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intimidating-fettuccine · 2 days ago
BEN: Don’t go into the living room.
Y/N: Why?
BEN: I saw a spider.
Y/N: Did you not kill it?
BEN: Listen, it has 8 arms and I have 2, that’s not a fair matchup.
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Hey! I’m not sure where you stand with Ticci Toby, since the writer had pulled him from the fandom or whatever. But if you could do a yandere/aggressive smut for him, like reader making him jealous unintentionally, that would he great! If not, something similar with Hoodie would work too!
Green Eyed Monster- Toby x Reader Smut
Tumblr media
A/N: I do still write for Toby! I'm pretty sure the writer said we could still use him as long as we aren't making a profit off of the character, so that's what I'm going by! Here you go babe, I hope you enjoy🍵
Warnings: Rough sex, begging, choking, overstimulation, Dub-Con, punishment, Dom/Sub, Yandere themes, toxic relationships, smut, NSFW, MDI
Tears trickle down your cheeks as Toby fucks into you, cock drilling in and out of your abused hole. You screw your eyes shut as he holds your thighs apart, his fingertips causing little bruises to form on your flesh. His free hand is wrapped snug around your throat, tightening every now and then to choke you.
You're light headed from the lack of air, the floaty feeling has adrenaline pumping into your viens, the thrill of the situation only adding to your building arousal.
"T-tell me how much you l-love i-it when I fuck you w-with my cock" He lightens the hold on your neck to let you speak. You gasp, sucking in a generous amount of air and struggle to talk.
"I-I love your cock!" You whine as he snaps his hips forward, driving his dick further inside of your messy cunt. "L-love being used by you Toby" You blabber as he pounds into you mercilessly. His cum from his previous release oozes out of you more and more with each thrust. You can feel it dripping on your skin in copious amounts.
"I'm the only o-one th-that can satisfy you, right? Only I can f-fuck you this good, this deep, n-n-not that shit head Ma-masky!" He rants, tightening his hold on your neck. "Beg for forgiveness and I mi-might think about letting you re-rest" His voice drops low, gruff from the constant small grunts of pleasure that strain his vocal chords as your pussy pulses around him.
You curl your toes and fingers as another all too familiar buzz of euphoria carries through your nerves. And scream you do, you shudder and try to wiggle yourself away from him. But judging by how he’s got you trapped, how he doesn’t loosen his grip in the slightest, you know you aren’t getting out of this anytime soon.
"I-I’m sorry Toby! We were just talking I swear!" You cry, loosing your mind to the pure bliss your mind and body are under. How many times has he forced you to cum already? You’ve lost track after the first three. Your walls are so sensitive it’s boarder-line painful. You’re thoughts only consist of getting your insides destroyed. His left shoulder jerks as he begins to chuckle, hand around your throat twitching. 
“J-J-just talking? D-Do you th-think I’m stupid?” He hisses into your ear before pushing your thighs further upwards until you’re manhandled into a mating press position, unable to move much in this new state. Your limbs are numb and worn out, you can only lay there beneath him and take it.
His cock hits a new spot inside you, deeper than missionary was able to offer. You nearly scream, body convulsing from that single hard thrust of his hips, the new angle allowing him to nearly hit your cervix. “fucking scream m-my na-name again” He dares, abusing your cunt until your vision turns white.
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inaccurate-linguini · 4 hours ago
E.J.: That's called a traumatic event
E.J. to Y/n: Not a "bit of a pickle."
E.J. to Ben: Not a "bruh moment."
E.J. to Jeff: And definitely not a "major L."
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spookyravioli · an hour ago
Every single Proxies x Reader fanfiction ever:
Tumblr media
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spinechilling-gnocchi · a day ago
Eyeless jack headcanons with a nurse s/o plssss
He’d be super excited!! Jack would be really happy to have someone who has some common sense, or at least knows about medicine, around. And to have you as his partner? He’s ecstatic! Finally, someone he can stand! He’s so happy to have you, and, although he might not admit it, he’s happy to have someone to take care of him if he gets hurt. He likes to know that he can be a little more open and vulnerable with you, he’s really glad to have you.
How you two met? The cutest thing. You were new around, and you were sent to the medical center as you were a nurse, and they can always use the help. Jack immediately noticed how you didn’t recoil in fear and shock when you saw his mask, and even when he lifted it up to show you his face, a monster’s face, you just…said hello. You even smiled. You smiled at him. He had to pull his mask down you you didn’t see the tar pour faster, so you didn’t see him cry.
Once you guys have been dating for a while, he’ll start getting you little gifts, just handmade trinkets to show how much he loves you. He’s actually quite good at sewing and needlework, so every so often you’ll find little wool dolls he’s made, or embroidery of things like flowers, and sometimes he’ll even make you clothes! He’s not very talkative, so little gestures like these are how he shows how much he loves you.
