm bleeding.”
“i knew you / tried to change the ending / peter losing wendy.”
“i knew you / leaving like a father / running like water.”
“but i knew you'd linger like a tattoo kiss /  knew you'd haunt all of my what-ifs."
“when you are young, they assume you know nothing.”
the lakes: romance, escapism, solitude, writing poems on afternoons, reading whitman before classes, writing about him, leaving poems in his books, reciting shakespeare by the lakes with your lover.
“take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die / i don't belong, and my beloved, neither do you.”
“i've come too far to watch some namedropping sleaze / tell me what are my words worth.”
“i want auroras and sad prose.”
“with my calamitous love and insurmountable grief.”
“i'm setting off, but not without my muse / no, not without you.”
mirrorball: laughter, always joking, dancing, euphoria, failure, acceptance, hiding, changing, glass breaking, forced smiles, crying at midnight, attention or lack there of, larger than life, crumbling in close doors.
“i'll show you every version of yourself tonight.”
“shining just for you."
“and when i break it's in a million pieces.”
“and they called off the circus / burned the disco down / when they sent home the horses / and the rodeo clowns / i'm still on that tightrope / i'm still trying everything to get you laughing at me.”
“i'm still a believer but i don't know why / i've never been a natural / all i do is try, try, try / i'm still on that trapeze / i'm still trying everything / to keep you looking at me.”
(fannon + cannon)
betty: flowers, letters, pining, starry-eyed, foolishness, ideocracy, bicycle rides, stolen glances, doing the wrong thing, apology in forms of poetry, yearning at midnight.
“when i passed your house / it's like i couldn't breathe.”
“but if i just showed up at your party / would you have me? would you want me? would you tell me to go fuck myself?” (cannon)
“will you have me? / will you love me?”
“if you kiss me, will it be just like i dreamed it?”
“i'm only seventeen / i don't know anything / but i know i miss you.”
seven: warmth, trust, understanding, closeness, dancing, warm tea, conversations of grand dreams, borrowed pens, smeared inks, the smell of books, barefoot on the grass, studying under a tree.
“are there still beautiful things?”
“sweet tea in the summer / cross your heart, won't tell no other.”
“love you to the moon and to saturn.”
“pack your dolls and a sweater / we'll move to India forever.”
“passed down like folk songs / our love lasts so long.”
peace: radio static, warm breezes, running in hallways, inside jokes, familiarity, belonging, certainty, friendship, making other people laugh, that someone you can depend on always.
“our coming-of-age has come and gone.”
“and you know that i'd swing with you for the fences / sit with you in the trenches.”
“give you the silence that only comes when two people understand each other.”
“i'd give you my sunshine, give you my best.”
“the devil's in the details, but you got a friend in me.”
the 1: nostalgia, piano music while studying, writing letters instead of taking notes, loneliness, regrets, the loss of friendship, longing in secret, old memories of the good old days, head full of what-ifs?, growth, maturity, empathy, apologies, forgiveness.
“and if you never bleed, you're never gonna grow / and it's alright now.”
“but we were something, don't you think so? / roaring 20s, tossing pennies in the pool.”
“i guess you never know, never know / and it's another day waking up alone.”
“in my defense, i have none / for never leaving well enough alone.”
“i persist and resist the temptation to ask you / if one thing had been different / would everything be different today?”
epiphany: radios, softness, comfort, strength, unity, remembering, clouds, memories of school rooftops, fading light, goodbye love letters, wasting a life for something that was wrong, thinking what you did was right.
“keep your helmet, keep your life, son / just a flesh wound, here's your rifle.”
“with you, i serve / with you, i fall down, down.”
“just one single glimpse of relief / to make some sense of what you've seen.”
ghost! neil.
my tears ricochet: rain, petrichor, regrets, blame, the weight of your coffin, a weeping mother, a group of friends singing alms, hauntings, madness, sadness, he knows it isn't his fault, but why does he feel guilty? an embittered tormentor showing up at the funeral of his fallen object of obsession.
“even on my worst day, did i deserve, babe / all the hell you gave me? / 'cause i loved you, i swear i loved you / 'til my dying day.”
“i didn't have it in myself to go with grace.”
“and if i'm dead to you, why are you at the wake?”
“cursing my name, wishing i stayed.”
“you know i didn't want to have to haunt you / but what a ghostly scene.”
“you had to kill me, but it killed you just the same.”
“and i can go anywhere i want / anywhere i want, just not home.”
“and you can aim for my heart, go for blood / but you would still miss me in your bones.”
“cursing my name, wishing i stayed / you turned into your worst fears.”
“and you're tossing out blame / drunk on this pain / crossing out the good years.”
“look at how my tears ricochet.”
“you know the hero died so what's that movie for?"
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makeste · 8 months ago
some meta about Izuku, Katsuki, and trust
Tumblr media
and choosing to trust is the real bridge that goes to accepting that person as a part of your live again and what the offender has to earn. I think the interesting aspect of Deku and Bakugou's relationship is that Deku has always trusted Bakugou, and I would say more than he had forgiven him at the start of the story (where he does show more frustration and resentment towards Bakugou's behaviour and see him as a jerk) but despite that he can always trust Bakugou to him himself, attested to
the fact that Deku feels very confident about how Bakugou will act or what Bakugou's true motives are and probably the reason why he always sees Bakugou as a hero despite his hurtful behaviour is because Deku 100% trusts Bakugou even if he's doing something disagreeable or that will hurt him. Knowing someone and trusting is not exactly the same and I see it as trust because of Deku willingness to be co-operative. On Bakugou's side he is mistrustful of Deku and thats where the communication
breaks down and there has been plenty of meta exploring why Bakugou has deep rooted problems around Deku and his journey is him taking accountability of that and changing to be a better person. While understanding and miscommunication get their fair due I think trust and mistrust are the true bedrocks of the bkdk river bed because that allows for how they can still be so connected despite the miscommunication (with Bakugou mistrust is mixed with some trust) because of knowing.
anon I really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing your thoughts! I concur with just about all of this, and this ask got me thinking a lot about the nature of trust, and how it applies to Izuku and Katsuki’s relationship.
I think a lot of people’s reactions to reading the sentence “Bakugou and Deku have always trusted each other” would pretty much be, “???” and “lol what.” like, yeah, sure. they trusted each other so much that Bakugou decided that throwing a tantrum for ten years would be an appropriate reaction to Deku trying to hold his hand. classic Trust, right there!!
lol but I honestly think this is true, though. it’s just that there are different... levels?? types?? of trust. let’s go with types. there are different types of trust, and what makes Izuku and Katsuki’s relationship so interesting to me is that it’s kind of the opposite of what these fictional rival-type relationships usually are. it’s basically the difference between knowing, and understanding.
okay so first of all let’s back up here to make sure we’re all on the same page. we’re defining trust as “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone”, which is the Oxford Language definition and which works pretty well for me. you’ll note, btw, that the current relationship between Katsuki and Izuku more or less meets all four of these criteria.
reliability - both boys regard each other as dependable and are willing to rely on each other in a pinch (although Izuku is currently having some difficulty with that, but that’s another topic for another day).
truth - both are honest with each other, though not completely honest (this is the aspect that Katsuki still needs to work on, as he’s currently hiding his desire to atone).
ability - neither of them have any difficulty with this. Izuku admires Katsuki’s ability so much that he’s made it his own gold standard since childhood, and Katsuki respects Izuku’s ability enough that he made him his main rival, and never doubted that Izuku was qualified to receive OFA and become All Might’s heir.
strength - as with ability, this is another aspect of trust that neither of them has ever struggled with. in fact, a lot of their relationship struggles happened specifically because Katsuki never doubted Izuku’s strength, but feared it because he didn’t understand it.
so yeah. there’s a lot more trust between them than most people realize, I think. but the thing is that the type of trust they have is based more on knowing than understanding, and that’s where so much of their conflict stems from.
