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I didn't have the strength for a fulls, but I had an idea
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homicidal-llu · 11 months ago
Slenderman: Why is Jane crying on the floor? y/n: She took one of those 'what Creepypasta are you?' quizzes. Slenderman: And? y/n: She got Jeff
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It’s tobyyy
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splitt · 4 months ago
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Toby and BEN with a S/O who listens to music sfw
Tumblr media
A/N: of course! But well, dear you didn’t mentioned if you want a oneshot or headcanon so i’ll go with headcanons. I hope you enjoy!
Ticci Toby
He will listen to your music to understand you better.
Toby’s mood also depends on the music he listens, he can be very happy and then something aggressive pop out and boom he is mad.
During missions he is likely to listen Metal music that you recommend him.
He likes you laying on your chest at the roof, watching the stars with calm music after missions.
If you are using headphones he will take one of them so you can listen together.
Sweet boy loves to watch you and listen to your sweet voice as you sing along quietly.
“This song reminds me of you”
He loves sharing his music with you. Toby knows you better express yourself with music so he will give you a taste of your own medicine.
Toby often sing your favorite songs despite his ticks.
He will also force you to sing solo or with him.
BEN Drowned
Ben will definitely make a playlist for you.
I can see him listening to your favorites as he play games.
Ben will just check whatever you are listening and he’ll know how you feel.
He plays some of your favorite melodies on his games when he finds an instrument.
I can also see him trying to learn how to play piano or electronic guitar for you, unfortunately this ends up with a failure.
Your taste in music are so similar.
You have a special song with him. Whenever he catch you crying in bed silently he will play it and give you a warm comfort hug until you fall asleep on his warm chest.
If there is a problem and you are struggling to tell him, he wouldn’t force you. Your darling will wait for you to send him whatever you find yourself in.
He is cruel, he will record you with a big smirk whenever you sing. Ben absolutely loves to embarrass you with his records “This red color looks cute on your face, and I would love to hear your beautiful voice more” teasing.
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bugz-writes-somewhere · 5 months ago
↱ Ticci Toby HCs [Revised]
[I have not been doing well at all, so I am reverting back to old comfort characters, LMAOOOOO]
WARNING(S): Dark Content :]
Tumblr media
► Appearance/Personality HCs:
Toby stands at 5'10", but mocks others about his height by saying he's 6'0". His frame is rather slim, but he still pulls a bit of muscle in his upper chest and arms. He is scattered with small freckles and tiny beauty marks in different places on his face, shoulders, and some on his hands.
The gash on his face is healed over, but there is still a rather big scar that has left his mouth disfigured. The scar tissue pulls at the side of his mouth causing him to have a permanent smirk. He still picks at it though, so occasionally it is scabbed over and looks a bit rough.
He is rather charming compared to most and seems to be able to lure victims in that way. His eyes are a dark hazel color and his hair is a curly mess atop his head. He has a few scars under his eyes from glass during the wreck, but not too many noticeable marks. His face is usually littered with stubble only because he refuses to take time to groom himself if he has to go on a mission. He is rather pale and he is pretty good at hiding his eyebags, even though he seems rather sickly.
[Since I actually despise the hoodie a ton.] His clothing are usually just normal shirts under a darker jean jacket, but that is outside of his missions. He tends to wear things that makes it easier for him to access stuff. When it's cold, he wears a hoodie that he randomly found. It tends to be different colors, but all things that could blend in with natural surroundings. His goggles are normal, except there is a large crack on the dark orange tint. On the other hand, his mask is just a normal black mask, as I have never really seen a mouthguard like his, unless custom made. I feel like he would just use something that could QUICKLY hide his face or not hide it at all, but that's just my hc. [wears a unicorn facemask, because that was all he had (jkjkjk)]
Toby is a loose canon. Any small snap could change is decision in an instant, and this man doesn't have thoughts. Most of the murders outside of his missions tended to be a "you got my order wrong," or "you looked at this one person wrong," type thing. Many people see Creepypasta characters as saviors who ONLY kill abusers, but I believe that if Toby has ANY reason, it will happen no matter who or WHAT you are.
He can be extremely cheery sometimes, trying to charm people into his trap. BUT he can also be extremely angry and violent towards others the instant the door closes. You have to stay on your feet to understand where he is going and why he sees it fit to do something. Even if his reason is out of the world.