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sullys-nose-hair · 3 months ago
Hi my sussy little bakas😈
Tumblr media
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youngsuee · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@inaccurate-linguini anotha one
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r0ttingrabbit · 5 months ago
Y/N: Who the fuck added me to a fucking group chat?
Jeff: >:0 language
Nina: Yeah watch your fucking language
Tim: “The fuck word”.
Brian: Are you stupid? You guys use the f word all the time
Nina: Oh my god he censored it
Tim: Say fuck, Brian.
Nina: Do it, Brian. Say fuck.
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mayawastaken · 5 months ago
*Y/n Jeff and Slenderman standing in front of the mansion that's on fire*
Y/n: in my defense I was left unsupervised.
Slenderman: I left you with Jeff?
Jeff: In my defense I was also left unsupervised.
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demcreepycrawlers · 5 months ago
Y/n: You mean to tell me a shrimp fried this rice?
Toby: You telling me a banana Nutted in this muffin?
Hoodie: You trying to tell me an entire home cooked this meal?
Masky, In the corner contemplating suicide: I'm not drunk enough for this.
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creepy-spooghetti · 7 months ago
Things the Creeps find attractive
Hoody - If you wear glasses, that does it for him. You just look so. Freaking. Cute!
Masky - Very subtle, light makeup will make his heart go brrrr.
Jeff the Killer - Believe it or not, it's a major turn-on when you pet\play with Smile, or any other animals, for that matter.
Homicidal Liu - Oversized hoodies. No more needs to be said.
Sully - That's easy; if you retaliate when he flirts with you, he'll love it.
Ben Drowned - When you're willing to listen to him geek out about video games, he'll want to cuddle you so bad. Please let him.
Bloody Painter - He loves it when you talk about your passions. It could be anything. It's very alluring.
Clockwork - If you laugh so hard that food comes out of your nose, she'll get the sudden urge to marry you. It's very strange.
Jane the Killer - Oh please please please play with her hair.
Kagekao - When you do something dumb and then you're willing to laugh at yourself. He'll just jump right in and laugh along with you.
Zero - If you can stand up for yourself instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, it's one of the most attractive things. Because she's going to tease and make fun of you a lot.
Eyeless Jack - Just listening to him vent is enough for him. Bonus points if you rub his head soothingly while he does so.
Ticci-Toby - He finds it adorable when you bite your lip and look to the side all bashful-like.
X-Virus - If you attempt to like the things he likes. It doesn't have to be anything big; maybe just his favorite type of candy. But he'll greatly appreciate the effort.
Jason the Toymaker - If you accept his frequent gifts with a warm, grateful smile, it'll make his heart sing.
The Puppeteer - When you blow a strand of hair out of your face whenever you're in deep concentration about something, he'll practically have hearts in his eyes.
Candy Pop - He loves it if you look deep into his eyes lovingly.
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Jeff: If you were a fruit you’d be an apple.
Y/N: Why?
Jeff: Because you’re the apple of my eye.
Y/N: Not because you’d want to bite me?
Jeff: …I was trying to innocently flirt for a change, but sure!
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bioodorange · 7 months ago
||Jeff The Killer NSFW Headcanons!||
getting back into it! as usual my asks are open im gonna be active again and wanna hear from you guys, so send me that good shit!
I hope you enjoy and dont forget to like and reblog!
