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rabbitstatic · a day ago
Anti virus Knuckles and glitched knuckles would get along
Ad blocker tails and glitched tails would get along (tho the amount of crying ad blocker does is concerning)
sonic and pop up?
Pop up is clawing and screeching while glitched sonic hugs him
Glitched sonic calls Pop up “mini me”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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somewhat-crazy · 3 months ago
Slender: adopt some children, they said.
*from the other room*
Masky: Now let’s stay calm and not panic—
Nina: *assorted yelling*
EJ: *demonic screeching*
Slender, without breaking 'eye' contact with Splendor: it’ll be fun they said
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mo0nros3 · a month ago
hello tumblr , long time no see because of artblock but here is a piece of Ticci Toby inspjred by the song " GOLDWING " by Billie Eillish since that song is the only thing i am listening to for the past week or so
Tumblr media
i am perhaps even considering making a very interesting Toby centirc fic based off of this but we will see since i haven't written things in a looong while :)
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zeiil · 2 months ago
Slender Woods
The pastas dont live in one mansion owned by Slender, there are actually different sections in the deepest parts of the woods so humans cant enter. Each section has a mansion for a certain group of pastas, examples;
A mansion only filled with glitches like Lost Silver, BEN Drowned, Dark Link, Channel 666, Strangled Red, Glitchy Red, Sonic.Exe, Tails Doll, etc.
One filled with the demon or 'monsterous' pastas like Eyeless Jack , Kagekao, The Skroll, Lulu, etc.
For the dead souls like Suicide Sadie, Puppeteer, Judge Angels, Roadwalker, Oliver, Lucy, Sally and Lily
The Slender beings live in the largest mansion in the woods.
The medical pastas like Dr Pain, Dr Smiley, Nurse Ann, and Dr Manic
Proxy Mansion for Ticci Toby, Masky, Hoodie, Rouge, Kate the Chaser, X Virus, Wilson the Basher and Nemesis
One for Laughing Jack and Jill, Iisac Grossman, Mary(Jill's friend), Candy Pop and Cane, Jason the Toymaker, Dollmaker, Nathan the Nobody and the Pianist
Liu, Jeff and Nina living in one of the slightly smaller mansions
Jane and Mary(her wife) living in the other small mansion
And a lot more but right now I cant really think of others
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cyanidarts · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Just Hoodie kneeling in front of Slenderman
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dinklebat · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
a shitty anime edit i made as thanks for 100 followers (original source below cut)
seriously thank you all so much for 100 followers that’s so cool wow
also feel free to edit my edit to add your s/i or oc if you want :3
Tumblr media
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world-of-horrors-au · 13 days ago
Jeff, after doing something nice: Shit. I hate not being the bad guys.
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internethorrorfan · a month ago
Eyeless Jack: "I think we should get a Elf on the Shelf for Christmas."
Jeff the Killer: "Why? We already have BEN."
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gambeque · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pt 1 (?) of an au comic yuh
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krayolacolor · a month ago
Do you have any disability headcannons for creepypastas?
Hello friend :3 I liked your hcs too :3
Okay, strap in we got a long hecking list here & I'm just going to throw out everything I can think of that's in my universe even if I have yet to talk about it in length-
Easy things first-
Doby has Tourettes & ADHD (which causes him to have sensory processing issues)
All my characters are actually neurodivergent in some way (its probably adhd)- I can't write neurotypical people- idk how their brains work-
Brian needs to use crutches & braces to walk sometimes because if he sleeps in the wrong position his spine forgets his legs exist-
Brian also has an Antisocial Personality Disorder. & I don't mean that in a bad why, he just doesn't really experience emotions or empathy (often I think I should specify). & he's still the most trustworthy member of the household & has his little queer platonic-type relationship with Tim & Doby. (Idk if that counts as a disability but I wanted to mention it anyway because I think about it a lot-)
All of my Undead characters suffer from necrosis (which is treatable, but something that will be chronic as long as they're still "Alive")
Ann is mute & communicates through sign language.