► Story/General HCs
Toby is 17 around the time of his origin story (my after story he is 22) , meaning he lost everything around the end of his school years. His mother is not as sweet as she seems, and tends to just let his dad do whatever. Toby only ever looked up to his sister because she was some sort of normalcy, even after getting mad at him. Sometimes he grossed her out as well, but what can you do when you need to survive?
After the incident, Toby lost all memory of every person in his life. He basically lives a normal life aside other people, but still understands what his duty is under the Slenderman. He keeps notes and tabs of different things, but doesn't seem to want to uncover the truth about his past.
Toby probably was a serial killer checklist. He was violent, anti-social, and harmed animals as a kid. It was one of the main reasons why his original father had left. His mother was an alcoholic, Lyra was a bit ill, and Toby was just fucked.
Tim and Toby despise each other, but Toby still follows under him like a dog. Tim knows what he is doing so it's terrifying to think that at an instant he could be overpowered. On the other hand, Toby enjoys working with Brian due to his quietness. The short answers and honesty over argument seems to work better for him. It still wouldn't matter anyway given the fact he usually worked alone.
Toby is a normal party kid in college afterwards. He probably studies something like business or anatomy just to get a grasp of reality. He is using it as a waste though, since most of his work he gets paid for anyway. He just lives a basic life, smoking weed, doing study groups, and trying to find some sort of love. It's all stupid to him, but it was a way for him to blend in without any frat boy questioning him.
►"Love Life" HCs:
Toby is a person that doesn't discriminate, but he's also a person who doesn't seem to fall in love too much. There are very few people he runs into that he would even think about trying to fall in love with. They usually end up dead in the basement later, but it's still a warm feeling from his cold life.
Probably the worst person, but is a rather decent partner for once. Despite the whole killing thing, he just wants some sort of love. He wants to be held and told he's not a monster, but he knows without fail no one would tell him that.
Although he wants affection, he seems to despise the idea of a relationship. It'll just hold him back from his duties. Therefore, he tends to just ignore the idea of affection altogether. Even if it really hurts him.
Then again he's probably so touch starved that if ONE person shows kindness—the kind that doesn't have any sort of underlying plan— he'd be deranged. Absolutely awestruck at the fact someone would care for HIM. He was so rude to! [Either acts on it and tries to befriend the person, or literally just stalks for a bit and gives up after a while.]
Toby lives in a normal house at the edge of the woods. He owns a cat, but doesn't let it inside because he knows himself too well. It's more of a stray he named and feeds any sort of meat he can find. Deer, human, rabbit etc.
He tries to keep up hobbies so he has a way to debrief. He has officially mastered gaming and even spends most of his time robbing different places to find new games. He tends to play farm games/older games so that he can feel a sense of reality.
Toby's place has actually been raided by fans before, so he has cameras around to make sure no one comes near. People are deranged.
VERY minimum groceries because even though he is a murderer, he is very much a recluse without that cause. He refuses to go into public and sometimes sends some of the others out to get him something.
100% works at a convenient store outside of town just to earn some money. It's also a place filled with drugs so if he gets caught doing something bad, he can hang it over his coworker's heads. Also where he got introduced to weed, since he had tried to stay off of it but parties are filled with drugs and he needs some way to relax.
Frequently visits grave sites that are not his family's. He could care less where they are buried, especially since he was the one who buried them in his backyard.
Toby has Tourette's and that's not a HC. I also see him being ASPD and always has been. I won't write too much on that since I have not done recent studying, so just take that ig. [I would post more on it, but at this point I am so worn out from ANY science.]
Master of procrastination and uses strawberry shampoo because he says so. Smells nice and then you die, y'know?
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pppaaassstttaaa · 2 months ago
i hate my wi-fi.
well thats my old art/sketches which i can’t post bc i was busy 😾
here you are !!
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caffeineaddicted-noonie · 7 months ago
Tim: Are we really going to let Y/n keep Jeff? Hoodie: We kept Toby.
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shit-posts-and-fanfictions · 9 months ago
How To:
Write about Tourette's and Tic's
Tumblr media
Great question, I've actually gotten several messages about good ways to write about a character with Tourette's/ Tic disorders, including writing fics about Toby, so I figured I'd make a post about it for reference!
