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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
rupige16 minutes ago
Me watching video of people narrating REAL LIFE HORROR STORIES...
and they are creepypasta that i read the first time at 14
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viccar57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My sister's OCs, Soma and Cassie.
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cryinginaboxan hour ago
Y/N spilling boiling hot water on them self:
Y/N: ah not gonna lie that was kinda hAWWWWTT馃サ
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the-ship-maker-2an hour ago
Hello, dear! You've been visited by the random character question fairy! :D ~鈽
If your character could instantly change one thing about themselves, what would it be and why? What is one thing about themselves that they would never want to lose and why?
Tabby: she would change the fact that she's so much of a rattlesnake of a kid. That makes it difficult to make friends when she keeps isolating herself. Tabby would never want to loose her mental strength because that's what drives her spite to keep going.
Chase: he would change his demonic qualities because that's what got him and connor both killed. He wouldn't change his good looks tho. He knows hes attractive and uses that to his advantage
Connor: he would change the fact that hes so trusting because that's what got him and chase killed. He wouldn't change his forgiving nature because maybe if he forgives chase enough times for how he treats him he'll stop.
Robbecca: she would change the fact that she has muscular dystrophy because then she could be healthy and independent on her own without having to rely on her armour to build strength. She wouldn't change her gift if her knack for computers and robotics because that's her entire livelihood.
Juliet: she would change the fact that shes can't control her emotions well because it always gets her into trouble and pushes people away. She wouldn't give up her sense of self and how she expresses herself because most people spend their entire lives chasing after that and never really finding it. She's lucky that she's found it early.
Amelia: she would change the fact that shes so naive because if she just thought critically she would never have taken up Anna's offer to join the cult and she wouldn't be where she is now. She would not change her desire to help those in need. After all that's why she spent her entire life studying and going to school to become a doctor. She believes it's the right thing to do not only as a professional but as a person as well.
Thank you and please come again if you feel like it!
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cryinginaboxan hour ago
Headcanons for Jason with a s/o that plays video games and would sometimes ask Jason to play with them?
Jason isn鈥檛 good at gaming or any technology really
But he鈥檒l always try his best if you ask him
You鈥檒l probably end up having to basically babysit him in game
He probably feels bad that he isn鈥檛 that good but he really does try!
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pepsicoughdrops2 hours ago
think about it! this bitch jenny-and here come y鈥檃ll in the comments 鈥渆van you can鈥檛 call jenny a bitch that鈥檚 not right!鈥 MAN FUCK JENNY
(click for better quality)
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badger-stream3 hours ago
[Idk if Tumblr send it or not, so take this again]
Me, seeing Liu X Jeff fanfictions/fanarts:
Tumblr media
Especially if they are smut/sexual or abusive...
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badger-stream4 hours ago
Sully Headcannon
He currently found Traumacore and other "cores" - Dreamcore, Internetcore, Oddcore ect. whatever you wanna call it -. Sometimes he uses them to vent and calm himself down whenever he is overwhelmed or stressed without getting anybody' s help. If you find him sitting on the ground or bed with the phone or headphones, just don' t talk to him and leave him be. He' ll get better mostly in one day.
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buzzswaybee5 hours ago
Will Grossman and amari headcanons (amari is my OC) (also I include shipping my OC with will so if you don't like it you don't have to read it 馃槉 also if you like will as well I don't mind! Like I said in a previous post, I'm open to writing headcanons of creepypastas x Reader)
Will is a serial killer wannabe sense he can't get to actually killing someone
LJ and Amari are probably his only friends sense other people from the underworld hate him or just can't stand him
Frankie could careless about him but for some reason he sees him as a friend and opens up to him
Seeks for admiration, Approval, and respect from others
Lazy as hell and has the libido of a college freshman (which he kinda is)
Probably has bad hygiene and if he does shower it's probably just a quick rinse and doesn't use soap
Probably the most normal person in the underworld
Broke as hell
Would do anything to meet the pastas, especially jeff(when he knew amari worked for them already he really wanted to go with her to meet them)
Whenever he has a crush, he's probably a total simp.