Jeff has PTSD & sometimes struggles with delusions (none of which have ever caused him to hurt anyone just so everyone knows)
Rebound struggles with chronic pain & self medicates with marijuana
Liu has psychosis & has trouble differentiating things that are real from things that aren't, he does take antipsychotics & it helps him a lot, but he does have episodes sometimes (Liu has also never hurt anyone while having an episode, I'm sure most of you know this but people with psychosis are not inherently any more dangerous than any other person.)
Nina has Obsessive Compulsive tendencies
Jill & Will also have PTSD
EJ & Ben both have extremely addictive personalities & often end up struggling because of that
Ben so has PTSD & suffered from sporadic episodes of extreme physical pain that lead to him being entirely out of commission often for several days at a time.
Tim has schizophrenia & still sufferers from seizures if he doesn't take his medication. He does have hallucinations & one of his more common ones is "Masky" who will hover around him smoking, telling him how everything is his fault. Masky is mostly just annoying these days instead of completely debilitating to deal with.
Uhhhhhhh- this is everything I can think of right iff the top of my head. I like, stared at my list of characters & tried to think of everything I had about them.
If anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask!
(Edit: Thank you @lallorona04 for correcting some of my language!
If I ever get things wrong please correct me, sometimes my research isn't enough or I misremember things, so telling me I made a mistake is really helpful for me!)
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devild0gs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
sally williams but more self indulgent au
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somewhat-crazy · 3 months ago
creepypasta imagine 10/10 ✨
the slender mansion is actually a papa john's
well this has been fun, no? i might have to continue on sksksks
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blitz-and-hearth · 3 months ago
Sooo since it's the spooky month, may I suggest Mcga creepypasta au? Not the Mcga characters as already existing characters, but like if they were a creepypasta monster/ghost/whatever what would they be like and what would their backstory be?
Tumblr media
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angels-and-demons · a month ago
Persephone: Hades!
Nico: Toby!
Toby: Nico!
Hades: Nico!
Nico: Persephone!
Persephone: Hades…
Smile: Smile!
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duskooky · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My version of Nina the killer + some info and Headcanons about her!
As you can see, I changed not only her design but also her backstory and personality... so I hope you like the art and my version of Nina! :D
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dinklebat · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
decided that if toby was a pokemon, he’d be a flareon-furret hybrid.
why? you ask.
well, i really like the idea of a normal type evolving into a fire type for him for his backstory, but also i really love a feral raccoon design for him so i did both
what do y’all think the other creeps would be? i definitely get obstagoon vibes from jeff tbh and roton energy from ben
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world-of-horrors-au · 21 days ago
Toby give me a Kiss.
Toby looks at you, his axe on his shoulder. He narrows his eyes at you. He's actually not sure about this. What would the others do? What would their God want him to do? What would Doby want him to do...?
... well, the answer to that one is obvious.
His hand snaps out. Toby tosses his axe to the side as he drags you towards him. He smells like blood, like dirt, like metal and the strange darkness that surrounds all those transformed into proxies. His arm wraps around your shoulders, holding you tight against his body. He is warm and it soaks into your skin through your clothes.
He drags his mask down, revealing his goatee and a wicked smile with two elongated canines. That's the last thing you see before he covers your mouth with his. It's bruising, it makes you shudder and grip his jacket for support. His tongue is in your mouth and he's gripping the side of your face. The meat you're tasting on his tongue, you know where it's from and you try not to think about it as your legs shake.
There's a groan from his throat that echoes in your mouth.
The force he uses to slam you away knocks you to the ground. You gasp for air, lungs burning. Toby laughs, throwing his head back. How fucking weak. You're like that over just a kiss? Embarrassing.
He picks his axe up off the ground and walks away without giving you more than a wave over his shoulder. You're left lying alone in the dirt, the heat and smell of his body burned into your clothes.
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internethorrorfan · a month ago
BEN: “Hey Jay I drew a picture of you. What do you think of it?”
Skully: “BEN, why did you draw me as a purple alien with 6 arms and 3 heads?”
BEN: “Artistic license.”
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gambeque · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
hell jooty
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krayolacolor · a month ago
*jingles my keys at the Creepypasta fandom*
You guys wanna ask me stuff~ I have a sparkly AU & fun characters~
*jingle jingle*
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