when I say knowing, I’m talking about the kind of awareness that comes from familiarity and experience. this is the type of trust that’s difficult to take shortcuts with, because it mostly just has to be accumulated over time. this is all about learning what someone is like through observing them and being around them. and it’s just as much about being known as well, because at the same time that you’re learning who the other person is, they’re learning about who you are. and that’s where trust starts to work its way in. it’s the slow unveiling of who you are, and laying it on the table piece by piece over time. and every time another little piece of you is revealed and accepted, and every time you accept one more piece of who the other person is in turn, that trust increases a little bit more. this type of trust takes a long, long time to build up, but in exchange the foundation it creates is pretty much rock-solid and nigh-indestructible.
understanding, on the other hand, to me is more instinctual. it’s about empathy and insight. and the interesting thing is that it’s possible to know someone for years upon years, and yet never truly understand them. and on the flip side, it’s also possible to understand someone within minutes of meeting them, even if you know almost nothing about them. if “knowing” is about learning who someone is, I would say that “understanding” is about learning why they are who they are. this type of trust isn’t necessarily always mutual, but it does necessitate forming a connection with someone. because empathy is such a critical component of it, it’s basically impossible to understand someone and not form an emotional connection to them in some way. this type of trust can be far more powerful and intense than the “knowing” type of trust, but the flip side is that it can sometimes be less stable and easier to break.
I think that the majority of fictional relationships, especially the ones that become really popular ships, are based more around the latter type of trust because of its intensity and unpredictability and potential for story development. the thing is, both of these types of trust are necessary for a good ship (and when I say “ship”, I’m talking about both romantic and platonic relationships just fyi). if neither type of trust is present on at least some level, then there’s really no foundation to start building up the relationship. so most of the time a ship will start out with one or the other, and then over the course of the story they'll work on building up whichever one was lacking.
and because of how stories work, the majority of the time we’re going to be dealing with characters who at first don’t know each other all that well. and so the relationships we get are ones where the characters first form some kind of emotional connection that builds understanding, and then over time they start to learn more about each other and build up that kind of trust as well. I feel like 90% of ships have this kind of dynamic. it’s the basis for things like enemies-to-lovers, fake dating AUs, and basically any kind of trope in which the characters get stuck somewhere and are forced to spend a lot of time together. it’s good, and it works.
but the fascinating thing about the relationship between Izuku and Katsuki, though, is that it’s actually the exact opposite of this. the premise of Izuku and Katsuki's story is that these are two people who’ve known each other their entire lives, but have almost no understanding of each other whatsoever. they know almost every little detail about each other, so much that they hardly even think about it. but all of their conflict is based on the fact that understanding between them is basically nonexistent.
and to me this is such an intriguing dynamic. the two of them know each other like the back of their hand. they’re familiar with the smallest habits. they can predict each other’s actions. they know how the other person thinks. and they have the kind of trust that comes with having seen the other at both their best and their worst. Katsuki is capable of letting his guard down around Izuku in a way he doesn’t do around anyone else. he cries in front of him on multiple occasions. he lets Izuku call him “Kacchan” long after their other childhood friends have stopped doing so. and even though he fears and resents Izuku’s strength early on, he also subconsciously acknowledges it in ways that even he doesn’t realize (e.g. “don’t you dare get into U.A.,” rather than “you can’t get in” or “you won’t get in”). he knows Izuku.
but he doesn’t understand Izuku. he knows who he is, but he doesn’t understand why. he knows that Izuku is strong, but he can't wrap his head around the nature of that strength. and because he lacks that understanding, this vital aspect of the trust between them is lacking, and is all too easily broken when Katsuki falls into the creek and Izuku tries to offer his help. Katsuki knows that Izuku is a good person, but he doesn’t understand that goodness, that selflessness, and so he’s mistrustful of it.
on the flip side of the coin, however, Izuku has the utmost faith in Katsuki. to him, Katsuki is the strongest, smartest, most capable and most amazing person in the world (aside from All Might). and Izuku, unlike Katsuki, actually does understand his childhood friend at least a little bit. he understands Katsuki’s reasons for wanting to be a hero. he understands that Katsuki is not just mindlessly pursuing strength. he understands that Katsuki’s motivation is about overcoming obstacles and beating challenges. and most importantly, he understands that Katsuki, in spite of everything he’s said and done to Izuku over the years, is fundamentally a good person.
and this is crucial. because, along with the bond of familiarity they’ve built up together over the years, it’s this other, one-sided bond of understanding that is responsible for their relationship enduring for as long as it did despite everything. as you put it, anon, Izuku’s trust is ultimately what becomes the bridge between them. on some level, he trusts in Katsuki’s innate goodness. he believes in it in spite of all of Katsuki’s attempts to persuade him otherwise. e.g. when Katsuki suggests that he go jump off the roof, Izuku is hurt by the words, but he never once takes them to heart, because he knows on some instinctive level that Katsuki doesn’t mean them. and so he grumbles to himself about Katsuki needing to think before he speaks, but aside from that he never gives the words another thought.
Katsuki would no doubt consider this yet another example of Izuku not caring enough about himself or taking himself into account. but it really is more than that. the reason the words don’t cut deep in spite of them being vicious and well-targeted is simply because Izuku knows that Katsuki isn't truly that cruel. and he knows that on a level so deep that Katsuki is never able to break it despite his best efforts. he can’t break it, because there’s nothing to break, because it’s true. the reason the relationship endures in spite of everything is because deep down Katsuki is fundamentally a good person, and so Izuku’s trust, in the end, is based on truth. and so it never fully breaks, and eventually, it becomes reciprocated.
and that’s what their story is all about. it’s two people that have known each other their entire lives, but have to work in order to build their understanding of each other. unlike many ships, they start off already having that foundation of knowing and being known, and so their story instead is about forging that connection of empathy and insight. and it doesn’t come easily to them at all. but they keep at it.
anyway, so thank you again for sharing your thoughts on this, anon. I didn’t even get into the topic of forgiveness, but I agree with you about it being a process of letting go of negative feelings and resentment. I also agree that forgiveness is a separate thing from trust, but I do think trust plays a big part in one’s decision to forgive or not forgive. it's a lot easier to forgive if you have an understanding of the other person’s actions. and it’s also far, far easier to forgive if the offender’s actions are long in the past. and because the latter is now true in Katsuki’s case, that shows a pattern of him learning from his mistakes and not repeating them. which further builds trust, especially in the “reliability” department. and so even though forgiveness and trust are two separate things, they’re still connected. and in many ways, by working to rebuild the understanding between him and Izuku, Katsuki is also working towards earning Izuku’s forgiveness, even though that’s ultimately something that can never truly be earned, but can only be granted.
I’m not sure if I’m really making my point very clear here lol, but basically what I’m trying to say is that while the relationship may have once been one-sided in this aspect, it’s not anymore. it’s mutual, and they’re both putting the work in. and Katsuki is also doing his part without any guarantee or expectation of forgiveness on Izuku’s end. it’s unconditional. he’s doing it because he wants to atone. and he’ll continue to do it whether he’s forgiven or not. and that’s important. it’s important because it shows that the relationship has value to both of them. and it’s important because neither of them wants to lose it. they want to fix it; they want to make it stronger.
and ultimately what that means is that the relationship will continue to endure, despite their ups and downs. because even though it may have started out as something incidental -- two boys who just happened to become friends because they spent a lot of time together as children -- it’s not, anymore. it’s no longer just something that happened, something that just accidentally came together. it’s something that they’re both working to build. they want to trust each other. they want to understand one another. their relationship is no longer something that simply withstood and persisted -- it’s something that is now being nurtured. and you love to see it.
so let's see, how do I even begin to tl;dr this post lol. something something blah blah blah trust, understanding, childhood friends, knowing someone, having faith in someone, being the recipient of that faith, and working to become worthy of it. they're very confused, but they care about each other a lot, and they are good boys.