He met amari at the institution and started talking to her sense one of the teachers made them study partners
Amari didn't really care for him at first but started growing fond of him and LJ when she hung out with them from time to time
Amari didn't know at first why people hated Will until she saw how obnoxious and annoying he could get when fanboying but she didn't really mind sense "eh, what the hell, I don't find him annoying so I Don't care"
Amari actually ended up having a crush on Will later on.
She only told Jeff about it but he didn't understand why she would like him because of obvious reasons
Amari: I don't know... I guess his dirty blonde hair and the fact he always smells like monster energy drinks and is covered in potato chips is kinda cute
Jeff: .......HOW IS THAT CUTE?!?
Will ended up having a crush on her as well so obviously he ended up simping and told Frankie about it
Will: I really like her and I want a chance with her! She became my friend! And usually no one does that! So that must be a sign she likes me right?
Frankie:....... I just wanted to know the fucking time, not your fucking twilight love story
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BEN: When I was small-
*Jeff snorts*
Jeff: Was
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buzzswaybee5 hours ago
Jeff: *rolling on the floor with smile*
Jane: smile, stop rolling with the dog
Jeff: fine *gets up but then realises* ... Wait
Ben: *wheezing*
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scary-lasagna6 hours ago
Slender: Dearest, please go to bed, it's 2am.
[Y/N], sighing and shutting laptop: Okay, okay.
[Slender continues past the room, and stops when he doesn't hear continued movement.]
[He looks back into the room, [Y/N] is still on their laptop.]
Slender: I grew up with and half raised three siblings-
[Y/N]: Alright! Fineeee! I'm doing it!
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projects-sketchbook7 hours ago
Tumblr media
So I might've gotten back in the fandom after years of not being in it, but anyways here's a wip of Toby because he was my favorite. I plan to finish this another day.
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buzzswaybee8 hours ago
How much I think the pastas make and what do they spend money on (also this is based on my AU I made)
Jeff the killer: makes the most money out of all of them (except for the proxies) sense he was slenderman's first killer apprentice. Jeff has good stealth and very agile with the knife and really strong. Though him earning more and being good at his job has made him kinda cocky and a bit narcissistic. The only thing thing he still struggles with at his job is controlling himself and sticking to being stealthy sense he's used to savagely attacking his victims and making a huge mess (slenderman doesn't really mind the mess but he doesn't like when he loses control of himself sense it usually draws attention to Jeff or others that are on the mission with him and police come). As to how much money he makes a year he makes around 110K. He's makes good money but he doesn't "look" wealthy sense he doesn't like fancy stuff like designer clothes or go out to eat at 5 star restaurants. He prefers to save his money sense he doesn't use much sense he literally just wears jeans and hoodies.
Jane: makes around 75K sense she doesn't really kill like the others. She just kills only when it's necessary and when they need backup. She isn't dedicated much sense her goal used to be to get revenge on Jeff but it pretty much failed sense no one can kill or hurt anyone that lives in the mansion. She saves up her money that she earns and she's pretty fancy so she sometimes buys designer clothes and buys cosmetics usually (especially spends on makeup like jeffree star)
Ben drowned: makes 80K a year. He dedicates to hacking and online stalk future victims or any zalgo enemies. He would probably make way more if he decided to become a full time proxy like masky and hoodie but he's kinda lazy to work all the time. His money doesn't last him much sense he's always spending his money on merch, anime figures, and video games.