Firstly, Tics don't happen all day every day. People with Tourettes or tic disorders, in general, can have really good days. A really good day can vary from person to person, but overall can look like:
Ticking very little or not at all
Ticking, but with the very mild versions of whatever tic the character has
Being in a good mood/not suffering from the mood swings brought on by Tourettes.
I've personally had days or even a couple weeks where my tics aren't prominent at all-
But, of course, there are bad days where they are more frequent and such...
Though for Toby I doubt he'd have a moment where his Tourette's is that calm. Tics can get worse for a list of reasons, like stress, anxiety, medication, caffeine, alcohol, etc- and so considering Toby's lifestyle, I'd imagine he would be pretty stressed most if not all of the time.
A good way to describe a tic is like trying to hold in a really bad sneeze. The longer you try to hold it the more uncomfortable it is, y'know? Your head feels tight, breathing is really hard, and eventually, it'll come whether you want to sneeze or not- and holding it only makes it worse. Another tip for actually writing about his Tourettes, is obviously, not to go *tics*. Because that's a lack of description. Did he jerk his head? Did he say something? was he biting his hands again? what was the tic?
Added on to under describing- Don't over-describe! Personally, it can feel like your putting too much focus onto one thing and some people might get annoyed by that. Whether it's from the perspective of "ok, get on with the story-" to "that's so dramatic, even for a tic-"
So make his description of ticking as quick and brief as a tic irl would be. Like- if he were in the middle of a kill, most of his focus would be on killing and he wouldn't have any extremely obvious tics. But you can hint at a tic by describing a sudden sharp inhale/gasp, the way his neck muscles will tense momentarily and his head will jerk while maintaining eye contact with his victim, how he faulters with his weapon not out of hesitation, or even just adding a sudden facial twitch in his eyebrow or nose can very subtlety point at him having a tic but not having it be too extreme in a situation whereas mentioned, he's killing someone. Most of the story's focus should be on him killing someone.
(You can, however, put more description on a tic in a scenario where perhaps you want the victim to escape, in which they could take advantage of a bad tic to run away.)
For extreme descriptions of tics, like vocal tics, you can hint at it being a tic by italicizing the words when he speaks. I see Toby making more noises than actual words or sentences (though he definitely has a few words) so another thing could be like- him constantly tsking, whistling, or clicking and Masky snapping at him to shut the hell up, and he's sarcastic like "pardon me- lemme just turn off my Tourettes for a minute. Oh wAIT-"
Lastly, similar to stimming, Toby would definitely have moments where he might be chewing on something. I knew of a boy who, when his tics weren't too bad, had a habit of chewing on the collar of his shirt. I can totally see toby doing that while having some downtime. It's already canon he chews on his fingers till they bleed, so steering that into also chewing on things like pencils, his shirt, whatever you think fits!
(aside from tics, do give him stims.)
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world-of-horrors-au · 3 months ago
Text from Hoodie: Toby, I need you to go on a mission
Toby: I can't, I'm doing hot girl shit
Hot girl shit: Fury has dragged Toby to a patch of sunlight and is a loaf on his chest with no intention of moving
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iwantmytoast · 4 months ago
Heyyooo something I made something!Enjoy!!! That other one is just the clean linework 👌
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0pechatka · a month ago
TW // body headcanons & scars
P.s I tried to draw a puppeteer, but I COUIDN'T
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
EJ.. the kidney diet isn't particularly nutritious, so I think he's pretty skinny
and toby loves waffles (I think he's ready to eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner), but he runs through the woods and often uses axes (which are quite heavy, I know myself)
jeff looks like someone who loves to go on hunger strikes, and his brother, on the contrary, is for healthy eating
helen probably leads a sedentary lifestyle (which is not very good for him)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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homicidal-llu · 4 months ago
*Y/N and Ticci Toby's house is on fire, but they don't know it* Y/N: Damn, it's hot in here. Ticci Toby: I know, it's so hot there's smoke coming out of the vent! Y/N: Y/N: First of all, I'm assuming you have no idea what the problem with that statement is. Ticci Toby: What? Y/N: Second of all, we need to get the fuck out of here, NOW.
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honks-stuff · 8 months ago
Jeff: Dr. Scott!
Y/N: Ah!
Toby: Janet!
Y/N: Dr. Scott!
Jeff: Finn's line: Janet!
Slenderman: I'm so bored I fell into a microsleep.
Y/N: Brad!
BEN: Rocky!
Jeff: Grrr!
Toby: Janet!