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nomlioarts · 8 months ago
what's your top 5 favorite ships and can you draw some creek
I can tell, but I won't draw cause I have an artblock... :( I can show my old arts instead.
pretty late but heh who cares-
5# HuskerDust (Angel Dust and Husk from Hazbin Hotel)
Ahhh.. I love them so much... It is true that at the beginning I liked RadioDust, even though Alastor is asexual, but I found that this couple is sweeter.. I wish in future series they'll bond in a relationship.. :')
Tumblr media
4# ZaDr (Dib and Zim from Invader Zim)
I think most of us think the best ships comes when there are enemies or conflicts between two sides, and these two are an example of that. They look cute together when there is an understanding between them lol.
Tumblr media
3# Freelance Husbands (Sam & Max)
Ah yes. There they are. Canonical couple 💜💋. I love seeing them happy together so badlyyy also Max is small murderous cupcake and Sam is big beloved husbando and this combination of ships is the best.
Unfortunately I've never drawn them before but maybe I'll do it one day..
Tumblr media
2# Stolitz (Stolas and Blitzø from Helluva Boss)
So what if Blitz fucks Stolas just for the book.. What if they really became a couple..👀? In my HC I see Stolas loves Blitzø not only for his body but for his personality and charisma, and he would best leave his wife just for this gorgeous imp.. also Blitz looks a lot like Ren Höek, I love it.💜💋
Tumblr media
1# Rempy (Ren and Stimpy)
Expecting me, it was probably obvious that these two would be in the first place in my ranking. I just... I have no words for them. Orrr... maybe I have some. Even though it's not known whether they are a couple or not, deep down I think that they always love each other (I'm excluding Adult Party Cartoon. Fuck this reboot).. Only Stimpy can calm Ren when things go wrong.. And Ren couldn't live alone without Stimpy.. I think he would even be able to commit suicide, cause no one, I tell you, NO ONE can replace a companion like this adorable silly manx... Besides, it's probably not a friendship anymore when there is a kiss between the two and it comes to sleeping in one bed as it was in some episodes.. right? Anyways.. It's 10/10 from me or even more.💜💋
Tumblr media
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thefanbasewhore · 11 months ago
"I adore you."
Summary: Sleepy talk between Din and his girl.
Warning/Content: fluffy din like usual 🥺
Paring: Din djarin/female reader
A/N: this so short but I wanted to get something out before I post the clan leader Din series later !
Tumblr media
The night was warm, a slight breeze filling the crest due to the ramp of the hull being open, Din winces at the loud creek as it closes knowing it was late and his family was sleeping. With the large blanket curling against your body, warm and snug against the cotton the temperature change is unnoticed.
Tiny heavy breaths falling from parted lips, body facing the left of the wall, leaving the perfect amount of space for Din to lay. The child was tucked away in his prim, laid to sleep hours ago. Me It was late enough when you fell asleep, waiting for Din just in case tonight would be the night he finally comes home but it was normal not to hear from him for days, the only time he used the comlink was for emergencies. Even though he is gone for days, he always seems to find a way to make up for it, off days are spent with his undivided attention on you and the kid.
Deep breaths burn inside his chest, basically running to get home back to his family. The thought of his girl curled up in his bed, alone, was enough motivation for him to do absolutely anything to get home to you.
Din's eyes met with his sleepy girl, curled up in a ball, always leaving just enough space for him to squeeze in.
It's the only thought. Eye lids closed, long lashes tickling against the highs of your cheek bones, lips natural, untouched. Eyes roam down your neck, fading purple with red hues from the last time he seen you. They dip into your collar, along with the small bruises of love that formed from his fingers after a long night of love making.
He can tell your nude underneath the sheets, swells of your breast threaten to fall from the confines of the sheets. Fingers twitch to touch but he's so, so tired. For the first time in a week Din finds himself smiling, the beautiful sight is well hidden under the helmet but that's soon changed.
The armour and helmet are off, followed by his tunic which he trades for a much lighter, silky one. He's quiet as he leans into the supply closet, arms wrap around you, pulling him into the crook his his neck. It's instant warmth, feeling of skin against skin makes his own tingle,a feeling that travels through out his body with a sigh of relief, after the long week he has had.
The soft curve of his nose presses against your hairline as his lips press against the creases of your forehead.
“Mm.” You mumble, pressing deeper into him. Your own lips instinctively pressing against his face.
“I’m here riduur, go back to bed.” He mumbles, the way the word falls off his lips is smooth, without effort but so sexy. His own claim on you, a title that intertwines the two of you forever.
Soft fingers touch the top of your spine, hand moving up and down your neck with reinsurance, he's fine; everything is okay. He uses whatever left over strength he has, flipping you to face him.
“Of course I can’t now.” With the warm smile Din swears he feels his heart stop, a goofy grin crinkling his eyes. “I missed you.”
"I missed you pretty girl." Lips meet your face with purpose, from your cheek to your chin, wet sloppy kisses that almost make up for the time he was gone, he tries to make sure of it.
“I adore you.” He mumbles, pressing a kiss against your nose. Nights like this seem to be the only ones that matters, holding you so close that it was hard to breath, being smothered by your hair, annoyingly tickling his sides with a cheeky smile but he would not want anything less.
Nights like these make guilt crawl up the nape of his neck, the amount of lonely nights he spent off the ship you spent all alone. He feels worse as once meeting eyes that squeeze harshly to only open them wide to effort to stay awake. "Go to sleep." He mumbles lips ghosting over the nape of her neck.
"No." He rolls his eyes at your defiance, fingers slip into the silky strands of his hair, fingers pulling on the ends that reach the back of his neck. "Wanna kiss you..."
The softness of your touch, the words calm him. He relaxes against it, lips finding yours with gentleness, a lingering kiss shows he means his words.
“You’re the best part of me.” He mumbles sleepily against your skin, of course he wanted this to last forever, sleepily stroking your cheek, press soft loving kisses to every inch of you. "Without you there would be nothing."
"Don't say that." You mumble, subcomming to your body's need for sleep. "You're beautiful on your own, you don't need me for anyone to see that."
Din is about to confess his love, tell you it's not true but the slowing of your chest along with parted slow breaths tell him the will to stay awake has failed, with one more kiss to your forehead. "Goodnight sweet girl."
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replicatortrash · a month ago
what are some of your favourite star trek enterprise episodes?
oooo thanks for asking me this lovely indulgent question! I've been watching thru season 1 while I've been laid up with a cold the last week so those are in the forefront of my mind:
Sleeping Dogs is very fun - good Klingon biz & a key tender T'pol/Hoshi moment.
The Andorian Incident and Shadows of P'jem go together as a little pair and are great Shran episodes! Lots of good Vulcan lore and T'pol lead in these. (I'd say Fallen Hero is a good episode too if you're into Vulcan lore)
Shuttlepod One is essential for the Trip/Malcolm shippers and is just a great little bottle episode where these two get to become friends over a life or death situation. That formula gets me every time.
Acquisition! Ferengi episode! Jeffery Combs and Ethan Phillips play ferengi who try to rob Enterprise & chaos ensues. Bonus: Trip spends half the episode in his little blue undies!
Rogue Planet and Vox Sola both feel like classic trek to me - cool alien creatures someone has to communicate with to save the day. Vox Sola also has great T'pol/Hoshi moments and Hoshi gets to work her magic.
Two Days and Two Nights is funny. it's Enterprise's Risa episode so hijinks ensue, plus fun outfits, new sets, & cool background aliens.
Season 2:
Carbon Creek my beloved. T'pol tells the story of how Vulcans invented Velcro on Earth, or I suppose rather, the real first contact. A great Vulcan episode and such a sweet story. Great to see Jolene Blalock in real clothes also.
Ok I know everyone hates A Night In Sickbay but I love all the Phlox backstory and getting to know him in this episode, plus the dream sequence is bonkers. The total lack of sexual tension between T'pol and Archer also lands very funny to me, so it gets a pass on my list. Plus you get the follow up to the incident in Vox Sola with the insult to the Kreetassans and you get to hear the single best line in Enterprise, "this is Porthos! my beagle! my pal!"
This is as far as I've gotten in my rewatch so the rest will be kind of sparse...
I like The Catwalk cuz oooo that ship feels small & I love the potential energy of people stuck in small places together.
