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Wheres my original Static??


Originally posted by audiovisual-dept

Transmission Begin…

“Well, no. We have names, but it’s just easier to name by colors. Uhm, here’s a list of everyone on board if you’d like.”

Officer Lime [F] Justice

Officer Yellow [F] Conna

Officer Orange [M] Jacob

Officer Black [M] Cain

Officer Purple [F] Koka

Officer Red [M] Jason

Officer Cyan [M] Blyke

Officer Blue [M] Ace

Officer Green [M] ‘Not yet Disclosed’

Officer Brown [F] Augustine

Officer White [M] Daniel

Officer Pink [F] Miranda

“Officer Green is a really shy person, he normally sits by himself and does tasks alone, so none if us really know him that well.”

“Anyways, I think everyone is finally getting up, so youd be able to ask them questions now.”

Transmission End.

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I never get imposter when I want it. When I join a game with my brother and a friend of his, I get imposter three times in a row. The child dies first. My brothers blood spilled after he told the chat to vote me. It was the winning kill. I hear the anguished screams of a raging middle schooler with an inappropriate username through my brothers headset when he dies first the third game. Gordon Ramsey, Pewdiepie, and a link look alike were there.

This was a good night.

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