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Suspect & Custody | Hours-long Barricade Situation

I Just Love Blogging. You Can View More Here - Blog This Link | A Suspect is in custody after five hours of refusing to come out during a barricade situation with Police. - View Post

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Random Fact 63.


Richard Ramirez was on his way to see his brother in Arizona unaware he was all over the news. After walking into a convience store, A group of elderly women idenified him as the killer. He also came upon a newspaper with his face on it. He ran out in a panic and attempted to car jack three vehicles. He ended up chased and beatened by residents and subdued until police arrived.

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To be abundantly clear, there is a world of difference between the people protesting the absolutely inhumane treatment of black people at the hands of the police, and the people taking advantage of the disorder to loot shops of innocent people and set shit on fire.

The first are people participating in a movement to end corruption in the very force meant to protect us, the second are opportunistic criminals (of whom a good chunk are disguised cops) who deserve to be brought to justice. If anyone tries to conflate the two to invalidate the protests, shut them down immediately.

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via Asharia D’Oni, Nos Astra Pulse

In a shocking turn of events, the hanar drug designer behind Rapture was assassinated in broad daylight.

Nyahelliulir was shot during its address to the board of Preela Narcotics. Nos Astra Police Department sources confirm the indentured chemist was killed by a military-grade sniper rifle.

“It’s messy as [redacted] in there,” our anonymous source explained. “The shooter used a shredder round, so the poor [redacted] burst like a balloon. Hanar blood everywhere.”
Preela Narcotics stock fell by six points, although CEO Topashi M’Talle was quick to point out that none of the company’s board or directors were injured in the attack.

“NAPD are still investigating, but it seems clear that this was a personal vendetta against Nyahelliulir,” M’Talle insisted. “Preela Narcotics has today signed a security agreement with the Eclipse Sisterhood, to ensure attacks like this cannot happen again.”

Rumours persist that Preela is seeking a refund on the cost of Nyahelliulir’s indentureship with Selas Brokerage, a move quite at odds with the norms of Illium society.

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