Dawn has Trip sweating thru a tank top and trying to communicate with an alien to survive on a desert planet together. Great star trek.
First Flight is a good flashback Trip & Archer besties episode.
Season 3
Impulse is like a zombie Vulcan episode which is very fun.
North Star gives us a cowboy episode, what's not to love!
Doctor's Orders is possibly the best Phlox episode and I love him so. He has to take care of the crew while they're all asleep to get thru some anomaly that doesn't effect him & it is SO good.
Similitude has a rapidly growing Trip clone - discussion of clone ethics, great scifi, and good acting. Definitely a heartbreaker tho.
Carpenter Street has Archer and T'pol travel back in time, steal a car and rob and ATM which is great fun.
In E^2 an Enterprise from another dimension? or is it their dimension? travels back in time so they get to meet their descendants which is v fun. Plus old T'pol of course. (I think Phlox should have been in this one as well since he's from another long lived species.)
Season 4
The Augment trilogy (eps 4-6) has Brent Spiner back with a vengeance and it's cool history.
The Vulcan trilogy (7-9) is some of the best Vulcan lore out there and such a treat to see T'pol wrestle with her culture.
Observer Effect has Malcolm and Travis possessed by noncorporeal aliens to observe Trip & Hoshi who are infected with a virus. Great classic trek vibes and fun acting.
The Andorian trilogy (12-14) is a blast. Great Andorian lore and Shran of course but also fun Trip/Malcolm biz plus twists & turns!
Okay this got out of hand, but I genuinely love this show. I love how small the ship feels and their astronaut looking jumpsuits and how the time period bridges the gap between our current day experience of space exploration and that TNG era we're all so familiar with. It feels hopeful and attainable and yes it's riddled with 9/11 era sentiment and America-centric ideology, but there's great scifi here too and I fell in love with these characters. These are just my highlights and I think @jonathanarcher has a couple different episode guides if you're looking to hop skip your way thru the series with some kind of coherence. Let me know what you think! 💗
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flying-princess · 2 months ago
I was watching the episode ‘South Park is Gay’ and this part came on...
...Well, he did ‘out gay’ them.
Tumblr media
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bluevalntine · 4 months ago
Ricky and Gina have the best romantic chemistry and best plot line of the show. Love it or hate it, their scenes always hit because they don’t feel like a Disney ship, they don't fit the "Disney" criteria. That level of angst and just overall complexity is something you would only find in older teen dramas such as Dawson's Creek or One Tree Hill. Rina isn't giving you the cutesy ship you usually get from Disney. They are giving complications that comes from them having to grow individually before entering a relationship with each other, that from the little we saw can turn into a mature/long lasting relationship. They are giving you slow burn and actually using well the way Sofia Wylie eats every scene, because the writers made a good choice in writing towards Rina the moment they saw that chemistry on 105.
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cobrakaisb · 7 months ago
cobra kai being friends with a youtuber
Tumblr media
requested: yes by anon 
okay so you aren’t a super famous youtuber like the dolan twins or liza koshy
but you do have a bit of a following
miguel, hawk, aisha, and tory definitely watch your videos
you’re known for your wacky videos and just doing random shit
the cobras love watching your videos together 
one day you show up at the all-valley high school
you ask one of them to show you around (it's probably miguel)
“excuse me, can you show me where room 305 is?” 
“omg you’re y/n l/n!!” “yeah but can you help me find room 305 or not?”
miguel helps you find your way around school
#unofficial tour guide things
he brings you to sit with the cobras at lunch
boom, now you, tory, hawk, miguel, and aisha are besties
at first you were hesitant because what if they’re using you for clout?
but miguel is so genuine, aisha is too nice for that, hawk said that he’d considered it but you’re chill, tory is probably using you for clout
(jk they all love you for you)
at first it’s a lot of questions about you being famous and selfies and whatnot
the other kids at school definitely ask you for selfies at least 50 times a day
but once you became friends with the cobras people started to leave you alone
because who is gonna mess with them?
someone is always asking you out
“sorry but i’m dating hawk/miguel/tory/aisha” (you can pick who your fake s/o is)
they are fascinated by your set up
like you have a video camera, ring light, greenscreen?, led lights, a small teddy duncan video camera, plus all the editing software
“y/n you should end your vlogs by saying good luck charlie” 
you definitely do that now 
after a couple months of being friends you ask to make videos about them and with them
“yeah sure”
miyagi-do vs cobra kai: i’m part of an epic dojo feud!!
going to the dollar store with hawk and miguel
aisha brings me and tory to the country club
24 hour challenge at coyote creek! who can last the longest?
miguel vs robby: who is better for sam (ft sam larusso)
who would win? matching up cobra kai and miyagi-do students in fake fights
ranking the people of cobra kai and miyagi-do
i feel like you start a series where you vlog with each of them for a day
“hey besties, today i am here with tory! she’s my badass best friend from cobra kai!”
“okay so today i’m going to be dying hawk’s hair!”
“aisha and i are hanging at the beach club, and i’m going to see how long it takes for us to get kicked out”
“miguel and i are going to be helping his sensei set up an online dating profile”
the five of you always hang out after their karate practice
they take you to all the hot spots around the valley
“this is the park where we are going to battle the zombie apocalypse” “sick” 
“this our go to hang out spot: applebee’s!” 
one day you were chilling at the dojo, and a group comes in looking for you
everyone is shocked besides you, hawk, miguel, tory, and aisha
you just take the picture and call it a day
“yeah that happens a lot sorry”
once you posted a pic of the five of you at some restaurant
y’all had to leave shortly after
fans started to ship you with your friends (specifically hawk and tory)
“um y/n why are people saying that we would make a cute couple?” -hawk
“y/n did you tell your fans that we’re dating?” -tory
you definitely have fun with that
“okay guys today i’m doing the couples challenge with my boyfriend hawk and girlfriend tory to see which one is the perfect match for me”
the fans go nuts
eventually you tell them it’s a joke
your friendship is mostly normal with the occasional fan interaction thrown in the mix 
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the-pun-sexual-nerd · 4 years ago
HEY GUYS! *pant* *gasp* S-sorry i’m about twenty or so years late, BUT I’M HERE NOW! And i will get caught up on ALL of south park even if it kills me!
in case you couldn't tell i really like it so far. (gonna get the fractured but whole soon! =D )
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praetorqueenreyna · 7 months ago
Hi! Can you give me some ATLA (not LoK) fic recs? Most ships , canon-compliant or divergent, are cool, as well as AUs in general. As long as it isnt Aang bashing (zutara ppl are pretty hard on my boy), throw it my way! Thank u
Ooooh, you have given me a GIFT! Just in GENERAL I do not read LOK or LOK-compliant fics, and they are ALL pro-Aang, so any fics that I reblog are going to be up your alley! As for specific authors, I’ll link to one of my faves of each of their fics, but I DEFINITELY recommend you check out everyone’s full AO3 for even MORE ATLA goodness!
a thousand little faces by @irresistible-revolution - Azula/Aang, multichapter, rated M. A CORNERSTONE of azulaang fanfic! Nat in general is such a talented writer, I can reread all of her fics over and over and get something new out of them each time! This is not just a ship fic, but a look at Azula’s redemption arc and a post-war canon world. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
The harder the pain, honey, the sweeter the sun by @foxy-knowledgeseeker - Haru/Ty Lee, multichapter, rated T. Another incredibly talented writer, even just the first chapter of this fic is SO intriguing and beautiful! The development for Haru, who is often overlooked or SLANDERED in fic, is AMAZING! highly recommend!
we’ll keep on growing like ivy by @avatraang - Mai/Aang, oneshot, rated M. Not only are all of Rey’s oneshots AMAZING, but she is probably the only person I’ve seen make a comprehensive and well-structed modern AU with bending. This is the first fic of hers I read, and I was BLOWN AWAY by the talent! Another one that I can easily read over and over again.