Y/N: Dr. Scott!
Jeff: Still being Finn: Janet!
Y/N: Brad!
Slenderman: None of this is plausible!
BEN: Rocky!
Jeff: Grrr!
Toby: Janet!
Y/N: Dr. Scott
Jeff: Finn's line: Janet!
Y/N: Brad!
BEN: Rocky!
Jeff: Grrr!
Slenderman: This play has incredible pacing problem.
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bunsiebun · 3 months ago
Toby: *Sneezes*
Jeff: ...
Toby: Jeez, not even a bless you?
Jeff: I'm sitting right next to you. You've obviously have already been blessed.
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bugz-writes-somewhere · 3 months ago
Today I woke up wanting something different :)
in a different context and in an alternate universe where toby rogers never became a proxy and went on with his equally "normal" and miserable life with his dead sister, abusive father, submissive mother and school bullying all living hell the days, ¿what would it be like if him met Killer!Reader?
could be by mistake, he was at the wrong time at the wrong time where he witnessed a murder that had nothing to do with it, or Killer!Reader saved him from his bullies for one reason or another, or Killer!Reader was stalking him for a while (Killer=Yandere) and decided to approach him by dedicating one of his murders to him
the point is that toby's life got better, they no longer bother him at school (because his bullies no longer exist) and his father doesn't bother him either (dead), after so much misery someone came who loves him for who he is and protects, not in the way he thought but he doesn't care either
alternate ending: toby runs away from home carrying his stuff and goes to live with KillerReader
//Ayo, this is a cool concept!! I am really sorry this took so long, plus it may seem rushed :[. Also, I added an OC in as Toby's friend and Lyra's death is a bit different in my AU. Thank you for your patience and support, have a lovely day/night! <3
WARNING(S): Lots of cursing, gore, abuse, dark themes, mentions of sewerslide, bullying/discrimination, and stalking.
Content: Gn! reader, Killer! reader, Ticci Toby.
I do NOT condone any of the actions made by any of these characters. If something bad is happening to you, alert proper authorities.
Tumblr media
"Get out." A thin woman stood over her son in the middle of the living room, seething with rage. A bottle was held in her left, taking several sips every time her son even tried to bargain with her before.
"Why are you so pissed at me telling the fucking truth?" Toby raised his voice at the woman, spit flying in her face. His eyes narrowed on her, trying to not seem intimidated by their stance. The woman took a few steps before slamming the glass bottle into her son's shoulder, rage blinding her sight.
The now hunched-over boy could finally smell the alcohol that fell from her lips as she got closer and closer, "I said get the fuck out!" She held her hand above her son again, causing him to flinch away and out the door. The situation had escalated so quickly, that he didn't even give his action a second choice.
The day was washing away quickly, but he plodded down the road without thought. Cars quickly zoomed past him, the occasional slowing down to make sure he wasn't hurt, but even then they only gave him a small glance before accelerating off. His face would occasionally contort at the thought of what had happened, but he would shake it off quickly. It wasn't anything new.
Usually, his mother would just saunter off into her room with Frank to lazily watch television with a can of beer in hand, but since his poor excuse for a father was being detained, she sat downstairs wasting away on the shitty excuse of a couch. Toby would greet her every day after school to try to piece the relationship back together, but all she would do was glare at her son as he walked upstairs. Bruises and scratches from kids at school went unnoticed, even when some of his teachers had begged his mother to meet with them. To make matters worse, she had told him herself that he probably deserved it for what he did.
What he supposedly did, at least. Was it truly his fault his sister was suicidal? All the bullshit both of his parents put them through, was truly not his fault at all. He almost let out a laugh at the lingering thoughts. It wasn't his fault, it was theirs.
His fists balled as he continued to march down the road, the nearest tree would've screamed if it could feel something. His hand connected with the bark, causing the leaves to slightly shake. Blood slowly tricked down his hand as he went in for another punch, his teeth gritted as he continued in shaking rage.
Toby began to huff, moving his hands away from the tree to remove pieces of hair out of his eyes. The sun had finally fallen out of sight so he was stuck next to this forest, alone. He let out a sigh, the anger slowly falling away from him. Everything soon felt normal again, so he continued on his walk, slowly falling into the forest as the night went on.
His limbs began to feel too heavy to handle as he went further and further away. He was searching for something now, so he didn't have time to rest. Although his thighs burned, his body kept a quick pace to match his frantic search.
