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Creepypasta x reader recommendations?
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🦇Calling all the monsters🦇
KinkTober Week 4. Day 21
NSFW|| One shot x afab gn!reader, includes— Jeff the killer, LJ, BEN, EJ, Masky, Toby, spooky gangbang, vouyerism, slight non con, fear, minors—dni. (4k)
a/n- I just reached 1k!! I was planning a gb for this but since it is kinktober I figured- why not include one! Ps. I recommend the remix!! Thank you guys so much for the love!! <3 You mean the world to me, the fact that ya’ll support my content makes me so happy! I love you! Enjoy~ ༺♡༻
Inspired by: China Anne McClain
Tumblr media
“113 E Scarlet Dr”
You eyed the address your friend sent you, this must have been the place…it sure looked like it. The moon bright over the haunted house in front of you, heartbeat picking up as you glanced at lit rooms, praying those shadows you saw were just party guests.
Ignoring the fact that there were no noise from the inside, or any cars for that matter- maybe everybody had just parked in another place. Gulping as you shakily breathed in your courage and made your way closer. A shiver running down your spine as you climbed the steps to the front door, each one protesting with a creak creak. The wind whistling behind you, rustling in the leaves of the surrounding trees ominously.
You looked around at the decorations, they were so intricate. With spiderwebs in almost every corner and bloody footsteps on the patio that you accidentally stepped in. Claw marks on the wooden doorframe and an all too eerie black liquid dripping from the top.
Knocking once but nobody answered, twice and the door opened by itself, almost welcoming you in mischievously. Walking into the dark way cautiously, dumb enough to call out an “anyone there?” and not get a response. Wondering if the house really was haunted, and you had just beckoned to the creatures of the night.
Exhilarated at the possibility, terrified at the emptiness of the grand halls with your heart beating a million miles per hour. Unable to see much at all, hoping this wasn’t a jump scare, not knowing it would be much worse than just a childish game.
Stomach dropping at the feel of being watched by multiple pairs of eyes, a chill as you felt a gust of air point straight to your face- hearing the door behind you slam shut. Swearing you weren’t alone; telling yourself you were being stupid, this was just a party and the guests were playing tricks on you. Ignoring instincts and moving on, you should have listened to your gut.
A clatter to your right pulling your attention, along with a gasp as you turned. Heaving as you saw nothing there except a spinning plate on the floor, a hand on your heart as you turned back. Calm only for a minute, no time to process a tall brooding man with a crazed expression. His eyes so wide it seemed like he had no eyelids, skin so pale it had to be paint, and a smile that had been cut open. Stretching his cheeks as he pulled into a grin, saying “boo” before the world went black.
Head heavy as you blinked, waking up with blurry vision as you acomodated to the dimmed light of the room. Groaning as you stirred, your head pounding and your whole body sluggish. Shocked by the people surrounding you; with bleeding eyes and masks, razor sharp teeth and gazes that bored into you deadly. Effects that looked so real, chest rising up and down in fast paces when you saw the position you were in, it froze you to the bone. Laying down on what seemed to be a dining table, hands restrained with lace on either side of your head but your legs untied.
Spread out as if you were a feast, all six of them watching as if you were one too. Hungry, carnal, and twitching with lust. Terrified beyond belief at the situation, but not at how how they might hurt you, instead throbbing at the way you were made to look in front of them, so pathetic and weak you couldn’t help but get wet. It was also more that they were a group of hot guys watching you squirm almost naked, stripped down to your undergarments. This was your fantasy, it couldn’t have played out better if you had planned it yourself.
The one that had frightened you earlier approaching first, raking his lidless eyes up your figure and giving a maniacal smile as a greeting, “wakey wakey sweet cheeks” he laughed, “it’s time for some fun” he breathed raspily. Leaning over to your lower thigh and pressing a kiss of warning on your skin. Your muscle tensing at the contact, biting your lip at how hot you felt, despising yourself for not wanting it to stop.
The smiling killer turning to the other people in a room “Happy Halloween gentlemen”, opening his arms in a welcoming gesture “I present tonight’s main event”. Throwing a hand your way, your eye catching his wicked smile, “them”.
“I hope you enjoy the show” he laughed, throwing his head back in hysteria. Inching over to you again, using two hands to massage your inner thighs. Rolling your skin in between his fingers and breathing heavily as he met your gaze. In a state of arousal as he whispered “it’s… interactive”. Reaching the panties that barely covered your mound and trailing his index down your slit. Shivering at the light touch, the cloth sinking to line your ridge.
Your clit throbbing for attention, neck straining to watch what was going on behind him. Inhaling sharply at the sight of 5 other men all palming themselves through their pants behind him, every one of them appearing just as strange as the pale man. Curious at the one with grey skin and dripping eyes, and the one with orange goggles, next to a guy in a white mask, not to mention the one that looked like he crawled out of a video game and the 8 foot tall monochrome clown.
Pulsating at the feel of the stranger rubbing you through your panties, pressing yet another kiss on your inner thigh. The scratchiness of his scars rough against your soft skin, he must have gone to some extents to do that makeup. It felt so harsh, raw skin that broke at a past time, it felt too accurate to be fake. The realization hitting you like a freight train…those were no costumes.
Feeling the Jeff the killer drag down the string of your panties and remove them, tracing his burned fingers on your pelvis and open up your cunt with his thumbs. Labored breathing as he saw your hole clench, touching your pearl gently and drawing circles. You staring to shake as you glanced back at the men, they radiated danger, and it turned you on. All of them watching your face flushing and your pussy throbbing.
“Look how pretty they are” Jeff said, flicking your clit with his thumb and making you let out a whimper.
“Good haul” the one with grey skin said, leaning back on the far wall as he took out his big cock and started stroking “we picked a nice one, no struggle”.
“Best night of the year” another said excitedly, directing your attention to the man with orange goggles and a gash on his cheek; Whose eyes were rolling back as he fucked his fist, panting.
Only distracted for a moment before you felt Jeff plunge a finger into your hole, wet and squelching as he pumped. Stuffing you nice and full as he brought it back out to edge it in again. Curling his palm up to push in, intruding your walls deliciously, feeling the knot in your core tighten in delight. Taking his finger full of slick out to coat your clit, covering you in your own warm essence. Spreading your sticky folds open with two fingers to see you, burning in his pants at how tasty you looked.
The man with bleeding eyes, blonde hair and elf ears approaching you from the side to get a better view. Unzipping his pants to take out his heavy length, your eyes couldn’t help but wander to him, to his hand wrapped tightly around his cock and jerking. Caught in a predicament of having Jeff finger you and clenching at the sight of BEN stroking himself for you.
Jeff not resisting and fitting another finger in, getting you nice and wide for what was to come. You pulling at your restraints, hands in fists as you struggled to not grab onto him. Relishing in you sweating, chest heaving up and down as he urged you to your first high. Whining as he stroked you so deliciously, reaching every spot on your walls that made you want to cream on his fingers. Slick pouring in droplets that he tried to put it back in, ending in a squelch squelch noise that envoked goosebumps from all your viewers.
Gaze turning back to the black and white clown in the back, his black matted hair splayed over his forehead. Piercing eyes managing to find you and latch onto your lewd expression, irridecent and spiraled as he hunched over to fuck himself.
The raunchy smell of sex filling the room while Jeff finger fucked you, pulling cries from your lips when he tried to fit in a third. “God you’re so tight” he breathed, bringing his lips to your cunt to lap at your folds, to get you to open up. Begging for your release to arrive as he continued fingering your hole, curling his fingers upward as he sucked your pearl. Grazing his teeth on your clit to feel you tense around his fingers, so wet and still unable to fit in another.
BEN peering down at you and placing a hand on your tit, squeezing and dragging your bra up. Uncovering a nipple that he concerned himself with, pinching it between his fingers and rolling the bud. His other hand preocupied with jerking himself off. Lowering his mouth down to latch onto your nipple and suck, the sensation overwhelming you along with Jeff doing the same to your clit.
Your mind consumed with how pleasurable the feeling was, borderline euphoric, struggling to breathe as you rocked into your high, blinding white hitting you in spurs. Jeff snaking his hand underneath the table you were on to pump his cock at the sobs you let out. The demon in the mask making his move and groping your other breast, circling his claw around your sensitive nipple and watching your face morph between tension and an ‘o’ of pleasure.
It wasn’t long before they all fit space around you to enjoy the view, now with a crowd of monsters surrounding your body. Hands feeling you up, pulling you so close to orgasm that you didn’t care anymore. Rational thought stripping away as they touched every part of you, pinching and rolling skin, impatient to watch you cum.
The glorious sensation finally building up the point of bursting, your hips jerking and pushing your cunt into Jeff’s face, who greedily lapped up all your juices. You couldn’t tell whose arms were whose, all of them making an effort to put you down and dig their nails into your skin. Your lip quivering as the blush of post orgasmic bliss settled heavily on your face.
The smiling killer letting out a raspy sigh as he rubbed you, hearing the man with bleeding eyes and elf ears gruff, pushing Jeff away from you. “We’re supposed to share.”
The infamous killer throwing him a scowl, “you’ll get your turn BEN”. Looking down at you to lay the ground rules, “Here’s how this is gonna go.” Plastering an exaggerated smile on his face as he stroked himself slowly, “you’re gonna let us use you, cause we know you like it”.
Moving away from your pelvis to near your face, “I can feel it on my fingers bitch”. Feeling BEN knead your inner thighs and open you up, sliding his length up and down your slit in a heavy pant. Jeff sticking his slick-covered fingers in your mouth “see?”, tasting yourself and sucking softly. All the creeps observing you, delighted that you were getting off on this too. At first they thought that you were paralyzed in fear, unable to stop them. Now, realizing that you -liked this made them so much hornier.
It was just so tempting, sucking Jeff’s finger and letting BEN insert his tip in you. Groaning as he started to split you open, the eyeless demon and the man in the white mask to the sides; holding down your thighs when you tensed. Giving a pained expression as EJ’s claws dug crescents into your skin, crying out a quick “fuck fuck fuck” as BEN gave gradual slaps to your cunt.
His lips turning upward in a grin as he fucked your cunt deliciously, “it was so easy to change the address on your phone”. Your face fallen open in a shock, saliva spilling from your mouth as he told you the truth. “You practically came to us” he laughed deeply, an echo of chuckles came from the group at your confusion. “We know you wanted it anyway, why else are you squeezing me this tight?”
Hearing him give little grunts with a concentrated face, stripped from your thoughts at the sight of two other men fucking their fists by your tits. Yanking at the restraints and whining around Jeff’s finger that was in your mouth to tell him to let you free. “You wanna help ‘m get off?” Jeff asked, finally removing his finger to squeeze at your skin.
You clenching in despair around BEN’s dick that reached the farthest parts inside you, nodding eagerly and rushing to wrap your hands around their lengths as soon as you were unrestrained. Bouncing back and forth as you fapped them, absolutely mad at the feeling of all of these people jerking off like this, especially to you. Eyes glancing back and forth between the two proxies on both sides of you.
Wrists aching as you yanked and pulled their cocks, being fucked so hard by BEN at one point that all you could do was hold your hands up and let Masky and Toby fuck themselves. Rutting into your hands, both of them heaving and panting desperately at the need to cum.
Toby’s face forward with flushed cheeks and eyes rolling back; Masky grabbing onto the table for dear life, using it to guide himself as he thrusted into your fist, head slightly thrown back just enough so you could see his Adam’s apple bob under the mask. Eyeless jack obsessing over your thighs, watching avidly as BEN dragged his dick out just to filly you up with a clap.
It was too devious to resist, your senses going into overflow as they touched and degraded you in the most disturbing way possible. It was so wrong, and still you didn’t hesitate to suck Jeff off the moment he put his tip to your lips. He was salty, oozing with preecum, unable to use your hands because they were preoccupied.
You throbbed at the thought of using only your mouth to pleasure Jeff’s more intimate, private regions. Lips that wrapped beautifully around his cock pulling back his skin as you grazed the band of his head. Gasping and letting him go at the feel of another clawed hand at your clit, so gentle, almost inexperienced waves of heat coming from the black and white clown that stood by BEN’s side.