The Island by themoonfish - Azula/Aang, multichapter, rated M. Another must-read Azulaang fic, this one actually takes my breath away with how well-written it is. One of the best arranged marriage AUs I have EVER read!!!
graphite and tea by @drowning-in-cacophony - Mai/Zuko, oneshot, rated G. I have SUCH a soft spot for Maiko, and this fic hits EVERY part of why I love them so much! It’s a modern AU where Mai is an artist, and she begins drawing Zuko in her notebook.
when spirit meets body by lethargy - Zuko/Aang, multichapter, rated T. I just read this a few days ago and I CANNOT stop thinking about it! A post-canon fic where Aang comes out as gay, Zuko realizes he’s in love with Aang, and they are both stupid gay idiots with no common sense. Love that for them!
after the flame, a pause by @thetpot - Zuko/Aang, multichapter, rated G. I haven’t gotten to finish reading this bc I want to give it my FULL attention, but it is a beautifully written look at the responsibilities Aang and Zuko would have after the war. 
The Gift of Blood by @the-cloud-whisperer - Zuko/Aang, oneshot, rated T. A modern AU where Aang is a phlebotomist and Zuko is a music librarian that repeatedly donates blood to talk to Aang. Such a well-written, entertaining, immersive modern AU, I feel like I’m reading it for the first time EVERY time!
And after ALL OF THAT, I will humbly submit my own AO3, LittleQueenTrashMouth. I have a million oneshots of a million different rarepairs (including but not limited to: Sokkaang, Azulaang, Maiaang, Yuetara, Maizula, and Teoaang). I will also link my 2 multichapter fics:
you steal the air out of my lungs [Mai/Aang, rated T] - 10 years after the end of the war, Mai and Aang meet up at their exes’ wedding. They work together to take down a secret ring of anti-Zuko conspirators, and also fall in love.
ATLA/Schitt’s Creek AU [Azula/Aang and Mai/Zuko, rated T] - A Modern AU based on the TV show Schitt’s Creek. The Fire Nation family loses all their money, and has to move to a small town and live in a motel. You do not have to have seen the show to enjoy the fic, you’ll just be able to catch all the references to the show! I am still working on this fic and I’m publishing it as a series, so it’s a little more freeform and loosey goosey.
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sith-maul · 9 months ago
You Will Never Be Alone Again | Din Djarin x Fem!Reader
(Epilogue of The Aftermath of Losing Everything)
Tumblr media
moodboard/sketch/gifs made by me, please don’t repost :)
Summary: Each morning, he’s there, holding you with his smiling lips pressed against your neck and his heart beating against your chest.  (Set after S2) Rating: M   Word Count: 3018 Warnings/Tags: Soft!Din, FLUFF, no use of ‘Y/N’, suggestive content
[PART I] // [PART II] // [PART III] // [Read on AO3] // [Series Masterlist]
It’s strange not waking up by yourself, strange to feel blanketed in a kind of warmth and comfort, not even the early morning suns could radiate.
Sometimes, you think this must be some wild fantasy, a sweet sublime dream that could evaporate into smoke if you dare open your eyes.
But each morning, he’s there, holding you with his smiling lips pressed against your neck and his heart beating against your chest. It’s no secret you love him, it’s written all across your face even with a peripheral glance. Falling for him happened fast and a long, long time ago. Yet in these quiet moments when you’re in the place between wakefulness and sleep, you think you’re still cascading over the crest — falling for the tiniest pieces of him that others would need a magnifying glass to see.
Like those delicate wrinkles that frame the corners of his brown eyes when he looks at you, the way they deepen as he smiles. It’s hard to describe how beautiful those lines are… what they mean. Wrinkles don’t develop overnight. No, he’s smiled enough times for those creases to permanently etch themselves into his skin. It makes your heart soar knowing that, despite all he’s been through, he’d allowed himself those sparse moments of happiness. You’ve hopelessly fallen in love with the lines beside his eyes, evidence that a bright side can exist even in the darkest of hours. 
And still, perhaps something you love even more is the way he kisses you until you forget every night you’d ever lay awake feeling alone in the universe.
It’s all so strange in the best, most beautiful way.
Din has given you so much and you only hope he can see your heart, the words carved on it — poems about him, his eyes, the charming lines that tug at the corners. You hope he can see how you’ve kept every word he’s every whispered against your skin, how you’ve inscribed them onto your beating soul: secrets and promises only the two of you will ever get to know, your own name scribbled by his lips a thousand times. You’ll treasure the invisible markings forever. Your heart’s covered in him and you just hope he can see.
With Din, life seems more meaningful, peaceful, beautiful… full. And though frightening shadows still lurk, you know you don’t have to face them alone.
Of course, there are times you worry, moments when he still seems trapped in his head, sinking into deep waters with that silver ball clutched in his hand. But he has you now, his liferaft, one with patched up holes and dents that will always come to pull him back up to the surface.
On those nights when he gets lost in the treacherous tsunami of his mind, you try to give back to him everything he’s so generously offered you. And even as you draw rasped sighs and choked cries and broken moans from his lips, your fingers painting patterns across his body… you know what heals him most are the moments after: the way your breath slows down to match his, how your lips press so gently over his eyelids until they close and project dreams of you as he sleeps.
Meant for me, he’d once said. Or maybe, meant for you.
In the sacred moments you and Din have to yourselves — no quarry to chase, no demons to face — you find yourselves on beautiful secluded planets like this one, surrounded by towering trees and lush rolling hills and long blades of grass and calm creek cadences. Somehow, each new system is more stunning than the last, and every time he opens the ramp to his ship, he intently watches your wonderstruck reaction as your eyes take in a fantastical new planet and gorgeous environment.
Visiting new planets off-duty comes with its own routine. He walks with you as you explore with wide eyes, sits beside you when you find a colorful plant to draw, lifts his helmet ever so slightly when the desire to kiss you — your cheek, your temple, your shoulder — becomes too overwhelming. And when night falls, you both retire to his ship, where he can freely remove every piece of armor and kiss every inch of your skin until it’s all you can dream of.
Since the confrontation at the Imperial base, Din’s also taken it upon himself to train you. Not in the ways of the Jedi, of course. That, you’re learning to study on your own. Din trains you like a Mandalorian — a zealous approach to weapons and warriorship. He’s a patient and compassionate teacher, and it only ties your heart to his in a tighter knot. With his gentle guidance, handling a blaster is hardly an obstacle and it only takes a month or two before you become well-acquainted with the darksaber he’d hidden in his storage cabinet for so long.
When he’d finally told you the story of the ancient weapon of legend, gravity had seemed to press harder against his back, making his shoulders slope and his head hang even lower. Because, on the day he’d parted with his son, he’d not only removed the mask of his Creed, he’d also acquired the crown of a cursed planet. And he still doesn’t know which one weighs heavier atop his head.
After that, you’d dedicated yourself to training with renewed vigor — wanting to be prepared if ever the target on his back brought upon old Imperial enemies or new ones who sought to usurp him from the throne he never wanted.
Today, much like the other times you’d trained with him, it’s mostly just chopping at trees and bushes. You can’t deny how much stronger you feel just holding the Mandalorian weapon and knowing you can defend yourself even without the Force.
There’s a part of you, however, that feels like Din’s holding back. Whenever you’d asked when you’d be ready to spar with him, eager to test your newfound skills against something that can actually fight back, he’d simply readjusted your stance with gentle hands and asked you to show him the different sword strokes he’d taught you.
“Very good,” Din praises as you step forward and swing the darksaber through the air, slicing clean through a thin branch.
“Well, that tree had it coming,” you scoff, crossing your arms with over-exaggerated toughness. “I’ve had enough of your bark, tree. It’s about time you leaf.”
“Puns. You’re upset,” he says, not a question.
“I’m not upset,” you lie, trying to put on your best sabacc face. But his helmet tilts in a way that’s far too knowing for a darkened, T-shaped visor, and you sigh in defeat under his scrutinizing stare. “Fine. I just… I just think I’m ready to up the ante here. And I feel like you’re holding back.”
He stares at you for a moment, studiously looking you up and down.