The area didn't change much as Toby got deeper. The trees still looked the same to the view of the public, but upon a closer look, you could see carved shapes in each of the trunks. Several squares and triangles later would soon lead to a broken treehouse, the wood around it rotting and wrapped with dying vines. The broken glass from the windows was barely hanging on to the cracked frame. The rocked path was covered in greenery making it hard to find your way to the ladder, which was completely destroyed and replaced with a rope.
Upon entry, pictures were scattered on the floor of the building. All seemed to age poorly or were ruined by the rain that could easily seep in through the holes on the ceiling.
Toby's sneakers crashed against the papers, the wood creaking underneath his weight. He slowly moved towards the small area of blankets in the corner, his feet finally giving out as he dived for them. He snuggled into the pillows his chest aching from the events, it was truly sad that this was normal. Even before his sister had died, he had visited this same place with her. It was why so many polaroids and empty bottles had flooded the bottom of the treehouse. It was all just a reminder of the nightmare they had gone through together.
Yet now he was all alone, curled into a ball with tears streaming down his face. Toby didn't know when things were going to get better, but at the same time, he didn't want to know what he had to go through to get to that point. He was really just tired of all the pain.
A soft rustle woke Toby up from his sleep. It was hard to tell what the time was since his phone had died, but the sun was slowly creeping over to the horizon. His healing hands shot up to his eyes, tears rolling down his cheeks as the sleep tried to get away.
The rustling began again, causing the man to become more alert to his surroundings. His eyes peered over the building, trying to become a bit smaller, he saw a figure shuffling closer to the tree. He narrowed down on them as they dragged something closer, letting the object go with a low huff.
The figure slowly clapped their hands together, eyeing the rope at the edge of the tree. Toby quickly ducked down in a panic upon hearing the old wood begin to creak at the person's weight. His eyes frantically searched for any sort of weapon as he noticed their hood begin to peer through the entrance. He quickly grabbed an old glass bottle, keeping it to his chest as he saw the person finally enter.
Their eyes connected with his quickly, widening at the sight of the man curled in the corner. Their mouth quickly opened but didn't really say a word to the man. They just fell into a small glare at him before shuffling to the other corner to open a chest full of supplies. Their hands wrapped around some sort of food before closing it and leaning down to sit across from Toby. They silently just watched him as they began to chew on their food.
Toby, being confused, slowly began to move out from under the covers. He blinked once or twice before suddenly jolting forward and hitting the ground, he must've gotten up too quick.
"What are you doing here?" Toby questioned, face still planted on the ground as he tried to regain himself.
"Eating." The person spoke, shrugging at the man's introduction, "You hiding from your parents again?"
The question left a bad taste in Toby's mouth, but he didn't really bother to ask why they knew about his situation. He propped himself back up, leaning against the old wood to stare at the person. Their face seemed to grimace at the eye contact, but they didn't look away from him.
"Yeah, how'd you know?" He grumbled, getting a bit annoyed at the situation. This was supposed to just be a place for Lyra and Him, yet this person was sitting in the spot they used to drink in. His eyes narrowed at them, but they only shrugged his anger off.
"A hunch, you always come out here angry." They crossed their legs and eyed outside, taking note the sun was slowly rolling into the sky.
"Why are you here?" Toby grumbled, watching as the person nonchalantly ate another bite of the food in their hand. The person only shrugged, running a bandaged hand through their hair to calm their nerves.
"Robert." They replied, "Frank." They started to list random names, making Toby seem to calm down into a confused state. "Oh..and Alex." They continued, mumbling to themselves softly as they finally set the wrapper down.
"You can check for yourself if you are so interested." They threw their thumb to point at the side of the building, their eyes traveling to a rather pale man. "Not much fun anymore, but he's down there."
Curiosity got the best of him as he crawled over towards the window, peering down at a large figure below them. The man's face seemed extremely familiar, but it was covered in bruises. The rest of his body was twisted in different ways, almost as if it were some sort of sick art piece. Dry blood and bile seeped through a disgusting button-up shirt with a small name written on the pocket, Frank.
If it were the first corpse Toby had seen, he probably would've backed away in fear, but instead, his eyes couldn't seem to tear away from the scene. He began to shake a bit, but he still felt unphased by the situation. It wasn't as if the man was truly going to be missed, so did he have to put on a show? Did Toby have to act like this was such a sad sight?