His spiraled eyes glued on you curiously, just lightly tracing your pearl as your folds wrapped around BEN, horribly empty whenever he pulled out. Neatly replaced by the feral demon that rutted into you like there was no tomorrow. Going so fast that you couldn’t breathe, Jeff forcing his dick down your throat and fucking himself, making you gag and choke as he pushed his tip to your uvula.
Raspy sighs leaving his scarred lips, heavy pants coming from the monster that stuffed you with his huge length. Laughing Jack completely enveloped in the sight of your cunt swallowing EJ’s cock whole, hungry and wet as you took him in fully. Clenching around him, your pussy abused and puffy from the second dick you were made to fuck. Your toes curling as the clown pressed the right nerves and sent you into a spasming orgasm, with the demon’s thick girth carving your walls.
Masky pushing next to take you out for a ride, relishing in bringing you back down from your high. Pulling your legs back and stretching you uncomfortably as he dragged his heavy cock inside of you. Breaking you open in a steam and giving powerful thrusts into your hole, finally speaking through ventilated breaths under his mask, “I bet you like taking so many guys at once”.
Toby closing in with both hands on the table, shamelessly sliding up and down on your tit. Rubbing himself on your nipple and whining as he called you filthy names, “such a whore for us”.
Laughing Jack taking advantage of your vulnerably to hold his tip up to your mouth, “I have some candy for you sweets”, bolder and willing you to do what he wanted. In front of your face so temptingly. Stripped black and white just like his nose, strange but still so lewd, wet and coated in his precum and your essence. “I promise I don’t bite” he cooed, taking him in between your lips and sucking. He was sweet, but nowhere near as sugary as those groans you coaxed from his mouth.
You couldn’t dare take him out, even if his length shoved down your throat; to take away from the stretch Masky was forcing you to do. Toby’s shaky hand gripping your calf as you shook the tables from being thrusted so deeply back and forth by the masked murderer. Your hands free to grip onto the edges violently. Gulping as you saw BEN watching you enviously from the back, his eyes glowing red and with dripping jealousy, bidding his time for a space to cut in.
“I do” EJ huffed, giving you a bite on your shoulder, hot pain stinging through your body. The man not shy to put his cock to your lips too, forcing you to alternate between the monochrome clown and the demon. The constant switch scratching your throat raw, pulsing from the moans that vibrated with their dicks in your mouth. “And in that costume you looked so god damn appetizing” he went on, his brown hair unkempt on his forehead as you sucked his balls, massaging them with your hands. Feeling how heavily stored he was, wanting him to fill you up as LJ fucked your mouth to oblivion.
Masky speeding up his pace and nearing his high, breathing getting heavier, turning relentless pants that came out into puffs under his expressionless black and white mask. Laughing Jack backing away to let EJ have your throat, waiting his turn in line to spill in you.
Toby about to explode, rutting impatiently on your side as Masky stilled in a gasp, shooting ropes of cum deep in you and filling you with white. Toby pushing him over and still unable to wait, shooting his load on your cunt as you pulsed from the strain. Letting out slight “oh fuck”s. As he twitched and covered your folds in his fluids, Masky’s pouring out of your hole.
BEN and Jeff on either side of you, watching as EJ stuffed your throat and gave you his seed. Unloading his heavy balls with groans that sounded like growls. Your legs trembling as BEN held them open, watching with a grin as you cried and sobbed at the delicate pain.
Used at all your holes by the creeps and made to swallow the demon’s sperm, Jeff pumping himself quickly to do the same. Telling you to “be fucking grateful” as you complained, he was so big your jaw ached. Trails of white falling from your bottom lip, reminiscence of what you had in your mouth, the cumslut of a bunch of murderers and monsters.
Laughing Jack obscenely stuffing your hole full again, where both Masky and Toby used before, squelching out of you as he mixed the liquids together and came to add his own release to the combination. BEN pinching your reddened nipples and fucking your tits from the side until he tensed and spilled all over your chest.
You almost breaking down at the sight of all of them still throbbing for more, Jeff pulling you up by the hair so you could sit on your knees. The perfect image of an obedient puppy, “open wide like the good little slut you are” Masky demanded.
“I know you just love our Halloween treat” BEN told you sarcastically, all of them pumping themselves on your face, hot white blinding your vision as Laughing Jack flicked your clit from behind again, time and time again rippling orgasms from your body.
Until you pleaded no more, unable to walk and barely move, fucked out and cock drunk to the point of passing out. Jeff laughing as if it was hilarious and telling you “You’re our spooky spooky treat, and so we’re gonna milk the sweets out of you till you can’t breathe no more got it?”
Shaking intensely as you continued to nod, goosebumps on your skin at the idea of the people outside hearing your screams and thinking it was just an act, not knowing that the haunted house was real and you were being wrung out by murderers who had blood on their hands. Cumming over and over again at the hands of these monsters, ruthless creatures that laughed as they made you their whore.
All of them watching you get fucked out like you were one by one, taking turns and rounds to plunge into your sopping cunt and use you till you choked on your own breath. Exasperated and red, squeezing each one in heavy desire as you gaped, arching your back till it ached and burned.
Jeff chuckling as he came in you again, you unable to keep count of how much cum you had in you, or how many times they had gone at it; “guess we really scared the ‘o’ outta you didn’t we?” His hands gripping your thighs painfully. “Got you shaking and everything”
The world so hazy you could have sworn it was a dream, a nightmare even. All of them laughing around you, like maniacs. Your lip quivering as you blinked, in an out of conciousness as if you were about to wake up. Gasping as your body went limp and you heard them chuckle darkly. “We’re comin’ to get ya”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Why rant when I can just meme?
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Character(s): Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Behavioral Event Network (BEN), Masky, Hoodie
Reader: Gender Neutral
Warnings: Profanity, mentions of gaslighting
Request: I'm just doing this for fun lmao
The images below do not belong to me.
Feel free to request guys!
None of this is "canon" it's just how I view them.
(This was edited a bit.)
Tumblr media
Jeff the killer:
Jeff tends to be a bit.. weird with cuddling?
He’s pretty bad with communication. He doesn't want to seem, "weak." (It's not weak to talk about your feelings.)
So when he's in the mood don't expect him to come up to you and ask for cuddles.
He does ask for consent in his own way so don't worry.
When he cuddles you he's usually not all over you. He might have his hand on your thigh or an arm over your shoulder.
At night, however, he is closer to you.
He does love you but he's never going to tell you.
Tumblr media
Jane the Killer:
She smells like lavender and her cuddles are the best.
She also has many candles in her room so it always smells nice.
Sometimes she'll do your makeup too. (If you wear makeup.)
She'll lay on top of your chest while trying a new makeup style on you.
She's so good at eyeliner. (I'm jealous.)
She's also a very good listener and will talk with you for hours.
She chooses who she listens to so if you are one of the people she pays attention to consider yourself lucky.
(I fucking love this woman.)
Tumblr media
Eyeless Jack:
He is also weird with cuddling.
He's silent 24/7 so it's unsettling + it's hard to read his emotions.
When he wraps his arms around you he rests his hands where your kidneys are. It freaks you the fuck out but he finds it amusing.
Only takes his mask off before bed. It's easier to curl up without it.
He gives you kisses on your cheeks and shoulders.
Holds your hand a lot too!
Loooves taking walks with you through graveyards. It will be like 4:00 in the morning and he'll drag you outside in the freezing cold. At least he gives you his jacket.
Mans a beast so the jacket is HUGE.
Tumblr media
Behavioral Event Network (BEN):
Since BEN is in the computer there's nothing they can really do when you first start dating.
BEN is an evil mastermind so they are more focused on their “job” at first. Later on, they become obsessed and it grows and grows until it gets out of hand.
They think about holding you in their arms but at the same time, they want to hurt you in some kind of way. (Their emotions change rapidly because it’s multiple people acting under a singular identity.)
When they think the time is right they will come out of the computer (not canon at all.)
Cuddles are rare. Remember that.
If they want to snuggle but you decline them they will guilt-trip you into cuddling them.
While BEN is on the computer they might have you in their lap while resting their chin on your head.
They definitely insult you cause they are fuckin mean.
They are curious about you so they might be a little touchy/clingy every now and then.
When you guys sleep you lay back to back 99% of the time. BEN is hardly ever in the mood for cuddling but when they are BEN will wrap their arm around your waist while you are laying in bed. It's a bit awkward at first though but it's nice.
Tumblr media
The two of you binge-watch Supernatural together while cuddling.
He bought two necklaces that say bitch and jerk. (Supernatural reference.)
He lets you borrow his shirts which are huge so you snuggle into them.
He also plays guitar and ukulele and tries to teach you. You sit in his lap while he does.
Grumpy and moody 24/7.
He's not that touchy either but when he is he's really tired.
Falls asleep on you.
Tumblr media
Whenever he is stressed out he’ll come to you.
Loves it when you bury your face into his chest.
He can be big spoon or little spoon.
Gives you kisses on the forehead.
Pretty silent like Eyeless Jack but not as bad. He will listen to you talk but he won't speak.
Picks you up a lot from behind. You don't know why but he just does.
He will sometimes come home with small gifts!
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Through The Screen || (BEN Drowned)
So this was a thought I had and now it's here... @smutty-ki113r I blame you for this.
I actually have no idea how this turned out so... I hope you enjoy?
Warnings: NSFW, GN(afab)!reader, voyeurism, masturbation, minors-dni. (wc: 867)
Tumblr media
He was only planning to scare you a little. A joke between the two of you due to that day’s earlier conversation. He was just going to mess with your laptop a bit, he certainly wasn’t expecting to see this through your screen. Your flushed and flustered expression, lips parted as your breath comes out in gasps, eyes lidded as you keep them glued to the screen. Your fingers slowly rubbing circles over your clothed heat as you watch the intimate actions playing on your laptop.
BEN couldn’t look away.
He swallowed thickly. He shouldn’t be watching this, he should respect your privacy. He should disconnect from your device and pretend this never happened. And he’s going to! Right… now… Yet he couldn’t tear himself away from you. In all his wildest fantasies, nothing could compare to the real thing. Seeing you like this… You’re more beautiful than he could ever imagine.
A whimper left you, then a moan as you pushed your fingers harder against your clit. You bite down on your lip and whine, watching as the man on screen licked and sucked at the woman’s folds. You stop, sitting up straight enough to pull your shirt off and tug your underwear down to your ankles, kicking the pair onto the floor.
You pause the video and stand up, walking out of BEN’s field of view for a moment. He could hear shuffling in the background. Now he should stop, he should disconnect and- but then you were back and he was once again enraptured by you. There was a lusty haze in your eyes that made him shiver. He wanted you to look at him that way…
The video was started up again, your fingers resuming their teasing on your now uncovered clit. Your other hand trailing up and down your chest as your eyes were locked to the screen once more. Completely and blissfully unaware that you were being watched.
BEN felt his chest tighten as he watched your fingers dip into your folds, coated in slick. Whining as you curl them inside yourself, desperate to fulfill the ache that consumed you. He wanted to touch you, he wanted to taste you, he wanted to be the one to please you and push you over the edge of euphoria. He couldn’t help wanting to join you in your pleasure, even if you didn’t know it. Kicking off his own pants, he palmed himself through his boxers. Damn how he wished it was your hand…
You let out another whine as you watch the actors on screen. You reach on hand towards the object you had gotten earlier, your favorite toy, and begin to rub it along your slit. You wanted it so bad…
BEN’s breathing was heavy and hot, unable to turn his attention anywhere else but you as his hand ran over his cock. His thumb running over the head and smearing precum down the shaft. A soft groan left his throat at the thought of you, legs spread for him.
“Please…~” You whisper, the head of your toy just barely pushing into you. “Please, BEN…~” You gasp, pushing the toy in further.
He nearly chokes on air as his dick twitches in his hand. Did he really hear that? Was that his name you were gasping?
You call out his name with a lewd moan as you begin to thrust the toy into you. Your vision blurry with lust, your mind was running wild as your head fell back and your eyes fluttered shut. You longed for his touch, you wanted to feel his hands on your body, his lips against yours. You wanted his cock to fill you to the brim instead of the damn toy.