“Your posture is too slouched,” he explains, changing the subject again. “Go back to ready position.”
“Don’t do that,” you heave out another exasperated sigh.
“Ner kar’ta...”
“No, don’t ‘ner kar’ta’ me. Just because you’ve got this shiny sword,” you argue, the glowing saber humming in your hand as you brandish it back and forth, “and you’re technically a king or whatever—”
“Mand’alor,” he interrupts. “And I’m not.”
“—doesn’t mean everything you say is law. I want you to fight me. I’m ready,” your voice softens, stepping closer to him as your pleading hands wrap around the back of his neck. “I want to really learn from you.”
“We’re not doing this,” he answers, despite willingly staying trapped in the cage of your arms.
But you don’t back down. Instead, you lean forward, lips barely a hair's breadth from his helmet before you boldly kiss the spot where his mouth would be, lingering and watching how the tinted panel fogs up. The print of your mouth marks the dark visor and it makes you grin. 
“Fight me, Mando,” you whisper, all sultry bravado laced with a tease that prickles the skin beneath Din’s armor.
“Ready position,” he rasps like he’s annoyed at himself. 
A metallic, musical sound rings in the empty forest as he unsheathes the beskar spear behind his back. And like a giddy child, you bounce on your feet and step backward, swinging the darksaber in your hands before taking your stance. 
Din stands sturdy just a few feet away, spear gripped tightly in his gloves. He slowly lowers himself, knees bent just slightly, an air of strength and confidence surrounding him. Then, hardly perceptible, he nods.
You dig your heels into the soil, your boots squashing the grass below your feet. With your legs spread wide, you draw the darksaber up to the side of your head, the blinding glow casting a white halo on your cheek. Narrowing your eyes and taking a deep breath, you charge forward at lightning speed, zeroing in on the shiny armor in front of you.
At the last second, Din dodges your attack, stepping to the side and watching as you rush past him. You somehow manage not to trip over your own feet and hastily twirl around to face him again. But Din’s already got the point of his spear aimed at the side of your throat.
“You’re relying too much on your speed,” he explains, spear hovering just below your ear. “Size up your opponent first. Figuring out their weakness is more valuable than using up all your strength. Go again.”
You huff at him but get back into ready position, breathing deep in through your nose and out through your mouth. This time, you take a moment to assess him for weak spots. There aren’t many of course, not visible at least. But you decide the side of his stomach is your best bet.
The moment he nods his head, you take a leap forward and twist your wrist, swinging the blade toward his waist. His spear spins swiftly to block the strike, your weapons meeting in a clash of sparks and high-pitched whistles. You summon all your strength to push the saber against his spear, watching as the silver metal turns orange under the intense laser’s heat. And just when you feel like you’re gaining the high ground as Din’s body bends under your advance, he sweeps his boot beneath you and you fall backward, losing grip of the darksaber.
“That was better,” he says with approval, scanning your body as you lay on the ground and groan loudly. “You okay?” He gently wonders, coming closer and extending a gloved hand toward you.
With shaking fingers, you reach for him. And the moment you feel his grip tighten around your hand, an idea sparks. Without another thought, you yank him forward onto the ground beside you. He lets out a surprised grunt when he hits the dirt and you take full advantage of his shock, straddling his hips and trapping his arms beneath your legs. You extend your hand out to the side and, within seconds, the darksaber comes flying back into your fist. With a bright flash, you ignite the laser blade near his throat.
“That’s cheating,” he says, but you can hear the proud smile in his voice.
“I simply assessed my opponent’s weakness,” you grin, retracting the saber into its hilt and leaning down until you’re nose-to-nose with his helmet. “Just so happens, his weakness is me.”
“Good girl,” he says, and you can’t fight the way his praise sends a fluttering warmth to your belly.
You kiss his helmet again with an exaggerated smacking sound before getting off of him and saying, “Let’s go again.”
Din spars with you for nearly two hours, offering gentle advice each time he bests you (which is most of the time) and showering you with praises whenever you find a way to get the upper hand. It fills you with unmatchable strength and confidence.
“That’s enough for today, verd’ika,” he says, slightly breathless as he brushes dirt off your clothes. “It’s getting dark. Let’s head inside.”
You smile at him, filled with an intense urge to kiss him. So, you reach for his helmet, slowly, just in case. His head turns left and right, checking if the coast is clear, before nodding. You lift the beskar slightly, just enough to reveal his mouth and his neatly-trimmed mustache, and press a gentle kiss to his lips.
“Thank you, Din,” you whisper as you set his helmet back in its place. You can almost see the bemused look on his face as he stares at you.
And as you walk back to the ship, a re-energized bounce in your step, you decide to tease him one last time, turn around, and smirk. “Meet you in the fresher.”
Din’s hair hangs in waves over his forehead as he gazes down at you, leaning on his left forearm to stay suspended over your body. 
He smells delicious, like his herb-scented soap and the delicious meal he’d cooked for you tonight. His skin is glazed in a radiant sheen and his eyes somehow glow in the dim lighting of your shared quarters.
You’ve learned to appreciate rare nights like this, when there are no jobs to keep him away from you for days at a time. When your eyes get to unabashedly roam over the golden expanse of his skin, without heavy armor or layers of cloth in your way. When you get to listen to his voice for hours on end as his hand traces lines and circles into your skin.
“What are you thinking about?” You ask him, noticing how his entranced stare focuses on your lips when you speak.
He strokes a calloused finger over your cheekbone, then under the curve of your lips, until his thumb finds a resting place over your chin and gently swipes back and forth.
“You,” he answers honestly, leaning down to kiss you, tasting your smile on his tongue. He lingers there for a long moment, hanging from your lips like a man on the edge of falling though he’s already fallen countless times before.
“That’s all?” You whisper, feeling his hot breath brush against your mouth.
He rests his forehead against yours, his nose rubbing along the side of your own.
“And how much the kid would have loved this planet,” he continues wistfully. “Running through the grass and catching frogs or whatever he could eat.” 
Your soft laugh is bittersweet as he reminisces over his son, the corners of his eyes wrinkling mere centimeters from your face.
“Thinking about how he would have liked watching us train together. He’d probably cheer for you to win,” Din chuckles when you scrunch your nose and shake your head doubtfully. Then, his face softens and his eyes glisten. “Grogu would have loved you.”
An errant tear falls from Din’s lashes and drops onto your cheek, and there's little you can do to keep your own from getting mixed in — a tiny melancholy river forming atop your skin. Your hands cup either side of his face, and you lean forward to kiss the spot where the tear had left a small trail right below his eye.
“In some ways, it’s like I know him now,” you murmur against Din’s cheekbone. “Because I know you. I can feel it — the pieces of you that will be part of him forever. I would love him too. I already do.”
He whispers your name again and again, and each time, it’s like he’s making a wish on a star. 
“Ni kar'tayli gar darasuum,” you whisper, kissing his lips sweetly.
When you draw backward against your pillow, he latches onto your mouth once more and kisses you until you’re breathless.
“There aren’t words, ner kar’ta, ” he says quietly, fingers brushing gently over your hair. “Nothing can explain what you mean to me.”
When Din makes love, you can feel nothing else but him — his body, his soul, his heart. Every touch and movement is energized by a deep intention to let you know what he sometimes struggles expressing in words. But you’ve become fluent in him, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt how each kiss translates to: I love you.
Each thrust of his hips means: I want you.
Each ragged moan reveals: I need you.
Each soft caress says: I’d do anything for you.
And each time his forehead meets yours, he declares: I have found my family.
As you both try to catch your breath, he flops back down onto the bed beside you. He hums happily when he feels you hold tight to him, squeezing his middle with your arms and placing a kiss over his heart.
“Good night, Din,” you mumble, yawning as you nuzzle your face against his chest and bury yourself deep beneath the covers.
“Sweet dreams,” he says, pressing his lips into your hair.
You tilt your chin up just slightly, wanting the last image you see before you drift off to be his beautiful face. But his stare is far away, lost in thought once again. You follow his line of sight, beginning at his shining eyes and landing on the collection of drawings hung beside his door. And the pictures that reflect in his glossy irises are the finished portrait of him beside the sketch of you and Grogu displayed proudly in the center.