"He got what he deserved," The person finally spoke up, "That bastard didn't need jail, truly."
"You killed him." Toby stared at the person behind him, "Just...just butchered him without repercussion?"
The person propped themself over the window to view the corpse, "Yep, for you. He seemed like a pain in the ass and I thought you deserved better." They sighed, propping their chin on their hand to view the creation. "He's still ugly as a corpse."
Toby eyed them a bit, trying to look at them with shock. He truly didn't feel anything about this, but he needed to at least mask some sort of emotion to seem normal. Sadly for him, it didn't work.
"Stop making that face, Toby." The person said a bit annoyed, "You look almost confused."
Toby finally let out a small laugh, a grin quickly replacing his reaction from before. "What the fuck." He grumbled out, "All this and you killed him."
The person seemed intrigued by his reply, but only patted at his back as he tried to take it in, "And what about it? I was just saving your ass."
His blood began to boil at the comment. Toby wanted his father's blood to spill on his own account. He wanted the calming feeling of watching his father finally get the taste of his own medicine, but here the man was laying as wasted potential at the bottom of Toby's safe house. His hands began to tremble as he stared at the bloated man, each time he had reached out a hand to grab onto Toby’s hair or pound into Lyra still echoed in the back of his head. It was supposed to be his job to protect the people surrounding him, but a nobody had killed him. His eyes narrowed back at the calm-looking figure, who was still observing Toby with curiosity. 
“You didn’t get caught?” He replied, pulling the person away from the window in a small panic. He had finally come back to his senses that this was bad. This was really, really bad. Everything was still being pointed at him for the cause of his sister’s suicide since to the public eye he seemed utterly deranged. 
The person finally clicked their tongue in annoyance, “Look dude, I did this for you for free.” They replied, “Can’t you just give me a small thank you? Or at least an introduction? If not, then I’m just gonna leave him here with you and go, I have a busy life.” They began to pick the dirt from underneath their fingernails, seeming genuinely mad about the fact Toby had just basically interrogated them. 
“Fine, whatever. Thank you, and you already know my name.” The person hummed in response, shifting their legs around to seem less dominating. They held a bandaged hand out to the boy that still looked a bit weary about the person in front of them. 
“The name’s [Y/N].” 
Toby sneered at the hand, before grasping at it quickly. He didn't even truly give off a shake, he kind of just grabbed it and pulled back immediately. It was as if the touch had burnt him.
The person across from him peered outside again. The sun was now frosting over the trees with its big rays. It was almost mocking the corpse that laid underneath the tree, the sun hitting his dead face. [Y/N] looked down with a bored expression, mumbling small profanities under their breath.
“The sun comes up too quick.” They replied in a sad tone, “I’ll meet ya same time tomorrow?”
Before Toby could refuse, they hopped down the rope to begin to drag the body again. His eyes softly followed as the person struggled to keep their pace. His bandaged hand rested on his chin as he chewed the inside of his cheek in thought. His brows furrowed into a glare as the person disappeared.
What a strange person…
“Damn dude, you look like SHIT.” A rough voice called out to Toby in the halls, eyeing the lanky boy up and down. “What the hell happened to ya?”
“Dude keep quiet, this is a library,” Toby grunted upon seeing the familiar curly black hair. He didn’t really mind the questions, but he would prefer if his friend hadn’t been so loud in a heavily populated area. His eyes twitched up slightly to see the boy taking a seat in front of him.
The boy in question wore a jean jacket that was too big for his body, patches covering each blank spot, and a shit-eating grin at the mention of being disruptive. His dark eyes narrowed down at Toby as if to size him up, trying to get answers out of his friend. It was just Crew’s way of manipulation. He could either be extremely charming or extremely forward with Toby and there was no in-between. If he wanted an answer to something, he would be getting that answer, even if he already knew what was going on.
“Whatever man,” Crew scoffed, leaning back in his chair, “Don’t avoid my questions.” He said, faking a serious tone only to burst out into a laugh. Several eyes shot over to him with a glare, many people hissing a ‘be quiet’ before returning to their textbooks.
“She kicked me out again,” Toby grumbled, slamming his book shut to stare around, “I had to sleep in the treehouse.”
“Why didn’t you just knock on my door, I’m only a block away!” Crew replied, raising a brow.