BEN couldn’t believe what was happening. He wouldn’t believe it, yet he was seeing it unfold before him with his own eyes. You were thinking of him, you were getting off at the thought of him. He cursed under his breath as he fucked his hand, wanting nothing more than to replace that stupid toy you were using and fuck you into your mattress. He watched as your thrusting picked up speed, he matched your motions.
You were so close, you just needed a little more! Your other hand found its way to your clit once more, abusing the little pearl as you thrust the toy deep inside you. Your hips thrust upward as the orgasm hit you like a brick. You keened out BEN’s name, letting it escape you like a mantra as your muscles twitched and your vision went white. Eventually, your body settled and fell lax. Your breathing heavy, you pull the toy from you and set it to the side.
BEN watched as you lay there, briefly glancing down at the mess he made and grimacing before grabbing for some tissues to clean up. That beautiful show you put on… that would be burned into his mind until the end of time. With one last glance at your tired form, he disconnected from your laptop. Sitting back in his chair, a small smirk crossed his face. Next time he wouldn’t be watching… next time he’ll be right there with you.
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bigtittydemonwife · 2 months ago
Life in the Slender mansion with a serial killer harem Part One Feat: EJ, Jeff, Jane
a/n: Guess who's back bitches
I had a mental breakdown, got kidnapped by jeff, lived that (y/n) life, cleaned my room at 3am, stayed in my bed for a week while binge watching the same two minecraft youtubers, dyed my hair red and came back swinging.
Tumblr media
this is simply self indulgent crack living that mAiN ChArAcTer MaRy SuE (Y/n) life which also borders on yandere
Living day to day in a place like the slender mansion can be strange to say the least, on the worst day it's lying in bed staring at the ceiling to a Courage The Cowardly Dog episode that been playing on repeat for an hour that you can't be bothered to change while disassociating so hard your ceiling doesn't even look like a ceiling and you can't remember how words work or what colors exists anymore.
and on the good ones you can look at something that looks like a lovecraftian horror and tentacle hentai had a child standing in the living room yelling at a teenage boy who looks like he listens to my chemical romance close to stabbing each other to death and you just gotta say whack and go back to making burnt toast.
It's odd to say the least, but at least the company isn't all that bad. at least to you.
To start off there's Jack.
Eyeless Jack to be precise but you always just called him Jack, after all if you lost your legs you were 100% sure you would not want to be called Legless (Y/n), like, way to rub salt in the wound how about I call you fatherless Jeff would you like that? No? I didn't think so.
Anyway, Jack is probably the one with the closet connection to his humanity despite being arguable on of the ones furthest from it when it comes to blood, at least on his good days.
Jack still puts his knowledge of medicine to good use and became the doctor of sorts to the mansion, if you we're injured weather it was a sore stomach or broken ribs Jack knew how to treat you, the extent of how he helped you depended on how much he liked you on a scale of one to ten.
Anything from a 1 to a 3 means a quick run though of help and what to you and helped back to your room if he had too, other than that unless you came back to him he was officially done,
a 4 to a 6 he puts more work into it, while he may not be super nice he won't be rude, he'll have a softer touch when he treats you and will stop by every now and then to check on you.
a 7 to a 10 is very unlikely, this Jack cares a lot for that person and will do anything sort of healing them himself and monitoring their health constantly.
On this scale you are an 11, if Jack isn't forcing you to stay in his office until you get better he's almost always in your room checking in on you like a mother hen, but it's not awful, after all if your injured and lonely Jack is very charming and an amazing conversationalist, you've found he's not only book smart but socially and morally smart. the conversations you've had been with have been some of your most interesting and enlightening.
Then on the opposite border of this is Jeff, Jeff is....if a cat became a person. He's not a good person, morally speaking no one in the mansion is, but Jeff is the easiest to villainize due to his already menacing and disrespectful attitude, but despite this Jeff isn't always like this.
Sure he's a cocky jerk with the attitude of a angsty teenage boy but that's to be expected, and Jeff isn't completely mean all the time, he just shows his emotions differently than most people.
for example, Jeff prefurs a teasing quip to a compliment most of the time, or a headpat to a hug but he's very protective, He's like a flea covered stray cat you find in the alley and bring into your house, it hisses and scratches but if another cat tries to sleep on your bed a genocide is being committed.
Jeff at day is a different person at night, the comfort of the darkness can bring out a difference in everyone. The loneliness of the night tends to remind Jeff of the similarities in himself. No matter what, there's a rule, Never bring up what Jeff says at night during the day.
Then there's Jane. beautiful women, goddess among mortals. Jane is naturally a very kind person, especially to people she cares about, Jane is less possessive at least noticeable so, since she really sees you as a friend she can't bare to do anything that would hurt your feelings or make you feel bad.
Jane morally sees things as black and white, good or evil, to her there really is no between, and even if she had to turn evil to herself and her morals she saw it as a lesser evil if it was taking down someone worse. Which means she sees you as good, it doesn't matter what you do to her you're an angel who can do no wrong. She truly loves who you are as a person no matter what you look like or choose to be,
Love can make you blind and in Janes case love pulled a Rika scratched her eyes out gave her glasses with no lenses and said "try"
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cyanidarts · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
He came here to greet you.
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Could you possibly do a cute scenario for slender man and his s/o (gender neutral pronouns please)??? Im craving slender fluff 🥺🥺, maybe one where s/o is sick and resting at home (which isn’t far from the forest) and slender comes by to visit them and check up on them. Like I know this man would worry 24/7 and his s/o would try to make him feel better. Thank you! 💖
Slender taking care of his S/O
(I love this idea so much!! <3, translations from german to engilsh at the bottom!!)
There was a cool silence that was acctionally broken by the russling of papers, and footsteps. A huff was occasionally heard as well. Slender was getting rather worried as to why his partner hasn't shown, I mean he was sure they had their reasons that they were late. All he could do is wait and get done with some paper work.
Another hour had past when he decided that he would seek out his lover. It was a simple walk but he didn't have time for it now. He teleported and simply crouched through a door way in the living room. He examined the room and saw a lump of blankets on the couch, it moved like it was breathing. Did something bad happen? There was water bottles and tissues about the area. Pulling back the blankets he was met with a feverish face.
"Armes ding." he thought. He put his hand on his lovers head and instantly felt the hot fever. He took the time to grab the medice he thought you might need, he knew about how much weaker human immune systems were than his kinds. The regular cough syrup, ibuprofen, and much needed warm tea. After everything was laid out he gently picked up his beloved and carried them to their bedroom. 
They groggily woke up and immediately apoligized for falling asleep and not getting to the couples date on time. He silenced them by carressing their face and planting a small kiss on their fevered head. “Don’t worry meine geliebte, all is ceased until your health is better.” He turned and handed them the things he laid out, they took the meds and sipped the tea with a smile. “Thank you, my throat feels better already.”
Slender sighed in relief as he sat on the bed and held them on his lap. He placed a gentle kiss on their lips, stroking their cheek, lulling them to sleep.
“Ich liebe dich von ganzem herzen.“ he whispered.
( Armes ding - Poor Thing)
( Meine geliebte - My beloved)
( Ich liebe dich von ganzem herzen - I love you with all my heart)
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creepynoodleboys · 3 months ago
Like blooming flowers.
Tumblr media
Characters: Jeff The Killer
Reader type: Gender neutral
Song: In the dark of my room-ICP
Warnings: Stalking. Suggested non-con.(kinda sorta? Tagging it as this anyways.)
An: Ye
Their room smelled like wildflowers. Reeked of it. It clung to their clothes, their skin. He could never tell if he liked it or not. One of those smells you wouldn't necessarily fill your house with, but he wouldn't complaining if it were someone else's home.
But you. Oh you he could take. He liked every inch of you. That smooth skin he yearned to mark. Claim as his. He particularly liked your eyes. Bright and gem like. Lighting like fire in the sun. He loved your expressions. The joy. Your lips when they frowned.
He loved those tears most of all. Quivering lips and stuttering breath when you find his "gifts".
The notes.
The pictures.
You looked so sweet when you slept. All curled up beneath the covers. Softly snoring. So unaware of him right there. Right next to you. So naively you left your window open. This "Protected Town" wasn't so safe.
He's contemplated all the ways he would take you. Dreamed of it. Maybe pulling you out your window and letting you fall the the ground below?
Perhaps pulling you down your hallways and through the front door. All to get you out of the house.
To him.
Oh he hasn't been this giddy since. Since.
He shakes his head.
Not there.
Not that night.
He's waited for you. For the right time. You got smart. Called the cops. Had them ID his fingerprints, his tells. They were smart but not smart enough. Officer Smith left you alone.
Smith was supposed to stand guard at your door. Keep you safe.
Fuck. You'd even supply him with coffee and energy drinks. Even feel him and left snacks for the fool.
Your kind heart.
Oh your kind heart.
Smith decided he didn't need to be there anymore. Growing lax with his lack of involvement, he figured Jeff had gone and found a new victim to play with.
Smith should have known better. Should have listened to his senior officers.
"Jeffery wood's doesn't just quit. Despite his actions he's patient. He'll wait." And another. Baring the scars from Jeff's own knife. "Either we catch him of this poor soul winds up dead in the likes I wouldn't wish on Lucifer himself."
Smith didn't listen and Jeff got what he wanted.
The fall from the tree wasn't very far. Gave him a good few into your home anyways. He hit the ground with barely a sound. Slinked his way up to your front porch. Avoiding activating the motion sensored lights. The fucking things.
The front door opened with little effort. Opening locks was second nature to him now. No different from riding a bike or breathing.
It just. Was.
The moment he stepped over your threshold he was assaulted with the smell of wildflowers. It filled and curled in his lungs. Clung to him.
He let his scared fingers trail over light green walls. Stopping to look over a family portrait. You with your parents. All smiles.
His feet followed a well worn path. One he's taken time and time again to enter and leave your home. And now it was for the last time.
He pocketed random valuables. Loose change mostly. A pack of cigarettes left by Smith.
The fools to damn stupid to look in here before driving off to buy some.
Oh well. He wouldn't complain.
Jeff stoped at the bottom of the stairs. Trying to remember which blasted one creeks when he steps on it. Was it the first or fourth?
Oh fuck it.
He shot up the stairs. Surprisingly light on his feet for someone of his size.
Quietly and with patience leaned the hard way, he crept to your bedroom door.
He pressed and ear to it. Already carved grin growing wider when he heard nothing more than your quiet breathing and rustling fabric. And the sound of your box fan rumbling on the wooden floors.
Even the hinges on your door didn't creek when he opened it.
Oh surely this was ment to be.
Jeff didn't bother closing the door behind him. Just made his way to your bed. Swaying side to side on his feet as he did so.
He sat on the stool in front of your desk and rifled through your stuff. Smelling colognes and candles. Finding the source of that wildflower smell. He took note of the name and brand.
Oh he liked that.
He froze when you moved. Breathing in deeply and stretching. He took note of your arching back and exposed skin. So soft. So unmarked.
You yawned and reached blindly for you water on the nightstand.
Jeff handed it to you.
Loving you shrill scream and the way you fell from the bed. Covers falling to the floor with you. Jeff did nothing but watch and laugh.
You bolted up. Shaking. Trembling. Eyes blown wide.
You held a bat.
A fucking bat. Was that supposed to stop him? Jeff sure as hell didn't know nor did he care.
"What to you want?" Your voice was more steady than you. Wich wasn't saying much. Jeff shrugged. Hands in his jackets pockets. Fingers dancing along his knifes edge.
"You." He spoke after a bit. Voice deep and raspy. "I want you." Those tears. God he loved those tears.
"Why. Why me? Why not anyone else. And where's Officer Smith? Did you hurt him!" God you were almost pathetic. But he got it. Honestly. He did.
A well known killer in your bed room. One standing nearly a whole head taller than yourself. And don't get him wrong, you went exactly tiny yourself. You stood just below his chin he figured.
"Because I can. I like you. So reactive. All those little emotions and tells. And Smith. Well Smith fucked you over sweetheart. The bastard left in his car." Jeff tilted his head. Maniac smile on his lips. "An you. Your all mine."
With that he launched himself over your bed. You screamed and dove out of the way. The moment you got back on your feet you cracked the bat over the back of his shoulders.
