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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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The tapping on the window echos through your ears competing with the sound of your heartbeat. Your breathe is light and airy a cool feeling leaves your body. A being has appeared outside it yearns for knowledge, will you give it to them? Come forward and feel its essence. Open the window and let in the darkness, let in the vulnerable being and teach it your ways.

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“Well I’ve loved you since the day I met you and I’ll love you till the day I die

But we both know the life I’m livin and we both know the reason why

That I’ve got to leave ya mama and I’ve got to leave today

But you know that I’ll see you next time that I come through your town to play

I’m back on the road again, it’s time I leave you now

And maybe I’ll see you next time, that I’m around

Until then I hope your happy baby and good times come your way

I’m back on the road again, I’m on my way

Ooh, bye-bye baby”

- Back On The Road Again, REO Speedwagon, 1979

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You hear an ice cream truck driving past your house, but see nothing. There is no truck, but there has to be. The music is clear and loud in your ears, through the walls, as if it were inside.

Over the music, you hear a plane’s engine. Loud, louder, louder still, so close to your ears as though it were crashing into you.

Until it all fades.

You hear nothing. You see nothing.

There is nothing.

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Hey everyone! My new #YouTube #Video about the Top 3 Most #Haunted Places in #TheBronx, #NewYork premiers in just a few minutes!! I hope you’ll stop by and learn about some of these awesome #spooky places!! 👻

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