Nina the killer: she makes around 80K sense she does enjoy killing and will kill anyone just for fun (just like Jeff). She would make way more if she actually stuck to plans and was more professional at her job sense, just like Jeff, she loses control and attacks randomly (let's say masky and hoodie has to bail her out of jail many times). She loooves to spend money on clothes, makeup, accessories, etc though she ends up being broke for all the excessive shopping (though sometimes she wants to save money to buy a Luis Vuitton bag)
Ticci toby: earn 130k a year. Even if he is considered "immature" or "irresponsible" at his job, he is actually really good at his job. Ever sense slenderman helped him with his ticking and his mental disorders, he has had more control over what he does and how he does it. Also let's say his numbness to pain helps him last longer when it comes to fights with zalgo minions and fesity victims. He saves his money sense he doesn't really have anything to spend on except for the occasional prop or material he'll need to prank or mess with masky
Hoodie: makes 150k a year. He's had a lot of experience and is great at stealth, clean with his kills, quick, and great and getting rid of evidence. He saves up money sense he doesn't spend on much besides on beer
Masky: he makes the most out of any proxy due to working with slender for many years and being good at his job sense he has good knowledge on stealth, manipulation, getting rid of evidence, and actually knows a lot about hacking like Ben (he makes 250k) but he doesn't keep much of it sense he asked slenderman for a money loan years ago and still isn't done paying him. (he refuses to tell anyone how much he asked for and on what the money was used),so he's usually broke and can't spend on much and if he does spend money on something, he looks for the best deals
Sherry: 90k a year. Usually new proxies make a bit less due to not having many years of experience but what helped her earn more was her forensic science knowledge and psychology (it came useful when interrogating zalgo minions or victims) , which was very useful for cleaning evidence after a kill. She usually saves up her money but she sometimes buys games and consoles like Ben sense she always wanted a PS4 and Nintendo switch when she was little. So basically anything that she wasn't able to have as a kid, she buys it now.
Eyeless jack: he earns around 300k a year but not for working for slenderman, but by selling organs on the black market. He only stays at the mansion sense he also has knowledge about biology and forensic sciences like sherry, so he helps them from time to time. He saves up money sense he doesn't have anything to spend on sense he doesn't even need to buy food sense he's a cannibal.
Laughing jack: doesn't have much of a stable income. He's unemployed and sometimes earns money if he catches a temporary job. He stays at a shitty apartment with will Grossman sense he literally can't afford anything better. When he does have money he pays his half of the rent and the rest usually goes to food or beer.
Clockwork: 80K a year. She's good at her job sense she has good stealth and is actually very patient when it comes to victims, she leaves a huge mess though, and buts it's not much of a problem sense the proxies usually take care of that. Probably the only thing she spends on is weapons sense she likes to experiment sometimes.
Amelie: she makes 95K a year. She makes a bit more than usual for a Starting proxy sense she has knowledge on killing (she learned from her family sense they were a mafia family) and knew how kill, get rid of evidence, and stalk people. She is a big spender sense her clothing is pretty much all designer made and likes to go on frequent shopping sprees like Nina. Also her brother and father are millionaires , so even if she earned less, her dad and brother would literally buy her anything she wanted.
Will grossman: doesn't have a stable income either. He's unemployed and just like LJ, he sometimes gets money for temporary jobs. When he does have money he pays his part of rent and the rest goes towards food, video games, and beer.
Amari: 65k a year. She knows a lot about stalking, getting rid of evidence, and has a good physical form and endurance but she doesn't earn much still sense she hasn't gone to any proper missions with the proxies sense she is a student at the institution (goes to the same school as will). They still pay her though because even though she hasn't been in many missions, she still helps them in things like cleaning the area and stalking victims. She is studying to become an official slender proxy though. She spends her money on rent (decided to live with will and LJ so rent wouldn't be too expensive and also to hide that she was a slender proxy apprentice and not draw attention to zalgo or his minions) and buys groceries to actually make proper food for will and LJ and herself (basically being the mom of the group). She doesn't mind how much money she earns at the moment sense she came from a wealthy family and inherited a good amount of money)
Damien: is literally a millionaire. After he died and got to the underworld, he started his own weapon and drug business which actually became really successful. He can spend all the money he wants.
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