Oh he loves that little whimper that left your lips when you found out that it had no effect on him. Jeff stood. Grab the bat from you limp hands and tossed it to the other side of the room.
And like the scared little rabbit you were, you took off running from the room. Out the door and launching yourself down the stairs.
Jeff smiled.
Then took off after you.
Down the halls.
Out the front door.
Down the street.
Until he got bored of it. Got board of watching your long legs and bare feet hitting the asphalt.
Of your desperate gasps for air.
He actually put out some effort to get to you. Fingers wound in your loose hair. And pulled. Hard.
Screamed left your lips that he quickly muffled. Hand over your mouth and an arm across you chest as he dragged you over the road. You legs and feet scrapping against the asphalt and loose gravel.
Jeff pulled you into the bush so you could watch wide eyed as Officer Smith drove down the road. Not once noticing you.
Oh how close you were to help. To safety.
You screamed again when he through you onto your back and straddles your him. Pressing his full weight into your arms that he pinned down with his hands.
Wide lidless eyes hovered above your own. He bent down and pressed his head to the crook of your neck and breathed in deeply. Filling his lungs once again with that wildflower scent. And just to scare you more, he ran his tongue along your neck. Following the vein beating along with your pounding heart.
"Please." You pulled your head away from his. Long black hair trailing along you cheeks. You shuddered. Disgusted as you felt his warm tongue leave cooling trails.
"Please what sweetheart? Gotta use your big words now." Tears pooled and fell. Blurring your vision from the stars above. The moon your lonely watcher.
"Please don't. Don't please." Jeff laughed and sat up. Easily grabbing your flailing hands as your reached up to hit him. He liked you were you were now. Weak and helpless. Unable to fight back.
Jeff hand both of your hands with his one. Trailing his hand underneath you white shirt. Skin still warm. Slightly sticky from sweat.
He clawed his fingers down your skin. Entranced by your screams. By the pooling blood staining your shirt.
Like blooming wildflowers.
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scaryspaghetti45 · 2 months ago
Our First Love
(Jeff The Killer x Fem!Reader)
Disclaimer: Near-death experience, swearing, mild-stalking and thoughts about death. (It's a Jeff the killer fanfiction). I am going to do this in parts/chapters, sorry if it isn't as good as you were hoping, I'm a new writer, I'm very sorry. 2.2k words.
Synopsis: When you picture love what do you imagine? Marriage? Kids? Stable relationship? Well after a near-death experience you were so sure that you would never experience those things. You were given a second chance at life but under certain conditions. Somehow through all of this craziness, you're able to find love but with who?
Tumblr media
"DAD PLEASE STOP!" I screamed, hot tears burning my cheeks as my body thrashed around, trying to escape his grasp, trying to find leverage, trying to find anything to help me escape.
"I'm sorry" he whispered, suddenly his body came to a stop but mine did not, I kicked and clawed and screamed. My eyes darted around until I looked down we were standing over the rapids, I whipped my eyes up at him "Dad, please, I'll be quiet I promise" I pleaded with him, small sobs escaping my lips.
His face gave no emotion, not even a tear, I don't know exactly what I wanted, maybe sympathy, sadness, scaredness but what he did next was none of those things. He planted his feet and threw me.
"Someone save me! ...Anyone" I pleaded, my body slammed into the water causing a burning sensation on my back where the water hit. My arms flailed trying to keep my head above water, I couldn't swim and shit I regret not learning now.
My body slammed into sharp rocks, the water throwing my body wherever it pleased, I could feel water start to rip its way into my lungs, come on y/n do something! I turned my body into the next rock, gripping onto it and pulling my body above the water, I finally took a gasp of air, coughing up all the water I just inhaled.
I was safe, well somewhat, where was I? How far stream had I gotten? My thoughts were quickly disturbed when I felt my grip on the stone slip, no no no NO! I fell back into the rapid once again being thrashed about until suddenly the water seemed somewhat calm.
I thrashed my arms trying to get any air in my lungs until I saw it... The edge... I was going to die, wasn't I? This was going to be it? No revenge for my mother, me or my family? No, I didn't want to die! Not here not now! "SoMeOnE hELp" I gurgled trying to scream trying to get anyone to notice someone... Please... Anyone...
I felt the last of the air leave my lungs, my body slowly giving up on me, oxygen cutting off from my brain making my vision blur more than it already was and then my body began to fall off the edge of the waterfall "I want revenge..." I ushered my last words as I fell through the air, asshole...
I jolted to the side of my body clutching my stomach violently throwing up water, the cold air ripping through my lungs burning my throat, I took big gasps of air, didn't I die? How am I alive? I look at my hands and raised them to my cheeks, confusion ran through my mind.
I looked at the sky, God did you hear my cries? Did you save me? Did you give me a second chance? I shook my already dizzy head trying to focus on my situation, where was I? I looked around momentarily before trying to stand but quickly fell back down "fuck" I mumbled under my breath.
I looked back at my legs horrified to see multiple cuts, bruises, gashes and most importantly my once long jeans have been ripped to somewhat booty shorts. I rolled onto my sore butt to see the injuries not stopping at my legs and running all up my body, no wonder I can't walk.
I sat there for a few minutes taking in my situation questioning what to do, I am stuck in the middle of a forest with probably infected cuts running up and down my body and I'm probably going to catch some sort of illness out here as well, what fucking luck.
Another thing I had noticed when I was with my father was it was early summer but now it was late Autumn. Cold winds and most of the leaves had fallen off of the tree's, everything seemed to be hiding away from the cold temperatures and it was only going to get worse at night.
I sighed, I need to try and get up aga- my thoughts were disrupted again by the sound of leaves breaking under a foot behind me, I quickly turned around to see no one...? I was baffled I was certain someone or at least something was behind me and that's when I noticed it, a shiny small dagger lay near the closest tree near me, was it there before?
I was almost certain it wasn't, I slowly got onto my knee's and pushed up struggling to just stand before stumbling forward to the water and I almost screamed looking down at my reflection, I looked horrible, my skin was unusually pale almost zombie-like compared to my normal complexion, my eyes were sunken and dull and I looked starved as well.
Crack, what the flying fuck was that? I whipped my body around as fast as I could but again... Nothing. I looked around carefully before approaching and picking up the blood-stained blade. The sounds of a car revving echoed throughout the oddly silent forest, where was it coming from!? And most importantly, why is there a running car in the middle of a forest?
Without thinking my legs took off in the direction I assumed I could hear it, where was it? I pushed past the overgrown bushes and most likely poison ivy. Creating more scrapes and cuts on my legs and feet but if there is a car there are people and when there are people, there is safety. I hope.
- Time skip -
I had been running for about an hour, maybe more? But my legs were flaring, my lungs felt like they were going to explode and my throat was on fire, WHERE WAS THIS GOD DAMN FUCKING CAR!? My ankle rolled and I went headfirst into the ground and began to roll across the harsh terrain, my vision blurred and my head was dizzy I laid there for a second and then black.
It wasn't dark for long though my eyes slowly opened one at a time, a burning feeling running through my body, I let out a groan and slowly tried to sit up and look around, I realised exactly why I was in so much pain.
From what I could observe, I had fallen in a patch of poison ivy, I squinted before confirming, it was hard to see since the only light was from the full moon in the sky, what time was it? But I couldn't focus for too long the pain was too much. I quickly pushed up and stumbled out of the patch before collapsing into another patch of grass.
I then thought about the dagger I had collected, shit where was it!? I looked around me before seeing it sparkling under the moonlight but that wasn't the only thing sparkling under the moonlight.
It was large, with broad shoulders? Could I even call it that? It had multiple hunches on its back, its face had black holes for eyes and its mouth was opened in a snarl and drool spilled out like water almost.
Its face had locked onto my body, when did it get there? and what the fuck was that thing!? That's when the thing started to shift towards me in slow but loud footsteps and making groaning noises as it got closer and closer until it was a mere meters away looking at me with a hungry look on its face.
Its arm was long and bony with a large claw-like hand raised to strike me, I crawled back letting out a horrified scream kicking dirt as I still crawled back until it swung down ripping up the earth a few inches away from my feet.
I quickly turned back around on my hands and knees, my fight or flight instincts kicking in and I choose flight taking off into the forest but quickly sneaking back a glance at the dagger and something inside of me told me, I need that.
But it was too late, I was running as fast as I could through the forest small rocks occasionally stabbing my foot causing me to stumble for a bit, the creature always at least 3-2 metres behind me, Chasing me... Hunting me...
Was it intelligent? Could it understand what exactly it was doing? Or was it just idly hunting me? That's when I remembered the car noises! I couldn't hear them now but If people lived here... And If I could hear their car... Then they would be able to hear my voice! So I let out petrified screams"HELP ME! PLEASE!" "ANYONE HELP!" I continued to scream as I ran sometimes looking back at the creature as it let out small eerie grunts reaching out to grab me.
That's when I could see it, the small space of poison ivy we had started in, did we do a full circle? When? How? These thoughts quickly dimensioned as I saw the shiny blade in the middle of the patch, I may not be able to overpower this thing but I could definitely hurt it enough to leave me alone.
I ran towards the dagger diving for it and grabbing it, holding it tight to my chest before crawling back and pointing it at the creature, was it a creature? it looked more like a demon. My hands trembled pointing the blade at the creature slowly standing up making myself look bigger, scarier.
The creature swung at me again, I braced myself to stab or hurt the creature but it had sent me flying into a tree, my back cracking against the force of being slammed into the wood, I stared at the creature for a moment, my body burned in pain, it hurt everywhere. What if... What if I gave up? What if I let this creature kill me?...
No! I couldn't think like this! I was given a second chance for a reason! And I wasn't going to give up now! I forced myself to sit up gripping the dagger in my hand determination gleaming in my eyes. I was going to live. I slid up against the tree adrenaline running through my veins pushing me to fight for my life.
I lunged at the creature aiming for the throat but stabbed into the creature's chest, well good enough I guess, I could hear the creature let out a horrifying scream, I used my body weight and swung down the dagger ripping open the thing's chest.
The creature's voice sent chills through my entire body it looked at me with its empty sockets, it looked furious, it didn't need eyes for me to tell how angry the creature was. It ripped me away from its chest ripping the dagger out too and threw me to the ground knocking the air out of my lungs, the dagger a few inches away from my hand.
It seemed to have looked at me deciding what exactly it should do with me now, it must have clicked in its mind before lowering itself down atop of me. It was going. to. chew. off. my. head. I stared back at the creature gasping for air trying to hold the air down while also trying to reach out for the dagger.
I could hear its jaw click open as if it was unhinging its jaw, I could see its mouth, its long tongue, spiky shark-like teeth and drewl dripping onto my face. I could feel my stomach turning at this, I looked to the side grabbing one last deep breath and wrapping my fingers around the weapon before using all my courage to drive the dagger into the creature's throat and rip it open.
Blood poured all over my body and the creature, for a second, looked like it was stuck in time before collapsing onto my body and slowly bleeding out over me, I used the last of my strength to crawl out from under the creature. I laid there, breathing heavily, I could feel the adrenaline slowly wearing out, I could feel everything hitting me at once, all the pain and exhaustion.
Then I could see him emerging from the tree's and darkness, his long black hair shaping his face, who was this man? he was nothing like the creature I just fought, he was human or as close to human as you could get, he studied me from a distance and then smirked. "Help me" I whispered reaching my hand out towards him before my body shut down and my head hit the ground and swiftly faded into unconsciousness.
"Mummy please wake up" I gently shook my mother's lifeless body, trying to somehow wake her up, deep inside I knew she was dead, I knew my mummy was gone, but in my 10-year-old brain, I had convinced myself that I could bring her back if I just shook hard enough.
Her blood seeped into my pink flowery dress, my mother had sewn it for me, seeing as we had no money she thought I would like it even if it wasn't sewn good and it looked very cheap but anything she gave me was a treasure in my eyes.
My dad's large footsteps could be heard coming back down the hallway, tears started to prick my eyes, mummy was really gone, wasn't she?... My father then grabbed me by my dress lifting me into the air his face riddled with anger "you will tell them that you did this!" His voice boomed throughout the little house.