“Like I would want to sleep with you,” Toby chuckled, “Anyways, I met someone-”
“Aye, looky here! It’s T-T-T-Ticci Toby!” A large kid spat in his face, grabbing the back of his hoodie to face him.
“Lance, get the hell off him, man,” Crew replied, “We were having a damn conversation.” Crew stood up, pushing the chair away to stand at the same height as Lance. Lance’s crew suddenly appeared behind him for backup, staring at Crew in response.
The commotion soon alerted several students around. Plenty of them scurried away from the group to alert proper authorities or hide away from the posse. Toby gripped at the back of his jacket as he watched everyone move away. He wanted to get his hands off of him before anything worse happened.
“What are you gonna do about it, foreigner?” Lance glared, his grip on Toby getting lighter. Lance’s group all snickered at the small name he gave Crew, causing him to snap a smile back at them. Toby could tell he was a sucker for attention and this was the only way he could get it, it had always been like that and always will. He quickly scooted out of the grip, the chair falling over on the floor with a loud smack.
Crew only chuckled, “Can’t get creative?” He cracked his knuckles, moving the chair out of the way. Quickly, as Lance was still turned away, Crew threw a punch into his snobby face. His spit flew towards Toby, causing him to scurry back. His eyes widened at Crew who only gave a grin at his work.
Soon the gang behind Lance came forward swinging at Crew, he began to dodge softly trying to signal for Toby to leave. His eyes remained distracted enough to finally get a blow to the gut causing him to double over. “You idiot, get out of here!” He screamed at Toby, whose eyes widened when Lance glared at him from above.
“You little shit! Get back here!” Lance screamed as Toby stumbled out of the building, running a proper distance away from the school. He didn’t look back until he was at the edge of his house, his breath quickly going in and out. Soon he pressed himself to the front steps of his porch, knowing he still wasn’t allowed inside. His hands gripped his face and he let out a quiet sob.
He felt so pathetic.
“What are you doing out here?” A familiar voice chimed, causing Toby to wake up from the nap he had taken on the porch. “It’s quite late, dude.”
His eyes slowly opened to see the same person from earlier, a smile gracing their lips as they stood in curiosity. Toby rubbed his eyes, gnawing on his cheek again in confusion. They seemed to be wearing much nicer clothing now than before. Their eyes were fixated on him with raised brows, showing true concern.
It wasn’t until now that he noticed the small details of their features. For someone who took down such a heavy man, they seemed to look weak. Their eyes sparkled with some sort of innocence and every scratch left on their cheek seemed to just disappear in the moonlight. Their stance made them seem rather harmless, and it would’ve tricked him too if he hadn’t seen the corpse they had brought to him. To summarize the person in one word, they were a lie. A beautiful lie, at that.
Toby’s heart began to pound at their caring mannerism, still feeling a bit brought down from earlier. His eyes shot up quickly now, trying to take them in. He just had to have seen them before. They must’ve been on the news or an old classmate or…
“Toby?” They questioned, “Are you okay?”
“Why did you follow me?” He grumbled, rubbing at his face again to get a better look. They still seemed really blurry to him, “I don’t need your help, go away.”
[Y/N] laughed a bit, “I wasn’t going to help you, I was just being polite.” They sat next to Toby, staring at the sky. "The sun goes away rather quickly, don't you think?" Toby's eyes traveled up to the sky to see the sun slowly reeling away. He gave a contented sigh at the sight. All the colors mixed so perfectly, creating a pleasing view. He tried to focus on the conversation, but he was too lost in the painting in the sky.
"Do you want a better life, Toby?"
His eyes narrowed, but finally, he just nodded. It was truly no use to fight against the person. He was too tired to care anyway, giving them a side glance every time they shifted to adjust themselves into a more fitting position. "You can have one." They replied, tucking their head into their arms as they viewed the sky, "We can make one."
"Yeah right, a freak and a killer getting a better life," Toby spoke bitterly, standing off the porch. "Get the hell out of my face until all this shit ends, [Y/N]."
He threw a glare at them, before walking the same path he did before.
The same road, the same treehouse.
The lanky boy shifted in his sleep, his head throbbing upon his sudden wake. A voice called out to him in a deep, distorted tone. It echoed softly into his head as he sat up. Heat licked at his skin, the treehouse underneath him groaning at the shift of his weight. Wearily, his eyes stared outside only to see a bright light in the direction of his home. In a haste, he climbed down the latter.