Someday, you swear to yourself, those images will be more than just pencil scratches on parchment. Someday, your small chosen family will be whole.
When you close your eyes — your head resting over the warm skin of his chest, his heart marching steadily under your cheek — you dream of the day Din and his son finally reunite, with you standing by his side. And even if that’s still a far-off fantasy, you can rest easily knowing two things for sure:
Tomorrow, you’ll wake up wrapped in Din’s arms. And, for as long as you live, neither of you will ever be alone again.
End Note: Thank you to anyone who's read this story. It's been a labor of love for me and I'm especially grateful to readers who left encouraging feedback. As for me, I'll be around. I'm working on another Javi x Reader story (inspired by yet another TS song — off evermore this time). If you haven't read my other one, please check it out! It's called "If I Could Never Give You Peace." Talk soon! Mando’a Glossary: Ner kar’ta = My heart (kar’ta = heart [kah-ROH-ta]; ner = my [nair]) Ni kar'tayli gar darasuum. = I know you forever [nee kar-TILE garh dah-RAH-soom] ⎿ “It's the same word as 'to know,' 'to hold in the heart,' kar'taylir. But you add darasuum, ‘forever,’ and it becomes something rather different.” — Republic Commando: Triple Zero Verd' ika = Little Warrior (affectionately) [vair-DEE-kah]
Please reblog & comment to show your support! I’d love to hear your thoughts!!
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mymindseessongs · 3 days ago
a lottt of other obvious factors aside blair and chip whiskers honestly just aren’t my kind of ship. in so many ways they’re actually quite boring to me? like my god how many dramatic love proclamations can you have in one season lmao. dair is meanwhile is genuinely fun. the banter, the two of them both being such pretentious dorks, etc. there’s such a lightness to them and a lightness to blair in his company. i think you once said that chair in season 1 has some appeal compared to later seasons because blair is in control and has the power so to speak. come season 2, i lost count of how many times i almost rolled my eyes into the back of my head. even taking away chip being who he is and how he treats her, they’re just so dull in my eyes. we get it you two can’t be together for insert convoluted reason but you’re going to continue to pine after each other and dramatically declare your love every other episode!
ha. yeah. obvious factors aside, the writing for blair waldorf and chip wiskers has a serious case of what I would like to call Trying Too Hard Syndrome. the writers were working SO hard to sell the "fated lovers" narrative that the dialogue just comes out stilted and ridiculous. No specific examples come to mind right now, but I'm sure the Mutuals [Most Affectionate] will have some locked and loaded, but like, nobody talks like that.
blair and dan's relationship, in contrast, happens almost by accident? the writer's weren't trying as hard to sell the Romance, so the dialogue comes off much better. And, I'm tempted to say, there's the added benefit of Badgley and Meester--arguably the best actors in the cast--just playing off of each other. Don't get me wrong, good, strong writing is a very important component of good performed media (why do you think we're always ranting about it?) but an aspect of good writing--especially in TV when you know mostly who you're writing for--is knowing when and how to not get in the performer's way. I'm thinking right now of Mike Schur (one of my favorite sitcom writers) and of Ted Lasso & Schitt's Creek (probs two of the best written television shows ever), and how they do so well because they have that symbiosis between what begins on paper and what ends up on camera. GG never really achieved that with chair, mostly because the had written themselves into a narrative corner, and rather than follow the path the characters were seeming to take. I think it was @insistonyourcupofstars that recc'd this meta analysis to me that I read recently, which puts it very well:
they [the showrunners/writers] kept a death grip on the endgame [derena & chair], and so they bent plots and the characters like pretzels to make it happen.
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ateezaligned · 7 months ago
How OnlyOneOf portrayed queer relationships and dynamics in libidO, w a hint of good ol’ yearning
(disclaimer: this strictly about the mv and in no way I’m implying these dynamics are translated to real life and their friendships if u suggest that ill kick you, don’t ship real ppl romantically pls)
The storyline of Instinct pt. 1 tell us this album is focused on self-discovery and how young people repress their “urges”, but the way all three subplots play with this concept is super fascinating!
The KB/Yoojung situation (which is my favorite subplot!!): From my point of view, Yoojung and KB show a relationship that is just blossoming. The song starts with tying up Yoojung’s hands, he is being contained, and his lyrics are literally “I’m attracted for no reason”, now I looked up other translations besides the original and it also has to do with being ‘pulled’, like Yoojung is being pulled into this relationship for ‘no reason’, he thinks he needs one to fall in love with another man. Rationalizing your feelings is a way to separate yourself from them. Therefore, Yoojung plays the more hesitant part, he overthinks, his super ego policing strongly what he feels.
On the other hand, KB is seen initiating most of the physical contact between them, and he does it in a way that makes it easy for Yoojung to pull back if he doesn’t want it. KB is also always at least an arm away, inside a comfortable space for Yoojung to reach for him if he wants to. In their first scene of close contact, Yoojung is the one laying his head on KB’s shoulder, and he keeps control of their closeness throughout the whole video, despite KB breaking it with the soft touches we see, such as fixing Yoojung’s hair or putting his hand on his shoulder in the beach scene. And all this gentle-ness contrasts so well, bc we also see KB’s character initiating contact with others! He pulls Junji for a hug when both of them are shirtless and he does it so nonchalantly! It’s obvious he is okay with /more/, but he respects Yoojung’s boundaries and never pushes.
The scooter scene is great, bc we can see Yoojung hugging and pressing their thighs and putting his hands in the air, he feels more carefree, he was able to get past his own inhibitions and it’s so great to see.
So Yoojung and KB's is like a first relationship: you are stepping on eggshells, you don’t know what you’re doing or looking for. A lot of queer people start dating into adulthood, and even with previous ‘straight’ dating experience, everything is so incredibly new! And it’s great but also anxiety inducing and frustrating.
Then, there’s Rie and Junji. A thing I found incredibly interesting is that in every scene of them (except two) they’re already in contact. In the car they’re holding hands, and when they’re hugging and eating lollipops, and back to back in the basketball court, we don’t know who started it, but it doesn’t matter because Junji and Rie are equals and stand on the same ground of mutual love, respect and experience, they’re having fun and smiling at one another, even when they’re playing basketball face to face, their eyes are on each other and its playful and great. Rie has one of the best lyrics in the song that is “I trust youand I accept it”. Junji and Rie don’t need to fight their instincts, really, because they know everything is reciprocated and their libido (not as in sexual drive but as in life energy) is matched in the other, they have trust over everything else, and this can also be shown in the only scene where Rie lays his head on Junji’s back, he’s supporting himself on his partner and Junji accepts it because relationships aren’t only fun but also healing and giving someone a place to rest. And Junji does his part and bandages Rie’s wounds, which @henlex pointed out as a Achilles and Patroclus reference, being these basically the top tier of gay love and companionship, when Patroclus died (represented by Rie), Achilles dies avenging him, asking for their ashes to be mixed so they could be forever one. So yeah, let’s yearn for something like this gays.
Finally, the trio. They’re the first ones to have their solo scenes, and you can see Love in the bathtub, he is naked and exposed, playing with some rosemary leaves (yeah I went to someone and asked them if they recognised the plant leave me alone). Rosemary used to be given to Aphrodite bc it was used as an aphrodisiac. It also represents fidelity. Yeah. So Love is playing with fidelity, basically. Many thoughts were thought.
Then, Nine and Mill are a continuous contrast throughout the mv. While Nine is inside and laying on the floor, cozy and reading, Mill stands outside in the garden looking at the window. I’ve said it before but I think it’s really important the way Mill’s character portrays one of the harsher parts of queerness that is that “other-ness”. You’re just an observant, and you want in and to be yourself with your friends and participate in those rituals, but something inside you doesn’t allow you to. In here, though, is not just ‘I want to identify with my straight friends’ but ‘I want to be free like these other gays, why can’t I do it?’.