I sniffled and burst into tears, why? Why did he have to kill mummy? His face then softened into a psychopathic smile, he softly set me down and cupped my face with his large hands "oh sweety don't you see? I only did this so you can be just like daddy! And then you can join daddy and his fun club" his voice rang in my ears, the big sadistic smile plastered onto his face. I could remember this memory very well and I did not want to join daddy's 'fun club'.
Tag list <3
@cryingteacup @moffywaifu @vai-brazilian
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eldritch-hall-asylum · a month ago
Ong, the ticci toby redesign looks so good! 😩
Tumblr media
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smutty-ki113r · 2 months ago
🪐Ticci Toby🪐||E.T
KinkTober Week 4. Day 16
NSFW||~ One-shot x afab gn!reader, includes—alien toby, oviposition, sex in space hehehe, minors—dni. (2.8k)
Inspired by: Katy Perry
Tumblr media
The whole system was going haywire, a constant beep beep beep telling you there was a breach. You rushing to turn all the switches and push all the buttons, nothing working and rendering you helpless; your crew members locked in another part of the spaceship. A pair of full black eyes watching you from afar, pale green hands twitching to touch you.
To him, you were a mystery, a human with different thoughts and mannerisms. It had been the first time he did this, curious to meet another species and decipher your mind and body. To join with you, and unlock all the pulsing secrets you held. To share galactic connectedness between you, and become one.
Observing as you stressed to turn off the alarm, not counting on you going to get the emergency manual and finding him luring behind a wall. Stepping into the corredor and taking a second look at the being in front of you, blinking twice, frozen and trying to register what was happening. Realizing that the breach wasn’t just a malfunction and an alien had actually come aboard your ship. Fear prickling at your skin at the situation, not knowing if he wanted to eat you alive or abduct you.
Taking him in with a sharp inhale, hovering your gaze over his emerald skin and little antenas, twitching them in nervousness. He wore a purple long sleeved v neck and black pants. Your intense stare so heavy that his cheeks turned a deeper shade of green. If you didn’t know any better you’d say he was flustered.
In a moment of personal interest you lowered your guard, approaching him with caution. Your curiosity getting the best of you by far, the once in a lifetime opportunity to make contact with an extraterrestrial too valuable to pass up. Reason screaming at you to run and get away, but your body not responding, something about him hypnotizing you.
Ignoring the possible danger to make an effort at communication, to reveal what he could want with a human. His big dark eyes void of any light, his brow knitting, tensing at your receptiveness. Hearing stories about humans who only wanted to do experiments on his kind making him question if this had been a good idea.
To him you were alien too, his eyes wide and mirroring yours as you got closer to each other. Soft foreign words falling from his mouth as he tried to speak, diction fading into a roughly dictated version of your native language. “H-hey” he tried, hoping his mouth was forming the right shape.
“Hello” you said in an exhale, unsure what to say. Mind going hundreds of miles per hour, paralyzed, wondering if you should ask who he was, or what he was; where he came from or how old he was, maybe he had a name.
The creature’s brow knitting as he took in the greeting, smiling with pearly white jagged teeth; but he wasn’t scary, in fact it kind of turned you on. “I’m t-Toby” he introduced, his speech impaired by a vocal tic, perhaps it was normal in his world.
Responding with your name accordingly and letting him muse over the sound of it rolling off your tongue. “H-how interesting, on m-my planet we d-don’t have that n-name.” He struggled to talk fluently, the vowels foreign to carry out. Toby getting irritated that he was pronouncing wrong, he could tell from the face of confusion you were making. “I apologize f-for my accent”, Pissed because he had so much to tell you and share.
“It’s ok”, you told him in a soft voice, “you’re doing just fine”. Your caring tone making him throb in his pants, how could you be so kind? Especially to someone of his species. His hands twitching in his hold, eyes looking away in embarrassment from your empathy. You watching his every move, an iridescent shimmer of his skin showing when the light hit him at a certain angle, his composure showing that he was kind of shy. You were just so moved by the fact that he could feel emotions like you, that he tried so hard to speak to you.
But he wouldn’t let it sit at that, he wanted to display how he felt, to give you the fragment of transdementional knowledge he could held. To complement you and show you just how greatly you affected him, with your cheeks flushed and your curves hugged perfectly in that space suit.
“I communicate better a d-different way” he told you, spiking your interest. “I could show you, if you let m-me”
Doubt fading by the second as he lidded his gaze and took a step towards you. Your eyes wandering to the textured surface of his face. At the almost glowing aura he radiated, admiring how beautifully his freckles sprinkled across his blushing green cheeks.
“Yes” you answered, almost breathlessly. Slick trickling in between your legs and catching in your panties, heated all over as he pressed his chest to yours. A magnetic force pulling you together, making him so hard to resist.
Bringing up your hand in a parallel to his, finally sharing physical touch with the extraterrestrial. Shivering at the spark emanating from his palm to yours, your other hand moving to rest on his face. Entranced by his strange beauty and the way he looked at you, begging lightly “Kiss me”
Embracing you with a press of his lips, stunning you with the delight of his affection. A magnificent reverb of time and space shooting through your body as you understood what he had been struggling to say. Manifesting in a root of lust and passion in your core as his kisses graced you back, forth, and in directions you never knew existed.
Comprehending that love was the language that transcended dimensions, the one that both of you could understand. Locking lips with a creature not of your world, cosmic magic transfusing through your blood as it pumped faster, begging you to let him stretch you and let you be his victim, pulsing to feel the universal sensation of his sex. His tongue sliding into your mouth and exploring every cavity of your human body.
Greedy hands traveling to your chest and your sides, shockwaves rippling from every place he touched. Impatient and needy to strip your clothes off, sharing breath and not wanting to break when he took his clothes off too. Whining as he laid both of you on the floor. The corredor a sickly pale white with a shiny metal surface, windows that gave view to the entire galaxy surrounding you.
He wasn’t hasty to fuck you, first he wanted to taste you. Toby on his back, making you sit on his face and lean forward to taste his cock. He wasn’t like a human, he was longer and had defined ridges that made your mouth water, hard and pulsing as you grabbed onto his girth.
Hanging your head forward when you felt his long hot tongue take an experimental lick up your slit. Purring as he savored the taste on his buds, spreading your entrance with his hands and watching you clench around nothing. Seeing you convulse like that, begging for him, drove him mad.
Lapping and sucking at your juices, savoring in the taste of a human. To him you were so delectable, “this is the best t-thing i’ve ever tasted” he told you, “I didn’t know humans were this delicious”. Sliding his thick tongue in your hole and fucking you with it, purring as he said “maybe it’s just you”. Going in and out to feel how deep you went, to test how far he would be able to go with his dick.
His dick, which you could feel throb in your hand as you held him. He was so heavy, so easily stimulated that his tip beaded with droplets of white liquid. You had to taste it, bringing your mouth down and wrapping your lips around his tip. Sucking just the tip that had a delicious rough texture.
Stroking up and down his shaft as you gave him head, groaning around him as his tongue breached your walls and stretched you. Coating your pussy in saliva that burned and throbbed in your heat.
Your hand tracing the beautiful lines along his length as you fit him in your mouth and edged him to the back of your throat. Feeling all the layers of his cock pulse and shift as he got harder, unsheathing more and pressing to the back of your throat.
Making you gag and groan as he thrusted his muscle back into your hole, sticky wet sounds meshing with the clack clack sounds of his tongue hitting his palette. Eager to take in more of you at once.
Unsure of how your anatomy worked and taking a test run on your body. Licking up and down your folds and pressing the flat of his tongue to your clit to see how you would react. Pleased at the jerk of your hips you gave involuntarily and focusing solely on that area. Grinding his teeth lightly on the area so you could feel the chill of delight.
Both of you enveloped in the sixty nine, chests pressed together with skin against skin. Sweaty and beaded as you shared an intimate moment with the alien.
Popping his cock out of your mouth to lick it from the bottom, sucking on his balls and hearing him give the most existencial “Aghh” you had ever heard. Your cunt throbbing at the nearing of your orgasm, his finger pumping in and out of you as he barely held on, letting out a strained “Nghh” as you praised him.
Toby was feral, so overcome with these bodily sensations he had no control over, each wave racking his lungs in a carnal need to connect with you. His grip on your torso tightening as he dug his fingers into you, ignoring the prominent need to release just to hold on long enough to fuck you.
Him giving a foreign kind of growl as he slapped his hands on your ass, pushing you forward and getting up. Taking you by the hands to bring you up as well, meeting in another kiss and letting you taste each other. 

His arm wrapping around your chest and pressing his cock to your ass, forcing you against the window as he trailed kisses down the side of your neck. Your hands leaving thermal fingerprints on the glass as you struggled to hold, sopping and slicked up, ready for him to enter. Squirming as you heaved, him grinding up to your slit and teasing you. “Take me” you pleaded in a heavy breath, waiting for him to line himself up and spread you apart, “please”
With a shaky breath and a press he finally inserted his flushing tip into you. Holding your folds apart with his fingers to push into your hole, your breath catching and sighing as he brushed all the right areas. It wasn’t normal, probably downright wrong, letting yourself succumb to the desires of a creature from another dimension.
Your hole taking every inch of his cock, swallowing him and begging for him to spill inside of you. Looking back at his lips that lie open and wet. Yours swollen from how hard he had kissed you. Mixing breath as he rutted into you, molding your walls with every curve and design on his monster cock.
“You feel amazing” he told you, breaking the kiss and melting into a haze of intergalactic lovemaking. “So tight and warm around me”, with little ruts of warmth enveloping you, his arms firmly securing your figure against the window surface.
His words going straight to your core, pulsing as you too approached orgasm. Your breath fogging up the glass in intervals at a time, with each slow delicious roll of his hips that he granted. The outside oxygen-less environment freezing and making for your combined warmth to mark the transparent surface with sweat.
It felt like a sin, to watch such an ethereal sight of the cosmos outside while you let him use you so obediently. Yet, it was the most miraculous thing you had ever experienced. Lacing a raw connection between species, rutting into your hole and filling every void of emotion with the sensation of chromatic color and flashes of light.
Tears of happiness slipping blissfully out of your eyes, the marks of his act bruising on your neck as he sucked it, hickeys as gorgeous reminders of your passion. Lewd, meaty, claps from where he stood, taking you from behind and feeling your ass vibrate with every thrust.
It felt as if everyone on earth was watching, as if everyone in the entire universe had their eyes on you. Observing you unraveling into each other. Lost in the vulnerability held in the tender flesh of your bodies.
Completely swept away by how perfectly he fit in you even though he wasn’t human. Like the element you had been missing all your life, galaxies away clenching and waiting for you to appear.
Pounding into you with such caress and rhythm it made you throw your head back, your legs struggling to stand still as he opened you up and thudded against your womb.
“Holy shit this feels g-good” he groaned, his brow weaving at the sensation of his foreboding high.
“Is this your first time with a human?” You asked, not helping but being curious.
“Yes, f-fuck just you” he breathed, “i n-need you”. Absolutely carried away by your body and your emotion. Stretching you out, his size otherworldly big and opening you to extents you didnt know were possible.
“need you to have my kids” he rasped, uncaring of the consequence and only focusing on leaving you with child, with his children. Wanting to see them grow inside you, taking root in your stomach and ready to hatch. The worst part was, you couldn’t bring yourself to disagree, wanting so badly to feel him breed you as he flicked your clit to the edge.
Slamming into you relentlessly with his scratchy tip kissing your cervix, twitching and ready to lay inside you. “Gonna give you my eggs”, it awoke something in you, his fragility and his careful tone, somehow still managing to dominate you with his vibrating touch. Keeping you bouncing for dear life in the commitment of bearing his spawn.
His hand crawling to the front of your body to play with your clit, his hips giving concentrated thrusts into the glass. With thud thud noises that rung in your ears, your eyesight focusing on the marvelous view of the universe, constantly fogging it up with your breath.
You crying out his name as he built you to the edge, “fuck Toby I’m gonna cum”. Rasping out a whine of “can you feel me?”, as you clenched around him. He gave a strained nod and breathy sigh that made you shiver.
Him mirroring your movements in a lustful mimic, bringing his free hand to your stomach and pressing against the belly bulge you had just noticed. “Can you feel me?”. Sobbing as he sped up at an inhuman pace and twitched, tensing and pulsing your muscles as you felt his cock waver and get ready to release something, something more lewd than just his juices.