starting off, anything with this man is gonna be messy, rough and sudden
he'll grip your thighs so hard it'll leave bruises and fucks you against the door
thats one of his favorite things, holding onto his S/O for dear life while going down on them
its also one of his favorite places aswell
fucking you in the hall, against his bedroom door
risky as hell but he loves it that way
fucking ya dumb, to where you can barely think straight
trying your best not to lose yourself and stay quiet, terrified of being caught
after a while of watching you struggle to keep it down, he gives in and helps you
wraps his hand around your throat and uses it as more leverage to pump his cock into you
jeff just loves anything that has to go with holding onto his S/O for dear life
the rare times he gives you head, the marks on your thighs aren't hickies or bites
they're from his hands
holds your thighs open and grips them tight, partially to give himself easy acess and partially for his own needs
just feeling his partner makes his heart swell and dick hard
the trust between you means the world to him, that he doesnt have to be afraid of hurting you
now he would he atually voice this to you? hell no, he does it in his own way
Jeff has a huge praise kink both giving and recieving
When giving it, he's a bit patronizing, asking how much his little slut loves being split open by his cock
or how pretty his dumb little whore is, hands tangled in your hair while your doing your best to deep throat him
When he receives it though, he straight up melts
It doesn't take a lot, just hugging him closer to you and whimpering in his ear about how good hes doing, that he always takes such good care of you
Mans will be creaming seconds later
He shows his love for you with physical intimacy, not always in the bedroom
Besides being a voyuer, Jeff's also a big fan of PDA
Almost everytime you cuddle up on the couch, he'll run his hands under your shirt to rub your sides and hips
Usually has his face buried in the nape of your neck, littering your shoulders and collar with hickies and love bites
The longer hes in a realationship the more he'll open up in the bedroom
Makes a playlist of songs to fuck you too, hums and sings along under his breath while railing you
Starts letting you borrow his clothes which is a huge turn on
No matter where or when, if he sees you in one of his shirts or hoodies shits going down quick
Despite this, he's not a huge fan of quickies
He likes fucking his S/O dumb everytime, wants to do the job right
Jeff's broken a lot of stuff while having sex
Bed frames, lamps, one time even a sink
Its a normal occurance and each time he just laughs it off, thinks it the funniest shit ever
On the rare occasion you guys do have sex in his room, afterwards he'll turn on a movie and talk for about an hour and a half straight
Some extra things that are a bit on the goofier side
Mans always has his hair tied back during the deed
Getting hair in your mouth and pushing it back every few seconds kinda ruins the mood
Definetely gets scammed by those clickbait porn games atleast once a month
It's a good thing he stole those credit cards
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michu-writes · 2 months ago
Imagine your fictional crush singing “Good little girl” from adventure time to you <3
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spookyravioli · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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sanityisforlosers · a month ago
Tumblr media
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scary-lasagna · a month ago
The world must know: how would ej react if he got called handsome?
Eyeless Jack
omg he gets all flustered
At first he doesn't even think it was directed at him. Like, really, who would think a flesh-eating monster with 10+ tongues and several rows of teeth were vaguely good looking?
And when it's repeated, a small, meek voice, peeps from under the stone-like mask, "M-Me?"
Jack was very taken back and uncomfortably surprised at the vigorous nodding from his peer. Was this a prank? Is everyone waiting for him to react so they can laugh it off and go about their day?
"I-I don't think that's right..." Jack cowers toward himself, hunching his shoulders toward his chest, and pulling at a loose thread straying from his work jacket.
Have you have ever seen a demon blush?
No? Well good luck finding one because Jack isn't taking off that mask anytime soon.
"Oh, Jack, I've seen your face, and I think you're very good-looking! Don't be so hard on yourself."
He doesn't reply back, only staring at the ground with eyebrows contorted in discomfort and worry.
Once he was finally left alone, and not cornered in a small doorway by someone insisting he looked...'good', nonetheless handsome.
But later that night he slowly removed his mask in front of the bathroom mirror, and through his poor eyesight he stared at his leaky, blurry, reflection.
He dragged his fingertips along his jaw, and peeked his lip with a clawed finger to gaze at his monstrous teeth.
Personally, he can't see it, and he might never. But to each their own opinion, he supposes.
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somewhat-crazy · 6 months ago
Y/N, watching the news: Someone tried fighting a squid at the aquarium today
Jeff, covered in ink: Well maybe the squid was being a jerk
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bingobongocheerio · a month ago
Jeff: When I was a kid, Liu told me that the paper strip that's in the chocolate kisses were edible and I ate them with the chocolate for like a year.
Y/N: They are!
Y/N: Why would you believe in this again?
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humanity-confirmed · 4 months ago
My favorite incorrect quotes (Marble Hornets + Toby)
Masky, singing to the tune of I Kissed a Girl: I killed a guy, and I liked it-
Toby, whispering: Should we call the exorcist?
Hoodie, also singing:The taste of his cherry chapstick.
Reader, appalled: Call the exorcist.
Masky: Hi, could I ask how exactly does one accidentally set a lemon on fire??
Reader : Microwave for 40 minutes. 😔
Hoodie: Why were you microwaving a lemon???
Reader : I read boiling lemons helps cover up up bad smells (I wanted to cover up the scent of burnt oranges) but I didn't own any pots.
Toby: Did you burn an orange too? How???
Reader : Microwave for 40 minutes. 😔
Hoodie: Where's Reader ?
Toby: Don't worry, I'll find them.
Toby, shouting: Masky sucks!
Reader , distantly: Masky is the best person ever! Fuck you!
Toby: Found them.
Police: You’re under arrest for trying to carry three people on a single motorcycle.
Hoodie, with Reader and Masky behind them: Wait, what do you mean THREE?!
Police: Yes…three.
Hoodie: Oh, my God— What the fuck!?
Police: Wha-
Hoodie: Toby FUCKING FELL OFF!***************************************
Masky: You were stabbed. Do you remember anything?
Reader : Only the ambulance ride to the hospital.
Masky: That wasn't an ambulance, I drove you.
Reader : But I heard a siren.
Hoodie: That was Toby.
Toby: Sorry, I got nervous.
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