Nine and Love’s relationship doesn’t really show a lot of romantic moments, in fact, I can’t really think about something between them that was, intimate and sensual? yes, but not romantic. Which is completely okay. Sex is not something bad, and gay sex is constantly demonized. Casual sex is okay and sex with friends and whatever, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, sex is okay. So to me, Love and Nine are friends, the arm around the neck seemed casual and natural, they’re comfortable with each other, and they’re also comfortable with mill, as shown in the creek scene. They didn’t mind the audience (yeah this sounds kinky ik), both nine and love are pushing the boundaries, unlike kb. But pushing isn’t always wrong, per se.
Nine starts with the lyrics “leave it, libido, we’re like roots (…) mixing together with no rules”, while Love sings “don’t suppress it just accept it”. Both nine and love are clear with their intentions and instincts, their subconscious is not their enemy in any way, since both of them accept the relationship they have.
Meanwhile, Mill battles with his libido, but it’s not like Yoojung who has a partner that actually loves him, if Mill takes the chance and jumps, he doesn’t know where he is going to land. In the whole video, not even once Mill touches someone else, even if he desperately wants to (Yongsoo did a great acting work I’m still so amazed!!). The yearning and pining over Love, who pulls him in and gazes at him, is such a good concept, because even if Love is giving him all the signals that there is (he is with another boy openly, allows close contact and shows himself in front of mill), Mill will still doubt himself and what he is doing. Hesitation and all, he takes a leap of faith in that one scene where he approaches Nine and Love, and keeps eye contact.
Now here is where the controversial crotch grabbing scene comes, and both Love and Nine sing. They say they’re walking over shallow water, so it’s not risky, they’re not gonna drown, and there’s no one around and they just “keep walking”. They do their thing with no care of what others may think. But also, Nine asks “what you need?” And “why can’t you see the light over there?” now, maybe after the whole no compromises he did catch feelings for Love, but Love, playing with fidelity as previously stated, answers “I’m gonna go where I feel like going”.
And then we have Mill’s rap. He talks about how this ‘experience’ can’t be compared to anything else but it’s an experiment. Now I know a thing or two about downplaying queer experiences, it isn’t unusual for gay ppl to look at things our younger selves did and think ‘how did I even passed as straight?’. Mill, even after saying it was just this experiment, says “you’re already putting a period, that doesn’t end things”. So, my guess, since after that we don’t see them directly interacting unlike the other couples, is that it all fell apart. Love, having the upper hand in the whole dynamic, didn’t have actual romantic feelings for any of the other boys, and he left them hanging.
While a bit heartbreaking, I think it’s important to point out that queer relationships are just like straight ones, and sometimes they end up in ruins, and it’s okay and its part of growing and discovering oneself!
So yeah, that’s my interpretation. This is like 1500 words. A whole essay. Hyperfixation is a bitch. I need a girlfriend.
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lcvemyself · 4 months ago
What ships from other TV Shows and Movies does Portwell remind you of in some ways?
Ooh this is such a fun question. Thank you 💜
León & Violetta (Violetta)
If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you would know I compare Portwell to Leonetta any chance I can get.
Leonetta and Portwell serve the Beauty and the Beast trope. EJ and León embodies the same character. They both start off as the “bad guys” before they meet Violetta/Gina, and love eventually redeems them. León starts to change his attitude and starts being nice to and befriends everyone who he used to consider “losers.” EJ’s first selfless act was for Gina, by buying her that plane ticket so she could be apart of HSM’s opening night.
Violetta also starts off liking this guy named Tomás, just like how Gina liked Ricky first. Both girls eventually get hurt by those two and EJ and León become their comfort person. Both guys always can make the girls smile/laugh whenever they’re sad and eventually, the girls start to fall in love with EJ/León. Violetta always said León was good to her and Gina has mentioned EJ is nice and sweet to her multiple times now.
Pacey & Joey (Dawson’s Creek)
What can I say? Portwell and Jacey serve the enemies to friends to lovers trope.
They’ve also literally had the same type of scenes because Tim is heavily inspired by Dawson’s Creek. Such as, the blanket scene (Pacey watches Joey sleeping all night by the fire & EJ puts his Duke sweatshirt over Gina and gazes at her sleeping) and the risotto joke.
And if we’re gonna do character connections, Ricky is Dawson, Gina is Joey, and EJ is Pacey. Gina/Joey start off liking Dawson/Ricky first but then eventually falls in love with EJ/Pacey the more time they spend with them. Dawson is also afraid of change the same way Ricky is, and Pacey is good to Joey and appreciates her any chance he gets, like how EJ is good to Gina and thinks very highly of her.
Brooke & Julian (One Tree Hill)
Portwell and Brulian serve the second love trope.
Brooke was left traumatized for the longest time by Lucas when he mistreated her multiple times (cheating with her best friend over and over again) just like how Gina was left traumatized by Ricky when she starts to be skeptical when she thinks a guy is just being “nice” and is not actually romantically interested in her.
It takes awhile, but eventually Brooke opens her heart up again and allows herself to be vulnerable with Julian and starts to fall in love with him when she sees he’s actually a good guy, and genuinely loves her. Gina tries to deny her feelings for EJ because she’s afraid of misreading his signals, but when he asks her out, and she realizes he’s doing it out of his own free will and not because his cousin forced him to, she immediately allows herself to love again and take this leap of faith with EJ.
I’m sure there’s more ships that remind me of Portwell, but these are definitely the big three I think of, so I hope you enjoyed my little analysis! I had a lot of fun with this ask, so thank you again :)
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crystel48 · 3 months ago
So, here me out. I think that Logan and Veronica are a slightly darker version of Pacey and Joey. There are just so many similarities. The only real differences come from the fact the Veronica Mars was a much more intense show than Dawson's Creek. Here is my reasoning. Reason 1. Duncan is the equivalent to Dawson. The girl's first love, the boy's best friend who he thought he could never live up to. Reason 2. The started as frenemies/enemies. Pacey and Joey were frenemies then friends then lovers. Logan and Veronica were friends then enemies then lovers. Reason 3. Both couples broke up several times out of fear. Veronica was scared that Logan was gonna get himself killed and broke up with him. Then Logan was scared that Veronica was gonna get herself killed and broke up with her. On a less dramatic note, Pacey was scared that he wasn't good enough for Joey. Joey was scared to be with someone she felt so strongly for. Reason 4. Anyone see the similarities between the Kane siblings dating Logan and Veronica and the McPhee siblings dating Pacey and Joey? Just me? Nope. Reason 5. Bad boy with a heart of gold that drives the self righteous girl crazy. Same. Reason 6. Unexpected pairing when originally aired. Reason 7. Pacey had a good girl that he dated before Joey, Andie. Logan had one too, Hannah. Even though I do know he and Veronica had already dated once before he dated Hannah, but you get it. Reason 8 . I know this isn't exact, but Logan and Pacey both had a very experienced first lover, Lilly and Tamara. Reason 9. Logan and Pacey both have an older sibling they can't stand. Reason 10. They both tried to hide their relationship when they first got together for the sake of their Duncan/ Dawson friend. Neither relationship remained secret for more than a couple of episodes. Reason 11. Both couples ended up getting back together years after they broke up. Reason 12. Pacey had an alcoholic father and Logan had an alcoholic mother. Reason 13. Both started as childhood friendships within a group of friends. While their friendship was not the strongest one within the friend group. Reason 14. Post relationship, Pacey dated Joey's roommate, Audrey, and Veronica dated Logan's roommate, Duncan; before they got back together for good. Reason 15. Joey and Veronica both dated guys in the final season that were easier to be with than the guys they really wanted to be with, that they eventually broke up with. Eddie and Piz. Reason 16. Joey and Veronica both wanted to get out of their small town their entire lives and were drawn back in by their guys. Veronica in the movie and Joey at the end of the finale. There are just so many similarities. I guess it makes sense that they are my two favorite ships of all time. I'm sure if I thought about this for longer I could come up with more, but if you think of any I missed, comment them.
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