Finally stilling and letting you cum, your skin breaking, rippling release from your body at the extraordinary sensation you were feeling. Making you light headed, spectacular in a way that you felt like you were floating. Salty tears staining the glass view of the stars and planets as you opened the doors of your mind and were enlightened with the secrets of the universe.
“Fuck gonna give you my eggs”, and you wanted him to mix like this with you, combine dna and create a sinful mess resulting of your cosmic fervor. So lidded in hazy desire that you couldn’t stop milking him, “Take em’ take em’”
Trembling as you felt a warm liquid seep into your hole, eyes rolling back at the feel of his cock fluttering and releasing oval-like things objects of you, extenuating your orgasm. Giving light thrusts with each small egg he dumped inside of you, and you could feel them settling inside your womb. Laying on top of eachother as you saw their outlines from the front.
His balls unloading all the children that would stay and feed from you for months, easing the transference with the hot goopy liquid that encased them. Your tummy bloating from the interaction, filling you with all his poison and intoxicating you with adoration.
Rough groans falling from his lips as you shifted between an extreme cold and hot, passing eras of time and overwhelming you with simmering droplets of love. Wavering through your skin and blood that held as he finished tending to his needs and sharing them with you.
He nuzzled and have a pretty sigh into your hair, “so now you k-know”. His antennas twitching as he turned you around and met your lips again, his pelvis keeping your legs closed so no eggs would fall out. “That I love you on another level”.
Giving what appeared to be a chuckle as he gave you a peck on the cheek, narrowing his gaze in a sort of protectiveness as he spoke seriously. “Hope you’re r-ready for abduction”
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sleepiicvnt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Sorry for the late post but happy late Halloween!!🎃
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mrspicysauce · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Title: Iseeyou
Character(s): BEN drowned (behavioral event network)
Reader: gender-neutral
Warnings: stalking, manipulation, physical abuse, obsessive mindsets, threats of violence, profanity, mentions of blood, imprisonment
Request: Can you do a yandere plot for canon BEN(green haired) of the reader trying to leave them and they catch the reader and makes the reader stay with them forever? - @demininc
(Image above does not belong to me!!)
Request as many times as you would like to and I’m so sorry this took so long and I hope you enjoy it <3
It moved, why was it moving? That should not have been moving, well not on it’s own anyway. Pulling your hands away from the keyboard, taken aback, your eyes followed the cursor as it moved across the computer screen. It opened up google docs and typed “Hi, (your name)” and “www.cleverbot.com” next to it.
You paused and thought for a moment. How could that have happened? You sat up in your office chair and copy and pasted the website into the URL bar. A little note letting you know the website might not be, “suitable for children” popped up. You chuckled a little.
“This is just a website you use to talk to bots. What the hell is up with my computer today?” you asked yourself as you closed out of the tab and proceeded to scroll through random stuff. A notification appeared with a message from a stranger. “Open the website again. I want to talk.”
“What the fuck?” you mumbled to yourself. You quickly responded to the message.
Who is this and what website?
How do you know about that?
It's nice to finally be talking to you.
Stop fucking around and tell me who this is.
I've been watching you.
You froze. Instantly assuming that they could watch you through your camera, you covered up the computer camera with tape.
You can't now.
Oh? I think you forgot about the other electronics.
Your eyes widened as you looked around your room for any cameras they could use to see you.
The sound of the doorbell was enough to make you jump a little bit.
“Ah, shit! I forgot that Adrien was coming over! I'm gonna deal with this shit later,” you groaned and rushed to the front door.
Adrien is your best friend and ex-girlfriend. The both of you moved to this town around the same time. Adrien is extremely well known for her optimistic personality and charm. You sometimes wanted to be her.
“Yo Adrien! What's up? Come on in.” You stepped to the side as she walked into your messy apartment.
“Sup (your name). How are you doing?” She pulled her hair back and set her shoes on the shelf next to the door.
“It's been alright.” You scratched the back of your neck. After the two of you had broken up it's been a bit awkward.
“Soo. Wanna watch some movies?” Adrien sat on the couch, kicking her feet up and onto the coffee table while turning the TV on.
“Sure, why not.” You shortly joined her on the couch.
About halfway into the movie, you got up to check and see if there were any more messages. You unlocked your computer.
“No new messages, huh? That's strange.” You clicked your tongue and walked back to the couch. The movie was paused and Adrien glared at the floor.
“Hey, Adrien you ok?” Adrien leaned back and pulled you closer to her side.
“I’m sorry for ditching you. I've come to realize that the other person was a TOTAL douchebag and you are so so so much better than them.” The two of you sat there in silence.
“(Your name).. I want to get back together with you.” Adrien held your hands up to her chest.
“I don't know Adrien.. I think I'm done with dating at the moment.” Adrien rolled her eyes but you were completely oblivious to it. She pulled you into a hug.
“I promise I won't leave you for someone else!” Adrien felt you flinch and frowned. You hesitated before you hugged her back.
“I guess we can get back together. I mean- I don't see a problem with it.” Adrien yanked you up and off of the couch and hopped up and down in joy. You laughed. The hug between you and Adrien was stopped by the screeching of the TV.
“What is that noise?” Adrien covered her ears in discomfort.
The same sentence kept repeating. The voice was electronically synthesized and heavily modulated.
“How do you get it to stop?” you shouted over the TV.
“I don't know!” Adrien yelled back.
“Just unplug it!” Adrien walked over to the outlet and everything shut off. It was silent for the next 5 minutes. The two of you were trying to process what happened. Your phone began to buzz. You flipped it over.
“My mom is calling I'll.. be right back.” You then jogged to the hallway and answered the call.
“Hi, Mom you uh- you won't believe what just happened.” You waited for a response but never got one.
“Mom? Are you ok?” you listened closer.
“We will meet soon.”
The call ended.
“I think it would be a good idea for Adrien to leave. Someone is watching us,” you thought to yourself. Trying not to freak out, you walked into the living room to let her know.
“Adrien, it's probably best if you leave now there is something I have to deal with.” You walked out into the living room expecting a response. She was nowhere. You walked around the corner to see that the front door was already open. You slowly shut and locked it.
“She must've already left,” you grumbled.
You trudged into your room and locked the door. Quickly changing into pajamas, you turned around and your stomach dropped.
The three words are repeated on your computer screen with the same computerized voice. You scrambled over to the computer to turn the volume down.
The final words of whatever was controlling your computer vanished and you were left with a black screen. Your breath stopped and you took a few steps back.
“That's it. I'm done.” Walking towards the computer, you took the battery out of it and set it down on the desk. You went around your apartment unplugging every single electronic you could find.
“I'm reporting this to the IC3. I'm so fucking done with this bullshit.” You grabbed your phone but unfortunately, it died as soon as you opened it. You tried to plug it into an outlet but ended up shocking yourself instead.
“Ow! Fuck!” you cried out in pain. You tried again but the same thing happened. Looking over to the clock, you groaned in frustration.
“It's seriously already 11:00 pm (23:00)? You've got to be kidding me. Well, I guess I'll be dealing with this in the morning.” You got under the covers and slowly shut your eyes. Struggling to sleep, you tossed and turned until you got comfortable. You couldn't stop thinking about it but you reminded yourself that you will take care of it in the morning. You couldn't help but feel watched.
A few hours later, it felt hot. You got up and out of bed feeling extremely sweaty so you went to turn the fan on. You couldn't see anything so you were careful not to trip over the piles of clothes that were on the floor.
The noise came from behind you. Stepping, over the sweatshirts, you turned your head to look over your shoulder. As soon as you did you slammed into something and lost your balance.
“Ah! What the hell?” You tried to get up but something pushed you back down. An arm wrapped around your waist and another one covered your mouth with some sort of rag drenched in chloroform. It took about 5 minutes of you struggling against the cloth and the person behind you for you to lose consciousness.
You slowly opened your eyes and observed your surroundings, confused. Where were you? It seemed to be a black void. You laid on the floor looking up at the ceiling. Was there even a ceiling? You couldn't tell. You stood up. Everything was sore but you could push through the pain.
“You finally woke up. We were starting to think you were dead!” You whipped around in alarm. There stood a person with green hair and a blue polo shirt.
With you being scared, you began backing up.
“(Your name).” They sing.
“Wow, you're even prettier up close.” The person took a few steps towards you.
“It's like you were made for us.” They stroked your cheek. You flinch.
“Please stay away from me.” You slapped their arm away and walked further back.
“What are you trying to do? Leave? Cause that not going to happen.” They leaned closer.
“Stop. I don't even know who you are.”
“Who am I? We are BEN.” They tried to put their hand on your shoulder but you dodged their attempt.
“You were the person who was chatting with me through-”
“Yes. We were. You have no idea how long We’ve been watching you. You were so oblivious to all the hints we gave you. It's amusing.” BEN giggled and grabbed you by the shirt.
“Stop!” You try to escape but their grip on your shoulders started to tighten which caused it to hurt. The both of you fell to the ground and you thrashed around and kicked. You bit their arm and made them bleed slightly. They slammed you down onto the floor.
“Try that again sweetheart, I dare you.” They wiped the blood off of their arm. You looked away from them and begged them to let you go.
“We do love you very dearly but we can hurt you if we need to so I would shut up if I were you.” Their lips curved upward into a smirk.
“Do you purposely wish to make us upset?” They looked into your eyes. Tears fell down your cheeks.
“You may not see it right now, but we're supposed to be together. You'll see.” BEN wiped your tears away and hopped up and off of the floor. They looked back at you with a wide smile.
“Would you like to play a game?”
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introverted-scribblings · 3 months ago
Hey! Can I get a fic where Hoodie gets jealous, and then it just gets heated?? Like he's super rough and dominating- TYSM!!! 💕💕💕
I spent SO MUCH TIME ON THIS! I am not the best when it comes to this kind of stuff but I tried my best and I really, really hope you like it!!
Damn You || (Brian/Hoodie)
Warnings: NSFW, female!reader, jealousy, knife-play, slight degradation, minors-dni. (1.8k)
Tumblr media
He was joking at the time. That morning when you walked out wearing a shirt that was lower cut than your normal attire, and leggings that were clinging just tight enough to leave little to the imagination. He had whistled at you and raised his eyebrows, causing you to roll your eyes at him. It was a joke, a little poke at you, his girlfriend, about how he found you attractive. That’s all it was before the two of you went out.
But now? Hours into the day, his hands clenched at his sides as he watched yet another man try to stare down your shirt? It wasn’t fucking funny anymore.
And the worst part? You knew…
Of course you knew, how could you not when every guy you ran into that day was staring at your chest. But you weren’t doing a damn thing about it. No, you were enjoying it. He could tell by the side glances you were sending his way, the slight smirk on your lips when no one else was looking.
Brian had to bite back the growl in his throat. Damn you.
You, on the other hand, were having a great time testing out this theory one of your friends had given you. She had told you that making her boyfriend jealous had gotten her some special treatment from him. It got you thinking about what Brian would do, he did have a slight possessive streak in him. It would be easy. You bought a new shirt and invited Brian to go out with you when you ran some errands. Y’know, to “spend time together”.
You knew you were playing with fire, but your curiosity was strong enough to keep this little game going. How far was this going to go?
Brian hated this. With every fiber of his being, he hated this. He could see the looks on the faces of other men, he could practically hear their thoughts about you. And yet there you went without a care in the world. He was a patient man, but even that was wearing thin by this point. And by the time you got home, he was losing his composure.
You were putting away groceries and making small talk when you said it. “It was kinda weird,” you had said. “The guy at the checkout tried to get my number before you got there.” And you laughed.
Before you knew what was happening, Brian threw you over his shoulder and carried you back to your bedroom. He dropped you gracelessly onto the mattress and looked at you with dark eyes. “Damn you,” he spat. “You’ve been playing this game all fucking day.”
A shiver ran up your spine. His tone was low and held a fury to it. And you knew he could be dangerous, but it was that very knowledge that sent heat straight to your core. There was something about tasting that very danger that made you quiver with excitement. It was the whole reason you did this in the first place. “What do you mean?” You feigned innocence and tried to sit up.