Toby's lungs began to burn as he finally got to his neighborhood, but what he saw left him in shock. Flames were bursting onto the streets, plenty of houses and families running in fear as the fire overtook them. His eyes darted back to his house, almost already gone. It would be clear to authorities that...it was where it had started. He looked in awe at the color, feeling a bright blush run against his cheeks. It was just as beautiful as the sky above he had seen just a few hours ago. For once, the poor man felt at peace. Suddenly, a soft hand grasped at his bandaged one. A familiar face appeared next to him with the same look of admiration. His eyes traveled to their form, a small smile tugging along the edges at the thought of his family finally being gone. With a soft nod, they spoke:
"We can have a better life than this, Toby."
And for once, Toby agreed.
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n-unji · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Forgot to post this here yesterday but here’s my Toby ref sheet !!!
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dominantandinfertile · 11 months ago
Y/N, pointing: May I sit there?
Toby: That's my lap
Y/N: That doesn't answer my question, Toby.
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introverted-scribblings · 7 months ago
Hey just had an idea pop in my head and I hope your doing requests. If not it's ok, if so how about the proxies (and another of your choosing) would react to the reader being a Ghost Rider. If you don't know what a Ghost Rider is feel free to look it up. Just a little curious on how they'd react and would they be afraid or interested? But the reader as a Rider can tell why they do what they do and doesn't get their soul sent to hell
Hello, darling Anon!! I'm so sorry this took so long, there's just a lot going on in my life rn... I don't know much about Ghost Riders (literally I kinda know the Nick Cage movie from Cinema Sins and the Wikipedia article I read...) so my apologies for this being a little vague. I mostly focused on their reactions.
Sorry again if this sucks (writing is hard for me at the moment) but I hope that you'll enjoy it anyway!!
Tumblr media
Tim would be conflicted.
Obviously he loves you but this was a pretty big secret that you were hiding (assuming that you were indeed keeping it a secret).
Masky would absolutely see you as a threat, there’s no getting around that.
Especially after knowing exactly what you are.
It would take a lot of convincing on your part to make sure he knows you’re not going to interfere with his work or send him to hell.
(My boy has trust issues…)
You would tell him that you understand his pain. That you know he doesn’t have a choice but to listen to Slender’s orders.
It would take effort on both of your parts, but if you’re able to work past this, he’d find your abilities fascinating.
(He also finds your motorcycle very sexy but he won’t say that out loud)
Boy will grow concerned if you’re the vigilante type.
He doesn’t want you getting in trouble with the law or worse…
Overall, he’d be conflicted for a while and then just concerned for your wellbeing.
His love for you shines through~
He would also feel slightly conflicted.
Knowing what you are, what you do, and what you’re capable of will put him on edge.
He would be easier to calm than Masky and with time would come around to you.
He honestly enjoys learning about your powers, he’s intrigued by them and thinks you look badass when using them.
He finds your motorcycle very sexy and will say it out loud.
“Hey, Babe. Y’know what else you can ride?” “Brian, I will put you in the ground…”
You two will make jokes about sending him to hell, but make sure you remind him that you love and understand him.
He just wants to make sure that you aren’t actually going to damn him.
Would, like Tim, be concerned if you were a vigilante.
Doesn’t want your awesome powers being abused by someone should you get caught.
Overall, mostly chill about the whole thing but needs some reassurance from time to time.
Just tell him you love him!
“Ticci” Toby:
He would be so fucking excited.
Definitely thinks you’re the coolest and most badass thing he’s ever seen.
However, he’d be really hurt that you kept this from him and would make him wonder what else you might be hiding.
You’d need to explain to him what you are and what you do.
Afterwards, he’d be cautious. He doesn’t want you to send him to hell and would be worried that you’ll turn on him at any moment.
This boy also has trust issues…
You’d need to comfort him, tell him that you love him and promise that you’d never hurt him.
Keep it lighthearted, but remind him that you understand why he does what he does.
Once the initial shock has passed, offer to take him for a ride on your motorcycle.
He would love that so much!
Lowkey wants to watch you do your vigilante justice… He wants to see your badassery in action!
Overall, after a MAJOR trust exercise, Toby would be super interested in your powers.
He thinks you’re so fucking cool!
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a-losers-portfolio · 5 months ago
They're in love, your honour
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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