“Don’t play coy,” he hissed, forcing you back down onto the mattress. Kneeling over you, he ran his fingers over the fabric of your shirt. “You think you’re so clever, don’t you?”
You jolted when you heard the click of his pocket knife opening, unaware that he had pulled it out in the first place.
“I think I need to remind you who you belong to, slut,” he growled, watching you shiver as the cool metal of the blade ran across your stomach before cutting quickly and easily through the top’s thin material. You whimpered and he relished in the sound.
Pinning you to the bed, his lips moved hungrily against yours. He wanted to devour you. Trap you so that no one could even think of taking you away from him. You belonged to him, dammit! The very thought of another man, any of the men that looked at you, touching you sent fury through his veins.
Calloused hands roamed across your chest as his lips left yours and moved to your neck. You let out a high-pitched whine at the harsh feeling of his teeth on your skin. You had half a thought to say that you had work the next day, but it was quickly brushed aside as his knee ground against your clothed core.
You let out another pitched noise, your hands moving to grip onto his shoulders. He stopped, pulling away from you entirely and watching you with that dark look in his eyes. You shivered under his gaze as he quickly undid his belt, by the time you realized what his goal was, it was too late and he had overpowered you. The leather dug into your wrists as you squirmed against your new restraints.
“You had your fun today,” Brian said with a smirk, watching you squirm. “Now it’s time for me to have mine.” He twirled the knife he was holding around his fingers.
You forgot, you always forgot just how dangerous he was. This man wasn’t just your “slightly possessive boyfriend”, this man was a cold-blooded killer. And that look in his eyes, the glint of the blade in the light, the twisted smile he wore, it all sent fear coursing through your body. But at the same time, there was a sick part of you that loved this. The part of you that was sending arousal through your veins and clouding your head.
Your internal struggle was cut short when you were grabbed by your ankle and pulled towards the edge of the bed. You whined when you felt the dull edge of his knife pressing against your hip before being dragged across your stomach. Brian pressed the flat of the knife against your skin as he leaned down by your ear. “I could kill you so easily,” he whispered. Your breath hitched when you felt his other hand trailing up your leg, just ghosting over the place you wanted him most. “You really do get off on this, don’t you?”
You whine.
“Answer me, whore,” Brian growls, pressing the knife against you harder.
“Y-yes…” You whimper, pulling against your restraints and feeling the belt dig into your skin.
He pulled away from you, lightly dragging his knife down your body and to your clothed folds. You held your breath, your legs shaking when you heard and felt the blade cutting through the fabric of your leggings, exposing you to the air.
Brian clicked his tongue. “You little skank,” he almost laughed. Just leggings that day, nothing else. Once again, the thought of those other men seeing you like this crossed his mind and sent a new wave of rage through him. “Damn you,” he spat.
He couldn’t wait anymore, he wanted- needed to claim you. To show you and everyone else that you were his and his alone. Throwing his knife to the side he quickly undid the button of his jeans, pulling them down enough to free his throbbing dick from its confines.
Pinning your bound hands above your head, Brian rubbed the swollen head of his cock against your slick. Just barely brushing your clit. Your breathing was shaky as you let out another needy whine. “Please…” you whisper. Your pussy was pulsing, aching for him to fill it. Your legs were shaking. “Please… I’m sorry…”
“Are you really?” He growled. “Because it seems like you’re getting exactly what you wanted.” He was beginning to get impatient with himself now. God, he wanted nothing more than to be inside you, to fuck you until you couldn’t think anymore.
“Yes!” You finally cried. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please! I just- I want you inside-!” You were begging, you were sorry!
That was all he needed.
You almost wanted to cry at the feeling of his cock slipping past your aching folds. That familiar, pleasurable stretch that came with him sheathing himself inside you. You heard him groan, your warmth enveloping him as your walls clenched around his dick. He doesn’t waste any time and begins thrusting into you, setting a quick and rough pace.
A loud moan escapes you as you fruitlessly struggle against his hand pinning you and the belt around your wrists, wanting desperately to grab onto him, grab onto something. He’s relentless in the way he fills you, slowing only to bend your leg to your chest so that he can reach deeper inside you. You’re seeing stars as your wanton moans filled the air.
“No one could make you feel as good as I do,” he growls out. His rough fingers finding their way to your clit, abusing the pearl as his cock hits deep inside you. Your walls squeeze around him and his hips stutter for a moment before picking up speed.
You’re gasping for air, every breath being turned into a drawn-out moan or cry. Your legs are shaking, the oh-so-familiar coil burning hot in your core. You wanted it, you wanted to cum so badly. And you wanted Brian to be the one to take you there.
“Scream my name,” he orders. “Show everyone who’s fucking you so good right now.”
You do. A scream tears itself from your throat, his name tumbling from your mouth like a prayer as the coil inside you snaps and you cream around his dick. He fucks you through your orgasm, his fingers not leaving your clit as your body begins to shake. Tears roll down your cheeks at the intense pleasure.
Brian’s thrusts were becoming sloppy as he neared his peak. He drags you up from the mattress, thrusting up into your pulsing pussy. His lips are on yours, swallowing your cries for mercy. He spills inside you with a groan, hot ropes of cum filling you as your body shivers from the feeling.
After a moment of breathing for the both of you, he gently lowers you back to the mattress, pulling out in the process. Your cheeks flush as he stares down at you with a smirk. He drags a finger up your folds, collecting your shared essence before holding it to your lips. You open your mouth obediently, licking his hand clean.
The mood of the room had calmed significantly and Brian quickly worked to untie your wrists. You rub at the raw skin, trying to soothe it as you inspect the damage. Your new shirt was sliced open and your favorite leggings now had a rather prominent hole in them. You shake your head and look up at your boyfriend who had since fixed his pants and picked up his pocket knife.
“So…” you sigh, wearing a lopsided grin. “We going to do this again?”
Brian looks at you for a moment before bursting into laughter. “Damn you.”
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bigtittydemonwife · 2 months ago
tumblr fucked up and unsaved this before i was done and I was ready to commit murder 
no spell check we die like men, also I changed the Au from Forest Goddess to Forest God so it was more gender neutral
Forest god (Y/n) x Ticci Toby For the proper experience listen to hozier while reading 
Tumblr media
Religion is a complicated thing. It’s spread out worldwide different in cultures and beliefs but its all humanity putting their faith into a deity they want to worship.
Amaterasu Ōmika, the Japanese goddess of the sun.
Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art.
Perun (Cyrillic: Перýн) is the highest god of the pantheon and the god of sky.
Anpu, Ancient Egyptian god of the dead.
Tāne-mahuta, Māori god of the forests and birds. 
Apollo, the Greek god of the sun.
Some gods you’ve probably heard before, some you haven’t. 
With time comes progress, and with progress comes change. 
and sometimes with change things can be left behind, gods have been alive longer than the oldest man on earth's great great grandfather's grandfather. They can be forgotten, but they never really leave. 
Gods are ancient and powerful, but there's a name. a name well-forgotten now that when spoken could bring some of the oldest gods to their knees. 
A name that was told in tales by knights to princes. A name that was found in storybooks with dragons. A name that could be heard in all the bards songs in the most crowed taverns. 
In those days the name was known as Eden, but even further back, a old name could be found, a name originated from the gods lips themselves. 
(Y/n), though long-forgotten now was known back then as one of the most benevolent gods, 
Originally (Y/n) was the god of nature, spirits, animals, peace, balance, harmony and vitality they were mostly known as the god of the forest. 
as it is well unknown what culture (Y/n) originated from it is believed their influence was not carried by culture, but instead by memory. In the olden days it was said if you prayed to the god at one of their shrines your crops and plants would flourish, and it was said if you left an offering of agate your prayers would be met with fortune, and it was even rumoured among travelver if they traveled with agate around their neck, especially in the gods favourite colour- green, they would be protected in long journeys. 
Although (Y/n) is mostly forgotten now, their memory lives on. 
It lives in the bones of the decomposing animals. It lives in the roots in the oldest oak. It lives in the sweet breeze that shakes the trees with respect. It lives in the fog on the mountains on cold winter mornings. In the morning dew that covers the grass.
It is unknown how (Y/n) ended up in the mansion, and most people would prefer to keep it that way. they are considered eccentric by some, but more-so are considered beautiful by the elegant aura that follows them where they go. It could only be described by the feeling you get when you look up to the top of the tallest and oldest tree in the forest and realise if it could talk how wise it would be. 
Though (Y/n) has many friends, Ej, Jane, Masky, Hoodie and Helen to name  few, One of the biggest mysteries is how (Y/n) fell in love with Toby. 
Powerful god (Y/n) got themselves a dirt eating boyfriend. 
Toby loves nature....but in different ways, for example, eating bark, climbing tall trees and killing polluters. 
It is whispered among the seedlings that Toby always has agate and is even rumoured to be protected by the fae. 
(Y/n) loves to spend time in the forest with Toby, especially in meadows and fields. There's something intimate about the love that blooms like a flower. And when it comes to intimacy is when Toby thinks of you.his mind is on you all the time, your like a sweet summer song that calls out from the trees and twists around the branches, it calls out to him. a love song written with honey and berries stained in blood, a love song written just for him.  a love song that fills his ears and wraps around his brain.
As you lay on the grass with your head on his chest you wondered how one man could make you feel so mortal, you’d lived for millions of years and never would you have guessed how real love could feel, How you could grow mountains from nothing but have your heart race at the thought of someone's touch. 
You turned to look at him, resting on your left side.
“Love should make you feel like a king, instead I feel like a mortal”
He smiled, a true happy smile staring at you with love in his eyes 
“no one could ever make me feel like a king because I don't want them too” He spoke “I don't need to be a king  above everyone else when I can be human, flesh and whole. I don't need a kingdom to be on their knees for me because all I ever want is to be on my knees for you. If you told me to walk I'd walk, if you told me to crawl I'd crawl. I’d crawl for a thousand hot summer nights bloody and bare across the honey stained grass if it meant I could come home stained in honey to you”
The sun peeked it rays though the thick leaves of the tree above you and shined on his face, it illuminated him, and despite what he said in that moment he looked more godly to you then any other deity you’d met. 
When you looked at him you saw the sun, and in the moment you finally understood Icarus.
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cyanidarts · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Toby with muscles
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Offenderman Headcannons
TW: Ped0phila, R@pe, B3astialty, Sexual Themes, Death
Lets clear this up, he’s a freaky dude but would NEVER, EVER do anything with children, animals, or anyone who didn’t want to do anything sexual.
He thinks its fucking disgusting, if he found someone who did any of that shit they would die a slow fucking death. 
He’s also super iffy even with 18-19 year olds, children in general just make him uncomfortable. Its not like he hates them its just like he gets super anxious and is afraid that he’ll accidently hurt them. He’s had a bad childhood and doesn’t wanna be like his father in anyway. 
His mother taught him how to play the violin, because of this his father was dissapointed in him. His dad would compare Slender to him, which he always hated. His father would tell him how feminine certain things he did were. His mother was the nice one, she would tell him to be himself no matter what anyone else said. 
She was always encouraging the 4 siblings to be different, just do what made THEM happy. Offender ways always grateful of her kindness, and the way she handled things. 
He uses He/Him pronouns but if someone uses something different he really won’t care. He’s Pansexual 100%, he doesn’t care what you identify as or anything, he likes everyone equally. 
He’s pretty freaky. He’ll try almost anything, besides things that have to do with shit or vomit. (Thinks its gross as fuck) He’s more of a Dom leaning switch. He loves being able to grab ,hold you, tie you up, whisper the most vile things into your ear. He’ll always listen to you if your not into something, its honestly fine by him he still has you. He loves your face when you’re over stimulated or when you’ve been denied your orgasm. Beinig in control feels amazing to him but he also doesn’t mind you being in control of him. It feels amazing for him, he’ll melt for you. He’ll be on his hands and knees. You wanna put a collar on him? Fucking BET. Hes all for it, If your a tease he’ll flip it, you’ll be his little slut. He’ll make you beg, he’ll make you cry (if its ok with you), you’ll be filthy. Marked with bites, brusies, hickies, the whole mile. He can go for awhile, so be prepared for that babes. 
NSFW over
He’s a VERY tall man, even in his human form he tall AF. In his regular form he’s about 9′6ft (2.9meters) tall and human form he’s 6′6ft (2meters). So yeah he’s tall, you’ll prob. have to look up. 
He’s kinda insucure about how he looks but with you telling him how handsome and hot he is will for sure help. 
Offenders human name that he goes by is Oliver. He also has a big pet python named Charlie. Charlie is big, around 5ft long. He also has a big tank for Charlie with everything he’ll ever need. Charlie is like his best friend. 
Offenders personality is laid back most of the time but he can (and prob. will be) a stubborn ass. He won’t lie to you about anything except maybe something like him eating the last chimichanga that you were saving for yourself and completely fucking dening it. That Bastard. When he loves someone he really does love someone,but he does get weird at first. Last time he LOVED someone and was in a serious relationship it backfired because the person he was with cheated on him and told him it was his fault because he was a “hideous monster”. He’s not a hideous monster, we love him. <3 So thats why when he feels himself faling for someone he gets distant for awhile, trying to see if they’d ever do such a thing. When they ask whats wrong he’ll prob say that his mind has just been else where. He’ll see that they are a good person and give them subtle hints that he has a thing for them. He’ll even let them hold Charlie! And thats something he only lets Trender and Splendor do.
Fun Fact; When Trender makes clothes he sometimes tries them on to make sure they are fine and maybe where to change things in certain areas. He’s a big help to Trender.
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nottamoviestare · 6 months ago
Slenderman x enderman reader
!Warning! Slight gore
When you finished off your victim you went back to your calm state. You don't know why there are even people in this area, 'isn't there a rumor of strange disappearances in these woods? I thought that would be enough to keep them away...' You are a rather shy entity, you hate when people look at you and go into a dangerous rage when looked in the eye. You don't need to eat that often but you do when they anger you.
As you were wondering around you see one of your favorite flowers, a poppy. You pick up the pretty red flower and notice a page on a nerdy tree after a little bit more of wondering. It was a child's drawing nailed to a tree, it was a drawing of a little girl and a rather tall faceless man. You looked at it for a moment then decided to leave it be. Whoever put it there wanted it to stay untouched.
As you continued to wonder around the foggy woods you were curious as to why a human would even be out here in the first place, let alone nail a child's drawing to a tree. As you started to walk away you saw what looked like a human but not quite, he was to tall and had no face. But he still looked some what close, and dressed like one to, it, he? had on a black tuxedo with a red tie.
            'Who and what is he?'
Slenderman's pov
As I was lurking in the slender woods, I spotted something I've never seen before. A pure black entity with deep purple eyes and the same color surrounding it in the form of some sort of mist, what is it? I wander if it's dangerous. They haven't spotted me yet but they have seen someone that made eye contact with them, and that was this hunan's last mistake. The black creature teleported to the human and opened there jaws and bite the humans head with enough force to crush it's skull.
A few moments later after calming down they went back to walking spotted one of the many pages I have scattered around these woods, they looked at it for a moment and continued to walk, and then they spotted me.
Back to your pov(kinda)
To your surprise he didn't really react, and it didn't bother you to look him in the eyes, that is if he has any. 'what you have done is impressive.' He has a voice...? How?? He doesn't even have a mouth. Well you guess you should say something back... "I've never exactly been human...." 'you are skilled at what you do, and it would be a shame to let that go to waste.' what is he saying? That you should just go with him? "Well.. I guess I don't have much to loose, I'll go with you." 'you have made a good choice, and one more thing' "what?" 'do not kill my proxys.'
Slenderman led you to a mansion, as you walked in you saw a kid with a mostly green outfit on playing video games, wait is he bleeding out his eyes? "What the hell are you?!" You looked down at a guy with black hair and white hoodie on, and he had a cut out smile on his face, you had managed to keep your cool as he looked you in the eyes. You didn't answer sense you can't really speak his language. "Dose anyone know what or who this is?!" He said looking at everyone else in the room, you noticed a guy sitting on the couch who has a dark blue mask on, he had black ooze bleeding from were his eyes should be, and he was wearing a black hoodie and some blue jeans. There's also a little girl with brown hair and a pink dress on that looks like it might need a wash. she was also bleeding from her head, is she okay? But she has the greenest eyes you've ever seen and a teddy bear that she was playing tea party with. "I saw them come in with slendy! I think they might be a new friend!" Said the little girl, who seemed to be ecstatic to meet you. The little girl rushed up to you and told you who was who, the three others that was in the living room were Jeff, Ben, and jack, called EJ because apparently there are two jacks, the other is laughing Jack who they call LJ, you met him in the kitchen along with Toby who was eating waffles. Apparently masky and hoodie were out on a mission, guess you'll just meet them later. There's also of course the two pets smile dog and smiley cat. You also heard of slender's brothers who come around every now and then, not that often though. There's also Jane and clockwork who don't live in the mansion, the reason for Jane is apparently she absolutely hates Jeff, but there's no real reason for clockwork that you know of. Well this is going to be really interesting, you really need to find out a way to tell everyone that you hate it when people look into your eyes. How can you tell them that? You can't even speak the same language!
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scaryspaghetti45 · a month ago
Our First Love
(Jeff the Killer x Fem!Reader)
Disclaimer: Daddy issues, violence, murder, lots of angst, bad grammar and spelling, mentions of p£doph!l!a,( again it's a Jeff the killer fanfiction). Chapter 2, 1.5k.
Synopsis: When you picture love what do you imagine? Marriage? Kids? Stable relationship? Well after a near-death experience you were so sure that you would never experience those things. You were given a second chance at life but under certain conditions. Somehow through all of this craziness, you're able to find love but with who?
Tumblr media
"Mmmm" I groan rolling onto my side before jolting open my eyes in pain, I looked down to see that somehow my wound had reopened again, mother fucker, I gripped it closed again grabbing a rag I made from ripping it off my shirt and holding it to my side, God please I don't want to die from bleeding out.
What fucking day was it? I looked around the small camp I had made, I had found multiple people dead in this forest over this week... But most of them had something I could use, guilt twisted my stomach into a knot, I don't like stealing from the dead.
I looked up at the sky, the sun was setting, I found sleeping during the day got me a lower chance of getting killed, I think it's been a week maybe a little more? I looked at my side once more remembering the events of a week ago.
SNAP I whipped my head around for the 100th time it was fucking annoying I was 100% sure someone or something was following me "WHO THE FUCK IS THERE!?" I shouted in annoyance, motherfucker.
I squinted looking closely hoping to find anything even an animal would do, anything to tell me that I'm not going fucking crazy.
That's when I saw the silver blade dance in the moonlight I slowly and cautiously stepped towards the knife, whoever was there must have noticed the change and retracted the knife.
Someone was there and I don't think they were here to play patty cake, I turn on my heels and bolted running as fast as my already drained body could move, I looked over my shoulder to see a man chasing me.
He was pretty tall around 5'9 to 5'11 with broad shoulders, a creepy carved in smile and he had no eyelids. He wore ripped, baggy black jeans with chains that shone in the moonlight and a white blood-stained hoodie.
"STOP CHASING ME PANIC AT THE DISCO WANNABE!" I yelled at him, his eyes widened and he grit his teeth "GO TO FUCK SLEEP" he yelled back at me throwing the knife at me.
It lodged itself into my side, a strained scream left my throat and I fell to the ground, I looked behind me to see his eerie smile, I wasn't going to give up! Not yet! I pushed my body to its limit, running off pure adrenaline.
I quickly got up onto my hands and knees and start crawling away while also holding the knife in place, not wanting to bleed out.
Suddenly I felt a foot on my back, my eyes slowly trailed up to meet his bright blue ones, he raised his foot and stomped into my back sending me crashing back into the earth "please.." I begged looking up at him with glassy eyes.
I could feel the tears gather in my eyes, I was terrified of this man hovering above me, he leaned down and ripped the knife out of my side, I let out another strained scream.
He walked around in front of me, I squeezed my side shut, my hands now covered in my own blood, he gripped my jaw so hard I knew there were going to be marks in the morning if I even made it to the morning.
"Look at me" he demanded in an eerily calm voice, my eyes slowly looked up to him, hot tears trailing my cheeks "you will NEVER be one of us-" he looked up behind me letting out a low annoyed grunt.
"Jeff you were told to chase her in this direction, nowhere did slender say to harm her" I heard a low gravily voice say from behind me, hell if I wasn't in the situation now I would have thought it was even hot.
"Yeah yeah yeah whatever I don't give two fucks" his voice was laced with annoyance he looked back down at me once more and then walked off towards the strange voice.
"Keep going ahead human, I look forward to seeing you become one of us" the strange voice encouraged me, why was it being so nice compared to the other guy? My thoughts were quickly distracted when the adrenaline rush slowly cooled down and I could now feel the intense pain in my side.
I ripped off some of my shirt and quickly tied it around my wound sealing it shut, what the fuck am I meant to do now?
"Stupid emo freak" I mumbled to myself slowly walking forward I sneezed again snot running down "go fucking damn it" I whispered to myself sniffling wiping off the snot not only did I have a massive gash in my side but I now had a cold, just my luck.
That's when I heard two male voices speaking quite loudly "YOU KILLED HER!?" His voice laced with irritation I recognised, and that made my stomach turn, it was my uncle, my uncle is a bad man, my uncle is a pedophile but I hadn't seen him in year's considering I had become a young woman and was no longer his 'type'.
"she wanted to leave so I let her!" I heard the other voice retaliate, my blood ran cold, dad.
I ran forward ripping the dagger from my pocket, I was going to kill him, this may be my last chance and I was going to take it, once I was close enough I could see them, their faces, the car, the camp and that's when I snapped.
Everything went black.
Blood coated my body like paint on a portrait their dead bodies mutilated beyond recognition, where should I go? My body felt exhausted and then I dropped to the ground.
"She looks dead" a voice spoke, it sounded oddly familiar, "she basically is, she has an awful cold, her temperature is rising and her body has been pushed past her limits" the other oddly familiar voice stated
Should I show that I'm awake? Would that be a good choice right now? I tried to move my body but it ached and I felt like I was on fire, my nose was completely stuffed up and my throat ached.
Then I heard it, its voice sounded like god awful static "both of you out, our new friend has awoken and has one more task to complete" it spoke in a matter of fact way, I heard both of the men who were previously in the room scurry away and I hear a door slam.
I reach out for anyone there, no one. I slowly opened my eyes to see darkness, it was pitch black I could barely see anything I tried to sit up to look around but my body wouldn't budge that's when I heard the door open and slam shut.
I turned my head slowly to see darkness again, "h-hello?" I stuttered, my body began to tremble, suddenly I felt two large hands wrap around my throat and squeeze closing up my windpipes.
I clawed at their arms but they didn't budge adrenaline now pumping into my body I couldn't see anything but I could still hear and feel, I slid my hands up their arms and slowly felt around the shoulders till I found their cheek and SLAM.
I gave them a hard right hook in the cheek which made them stumble back I quickly stood up my eyes darting around there was no light, were we underground? Suddenly I felt them tackle my body into the wall behind me knocking the air out of my lungs.
I struggled to breathe once again and I felt a sharp jab into my gut and in return threw up all over the person "EW YOU DISGUSTING BITCH" he hisses letting me go and stepping a few steps back before I felt a hard kick to my face knocking me down to the ground.
"Jeff was right, you are too weak to be one of us" he mumbled only loud enough for me to hear, I tried not to focus on his words and just getting out of this place.
What should I do? What was the best choice? Suddenly I felt something wet start to cover my side, fuck my wound! I grabbed it and felt around gently approving this thought, mother of god.
I felt my throat tickle before coughing so hard I almost throw up again, I then hear a small chuckle before a rough calloused hand rubs my cheek gently cupping it "just give up and die it would be more convenient for both of us" I couldn't see his face but I could tell he had a massive grin on his face, fucking cheeky mother fucker.
I grabbed his hair and ripped him down slamming his head into the harsh concrete floor before sitting on top of him and hitting him one punch after the other to the face before I slowly felt him stop struggling before nothing.
His body dared not to make a move only light breathing, everything started to swirl and move, did the world always spin like that?
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